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I was good and didn't buy anything at the BC/EFA flea market today. My wallet thanks me. I did, however, run into just about everyone I knew there today, which was to be expected. Except for the rain and the cold, it was a lot of fun. Well, the seeing of people I knew was fun, the flea market itself was disappointing - not as crowded and not as many tables as in years past. But whatever.

I left the apartment to go to the bank this morning wearing a t-shirt under my jacket, and had to come back home to change into a sweater before going uptown - it was that cold. I should wear layers, I know, I know.

Steve and I went to see the train wreck that is Thou Shalt Not again today, to see the lack-of cut song in Act Two, and to see if they had fixed it any (no). And then back to the flea market for a bit, and then dinner with some folks at Joe Allen. Some guy at the next table kept staring at me all through dinner. I know I'm stunning and all, but really, it freaked me out.

I think we're all stressed out and getting sick - three of my friends have come down with colds this week, and I'm starting to feel very drained. And I think I have tennis elbow or something, my left elbow joint really aches! Usually it's my knees and ankles that ache, so this is weird. Maybe it's anthrax. OK, I'll stop complaining now.

It's cold out! I love it!

Steve and I had "Steve and Catherine" day today. We went to NJ to see A Chorus Line at the Paper Mill Playhouse, and had lunch at the restaurant there - where the waiter that Wayne and I were ogling last time flirted with me all through lunch. He remembered us (and where we were sitting) from Carousel, but I think it's my tattoos. We found out, to my dismay, however, that he's only about 21 - a senior at Rutgers! But still... so cute and friendly. Will have to introduce myself if he remembers next time - we go back for another show in like two weeks. So nice to have cute young flirty waiter, it felt good.

I'd been in a bummed out mood this morning, so it was really nice to spend the day with Steve, we think on the same page all the time and just have so much fun together. We went to see Zoolander at the moves (LOVE Ben Stiller!) and ate lots of popcorn. Yum.

It was extraordinarily weird to drive back into the city through the Lincoln Tunnel and not have the WTC in the skyline. The NY skyline is amazing, I always stare out the windows of cars and planes when I come home to the city. And now - it's gone. Every time I visit another city, I think, "well, it's *A* skyline, but it can't compare to *MY* skyline." And now all of that's changed. And it feels very... weird. Empty.

Tomorrow is the BC/EFA flea market.

Still no sign of Missy - we thought she was moving back in today, but no show.

Holy cow - it's days like this that I wish I had a cable modem or something. Our phone line is so flaky (data-wise) that my connection keeps getting dropped. And I'm trying to get U2 tickets from ticketmaster - the pre-sale started today - and the site is just so freakin' slow in loading, it's so overloaded with bad code, and I'm really ticked off that I can't get it to load quickly enough. Ugh. When I move out of here, I'm getting a cable modem.

Our landlord is giving us 14 days free rent to make up for the time we were displaced.

My stock portfolio, as expected, took a beating, but it's slowly recovering. Whew.

Trisha's latest set of pictures is online now.

In the mail this week, an anonymous admirer sent a huge box of things that were on my wishlist - and boy, was that a nice "welcome home" gift. My friend Gregor in Edinburgh also sent a package of CD's (including Jerome Pradon's one-man show that was in the Fringe!) which arrived today, and I am all excited to go and listen.

It's getting chilly out - now it's starting to feel like fall. My favorite season. Sweater weather.

I went to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) tonight, and it was hysterical. Directed by a guy I used to work with (Jeremy Dobrish) and one of the actors in it is Jeremy Shamos, who I loved in the Liev Schreiber Hamlet (he was Rosencrantz. Or Guildenstern, one of the two), and he was also in two shows at Classic Stage. Excellent show - I had read the script many years ago, and I'm so glad I got to see it.

I got my film back that I had dropped off - pics from our deck of the towers aflame (or rather, a-smoke) and from the walk uptown and our subsequent trip downtown again. Also a nice shot of the hot drummer from Blast and one of me and Michael Cumpsty. Weird combination of pictures on that roll, let me tell you.

later on 9/27/01
Well, I decided to tape Must See TV, and go see Thou Shalt Not's first preview after all. And I don't want to say too much about it, because it was only the first preview. But it needs work. Anyway.

Our phone is back on! How exciting! But my cellfone bill is still going to be outrageous. I called Verizon to change my plan so I have more minutes, and they gave me more free weekend minutes, too, but really, I don't think I can ever use 3000 weekend minutes. Heh. So happy to have the phone back. I talked to our landlord today, too, and they're going to give tenants a rent refund for the time we were out of the apartment (got the rent notice for today, which spurred my call, they said to pay it and wait for them to send us info in the mail about what they're doing refund-wise).

I went up to the recording studio this morning to return a spotlight we had borrowed. On the way back to the subway, I ran into Norbert on the street, and wished him well with their first preview of Thou Shalt Not tonight. I thought about getting a ticket, but it's also the ER premiere tonight, and I'm already seeing Thou Shalt Not next weekend.

There are some pics from the Dreamgirls party here, I don't think I'm in any of them, tho.

So yay for the phone. Jen brought back a new phone (because ours sucks) that has individual voicemail boxes for all of us, how neat! So now we can hook it up and play with it.

So except for the burning smell (and the lack of bookstore and video store), things are now seemingly more normal down here.

So glad that The Onion is back.

Fabulous curly hair today, leftover (still) from Dreamgirls. Must wash it in the morning. I took all of the bobby pins out this morning (38) and it was super curly, so I just left it as it was. I wish it would curl naturally (like Amy's, the chick that if I were a lesbian I would be all over), but I am stricken (is that a word?) with the world's finest, limpest, most easily tangled hair in the world. I need my own hairdresser or something.

Oh, I do love working with Bruce "I will never hire that Jeff E. person" Kimmel. Today we recorded two sessions with Donna McKechnie for her CD, both shows were sold out which was fabulous. Donna did so many stops and starts and retakes after the sessions that I told Bruce and Vinnie that the bonus track should be a compilation of her saying, "Sorry, can we do that again?" It really was a blast. Roger, the tech guy from the studio, asked if I knew any techie folk who were looking for work, so I told him that *I* was, and that my background was in theatre design and lighting and computers and building things and creatively solving problems, and that I can learn anything by doing it and being shown and would love to be considered. I gave him my resume, so we'll keep fingers crossed. They're looking for someone to work a 4-midnight shift tho, which would hamper my theatre time, hrm. But we'll see. I have to go back to the studio tomorrow to return the spotlight we rented and talk some more with Roger about what they're looking for.

After the session, Bruce, Jonathan, Donna, Tommy Walsh (her director, also from the original cast of Chorus Line) and I went to dinner at Joe Allen, had a fabulous time. Tommy and I kept sneaking to the bar for smokes, and we listened to everyone around us talking about the demise of Broadway.

Music Man posted their closing notice for Sunday. That's a real shame. I had to go by the theatre tonight, to set up a time with Joel B. to do some video stuff (he and Bruce did a movie together - "when we both had hair," says Bruce - and they're doing a 25th anniversary DVD this year, so I'm going to get some commentary from Joel on video this week) and I saw the actual closing notice tacked on the callboard. Very sad. I was talking with a friend after the recording session, and he said that Music Man had thought about bringing in Kevin Spacey to close the show, if it were going to run, that is. And all I could think was that James Galla and I were screaming "KEVIN SPACEY" for Harold Hill before the revival opened. Somehow, the casting folk got their karma screwed up, and brought in Robert Sean Leonard (from the cast of The Iceman Cometh) instead of Spacey. Jeez!

I am having the most parenthetical evening, and am tired and buzzed on wine, so I'm off to bed.

I left the apartment so quickly and so tiredly this morning that I forgot to vote. Which is fine by me, because I would have written in Giuliani, and it wouldn't have counted.

So I love working with Bruce Kimmel. He's just so much fun to work with, and a great guy. We did two sessions with Klea Blackhurst today, who does a spectacular Ethel Merman show, and then we recorded some vocal tracks with Christine Ebersole for another CD Bruce is doing. Jason Robert Brown was recording downstairs there, too, but he must have the world's shortest memory. Or maybe I still looked too stunning with my Dreamgirls hair up. Or his ego got in the way. Whatever the reason for his lack of response, he didn't say "hi" back.

Went to 42nd Street with Michelle tonight, and it was a good show, good and fluffy.

And now I'm at Dad's, and can't write too much as I don't want to keep Dad up too late while I go through my email.

Tomorrow - more working with Bruce.

later on 9/24/01
Oh, how I wish I had internet access at home! I miss my phone line!

So I'm feeling all Cinderella-ish and stuff. And very very buzzed on red wine, don't forget that.

So I figured what with Dreamgirls being a benefit and all, I'd get dressed up. So I tried all on all of the snazzy dresses in my closet today, and decided to wear my dress from Eve's wedding - floor length, black, sassy. I went up to my hairdresser's on the Upper West Side at 4pm to have them put my hair up (right, because I cannot do it myself), and spent two fabulous hours having it washed, dried, rolled, teased and pinned up. I wish I had a camera with me, it looks super. Lots of bobby pins. I do not want to take my hair down because it looks so good, so I won't. I brought my fancy black dress with me because I didn't know if I'd have time to run downtown and change, and I'm glad I did. Changed in the bathroom of the hair place (sticking my black slip dress into my Kate Spade bag), and went downtown. I must've run into twenty people that I knew outside the theatre, love that it's such a small world.

And I love the Ford Center - even the balcony seats have super sightlines. Big thanks to Steve, who got me a pair in the fourth row (I went with James Galla, who looks very sexy in a suit, btw, Quit blushing, James) and they were terrific seats (I'll be there again tomorrow night seeing 42nd Street with Michelle). The show itself is a blur, alas. But it was good. Fierce. I could listen to Norm Lewis read the phone book and be all swoony.

My friend Paul was playing (violin) in the orchestra. I wanted to find him after the show but it was so crowded at the stage door that James and I just waited around for a bit, said "hi" to our friends Bruce and Bill, and went to the subway. But while I was standing on the platform, I checked my voicemail and saw that there was a message from Paul. So I got out of the station and called him back, and it turns out he hadn't left the area yet. So I met him on 43rd Street (I love doing that thing where you're talking on the phone to someone and then you run into them - it happened last week with Steve at The Producers), and we talked for a bit, and then went to the after-party at some swanky restaurant on 50th Street. Very cool. Everyone loves my tattoos. I got to show Raul Esparza (mrowr) my Seurat (there's a song in Tick Tick Boom that's an homage to Sunday, so after two glasses of wine, I just tapped him on the shoulder and introduced myself to show him my tattoo), and Stokes, and Alice Ripley and her husband (who played percussion in the show), and all of these other people that I can't even remember right now. It was indeed a really fun party, and the best use of the saying, "I'm with the band" that I can think of lately. Paul is super, we had fun standing around, eating pasta, and talking for a few hours. Fun party, full of swanky ritzy people, and I grabbed extra goodie bags for Trisha and Keith, my fellow balcony-seated friends. I totally had a wonderful time and am very tipsy.

So now it's 2am, and I have to work for Bruce Kimmel tomorrow - I completely forgot about that! In my weird train of thoughts, Paul had mentioned that he was hoping Adolph Green would be at the party, and I said that I had met him at the Bells are Ringing recording session when I worked for Bruce, and then it popped into my head that tomorrow and Wednesday I'm supposed to work for Bruce again, too!

I took the 1 train downtown from 50th Street, and it stopped at Franklin Street (last stop), so I had to wait for another train to get down to Fulton Street. People are so friendly these days - or maybe it's because I looked really good - the guy on the train next to me introduced himself and we chatted the whole way downtown. I dashed through the misty rain to our apartment, and now the air has that weird smell which is a combination of burning stuff from Ground Zero and that smell it has after it's rained in the spring. Or the fall.

And on that note, I am very tipsy and should get some sleep. What a fun night.

Happy birthday, Dad!

I love IHOP. I love that NJ has many IHOPs, including one five minutes from our house. We drove down to Keyport (the next town over, on the water) to see if we could see the new skyline, but it was too hazy. Lots of boats out in the bay tho. And then we went to IHOP, so I could get the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity breakfast of my dreams. Mmm.

I came back to the city yesterday afternoon, and went to the closing of Bat Boy last night. Well, the sort-of closing - they're planning to reopen in October. Go out and see shows, folks. Every ticket counts. Very energetic show last night, from the cast and from the audience.

Before the show, I walked around Union Square, where the entire park is a memorial to the victims, there are flowers and candles along all of the paths, and cards from all over the world hung up on the fences. The statue there has flags hung on it and "Give Peace a Chance" and the like scribbled on in chalk. There was a Tibetan group out praying and chanting, and news crews and people from all over taking pictures and just reading the signs. I think the city will need a wax-cleanup committee to get the sidewalks clean again.

Dreamgirls tonight! Yay!

My nail/waxing place is open again. They're two and a half blocks from Ground Zero (as opposed to our five blocks) and today was their first day open. In fact, I was the first customer. But my brows are nice now and they're back in business. Going to support my hair place later today and get my hair done by someone who knows what they're doing (as opposed to me, I have no concept of doing my hair).

Still no phone in the apartment.

I love my friend Mark in San Diego. Thanks to him, is back in existence.

Ah, NJ. Mom and I went computer shopping and bought her a new computer. The old one was about 5 years old and incredibly slow. Five megs of memory kind of slow. So we picked up a new Compaq Presario and set it all up here, it's sweet. I need to eventually get a new laptop one of these days.

I know we shouldn't mock people for their religious beliefs, but the subway was full of Mormons this morning. They wear name badges so you can spot and avoid them from a mile away. Bleh.

Before hopping the subway up to Penn Station, I walked down Fulton Street to Broadway. You can't cross the street, there are barricades up and fences up on the opposite side of Broadway. I walked down Broadway to John Street - 5 WTC, which is where our Border's bookstore is/was, is all blown out, no windows. Next to that is just a huge pile of rubble and you can see clear over it to the top of the Winter Garden in the Financial Center. The south side of 5 WTC is torn up, with beams sticking out of it. They're saying it's going to take a year to clean up the area.

The newspapers are saying that nurses and teachers are in high demand, so I've decided that if I haven't found the ideal, high-paying job by the time our lease is up next fall, I'll move to NJ and go to nursing school and learn to stick people with needles. How scary a concept is that? I'm not down with the cleaning bedpans thing, but I sure do have a masochistic streak that would allow me to draw blood and yell at patients and live out my fantasy of meeting a wealthy, attractive Jewish doctor. How cool would that be? And then if there's a real war, I can play army nurse, ala Sandra Bullock in that really bad movie with Chris O'Donnell.

Mimi is hiding somewhere in the house, I've seen her once. Pixel is more social, she's wandering around, loving all the space. And Sam, Mom's cat, is just hissing at everything that moves, but that's nothing new.

later on 9/21/01
And as if we needed anything else to happen on top of this week, Jen had a car crash up in MA tonight. She's OK, but her car is totalled - some 17-year-old chick decided to pull into traffic, across two lanes, and hit Jen's car on the passenger side. Thank God she's alright. But man, not what any of us needed (especially with the news that Xceed had cancelled everyone's COBRA insurance coverage at the end of July without telling anyone - so Jen has no coverage until her new job picks it up on October 1st, talk about timing).

This entire thing (the WTC thing, not the car thing) hasn't really sunk in for me yet. I think part of it is still shock, since the past week or so has been stressful for me, what with moving out, and moving back in, and dealing with getting my own life back to "normal." We can hear the rescue crews from our windows, see the military planes overhead, don't have a phone, but I'm getting the same news reports as the rest of the world - nothing is that different for us downtown here. The smell of burning rubble hasn't been in the air lately, which is good. We still can't keep the windows open tho, they haven't updated us on the air quality. The landlord did put up a notice about health that said the asbestos content that may be in the air is low and won't cause problems. And luckily again the window that was cracked open didn't let in any dust or debris, so things are relatively clean inside. And it really is nice to be home.

I wish the news would show that things are getting back to normal in other parts of the city. People are out rollerblading in the park, seeing shows, doing the grocery shopping, going to the museums, and sitting on the deck, having a cigarette. Or maybe that's just me. I will quit smoking again one of these days, but right now that's lower on my priority list. I have the feeling that the rest of the world is only seeing New York as one bombed out shell, but that isn't true at all. Yes, there's an area that's a mess right now, but that's one just small part of New York City.

And on a political note, while I don't agree with everything that Giuliani has done while in office, I think he's doing a super job right now with handling this. I don't want the primary election to take place next week - I can't think of a single candidate that'll do as strong a job, nor do I thing a transitional government at this time is really a good move. I'm all for keeping him around another term, or at least another year. If he'll drop that decency committee business.

When did Alex Trebek get rid of the mustache? And didn't Celine Dion retire? These are the important entertainment questions of the day.

Rumor has it that the Actor's Equity meeting didn't go as smoothly as they're making it out to be - I got a call from someone in the know that a producer lept across the table at Jed Bernstein (pres of AE) and had to be held back by Alan Wasser. Whoops.

I'm going to head to NJ tomorrow to commune with nature and see the cats.

Well, the apartment is clean.

And the utilities update: Power: yes. Cable: sporadic. Water: yes. Gas: yes. Phone: NO. And probably not for another week. I talked to the doorman, and that's what he had heard. Verizon had no idea. Verizon Wireless is also not planning to give any concessions to people (like us) who have no phones and have to use our cellfones. So I'm looking at a bill of somewhere around $500, I'm sure, which I will not pay. I'd love for Verizon to disregard our bills because of this, but if not, I'm going to see if the Disaster Relief Fund thing will help cover the costs. Not much fun. So anyway, I'm at Dad's again to use his phone line.

Mom reports that things at the cat hotel are fine and dandy, except that Sam, her cat, still isn't too happy about the extra guests.

The theatre unions are taking pay cuts, so Rent etc. will stay open for at least another month, and then decide what to do. For breaking theatre news, keep an eye on

Home at last! Jen and I moved our stuff back in last night - I made two sweaty trips from Trisha's to bring back most of my stuff, and now we're all unpacked and getting settled back in. Today is laundry day. When we came back last Thursday to pack, the floor was soaked because the freezer had melted (no power), so we were moppping up puddles with our towels. So they're all in the wash today. Did all the dishes and swept the floor, I'll mop it later. We have power, water and cable, but no phone line, so I'm going to go over to Dad's later on to check my email from there. The post office is delivering mail and bringing in mail that had been delayed from last week. We had some, but not all, of it last night. Most of the building seems to be moved back in - our neighbors are mostly there, lots of people that we don't know are talking to each other. One person is missing from the building.

I didn't really want to come home just yet, but now that I'm here, it's the right thing, it feels better having slept in my own bed last night and using our shower again. I have to go out grocery shopping (luckily the food stores are open) because we threw out all of the perishables and everything from the freezer last week. Definitely a day for errands and getting things cleaned up.

The cats are going to stay in NJ for a few weeks, until things calm down downtown and the smoke stops blowing in the windows.

I got a voicemail from someone at KPMG about a resume I sent over, but we're playing phone tag now - waiting for her to call me back now.

Missy, Jen and I went to O'Lunney's last night for cider and to catch up. You know things are getting back to normal when the Yankees are kicking some ass.

Thanks to the lack of tourism, I was able to get a matinee ticket to The Producers yesterday to see Brad Oscar on for Nathan Lane. I had been trying to get a ticket for a while before all this happened, and I lucked out on Telecharge the other day. So I went yesterday afternoon and had a great seat and he was really terrific. Very glad I went. The woman next to me was amazed that it was my fourth time there. Steve and I were going to go the Papermill tonight to see A Chorus Line but we're rescheduling again, just not up for the drive.

Come to New York, don't let this stop you. Now I know how my friends in Belfast feel, when no one would go and visit.

later on 9/18/01
Getting even more personal... I spent the day with Kenny. We were taking the subway downtown from his apartment to Trisha's, so I could get my sweater, and we got off the train at 59th Street. We were walking out of the station, and Kenny stopped in front of a "Missing" sign that someone had hung up. It was his first wife's brother. We wrote down the contact phone number, and he called. And it was really him. Missing. Dead. In the WTC.


I didn't know what to do or say.

That, on top of the fact that his show might close, was devastating.

I went with Michelle to see Tick Tick Boom tonight. Wonderful show, and even more touching in the wake of all of this. We talked to Raul Esparza a little afterwards, and we also ran into Michael Hall, who's engaged to Amy Spanger, and he's on Six Feet Under. I went over to him and said that we really enjoyed watching what we called the "Dead People Show" and he said, "Well, I guess that's what it is, really." Very sweet guy. I didn't think to ask if he would hook me up with the guy who plays Rico tho. Drat.

Very weird day, very emotional all over the place. Jen's planning to come back to our apartment tomorrow and stay there, but I'm just not in a mindset where I feel comfortable doing that just yet. I'm going to stay at Trisha's for another week I think, just until I feel better about moving home. Going to go down on Thursday to clean and do some video stuff, now that the power is back on. But not moving home just yet.

More pictures, some from my friend Mike, on the NYPD, and my dad's pics that he took from his roof. I talked to Mike (the cop) last night, he works in Midtown North, and at the time I talked to him, he was over at the new bereavement center on 54th Street. I asked if I could come by to volunteer and help him out, and he said sure. But five minutes later, as I was getting my shoes on, he called back and said not to come, since they were bringing up volunteers from the Javits Center, and turning away people at their gates up here. I wish there were something I could do!

Now it gets personal. I got a call last night around 9pm that a friend heard a rumor that Rent and other shows were going to close. So I went to the Nederlander and met up with Kenny after the show to ask if it was true, and it might be. The producers talked to the cast before the show and said that they had to lower the production costs in order to stop losing money. The audiences have been empty this week, understandably. So today, the producers are meeting with Equity, Local 1 (stagehands) and Local 802 (musicians) to see what they can do - take pay cuts, close the shows temporarily, reduce the number of performances etc. And four other shows posted closing notices for this week.

We went for drinks at 123 on 44th Street - me, Kenny, Manley (who just got in from LA), Brian the sound guy and his friend Rachel. And I spent the night uptown, which was just comforting - not to have to sleep alone, that is.

So go on, get out, go see shows. Don't let Broadway close because of this.

This week is the 8th anniversary of my moving into the city.

I cancelled my RCN account for good, they were having too many problems for my tastes. Now I just need to park somewhere. I also went over my alloted bandwidth charges at Earthlink somehow this month, so I was charged more than usual. I was checking my Visa statement online to see if Telecharge had credited my account back yet (they haven't) and saw the Earthlink charge.

Today I need to find out where our post office is diverting mail to, so I can go get the mail from the past week. Also need to see if our landlord is going to grant us relief on our rent since we are unable to inhabit the building. And I have to go across the street to the laundromat and do some laundry.

I supported the economy - called my Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and bought some stock (this is an even better time to buy than it was last week). Paul said they're moving around their staff members to make room for displaced workers from downtown.

It looks like the power is back on in our building, but I'm too exhausted to make a trip downtown to see for myself. Even if it is, I don't really want to move right back down - I'm sure the stores and businesses are still closed, and besides, I just carried a lot of stuff uptown. We need to talk to our landlord about the rent thing - when I called, no one there had a clue what was happening - and also penalties if we need to break the lease for any reason.

Looks like Hotwire is allowing re-scheduling of flights through the 24th, so I'm rebooking my KY flight for October. They switched it with no problem, makes me happy. I have to redo the car rental, tho, I'm working on that now.

Jen's company - with an office in the Woolworth Building - is relocating to CT, she doesn't know what's she's going to do about that, it's a long commute from here or from her parents'. Missy's back in the city, staying with a friend uptown as well, and she's back at work, we're going to meet up for drinks after work today.

Jesse took pictures, too.

I've been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all week - it's comfort food.

Back to the apartment today, to get out another suitcase of clothes etc. Our doorman was down there helping people get in and handing out flashlights, he asked after my roommates so I updated him on where we were staying.

I wanted to get some fresh air and not be sitting in front of the news, so I went rollerblading (grabbed my skates yesterday) and went to Central Park. I realized that it was Sunday, and so therefore David Ippolito would be playing on the hill by the lake, and I ran into Susan, James and Terry there. Good way to spend the afternoon there, just listening to David play and sing. The hill was packed with more people, more than I had ever seen.

Tomorrow we're going to call the landlord and see what they're doing rent-wise about the fact that we can't inhabit the building. And going to ask for a rent reduction overall, maybe they'll be in a good mood. Also going to call my friend Adam at a broker, to see if they have any less-expensive apartments (some brokers are suspending their fees, this is a great time to move) but I doubt anything will come of that.

Still unable to cancel/exchange my Kentucky plane tickets. Steve exchanged our Chorus Line tickets for Thursday night, and they're doing a benefit at the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday, so it's probably better that I don't go. Filed for unemployment (although I was at a loss as to how to answer the question: "Were there any days that you were not ready, or unwilling to look for work?") and got a refund for my QED tix - they cancelled a slew of performances - for the 1st.

I put some more of Trisha's pictures online, too.

later on 9/15/01
I ended up going to the apartment today to get clothes etc. The subways were running to our stop, so I went downtown, got carded by the National Guard at the building. Grabbed clothes, and packed another suitcase to bring up tomorrow as well. What a mess.

Went to see Spitfire Grill (great first act, letdown second act, beautiful music) tonight, and then Michael and I went for drinks with Peter Shankman et al. It was so nice to be out drinking cider in a bar on a Saturday night again, it was almost like normal Saturday nights except that they were showing CNN on the TV.

Moved the pictures to Mark's server in San Diego. It'll be updated as Trisha sends me more. She's taking pix of all of the inspirational things around the neighborhood. Mark is the best. He Paypal'd me money to cover my KY trip, which I am aborting as of now. I don't care if I'm losing the plane ticket - I just do not want to get on a plane, no matter how much I want to see the show. We'll see how things go this week, and it may be a case of me sitting here on Thursday morning wondering if I want to get on the plane or lose the money. But Mark rules today, thank you.

I feel better today. I took an actual bath last night and fell asleep before 3am for the first time. It was wonderful. The news says that subways and buses are running down to Wall Street now, on the east side, so I'll be able to take the train all the way home tomorrow to get into the apartment. Much easier than hiking from the Manhattan Bridge. Our post office is one of the four that are closed, and they said on the news that an announcement will be made Monday about where we can pick up mail.

My RCN password is not working. They are trying to reset it. I want to upload the pictures that Trisha's been taking, and my quota is full at Earthlink.

later on 9/14/01
Called Kentucky and got a refund on my Floyd Collins tickets. I called to try to refund or exchange my plane tix, but they're only dealing with people who are ticketed through the 16th right now, so I either fly, or I blow the $200. I actually have to call back closer to my departure date (next Thursday!) to see if they've revised their policy. I just do not want to set foot on a plane, you know?

Trisha, Irene and I went to the candlelight vigil at Lincoln Center tonight. Ran into Karen, Lauren and Linda from Xceed there, too, which was nice. People sang the national anthem and other patriotic songs, and someone suggested the Pledge of Allegiance, in respect of the giant flags that are hanging from the Met and Avery Fisher Hall. It was moving and calm, and it was nice to see so many people our age out together. We left our candles with the others on the fountain there. All down 9th Avenue, we noticed smaller memorials and shrines outside buildings and businesses.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the brunch, but we haven't finalized a time and place yet. But we're still having it. And I'm seeing The Spitfire Grill (a new musical) tomorrow night. Steve and I were supposed to see A Chorus Line in NJ on Sunday, but we're exchanging the tickets for another night. So I'm going to try and go down to the apartment on Sunday morning to get some more clothes and stuff out.

I am so exhausted this morning.

So yesterday morning, Jen and I got up with the intention of going to Gold Street. Michelle said she would bring in her cat carrier, since ours is on the deck and therefore covered in dust and unusable. So we got up and got dressed, and the phone rang. Dave Gochfeld wanted to know if we were still going to go downtown, and he would come with us (he's taking photos for the AP). We walked over to Michelle's office to get the cat carrier (at 6th and 51st, it was later evacuated for a bomb scare), and then took the F train downtown to 2nd Ave/Lower East Side. We had our ID's checked at Houston Street, and when we explained where we were going, and showed our address, they let us through. Dave came down to meet us, and we kept walking downtown.

Jen and I had bought dust masks at the hardware store, because the wind has been shifting all over the place and blowing dust everywhere downtown. We only had to wear them for a few blocks in Chinatown, near the Manhattan Bridge tho. As we got further and further downtown, we saw firetrucks with their windows smashed out, and cars covered in dust. Stores were open in Chinatown, and people out in the streets, but once we got below Canal Street, it was much quieter. We walked down Pearl Street, and were so happy when we could see Fulton Street coming up. It looks like a blizzard hit it. We saw our building and practically ran to it. There's no power (and no water) in it, so the lobby was pitch black. Someone had put candles on the steps of the lobby so we could find our way up.

There was another resident coming out with a suitcase, and she gave us the big flashlight that belongs to our super, Santiago. She said he was around somewhere but we didn't see him in the lobby. So we took the flashlight and walked up the seven flights of stairs. Pitch black except for the beam of light from the flashlight. Luckily, there are huge picture windows in our apartment, so the sunlight lit up our entire apartment.

The cats are alright - scared, but OK. Since there's no power, everything in the freezer had melted and there were huge puddles of water all over the floor. Our freezer is now defrosted for the first time ever. We threw out all of the perishable food (eggs, milk, OJ, meat) and chipped the rest of the ice from the freezer and threw it in the tub. Mopped up the floor with bath towels, scooped out the litterbox, etc. Dave took pictures for AP of us getting the apartment in a relatively straightened up state. Jen and I packed clothes and valuables (I had made a list the night before of what to grab) into our wheeled suitcases, and then packed more stuff into the wheel-y cart that I have. After a 15 minute struggle to get both cats into the cat carrier, we were ready. We had to carry everything down the seven flights of stairs in the dark again, with only the flashlight.

When we got downstairs, Santiago was there. We gave him back his flashlight and wished him luck with getting the other residents safely in and out. Dave gave me his film to drop off at the AP on our way uptown, and he headed west to go shoot more photos of the damage. Jen and I (with the cat carrier strapped to the top of the wheel-y cart) started walking east to Water Street. I stopped to call my Mom and tell her I was bringing the cats home. A woman who was walking past stopped to say that she used to live in our building, and was glad we got out. She was staying on Pearl Street with friends, they had no power but they did have water. We wished her luck as well, and started walking towards the Manhattan Bridge. It's a longer walk than we realized, especially with the cats and all of the luggage we had (I had the full wheel-y cart with my suitcase inside and the cats, and Jen had her wheeled suitcase, overnight bag, and backpack). It was also 80 degrees and we were sweaty and miserable. After two miles of walking, we made it to the East Broadway F stop, and got up on the uptown train. We were going to get off at 50th and go to the AP, then walk to Trisha's, but the train started making E train stops, and we ended up going up the west side.

We got off at 42nd Street, with the thought of putting the stuff in Jen's car, and then driving it up to Trisha's. However, when we got out of the train, there was a bomb scare on 42nd, and the police wouldn't let us cross the street to get to the lot where the car is parked. We were more than a bit pissed off, and just started walking to Trisha's, 12 blocks away. We got there and took everything upstairs. The cats in their carrier started yowling once they were inside (they were quiet for the entire walk), but we had to leave them inside it. I took the film over to the AP, it was nice to take a walk without any luggage or crowds of people around. I was going to say hi to my old coworkers, but they were in a big conference meeting while I was there. On the way back I stopped at the Neil Simon theatre to drop off a note for Paul, who's in the orchestra there, to let him know that we're OK.

At Trisha's again, we gathered our stuff to take downstairs. Luckily, we managed to hail a cab downstairs, and he dropped Jen off at her car and then me and the cats at Penn Station. I'd just missed the train to Matawan, and the next one wasn't for another hour, but there was a train terminating at South Amboy in a half hour, at 3.30, so I called Mom and asked her if she could pick me up there, and I took that train instead. It was kind of nice to be out of the city for a little bit, where the air is clean. Mom's cat, Sam, didn't seem too thrilled to have Mimi and Pixel move in. Pixel seemed happy to have more space to poke around, but Mimi did her usual trick of running off and hiding under something. They'll stay in NJ until we can move back into the building - it could be weeks tho before it's safe to go back in.

I took the 6.13 train from Matawan back into the city, to meet Trisha at 7.45 in Shubert Alley. Walking up 8th Avenue from Penn Station, there was another bomb scare at Port Authority, so I cut over to Broadway and walked up there. Since I wanted to be in a theatre tonight - first night of Broadway shows resuming, I went to TKTS and got a seat to Music Man. They made a house annoucement before the show that they were dedicating the performance to the victims, and that "the show must go on." At the end, they sang "God Bless America." I talked to Paul after the show and he walked me back to Trisha's (2 blocks away).

And then I fell into bed on the sofabed, and watched the news for a bit before falling asleep. Today I'm just exhausted and bruised from all the walking and carrying of bags and cats up and down stairs all day yesterday. It was one of the longest days I've ever had, but I'm glad that our apartment is OK and that the cats are safe in NJ.

Today - planning to go to the grocery store to get food, and to the drugstore to replace some stuff that I left in the apartment. I'd like to go downtown again to get more clothes etc. when I can. Right now I just want to rest.

Jen's in MA and Missy's in PA - talked to Missy this morning and let her know what's up with the apartment. She's going to come back on Sunday, since she has to work on Monday, and she's going to play musical couches too. Trisha said I can stay as long as I need to, but I don't want to impose. Kenny said I can stay up on the UWS with him as long as I need to, too, and if this turns into a multi-week thing, I may go do that, but for now, I'm staying put here.

I called Telecharge and got a refund for my Tuesday night tickets (to see Tick Tick Boom, ironically). I also had them change all of my already-ordered tickets to will-call, instead of mailing them to me, very helpful operator who also works in Manhattan, her office was evacuated because of a bomb scare yesterday, too. But she was super, and changed my ten or so ticket orders so they won't be mailed out to me. I now have to call Ticketmaster to do one more set, and then I'm going to try and reschedule my Kentucky trip.

Made it to the apartment, the cats are alright and in NJ. No power, no water downtown for us, so I'm staying with Trisha until further notice. More tomorrow when I have the time and am more awake.

Still here.

Jen and I are still holed up at Trisha's. We were going to try and go downtown today to our apartment, but I talked to Dad, who had left and came back downtown, and they wouldn't let him cross Water Street, because of the threat of One Liberty Plaza collapsing (it hasn't yet, as of this writing). So he's back uptown now at Ann's, and we're going to try tomorrow to go downtown.

We got out of the apartment today, and went to the movies (Ghost World) and for ice cream with Keith, Ngoc and Michelle. And then we went by the New York Times building, where they were selling newspapers, and we grabbed a stack. And came home and sat down in front of the TV again. We really want to go downtown tomorrow and get the cats - my big worry is that the window was left cracked open and the apartment is full of stinky air and soot and that the cats aren't alive, but I don't know anything for sure. We called our landlord to get the super's number, but his phone isn't answering. I tried to find numbers for our neighbors, too, but no luck there either. We just want to see what's going on in our apartment and get the cats out and more of our valuables and clothes so we can get to somewhere safer. I may take them to NJ or out to Steve's, it'll all depend on how transportation tomorrow is and if we can get down there at all. We bought dust masks at the hardware store.

Talked to the rest of my friends that I hadn't talked to yet - Dave Gochfeld made it downtown somewhat and said it looked approach-able, and Peter Freeman had made it as far as Franklin Street yesterday and shot video. He called me and met up with us in Times Square.

The firehouse down the street from Trisha's has a memorial set up with flowers and candles for the firemen they lost, Trisha and I lit a candle there for them.

About half of the stores around here are closed. The hospitals told us to come back later in the week to donate blood, they're swamped with volunteers.

They just had a bomb scare at the Empire State Building.

We have our senses of humor, which is necessary. If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying. I haven't broken down at all and I keep getting choked up at moments but don't want to just let it all out because it won't do any good right now.

Friends: Peter Shankman was on the runway at Newark, waiting to take off, and updating passengers via his wireless modem and handheld. Jason Marshall was in Brooklyn Heights, handing out dust masks to his elderly neighbors and helping them take precautions against smoke in the buildings. Dona's friend Taille was at the WTC site, helping people to safety.

It's amazing, the sense of community. People are walking slowly down the streets and helping each other. I was outside of Trisha's building, having a cigarette, and two people came over to ask for smokes. A guy (cute, too) smiled and said, "hey." Some German tourists asked for directions to the subway. The guy in the hardware store sold us dust masks individually instead of in a box of 50. We ran into Robert, the Street News seller from outside the Nederlander Theatre, he looked up and saw us outside AMC on 42nd Street and exclaimed "Rentheads!" The level of friendliness and calm and community is amazing to me.

And in response to the question I and all of us are getting asked, no, I am not planning to run for the hills. This is my home - I chose to move here, and I'm staying. As soon as I can move back into my apartment, I will.

We're OK.

Right, so, no need to go into what happened, but things are a mess in the city. As you know - because I mentioned it yesterday - our view is of the WTC. Was. We're five blocks away and felt the plane crashes this morning - Jen and Missy were getting ready for work and I was sleeping, and it woke me up. We watched the news, in shock, and called our families. Trisha called us and we asked if we could come up to her office or apartment - just to get out of downtown. So we packed clothes (and the laptop and the camera) and left food and water for the cats and trekked uptown. We walked, with the crowds, up Water Street, past the Brooklyn Bridge (which was packed with people walking over it), through Chinatown (I bought cigarettes), to the Lower East Side, up the Bowery (where we heard about the collapses on the radio) to the Village. Missy went to her office on 15th Street, and Jen and I kept walking uptown. We went to the law firm, Steve very kindly let us stay there for a few hours to eat, check email, call home and friends etc. Cellfones weren't working until an hour or so ago. We left the law firm and walked to Trisha's, at 53rd and 9th - Dona, Michelle and Keith were here already - and Jen and I are staying overnight here, and possibly longer. The entire downtown area is closed below 14th Street, so we don't know when we'll be able to get home again. Missy's at a friend's in NJ - they were able to get out (via ferry, bus and train).

Things are a mess here. The streets were clogged with people for our entire walk up. And the shock hasn't really hit me yet - I think going downtown and seeing the city will hammer it home, but it still feels like something out of a very bad movie. We're watching the news and seeing our streets there, and it looks horrible. I talked to Dad - they have no power downtown, and he said there's soot on everything outside and the air is just filthy and smoky. And he lives by the water, so I can't imagine what it's like near the blast.

We went to Bellevue Hospital and tried to donate blood. The lobby was so packed with people, and the staff said they were only accepting O pos and neg blood, so we couldn't donate. We also asked again at the hospital near Trisha's apartment about donating, and they told us that they were swamped, and to try going to Red Cross tomorrow to donate. So tomorrow, Jen, Trish and I are going to the Red Cross to donate blood and volunteer our services if we can.

And I'm terrified that this isn't over.

I've talked to nearly everyone I know today - Kati works in DC, and her train to work goes directly under the Pentagon - she's alright tho, they stopped her train. Dad's OK, Jason Marshall's OK, all of my immediate friends in the city are accounted for, That's such a relief.

From Blood Brothers:

Tell me it's not true
Say it's just a story
Something on the news
Tell me it's not true 
Though it's here before me
Say it's just a dream
Say it's just a scene

From an old movie of years ago
From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe
Say it's just some clowns
Two players in the limelight
And bring the curtain down
Say it's just two clowns
Who couldn't get their lines right.
Say it's just a show
On the radio. 

That we can turn over and start again
That we can turn over; it's just a game.

Tell me it's not true
Say I only dreamed it
And morning will come soon
Tell me it's not true.
Say you didn't mean it
Say it's just pretend
Say it's just the end
Of an old movie from long ago
From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe.

Tell me it's not true
Say you didn't mean it.
Say it's just pretend
Say it's just the end
Of an old movie from long ago
From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe. is collecting money for the Red Cross.

So my cute drummer is going away - Blast is closing early, and I can't make it to the closing, so I'll have to try and go some other night.

From the IM log:

DraMatticMurray: Blast is closing early?
Catherine62874: wha?
Catherine62874: dude, that sucks
Catherine62874: and i can't go to the closing!
DraMatticMurray: Why not?
Catherine62874: i'll be out of town
DraMatticMurray: :(
Catherine62874: jen says "shocking and sad at the same time but at least Martin Guerre will have a home"
DraMatticMurray: I don't want THAT thing to have a home anywhere.  I'd prefer a second company of AIDA!
Catherine62874: oh i think MG will be great at the Broadway Theatre!
Catherine62874: all that clogging!
DraMatticMurray: Oh, the clogging HAS to come back in.
Catherine62874: i am buying my tickets now!
DraMatticMurray: James has always wanted to produce a show on Broadway.  MARTIN GUERRE COULD BE HIS CHANCE.
Catherine62874: oooh.
DraMatticMurray: Imagine--BroadwayStars could have its name above the title.  All the columnists could contribute money and then share in the HUGE HUGE PROFITS.
Catherine62874: OOOH!
Catherine62874: i will even put my own money in that show, while james shtups the little old ladies!
DraMatticMurray: "And a-long came Marino..."
This is miserable, humid weather. It's so hazy that I can't see the World Trade Center from the window, and we usually can. I went out to the post office earlier, and while I was standing in line, a woman came in soaking wet. I called Dad, since I was at the post office around the corner from his office, and went over there to wait for the storm to pass, since I, of course, did not have an umbrella on me. Bleh. And now it's raining again, and still humid. Ick.

It was great rollerblading weather earlier, and now it's just crap. Better clear up by tomorrow, I'm supposed to meet my friend Davey Low from r.a.t.m at the downtown TKTS booth (over at the WTC) for lunch.

Got up, got tix, met Kim, came home, read the Times (check this out, our neighborhood is finally a neighborhood), vegged on the deck, watched HBO, going to bed again.

Miracle of miracles, I did indeed get up at 10am - well, actually I got up at 8am when our neighbor (with whom we share the deck) got up to go outside and cough loudly and hack up phlegm right outside our door, so Missy also got up to slam the door shut. That was early.

So right, got up, got the Floyd Collins tickets (I love Kentucky, the people are polite and the tickets were $16 each), and then we roadtripped to Nyack and went shopping at the world's largest mall. Seriously. I grew up in mall country, NJ, and this was huge. I found super brown shoes, and a dress pattern that I like (must get my sewing machine fixed or go home and borrow Mom's). And we saw Rockstar, a movie that was infinitely more enjoyable than Almost Famous - at least to me, anyway.

Dona got me hooked on another game for the Palm Pilot, called Bejeweled. It's nearly as addictive as DopeWars. I can't stop playing it. She beamed it to me at Game Day last night and really, it's so freakin' addictive. Game Day was a lot of fun, it's amazing that Trisha can get twelve people into her apartment!

Tomorrow will be another early morning, as QED tix go on sale - the show that Alan Alda is doing about Richard Feynman - the physicist who got me into physics - and I must have them. And then I have to drop off some camera equipment with my friend Kim in Times Square, before the madness of Broadway on Broadway (which I will not be sticking around for).

I did one of those things last night that I swore not to do - took a sleeping pill at 2am. And slept until noon today, not surprisingly. I just could not fall asleep at all. I'm still groggy. Tonight I have to fall asleep at a normal hour, I have to get up early tomorrow to buy tickets for Floyd Collins when they go on sale.

And the highlight of the Video Music Awards was seeing U2 perform. Love them. I love the new album, and they did two songs from it, very cool.

Tonight we're going over to Trisha's for Game Day, which is always fun.

Here is my Ticketmaster rant of the day. I wanted to buy tickets for Noises Off, and I have the discount code for $45 tickets. So I looked online, and found the date I wanted to go, saw that they had good seats etc. But doesn't take discount codes online, you actually have to call them. So I called, and got put on hold for 20 minutes, with really scratchy hold music. Ugh. Finally, someone picks up - a ticketmaster operator who didn't speak much English. I had to repeat the name of the play three times for him, and the name of the theatre ("Brooks. Atkinson.") twice. I give him the discount code and the date, and requested two seats in the front mezz. He replied that the code is only good for orchestra seats. There's no way that that's true, so I asked him to look again, because the code shouldn't be limited to specific seats. So he put me on hold, and came back and reported that it was only good for "Price level One." I told him that orchestra and front mezzanine seats are in the same price level. He put me on hold again, and came back and apologized - I was right. So I got the seats I wanted. With the discount code. Which is good, because they tacked on a $6 "convenience charge" per ticket - what convenience? Their operator didn't know how to look up the show, or the pricing scheme. I have no love for Ticketmaster today. Luckily, the discount for those tickets will balance out the non-discounted tickets that I bought for Sweet Smell of Success through for next February. Yikes.

Something is seriously wrong when the high point of my day is making Jell-O.

Well, maybe not seriously wrong, but I need to find something to do. Looking for work doesn't really take me all day (I hate that most of the listings on HotJobs are just reposts of older listings), and I get the feeling that my recruiters are tired of talking to me. It is, however, perfect weather for hanging out on the deck with a book, so that's what I've been doing a lot of. I finished the Arthur Laurents book - it really picked up towards the end. And I'm back to making progress with the John Adams bio, which is just really good all over.

Jen, Ari, Timmy and I went to see Urinetown last night (I think it's a well-written political satire of musical theatre, very funny), and on the way home, we (and I am embarrassed to admit this) picked up MTV marketing material - in the shape of orange traffic cones that have the VMA logo on them. Totally cheesy, and seeing them brighten up our deck is worth the mad dash we took to the un-patrolled subway entrance last night, so as to avoid suspicion. They are incredibly orange. Tonight is veg-on-the-couch night to watch the Video Music Awards. Or that's the plan - I'll probably get ten minutes into it and retreat back into the Adams book. I doubt it'll be all that exciting (for me), as I am not the world's biggest music fan, and there's only so much denial of being a fan of Britney Spears and the like that I can take. We had signed up to be seatfillers for the event, but, not surprisingly, none of us got picked (they had something like 2000 applicants for the 250 available slots), it'll be a better view from home anyway.

And I'll have Jell-O.

Speaking of events for which I should be vegged out on the couch - the ER season premiere is on a night that I won't be home. Dad's going to tape it for me, yay. Love ER.

Happy birthday Eddie Hartman! And the best news I've heard so far today (granted, it's only noon) is that Eddie might be in NY in November. I haven't seen him in close to a year and a half, but still have a big thing for him. That news just makes my day.

Man, Proof is such a great play.

Last week, Michelle was saying that she wanted to see it before Mary Louise Parker leaves (which is on Sunday), and I said that I wanted to see it again, so we picked today as the day to try and get tickets. It's been up on TKTS a lot lately, so I offered to go over to the booth at the World Trade Center this afternoon and get us a pair. I went over at 3pm (no line, love the WTC), but it wasn't listed for today. No biggie, they sometimes get tickets later in the day. So I met Michelle at 5.30 up at the TKTS booth in Times Square (long line, love the WTC), but it still wasn't listed. We decided to avoid the creepy "Free food!" guy who was ogling my tattoo, and walked to the theatre on 48th Street to see if they had any kind of student rush tickets. They didn't, but they did have balcony seats for $25, so we got a pair. Very cool. Dinner at the Hotel Edison (cheap, not good). Taking advantage of a discount coupon, we walked to blah blah Street and I bought dad a pair of tickets to Blah blah for his birthday (details omitted so as not to ruin the surprise). And then, since we still had an hour and change to kill, we took the bus over to 11th Avenue, so I could get tickets to the musical version of The Spitfire Grill. I had a discount flier for $40 tickets, but when I so that they had a sign up for the New York Times Arts and Leisure weekend discount (which is a discount for $18.51 tickets to many shows). So I asked about that, and the woman there said that if I called Telecharge, I could get the $18.51 tickets (but they didn't have them at the box office for whatever reason) and she gave me the code to use. So I called Telecharge, got the tickets for cheap, and we hopped the bus back to Times Square (we are lazy people, it's only three (long) blocks, but we took the bus both ways).

They were having the invited dress rehearsal for the new Sam Shepard play at the theatre, too, so the lobby was packed while we were trying to buy tickets. I looked around for Sam Shepard (who I find attractive) but we didn't see him.

So we went back to 48th Street and hiked up to the balcony. And ran into Keith there, who also hadn't seen the show before. It was a great performance - Mary Louise Parker is fantastic. She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to play me in the movie of my life.

I woke up before noon! Hurrah! My friend Mike called last night and asked if he could crash on the couch, as the guy he thought he was going to stay with is in rehearsal for the Non-Equity Music Man tour (hiss, boo), so I said "sure" and pulled out the couch. We stayed up watching video clips for a bit, and then I crashed. And wonder of wonders, I got up before noon. Of course, the incentive of having a guest in the other room and of knowing that I have to meet Steve and David uptown at 1pm will do that.

So I had a dream about Derek Jeter last night. I was in a gym type of room, with bleachers around, and there were lots of tables set up for food and drink. And lots of balloons - as if the place were decorated for a dance. So I'm by myself, and I turn around, and there's Derek Jeter, trying to untangle some balloon strings - they're Yankees balloons (natch). So I go over, get them untangled, he says "thank you," and I walk away. I make a sandwich at the food table and dig a Diet Coke (I specifically remember trying to find a Diet Coke) out of the refridgerated beverage case, and look for somewhere to eat it. And then I realize that the party isn't starting, in fact, it seems to be over. So I go to look for Derek Jeter, to wish him a happy birthday and ask if he knows that he's two days older than I am (he is! seriously!), and on my way to the exit, I see him coming out of the men's room with some tall blond chick. Story of my life.

And then I woke up, turned on NY1 and there was Derek Jeter, running out of the dugout in some sports recap video clip.

Anyway, it's Labor Day, so I'm going to celebrate by... well, by doing nothing. Lunch with Steve and David before they head to London, and then maybe skating. Or maybe not-skating because of this blister on my heel, but definitely outdoor time, it's beautiful out! I think I'll bring my book uptown with me and just go to the park after lunch, I'll be too close to Central Park to not go.

I am not loving the Arthur Laurents bio as much as I wanted to. I'm about 2/3 of the way through, and the entire thing reads like "And then I slept with this guy. And then this guy, and this one, too. And then I slept with a woman. And then I went to Hollywood and wrote a script and had an affair with these two guys. I've slept with hundreds of men, many of whom I can't remember. Don't forget that I was living with this guy and had an affair with this guy at the same time." Jeez, the guy should go bowling (to steal a phrase from Jen) with Jeff E. (see last month). Anyway, it's not topping my list of favorite recent reads, but I'm slogging through it nevertheless. After this, more Adams, more Terkel, Morden, Caudwell and Mamet are on the to-read list.

I have re-discovered the dress I think I want to wear to Dreamgirls. About ten or eleven years ago, Dad, Elena (former stepmother) and I went shopping somewhere in either NJ or CT, and I found this great vintage dress - it's peach and mint green, lacy and netted-skirts - totally beautiful. And also two sizes too big, because I wanted it so much and figured I would grow into it. Of course, I haven't grown at all since I was sixteen, so it's still too big and I have never worn it. I nearly gave it to Eve because it fit her perfectly. And I think it's in the attic at Mom's. I sent her an email to ask, but she's in Seattle until the 9th so I have to wait... anyway, if it's there, I want to have it altered (it recently struck me that I can have things altered!) to wear. If not, it's a choice between the red dress and jacket I bought in Paris, or the basic black dress I bought at Ann Taylor and which I finally (thanks to quick trip to Victoria's Secret) have the right bra to wear with. I'll have to try everything on and see. I was going to wear my black Ragtime-opening night dress, but as I discovered last year, it's too short to wear my with seamed stockings, and I am so wearing those. I love getting dressed up for benefit-y things. The stockings are a go. They will determine the dress. OK, girly rant over. Three more weeks before I really need to think about it. I wish I were a guy, they have fewer clothing worries. Although I helped Steve pack for London on Friday, and maybe that statement is wrong - he spent more time picking out clothes than I ever do! And I must say, I do like a well-dressed man. A good suit can make me swoon.

I'm giving up on this personal ads online thing. Too many losers in this city. And I don't have the guts to ask out the person I really want to ask out, so adding a layer of anonymity - sure, that'll help! Anyway, it's been fun to see the responses, but really, not my thing. I hate dating.

A couple of things scare me. Bugs scare me - especially close-up pictures of bugs like you see in National Geographic, those scare me. The thought of growing old alone scares me. Fires scare me - like house fires, not campfires. Death by drowning. And seeing really old, out-of-shape, really overweight naked people scares me, too. Guess which one I saw today in a play?

However, I also got to see Jesse's new apartment, which has a killer view of the East Village and has more than one room and closets that could easily house entire families of immigrants. One of these days, I would like to own my own apartment. With more than one room.

I attempted to break in my new shoes today - the first new pair of shoes I've bought in about two years (thanks to heel pain etc). They're very sassy black flats that look kind of like 3-hole Docs, but they're from Sketchers. Very nice. They do, however, need to be broken in, and they gave me big blisters on my heels. OW. Not sure if it's because they're new or because I haven't worn shoes that rub on my heels in so long and my skin just isn't used to it. But that can't be, since I've worn my sneakers and my boots. So they must just be too new for me. I wish shoes came pre-broken in. So anyway, I wore them out to the show this afternoon, and by the time the show was over, I had blisters. And that's not much walking - just from here to Broadway to get the train, and from Bleecker to West 4th Street and from West 4th Street to Broadway and 8th Street, and then up to Union Square... OK, I guess that's enough walking to cause pain. So anyway, I came home after the show and took my new shoes off in favor of sandals. And then I went back out again to meet my friend Mike from Ohio for dinner. Wearing sandals. And - and this excites me - the weather was cool enough that I could wear my (old, black) leather jacket. Love it! Bring on the fall weather!

I had a point to make, and I forgot what it was. I'm off to watch PBS.

later on 9/1/01
Oh man, it's beautiful! It's COLD out! It went from being a perfect summer day to a cool fall night. I love it. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I can't wait for it to get cold and stay that way. I had the door to the deck open so the cats could romp around outside, and I had to get a sweater to wear over my pajamas, that's how cool it was. Totally beautiful.

I watched West Side Story on DVD tonight. Love that movie. Time Warner cable is doing a screening of the movie at Radio City in October, so I sent in my postcard (a Seurat one - "Bathing at Asnieres") to get tickets. I saw Blade Runner there many years ago (well, five or six years ago) and it's even better than seeing movies at the Ziegfeld. Fingers crossed that I get tickets for WSS.

I am incredibly happy today. But starting to get antsy with the not-working thing. Must fix that.

Steve is still having guy issues, and I am ignoring mine for the time being (not thinking about things does wonders for one's stress level!). Steve and our friend David are headed off to London on Monday for a week, lucky them. It's David's first trip to London - to Europe, for that matter - so I hope he has a terrific time. Steve, like me, goes over several times a year, and just for theatre (this is one of the reasons we get along so well), so I know he'll have a fantastic time. They'd better send postcards.

Anyway, I should sleep - meeting Jesse tomorrow for brunch and then a show, whose title I forgot, at NYTW, where he is electrician extraordinaire. Or something.

Happy birthday, Mimi, the little cat. I can't believe she's five already. And happy September!

So Steve and I had planned to do dinner-and-a-movie last night, but we ended up grabbing a quick burger and meeting Wayne at a gay bar on 75th Street for Jeopardy. We all won free drinks by correctly guessing final Jeopardy. I really need to be on that show. Anyway. Wayne got a tattoo - of a lizard, on his hip - which he promptly dragged us to the men's room to see ("It's the only place in here with enough light!"), it's adorable. And after that, we drove out to Queens where Steve lives ("So this is Queens!") and watched videos and drank pina coladas. It was a fun night, and I made it home before 1am and was asleep before 2am for the first night all week.

Jen and Missy are both away for the weekend - and today is gorgeous out, so I spent a few hours today outside skating. Went from here down to Water Street to Battery Park (FULL of tourists) to the World Financial Center, and then cut across Vesey Street, came back home to get a blanket and a book, and went back out to the park at the southernmost part of the island. Absolutely beautiful. So I spent the afternoon reading in the sun, and now I'm waiting for Ari to call - he wants to borrow my camera tonight, but I have no idea what time he's getting to the city.

I made it through another few hundred pages in the John Adams book, it's still terrific. And I borrowed the Arthur Laurents bio from Steve last night, to keep in my showbiz biography vein. I know I have it listed on my wishlist, but I figured it would be faster to borrow it and read it than it would be to order it from Amazon and have them bring it to me. I'll take another break from Adams to get into it.

This should be a fun month - one trip planned, lots of theatre stuff planned (working for Bruce, Dreamgirls, etc), and hopefully some cooler fall weather! Oh, and best of all, Steve also lent me his Sunday in the Park with George cast jacket - which is green wool and nearly fits! We're going to do some time-sharing with it, but I've got it for now - which is why I really want the cool weather to hurry up and arrive so I can wear it!


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