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Go go White Sox, rock on with your bad selves. So now the playoff teams are set, and I can veg out on the couch tomorrow and watch three games in succession. Life is good. It would be better if the Yankees were in it, but honestly, they played like crap all year. I especially liked that the White Sox asked their fans to create a "blackout" by wearing all black to the game. From the highlights on ESPN, damn - that was intimidating to the Twins! It looked very, very cool.

I talked to HR today - it's OK to change my schedule (it had better be!), but the days I want aren't all available. So I did some figuring and gave her two potential schedules that I'd be happy with. I could always work Fridays 3-11, but really, that defeats the point of having the weekend free. So I'm trying to figure out a mix of 3-11 and 11-7 shifts that will give me some time off and not wear me out. I have to call tomorrow and see if she approved either lineup.

L'Shanah Tovah - happy new year!

Back to work again, after a week (and rare weekend) off.

I asked the HR person today if I can change my schedule at work. I'm getting awfully tired of working every weekend (I've been doing it for what, two years now?) and having no time for a social life or visiting friends (I would very much like to meet Jen's baby girl before she goes to college!). So tomorrow we're going to look at the days I'd like, and see what's available. And hopefully, as of November, I'll have free time again.

Well, on a rainy, miserable day in Boston, Moose finally won his 20th game! What a relief. I really hope he comes back next year, and doesn't retire just yet. He's 30 wins away from 300, after all. And - as always - the Yankees beat up on Jonathan Papelbon. It's like a tradition.

Speaking of tradition, this is two years in a row where the Mets blew it on the last day of the season. I guess I'll use those NLDS tix as bookmarks or something.

But oh, I am so happy for Moose!

And now I can begin rooting for Tampa Bay in the playoffs. Right.

later on 9/27/08
Rainout in Boston - doubleheader tomorrow. Yay!

The plan was to stay in the city until tomorrow, but my plans for today were cancelled, so I came home early. Not a total loss, however, since it's miserable and raining and humid out, and my sinuses are dripping.

I came home from work yesterday morning and went to bed for a few hours. I took the 3.13pm train in to the city, which gave me plenty of time before I had to meet Tesse. The train was on time (surprising, with the rain and NJ Transit), so I got in to the city, went down to Dad's to drop my things off, got my brows done, my nails done (which I immediately smudged, so I took the polish off already) and my hair cut (it was getting scraggly). Went up to Union Square to meet Tesse at Chat 'n' Chew. Besides the food - which is always first rate - they had a delicious peach white wine sangria, it went great with my many-cheese grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.

We walked down to NYU, which killed my feet (I didn't realize they were killed until today). I have now given up on breaking in my black Docs, which are a half size too small, and give me blisters. If anyone wants a size 8.5 pair of black Docs, let me know. Anyway, there's nothing like sitting in a theatre full of NYU students to make you feel OLD. Violet was very well done. The last thing we saw there was Floyd Collins, which was also excellent, so that's two-for-two at Steinhardt. Big thumbs up.

Jay's in town for the weekend, so I called him after the show, and told him that Tesse and I were headed to Marie's and would meet him there. We got there in no time (ten minute walk), and ran into Michael and Sherry and some other people we knew. Also some loud obnoxious gays, but that's what you get on a Friday. Jay (and his roommate Mo and his friend Noah) came over in about an hour, but didn't end up staying too long because it was incredibly crowded. After they left, we took off, too, and I made it down to Dad's to watch the replay of the game.

Since it poured in Boston, the game was delayed, and then halted in the 5th inning for rain. It wouldn't have made a difference - we spanked them, 19-8. It's fantastic. The Mets are continuing their collapse - they lost yesterday, and both the Phillies and the Brewers won, so the Mets are a game out of the Wild Card with two games left to play. Hopes are not high. I did finally get picked in the "buy tickets for the potential postseason games" for the NLDS, so I picked up tix to the NLDS Home Game 2 for the Mets, if for some reason they aren't eliminated. If they are, well, they'll refund the money.

I'm still pulling for Tampa Bay.

So anyway, I'm back in NJ, with blistered feet and shorter hair, and I'm going to veg out, redo my nails, and watch today's game. Can't beat that.

The Rent movie was so well done. Much better than the "movie" movie (even tho I am on the DVD) - this was a live, filmed version of the final performance. It was excellent. The only thing that would have been better was if the movie theatre had digital surround sound - it was a little too quiet in there. I mean, a movie is never going to replicate a live performance, but this was really done well.

I know I sound geeky, but every decent Broadway show should be remembered this way.

It's amazing how much more light there is in my room since I took the AC out of the window. I think I used it maybe five times this summer. I loaded up the bed with extra quilts, it's supposed to turn cold and - wait for it - rainy over the weekend.

Tomorrow night I'm going out with Tesse to see Violet at NYU, and I have to find time to see Jay while he's here - maybe either after the show, or for Sunday brunch. I have tentative plans for Saturday. I'm going to stay at Dad's, where I can combine the ease of going out in the city with the ability to stay up late and watch Yankees Encore on the 50-inch HDTV. Last series of the year. Boston. And I have to find out what spectacular way the Mets will collapse this year. I just hope that the last games at Shea don't get rained out. Altho, it would be fitting.

The Dodgers clinched the NL West today. It would be incredibly ironic if Joe Torre's team wins it all, while the Yankees sit and watch on the sidelines. Go Joe! With so many teams to root for (Tampa, the Cubbies, the Dodgers) and so many NOT to root for (Boston, the Angels), it'll be an utterly boring postseason. The only real excitement around here (besides the weather) is waiting to see who collapses first: the Mets or the Brewers.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Tonight is the Rent movie in HD. I paid $20 enough times to see it live, I don't mind spending the $20 for the movie. I guess. It'll be funny to see Will on the big screen. After the movie, I'm working 11-7 at the per diem.

Jay's coming up from Atlanta this weekend! Now I'm even happier that I have the entire weekend off, because the last time he was here, we missed each other.

It's official - no postseason for the Yankees. And honestly, they didn't deserve it the way they've played this year. But Moose got his 19th win (and has a shot at 20, he'll be pitching the final game on Sunday in Boston, if his elbow holds up - he got hit with a comebacker during the game), so that makes me happy.

I'm stockpiling Yankees Classics games for the winter. And put out a set of Essential Yankee Stadium games on DVD - it'll be delivered this week. It has the Aaron Boone game. I could not be more excited. Yes, there is a series about Shea Stadium's greatest games, too, but honestly, Shea is a dump (tho it might be worth picking up just for the Bill Buckner moment).

House continues to baffle and amaze.

later on 9/22/08
Ack! Because the pre- and post-game coverage on YES ran longer than expected, and I had only set the VCR for three hours, I missed a good chunk of the post-game bits! I checked the YES website, but don't see anything on the schedule about rerunning it again. So I emailed them to ask if there were plans to run it one more time. I sure hope so - I want to see the end!

And happy Fall. This is my favorite time of year. When it isn't too hot anymore, and getting cooler every day. It's perfect.

Before I went to work today, I stopped in at the per diem job to talk to the DON. She said she understood that I worked every weekend at my fulltime job, and that the "work one weekend a month" thing wouldn't apply. So I gave them a list of the dates I can work in October, and they're going to get back to me with which ones are available. I know I'm there this week, Wed and Thurs 11-7.

What a relief! If we had lost, it would have been a bummer.

We left around 3pm to head to the Stadium, and secured one of the last parking places in our usual lot. Way up on the roof level. I guess because they opened the Stadium so early, more people than usual drove.

It was a beautiful night for a ballgame, we left the coats in the car (but I was still layered up). Since it was early, we walked all the way around the old Stadium, down River Ave, and around the new Stadium to take some pictures. The Dugout (a bar on River Ave) was going to be broadcasting Baseball Tonight (the radio show) on ESPN live, so we went in there for a beer and to kill some time. They were giving away free t-shirts with the facade, the date, and the words, "I was there!" so we stuck around and got them.

Once we were in the Stadium (and they gave everyone a free postcard and fridge magnet with the date), I found out the guy next to me was there by himself, so I asked if he'd mind switching seats with Mom so we could enjoy the game together.

They had the Army Field band come out and play some marches, "to take you back to 1923." And the pre-show ceremony started right on time. I'll be honest, the All Star Game ceremony moved me more. They did have 21 former Yankees - and family members of Bobby Murcer, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Billy Martin etc - come out on the field. As expected, Bernie Williams got the largest hand from the crowd. Highlights: Willie Randolph sliding into second base, and Don Larsen leaning down to pluck some dirt off the mound. They also uncovered the original 1922 pennant that used to hang at the Stadium.

The game - a win! Fantastic. Andy Pettitte got into and out of trouble. Joba and Mo were their usual sterling selves.

One note - since they opened so early, they actually ran out of food at most of the concession stands in the tier! I had to walk halfway around the upper level to find hot dogs. That was nuts.

When the game ended, the riot police (and mounted horse police, too) came out and ringed the stands. Just in case. There was only one idiot who tried to get onto the field, and he was immediately surrounded, taken down, and escorted out. I was surprised that more people didn't do it, but I guess with that many cops just looking for troublemakers, people were smart.

After the game (did I mention, we won?), the entire crowd stayed. We had been told that something special would happen. Derek Jeter came to the mound, surrounded by the team. He took the microphone and addressed the fans, thanking us for coming and for being supportive, and urging everyone to take their memories with them. It was touching. And then the team circled the field and tipped their caps to all of the fans.

It really was a special night.

But as one guy said as we were leaving, "Ah, this place is a dump, I'm never coming back."


I can't believe it's here already. I'm excited to see what pre-game celebration the Yankees have planned. And I have my tissues all packed. On Friday, I was getting tear-y during batting practice. Tonight should be fantastic.

We'd better win.

The oral surgeon said my non-tooth looks great, and is healing well. I decided to go for the implant to replace it. And I decided that purely on the basis that the oral surgeon, as opposed to my dentist, will do the work, and he takes my insurance. I'm fickle that way.

My plan for the rest of the day is to lounge around on the couch and watch the game. I have this weekend and next weekend off - using up my vacation time and last personal day before my work anniversary rolls around in three weeks. I can't believe I'll have been there three years.

later on 9/19/08
Oh, I had a fantastic time at the game. My hands are still frozen, tho, it was damn cold out. We won - and had Joba and Mo to close things out, which made it perfect - so it was worth the cold. MJ is as big a fan as I (and she used to work for, and knows how how to keep score), so it was wonderful to be back in touch, we'll probably go to a lot of the games together next year. After the game, Brian (who sits behind me) and I took Missy and Oliver out for drinks and dinner at Uva to celebrate their engagement, and that was just a lot of fun on all counts. Lots of food and wine (and thanks, I'll pass on the "bubbly red" next time) and dessert. No traffic at all on the ride home.

OK, must defrost hands.

They attached a note to our paychecks at the per diem - they want all of the part time and per diem nurses to work one weekend each month. I understand it from a staffing point of view, but I can't do it - because I work every weekend at my fulltime job. I'll have to talk to them on Monday about it, because if they're going to insist on it, I'm going to have to leave. I just can't do it.

Finally: the details on Sunday's celebration. I don't know that I need to be there at 1pm - I've been to Monument Park, and I've walked on the warning track (as part of the tour). But that's nice that they're offering it to the fans.

Off to the game! In the cold!

I didn't make it to the movies (do I ever?). So I spent the day doing not much of anything at all. Got the oil changed in the car, colored my hair back to its normal brown color (it was getting awfully blonde-ish, maybe from all the sun this summer, so much that my boss commented on it), looked at the Mazda Miata online again.

Moose got his 18th win - and I didn't realize he has two more starts this season, so there's a slim chance he'll get 20 (finally!). But it's a very slim chance. Tomorrow night is my second-to-last game ever at the Stadium. I'm going with my friend MJ, who I used to hang out with when I first lived in the city, but haven't seen in years. The last time I saw her, she was cutting up mice for AIDS research at NYU. I guess we'll play catch up tomorrow.

And after the game, Missy, Oliver and I are getting celebrate-the-engagement drinks, but it'll be an early night since I have to go to the oral surgeon on Saturday at noon, and they have a list of potential wedding spots to scope out.

They're going to do a nice two-hour pre-game show on YES before the game on Sunday. I was looking at their website and saw that they're going to rebroadcast it (and the post-game) on Monday morning, which is terrific. Now I don't have to figure out what to set the VCR for. I'll tape the game on ESPN, since they never re-run anything, and tape the pre and post game bits on Monday.

Mariano is going to pitch the ninth on Sunday, no matter the game situation. That's classy.

I woke up and brushed my teeth, and spit up blood. I know you needed to know that. One of my sutures came out, so I pressed some cotton in there, and it stopped in a few minutes. Nothing major.

Aunt Linda asked if I wanted to join her and Uncle Peter at the game on Friday in their field level box seats, which she won at work. I'm already going to be there in Tier 15, and since it's the last time I'll see the folks up there, I think I want to stay in my area. But I will take her up on the two extra Stadium Club passes, to see if I can finagle my way down there during the game. I'd like to see the place!

I got to the Stadium super-early tonight. It was Snoopy doll giveaway, and I got mine. It's adorable. I also made what will be my last trip to Monument Park. And I'm glad I got there early, because after our group got on the line, they closed the line for the park, due to volume. But I made it in, and got to spend some time walking around and watching BP from Monument Park. Ate a Cuban sandwich (delicious) for dinner and met Tesse up at the seats. We stayed for the whole game. It started out disappointingly, but since we ended up winning (thank you, A-Rod, for hitting a meaningless home run when we were up, late in the game), we left happy.

I loved the announcement they made around the 6th inning. They said to please respect the Stadium in it's final week, and that anyone caught defacing Stadium property or trying to steal anything would be arrested and charged with a felony.

Holy cow, the 2009 schedule is out already. It looks like I'll be at the second game ever at the new Stadium, the first game that isn't Opening Day. That's awesome. And TWO Boston games in our package.

Tomorrow, I have no plans at all. I think I'll go to the movies, there are a couple that I want to see.

I was kind of disappointed in the season opener of House. I guess I thought it would pack more of a punch.

I had the crap scared out of me at work today. I looked up from the nurse's station, and a woman standing there asked, "Are you Cathy?" So I said, "yes," and she asked if I recognized her. I said, "Well, you look like my grandmother, are we related?" And it turned out to be my great-aunt Helen, my late grandmother's sister (my dad's aunt). She was there visiting someone, and thought I looked familiar. Small world! Scared the heck out of me, tho. The someone she was visiting is a family member (that I'm not close to and have probably only met once or twice), who's there for rehab. So it's possible that I'll see other long-lost family members coming through. Aunt Helen also told me that her granddaughter (who would be my second cousin, twice-removed? I have no idea) works there part-time as an occupational therapist, but she only works two days a week, and on days that I'm off.

I am so happy for Derek Jeter - tying Lou Gehrig on the all-time hits at Yankee Stadium list. And in dramatic fashion - with a home run! He's one of the only players on the field who's still going all-out in every game. Even knowing that this will be his first October without a postseason appearance. Good for you, Derek. And let me say, I am just SHOCKED that Carl Pavano left the game with an apparent injury to his hip. Did you hear the crowd boo him as he left? Figures. God bless Yankees Encore for letting me watch both moments in stunning hi-definition when I got home from work.

And I know, Derek Jeter is the nicest, kindest person to ever walk the face of the earth. But no one's that nice. I will bet anyone $10 that in fifteen years, he'll come out with some raunchy, tell-all memoir that blasts everyone on the team to pieces. Don't think he won't do it.

While ravioli isn't technically on the "liquid" diet, it was dinner. I don't think I can stomach any more ice cream and milk. My tooth (or lack thereof) is feeling much better today, anyway.

later on 9/13/08
Congratulations to Missy and Oliver on (finally!) their engagement. Missy said the wedding will definitely NOT take place in Vegas.

I stayed in tonight. It looked like rain, and I was too achy to leave the house after all. I can trade in the tickets for a game next season at the new Stadium, so I'll just hang onto them. I had a nice dinner of ice cream and soup, laced with Vicodin. Planning to go to work tomorrow because I don't think it'll be all that bad.

Derek Jeter = getting very, very close to passing Lou Gehrig on the "all time hits at the Stadium" list. He'll do it. Once they move to the new Stadium, all of the records like that get reset to zero. I'm glad we won tonight, but every Tampa Bay loss gets Boston closer to the AL East title. Not that the Yankees should roll over and play dead (honestly, like they've been doing all year), but still...

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said, "Ask about vaculitis" and it had a phone number. I bet if you call, you get Dr. House. Speaking of, the new season starts on Tuesday. I'm going to tape the episodes since I work on Tuesdays.

My mouth feels better already, with the tooth taken out. I joked to the doctor that I hadn't expected to see him so early, but told him the pain just wasn't managed with the Vicodin. They knocked me out with IV sedation, and the entire thing took about a half hour. Didn't feel a thing. I'm on a liquid diet for the day, and have to be careful with what I eat so I don't irritate the area. So we stopped on the way home at Carvel for a giant milkshake, and boy did that hit the spot.

I'm going to rest for a few hours and see if I feel up for tonight's game.

I called work to make sure that HR took me off the schedule, and of course, the answer was, "no, you're still listed." I told the supervisor that I had come in yesterday and left a large note on the HR door, so I wonder what happened to said note. I called out (again) for both shifts today, and we'll see how I'm feeling when tomorrow rolls around. Since I took a painkiller before the surgery, I have no idea how it's going to feel when it wears off.

even later on 9/12/08
The Yankees once again have screwed over their fans, by not cancelling the game until almost 9pm, when it was clear the rain wasn't going to let up. They knew this all day. They could have canceled it earlier, but then they wouldn't make all that concessions money. I don't know if I'm going to make the makeup game tomorrow night, because I might be curled up on the couch in pain. I'll have to see how I feel, and if I'm not curled up in pain, I'll take the train in and pray it doesn't rain again.

At least I'm not a Mets fan - they got royally screwed. The Mets are making up their rainout as part of a straight, single-admission double-header tomorrow, so if you had tickets for tonight's game, you're SOL, as they say (shit outta luck). They're not accepting them.

later on 9/12/08
I'm having the tooth pulled tomorrow morning. In the Freehold office, which is a 20 minute drive, but that's OK, because it will be gone. I had to call out dead from work, because I don't have any sick time left. I did leave HR a note that I can work the next two Sat 3-11 shifts if she needs me (I had taken sick time for taking those weekends off), so we'll see how that turns out. But the good news is that I'll have this mouth thing straightened out tomorrow.

Bernie is rumored to be at the Stadium next Sunday for the final home game of the regular season (let's face it: the final game EVER). But also reports: "The Yankees have not released details of the final plans for the Sept. 21 finale at Yankee Stadium. A source said that a memorable sendoff celebration will be held, involving many former Yankees greats and Hall of Famers."

I can't wait. Must charge up camera battery again. And if all goes according to schedule, Andy Pettitte will be pitching the final game.

Off to the city for tonight's game. Surprise - it's raining.

I don't think I can wait til the first to have this tooth thing done. I'm going to call the surgeon today (it's only 5am now) and see if I can get in any earlier. I'll take off from work if I have to.

Mom and I went down to AC for an overnight - and had a good time for the most part. Of course we didn't win anything. But we went shoe shopping at Sketcher's, had a fantastic dinner at the Melting Pot (fondue!) and walked down the Boardwalk. Came back to the hotel in time to watch the Phillies game. Oh, Caesar's renovated, and they have the coolest thing in the bathroom. In the mirror - or rather, somehow, rear-projected into the mirror - they have a TV. It's amazingly cool.

But anyway, the reason I'm updating this at 5am is because I could not sleep for the pain in my mouth. It's worse than it ever was, and radiating from the bad tooth over to the other teeth on the bottom of my jaw. I was taking pain pills all day (I think my liver is shot from all the acetominophen) and it would help for an hour, then go back to throbbing. So when Mom asked at 3am if I wanted to just come home, I said yes. Hopefully I can get some sleep now, and hopefully I can go to the surgeon earlier than planned.

Oh, and Bank of America sent me an email alert saying there was "suspicious activity" on my account, so they froze it! Um, hello, that was me in AC, trying to make a withdrawal. I had to call them to verify that yes, I was trying to take out $100. It better be un-frozen when I swing by later to get money out for the game tonight.

"Try to Remember" from the Fantasticks:

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a tender and callow fellow.
Try to remember, and if you remember,
Then follow.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow, follow.

Try to remember when life was so tender
That no one wept except the willow.
Try to remember when life was so tender
That dreams were kept beside your pillow.
Try to remember when life was so tender
That love was an ember about to billow.
Try to remember, and if you remember,
Then follow.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow, follow.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow, follow.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow, follow.

Deep in December, it's nice to remember,
Although you know the snow will follow.
Deep in December, it's nice to remember,
Without a hurt the heart is hollow.
Deep in December, it's nice to remember,
The fire of September that made us mellow.
Deep in December, our hearts should remember
And follow.

later on 9/10/08
Hallelujah, the oral surgeon takes my Cigna PPO dental insurance. The doctor gave me the option of this incredibly painful-sounding procedure where they make a "window" into the gum, and try to scrape out all of the "chronic infection," or they can just knock me out and pull the tooth. Since this is a tooth that I've always had problems with, I opted for the latter. So I'm going to go on October 1st (I didn't plan for it to be after the baseball season, it's just that he's only there on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and that was the first day I had free). So I'll have to keep popping the pain meds, and he wrote a script for Amoxicillin, too, so maybe that'll help.

And I can start giving thought to whether I want a dental implant, or a bridge or whatever to replace the missing tooth. I'm so glad they take my insurance.

Seven years ago today, I was rollerblading through the World Trade Center plaza, thinking about how oddly warm it was for September.

Despite two Vicodin and an Ambien, I didn't sleep at all last night. My tooth and gum area are just killing me. I waited until the oral surgeon's office opened and called to see if they could get me in today. So I'm going at 4pm. Of course they said, "You know we don't take AmeriHealth," and I said, "I can come out-of-network, right?" So I'm glad I'm saving money in the bank because the bills will be rolling in, even with the out-of-network discount. I called to cancel my overtime shift for 3-11 and my 11-7 for tonight.

I am, however, still going to Atlantic City tomorrow for a quick overnight trip. Gotta thank them for comping me all these rooms. And Friday is the Yankees/Rays game, which means I need to dig out an umbrella.

later on 9/9/08
Oh, it was a much better game tonight, because we won.

And my tooth held off on hurting until I got home. I took some Tylenol at work (because the whiners were giving me a headache), and popped a Vicodin when I got home. Also coated my gum in Anbesol, maybe that will help. I should have made the oral surgeon appt for tomorrow after all. I'm the "extra nurse" on the schedule, so I left a note for the HR woman that if there are no call outs, could she cancel me? I'm just feeling worn down from this week. So we'll see if she calls or not.

I'm multi-tasking - laundry, dishwasher, putting more of my CD's into iTunes. My Evita OBC recording has a skip, and I can't transfer it, so if anyone has a copy they can lend me for 15 minutes, I'd be grateful.

Given the choice between coming home and watching the debacle that was the Yankees game, or going out to the Court Jester with my coworkers last night, the choice was easy. We've been going on Mondays, because they make these excellent baked potato wedges with bacon and cheese, and also gigantic plate of nachos. We discovered last night, that since it's now football season, Mondays are $2 taco plate and $2 hot wing plate specials, plus cheap beer. So we split some of the specials, had a beer, and when I got back to the car (mind you, this is only about 45 minutes after last checking the score), the Angels had scored something like 34 runs. I had a much better time before I put the radio on.

later on 9/8/08
I love my dentist. When I called, the receptionist said, "Well, can you come in right now?" so I went. He did an x-ray and poked around, and said, "Yes, it's an abscess." So I'm going to the oral surgeon next week to have it evaluated for a drainage procedure. They could have gotten me in on Wednesday, but I have to work a double on Wed, and didn't want to get up any earlier than I have to. And my dentist gave me Vicodin to tide me over since the Motrin isn't helping the tooth. Very House. While I was there, I made an appt for November for a regular checkup and cleaning. Did I mention I love my regular dentist?

See what wonders I can accomplish when I'm awake before noon?

You know how, when you're registering for website access (the bank, the insurance company etc), and they ask you some questions that will be used to validate your password if you forget it? They sometimes ask for your favorite holiday. I always put in, "Fleet Week."

Cigna Dental lets me go "out of network" for care, so I'm going to my regular dentist, who I've known all my life. I really did not like the guy I saw who's covered my my plan, so I'll go out of network and worry about the reimbursement costs when the bill comes. The toothache that I had last week had subsided, but came back with a vengeance today. Between the knee, the tooth, and the charley horse that appeared on my other leg (probably from favoring it), I didn't sleep well at all last night.

Motrin, lidoderm patches and an ace wrap are helping my knee, but I'll be really happy when the humidity passes. The "storm" came through last night - bringing lots of rain and no wind at all. And it was like stepping into a sauna every time I went outside.

Today the side of my knee has some black and blue spots - and I swear, I didn't bang it into anything. I must be bleeding internally. Paging Dr. House!

Speaking of, House marathon on USA. Must go veg out on couch.

Can't believe Rent really closed. I will be forever grateful for all of the friends (and roommates) I met on the line, and for all of the roadtrips ("It's an excuse, not a reason").

You know, it's all well and good for this young reliever for the Mariners - making his first MLB start - to throw 7 2/3 innings of no-hit baseball. But did he have to do it against the Yankees? En route to a 3-1 loss? Come on. It's the MARINERS (sorry, Pete).

I am hooked on the pecans from Sunnyland Farms. They have them coated in brown sugar, and also in an orange sugar. Both are delicious. And they ship them fairly quickly. I'm so hooked.

The human barometer that is my left knee says that it's going to be a horrendous storm. I can hardly bend my knee, and even touching it hurts. It's never been this bad.

It looks like the remnants of the tropical storm are going to head our way tomorrow or Sunday. And then it'll be a nice week, until Friday. Scattered thunderstorms. Of course, since I'll be at the game. Maybe I shouldn't get the Friday plan next year, what with all of the rain.

So it was a quiet night at work last night. I managed to book my flight for March (into Vegas, out of Phoenix), my car rental, and my hotel (at the swanky Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Scottsdale). I also called Harrahs, which manages the chain of casinos that includes Paris Las Vegas, and asked if I could extend my stay in Vegas for the two days prior to my reservation, and they said absolutely (and comped, too). So it'll be four nights in Vegas and four in Scottsdale.

There's an atomic testing museum in Vegas. I might have to check that out. And there are more options to do a Grand Canyon trip out of Vegas than there are from Phoenix, which was a big selling point of switching my plans for where to stay when. So now Vegas will be celebrating Missy's big 3-0, the Grand Canyon, swanky casino/hotel and maybe a Cirque du Soleil show. And Phoenix will be Spring Training, swanky resort/hotel, Taliesin and Rent. I'm excited.

I love that at the resort in Scottsdale, you can request to have certain items waiting for you in your suite when you arrive - food, drinks, extra blankets etc. So tempting to fill out the order form, "Yes, I'd like two Bud Lights and a bag of pretzels waiting for me." Am definitely going to take advantage of the spa on the premises to get a facial and a massage, and do a lot of relaxing poolside.

The Yankee Stadium Relocation package came in the mail! I already filled out the survey online, so I just read through the lovely book (they also enclosed a copy of the DVD that they gave us at the Stadium last week). Can't wait to find out what seats we'll all get offered, but they didn't say when they would contact people with the seat info. Just that you had to fill out the survey by the 10th.

I was looking online - Arizona has outrageous rental car taxes. For a week's rental, the cheapest I found was $149/week, which isn't bad. But the "taxes and fees" comes to another $107. Why is that?

I dreamed about going to a football game in Baltimore. That makes no sense, I don't really watch football. I mean, I don't dislike it, but it isn't something I have any desire to sit outside in the cold and watch. But I do know how to get to the Stadium in Baltimore.

I did the typical New Jersey thing and went to the mall. I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase at Bath and Body Works, so I re-stocked the shower. And I finally spent the gift card Dad had gotten me at Macy's, and picked up a pair of pants and some tops (in this year's color: plum). Also got some books (no, really?) - one on Vegas and one on Phoenix, to prepare for the trip.

It was nice of the Yankees to rally in the ninth inning, but they still fell two runs short of sweeping the Rays. A-Rod, next time, wait til there are more men on base before you smack a homer, ok?

It's 9am, and I have to work two shifts tonight (3-11 at the fulltime job and 11-7 at the per diem) and I can't fall back asleep. Erg.

They listed the movie theatres where the Rent final performance, which they're recording, will be shown at the end of September. It's going to play in Hazlet (besides in the city, obviously), so I might go see it there. Tickets aren't on sale yet (well, has "technical difficulties"), tho, so I'll have to try again later.

(update: it's working now, bought my ticket, $20 for a movie, ack)

I know this is a shock, but I spent Labor Day... laboring.

And plotting the March vacation. This is sad, the season isn't even over and I'm looking forward to 2009. I wonder if this is how celebrities feel about Fashion Week, or New Orleans residents feel about hurricanes. Hurry up and bring on the next thing. Anyway, I'm thinking: fly to Phoenix, do a one-day Grand Canyon trip, go to Vegas for the weekend, then back to Phoenix for some Spring Training. Phoenix/Scottsdale has fantastic spa-hotels for relaxing, Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West is there, and (ha ha) Adam and Anthony are rumored to be touring in Rent that week. I think I'll be passing on LA and the WBC, because - honestly, LA is not my city, and I don't want to take another five vacation days to extend the trip by a weekend.

So there. September 1st, and I'm thinking ahead to March.

I finished season four of House. Why is Cameron blonde?


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