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Happy Halloween!

I'm having one of those "small world" NYC days. To get to work, I take the 4/5 to 14th and then change for the 6. So I stand up at 14th, and someone calls my name - "Catherine!" - I look up and the guy across the car says, "It's me, Bernie." I've only known one guy named Bernie, and that was someone I went to high school with. Lo and behold! Bernie Kluger! Best known for his portrayal of FDR in Annie in 1989, where he had to be in a wheelchair. So a stagehand pushed out the wheelchair, and Bernie walked onstage and sat in it. Anyway. He also went to Williams College with Matt and Bo, who founded Village Ventures. What a great morning.

What a small world!

WDTW is indeed closing in January. And there's no way I can get to London to see it, unless I want to go for New Year's, which I don't.

You can now order the Copenhagen recording from Fynsworth Alley - go do it. Copenhagen not only won Best Play at the Tony's last year, but is one of the few plays I've seen more than twice. Heck, more than once! Plays are not my thing, and I loved this one. So go pre-order the CD, you'll have it before Christmas.

I've got to say - I love reading the guestbook on Anil's site. Every now and then I go in to clean up blank entries etc, and some of the entries are just hilarious. Not to mention that his work is, as always, spectacular - check it out.

So I'm surviving with the nails on at work (have to get the broken one fixed after work), and my typing is almost as fast as usual - must be getting used to them.

While I love the Yankees, I wish they had held the parade somewhere else! Even walking with Missy from the apartment to the subway was an issue, and they had most of the entrances blocked off with cops everywhere. Most of NYC's schools were empty, I'm sure, as the streets were full of students and fans. Ticker tape stuff everywhere, and the streets were mobbed. It took me 45 minutes to walk from my apartment to Broadway, because I kept getting stopped at police barricades or crushed by packs of roving fans. But once I was inside, all was well - and I got to watch the first floats and (really bad) marching bands go up Broadway. Derek Jeter and Tino Martinez on the same float - be still my heart!

Getting to work from downtown was a pain in the ass tho - I tried to go to the N/R train, but got swarmed by fans on the sidewalk, all with the same idea of heading to Exchange St, I guess. Aftr 20 minutes of being crushed and swept along, I made it to the corner and to the train. The N/R bypassed City Hall (since that's where the BIG celebration was), and announced at Canal that it was going to run express up to 57th St, so I had to get out and wait for the next train, and then transfer at 14th to get the 6 to come to work - whew! Maybe the Yanks'll let some other city win next year - then again...

Everyone can watch the parade online thanks to the governor's office.

later on 10/29/00
How excited am I? They're releasing The Prisoner episodes on DVD! I haven't seen them all, but the ones I have seen are terrific - what a great series! They're releasing two sets (7 episodes) on Halloween (Tuesday) and the rest after - they're already all available in the UK, but with the encoding, I can't buy them there. But how cool is that?

Dirty Blonde was a lot of fun, glad we didn't pay full price for it, but it was entertaining. I would have enjoyed it more if I weren't fighting off a hangover from the party last night. But I'm glad we went - did some more Christmas shopping, too. I have two people left on my list, and I know what to get them, I just need to get out and do it.

So I went and had the nails trimmed down somewhat, and now I can type a little better... broke one yesterday afternoon, which just goes to show that I am not really the girly type. I reattached it with wood glue and wrapped a piece of gaff tape around it. Matches my shoes ;-)

Last night was this black-tie benefit thing for the Tomorrow's Children fund. It was very swanky, and it was nice to see people all dressed up. The older, fund-raisinng set can be very snobby at times, but our table had fun. It was Peter and 6 women, so how could it be bad? I opted to wear my sassy red dress instead of the black bridesmaid's one, and it looked really good. It's getting cold (freezing) out tho, and I wish I'd worn a warmer coat than my long green fall one. Gregory Hines was indeed there - he did the after-dinner entertainment part, and tap danced all over the makeshift stage.

I'm kind of glad now that I didn't travel this weekend. After the benefit, I came home to switch the contents of my purse, and waited for my other friend Peter to come pick me up, and we went uptown to a Halloween party that my friend Lee was throwing on the UWS. I called from the benefit at 11pm to make sure it was still going on, and by the time we got there at 12.30am, it was. Got there just as Lee was judging costumes - did I mention it was a costume party? He's thrown a party every year for the past 4 years, and the costume theme of each is based on Gorey's alphabetical death poem. This year was "D" - I went as 'debutante' (with Peter as my 'date'). There was also Derek Jeter, Demetrius the gladiator, John Denver (halo, lots of blood), Daria (my friend Amy), deadhead, dorks, dominatrices, doo-doo, and Lee was a domino. The best costume went to Peter Shankman and his friend Kristen - dressed in Dallas football jerseys, they were Debbie Does Dallas. Hee. I'm glad we went. Got home around 2am (really 3am, with the clock setback), and passed out until noon today.

Speaking of setting clocks back, my friend Patrick compared it unknowingly to particle physics:

Think about all the things you can do in this hour! At 1:22 AM on 29 October 2000, I was on-line, writing an e-mail. AND at 1:22 AM on 29 October 2000, I was fast asleep!! I didn't suddenly become two people, I didn't exist in two parallel universes, and yet BOTH TIMELINES ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!! I was both asleep and awake at 1:22 AM!!!!!!! Granted, this isn't like going back in time and becoming your own grandparent, but it's pretty damn cool, don't you think????

Also, think about this: you could commit a murder at 1:35AM, and then go to an ATM and take out money, and the machine will take your picture as it always does and the time stamp on the picture will prove you were in an ATM, miles away from the scene of the crime, at 1:35 AM!!! Can you imagine the crimes that are being committed right now by chrono-savvy miscreants, serene in the knowledge that they have an hour to concoct a foolproof alibi!?!?!

I'm going to see Dirty Blonde with Dona today, and then pick up my crutches from Trish, and then veg on the couch to watch last week's ER, which I missed because of Game 5.

later on 10/27/00
I am usually a very fast typer - I astound friends and family with my speed. I am also a practical person, so my fingernails are kept short.

How are those two things related, you might ask? Well, I have never had long fingernails. So, on a whim when I went to get a manicure (for tomorrow night's black-tie thing), I had tips put on. I now have long nails. And it took me five minutes to type that text.

That's all the typing I'm doing this weekend.

That is, I would be off to the parade if it were actually today.

Tomorrow night I'll have my first chance to wear my bridesmaid dress again - Peter asked if I wanted to go to some black-tie children's cancer benefit. Anything that gives cancer to children is OK by me! (Kidding!) It's hosted by Gregory Hines, I can't wait to tell him how much I loved him on Will and Grace. I'm also taking Fuzzy up to Peter's tomorrow morning - he's a cute kitty and will have a good home. I'll miss him. Pixel and Mimi, however, will not.

The Full Monty opened to generally rave reviews - even Ben Brantley loved it, and he hates just about everything! I knew it would do well, very cool for them.

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tomorrow night! I can't wait to take advantage of that extra hour of sleep. Every time we do daylight savings, I'm reminded just how many time-telling devices I have in my apartment. Sheesh.

Now I'm a big fan of freeware and open source stuff, so I hate to pay for software. But I wanted to remark once again that I actually did buy a piece of software for my Palm Pilot - and I didn't even expense it. Go check out AportisDoc - a doc reader for the Palm that lets you convert and read documents and books on your Palm. I love it. I can take books with me when I go on the subway and stuff. It rocks. Colleague Jesse told me to check out AvantGo, which does clipping from the web, but I haven't yet - I don't really spend work-time on the road, so I don't see much value for me in having news stories etc with me, but books - that's another story. I also like that you can download directories of all the IHOP and Krispy Kreme locations in the country. Heh. Go get it - well worth the $30 or whatever it was.

Ooh. Baseball IS the sexiest sport. I like this line: "Derek Jeter: 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds of sinewy muscle wrapped in smooth cappuccino skin and finished off by a pair of ripe buttocks like a voluptuous bow on a Christmas present."

midnight on 10/26/00
YEAH BABY! YANKEES WIN IT IN 5! Which means Dad and I are off to watch the parade in the morning, excellent! I will get to admire Derek Jeter's ass up close and in person! I think I may have to go for season tickets next year, just to go and ogle. I love the Yankees - and they've now won 3 in a row World Series, and 4 out of the past 5. YEAH!


Hey, something's not right here. Dad has a ticket (note: one) to the Downtown Alliance brunch for the World Series victory parade (whenever it is). Now, I know he's on the board of directors and all, but I really think I ought to go. Hee. Jen suggested we watch the parade from the Xceed office, which also overlooks lower Broadway, so maybe we'll do that.

Did I mention that Derek Jeter hit a home run on the very first pitch of the game last night? He's so great. And I am not the only one who thinks so. Thanks James - for the link.

I ran by the travel agent this morning to get my new SLC tickets printed. What a pain.

Nummy - check out this article on Patrick Wilson, sexy bitch of the moment. He's a Yankees fan, too.

Aww, see? If I post something here - it happens. Dad came up with an extra ticket so I can ogle Derek Jeter from up-close during the parade. Which will be tomorrow if the Yankees win tonight, and on Monday if the series goes through the weekend. Yay! Ticker tape! How exciting! But we still have a game (or more) to get through first.

later on 10/25/00
I'm still really pissed off that I'm not going to SLC this weekend - I was really looking forward to it. I also realized that I turned down work on the Haunted House for Faux Real this weekend, and was going to try and go to the Full Monty opening night tomorrow. I think I'll end up watching a lot of baseball instead. I feel really bad - I stormed into the apartment and right out again. I called Dad to ask if I could watch the game there, so I dashed down, only to realize we had another hour of pre-game to go, so I didn't really need to rush to get there.

Speaking of baseball - go Yankees! I did kind of want to Mets to win tonight tho, to tie it up. So now the Yankees are ahead 3 games to 1. I bet if Mike Piazza shaved that thing off his face, the Mets would do better ;-)

I had planned to go to the Globix party for Internet World, which is happening this week. Internet World, that is, not the party - the party was just tonight. My friend Chris (ex, actually, who I lived with for a while) had sent me invites to the party. So since I had to be in Times Square anyway to drop off a video, I decided I'd swing by the party (friend Laura was going to come but she had to cancel). So I walk to the ESPN Zone, and there was this LINE around the block of people with guest passes. I called Chris, got voice mail, wanted to tell him I hate lines but I just hung up. I waited for a few minutes and realized that the line wasn't moving, so I came home instead, and did the dash in/dash out of the apartment deal.

And RCN is still doing weird things with my FTP connection. Ugh.

I suppose I should mention that I can't walk from our apartment to the subway without passing 16 guys selling Subway Series stuff - hats, shirts, stuffed teddy bears in Yankees uniforms (but cheap ones, not nice ones). I liked the "Mets Suck" shirt, myself. The subways (at least the 4/5, which I take to work) are decorated with baseball ads and signs.

So I went in late to work today, as I have to have my pre-admission tests done. I didn't think they were acutally going to do the tests today. I thought they were just going to make an appointment to have them all done, but no, I had my blood work, physical, chat with the (very cute, but very married) anesthesiologist (sp?) and chat with the nurse. Now I'll all ready to go on the 9th. The hospital is just waiting to hear back from Blue Cross about approval codes for my overnight stay in the stunning Beth Israel hospital. The surgical coordinator, Denise, is very cool - she's taking care of all the paperwork, including faxing the NYSC about suspending my gym membership (I hope that goes OK), and getting a disability parking permit from the DMV. And they're going to call the day before the surgery to let me know what time to be there - bright and early I'm sure. I'm excited to stay overnight - nummy, hospital food ;-)

How can the TV ratings be down for the World Series? Doesn't the rest of the country know that the world revolves around New York?

I think I've shopped too much - Amazon declined my card this morning. Whoops.

I am very annoyed. Had to cancel SLC trip due to Josh's mother breaking her leg and requesting him in CA to help her move this weekend. I rescheduled for February, but still, I was really looking foward to it. I'm more upset about it than I should be. And Missy is home sick, so vegging out on the couch with the game, which is all I want to do, is not going to be so enjoyable.

later on 10/24/00
OK, now the Mets have to win again tomorrow night to even it up - because I'll be annoyed it the Yankees take a 3-1 lead, and I have to miss the potentially winning game on Thursday ;-) I told Josh he has to tape game 5 so I can watch it when I get to Utah. Heh. Good game tho - not as nail-biting as the first two, but still entertaining. I can't imagine being at the stadium for these games - I like the television coverage too much. I'm an ADD child - I like the replays and flashbacks and closeup shots of Tino Martinez too much to be far away from the action.

I feel like I could fall asleep at any minute - it must be that hibernation thing. I never want to get out of bed, and I want to sleep all day. But I can't do that, so I'm chugging caffeine to stay awake.

I'm excited about going to SLC this weekend, but swamped with work to do before I go. I hope I can get it all done so I don't get into work-mode over the weekend. I was doing that while we were in Ireland, at the end of the trip, and it annoys me. When I'm not here, I shouldn't think about work - separation of church and state, or of work and home. You know what I mean. Anyway, it'll be nice to have a weekend away from the city. And then it's another week and a half until the surgery and I head up to Williamstown. I'm getting ready for that, too. I need to figure out what to pack etc.

Game 3 tonight, at Shea. How exciting! I am even more excited than I was for the first two games. Half of me wants the Yankees to win in 4 games so I can see them all, and the other half of me wants it to be a really exciting series so the Mets have a chance ;-) But I do want to see all the games, so I have to make sure someone tapes them for me if we go past 4. I'm so nuts.

I am loving the World Series. Have I mentioned that? I'm just so excited about it - and I'm actually annoyed that I'm going to be on a plane for games 5 and 7. So the Yankees had better win it in 4. Heh.

I'm just having foot issues today - last night I did something to my right foot, I think I pulled a muscle or tendon or something, and it's swollen and tender on the side today. Ow. I am going to just amputate them both. My feet, that is.

Oh, whew. Trisha found this article claiming that Elton John is NOT retiring, as he said on Friday at the concert:

Elton John Changes Tune After 'I Quit' Threat October 23, 2000 12:26 pm EST

LONDON (Reuters) - Temperamental pop star Elton John's career was back in gear again Monday, three days after he announced his retirement.

John, 53, told a sell-out crowd at New York's Madison Square Garden Friday he planned to step down imminently. "One more album and I'm done," he told shocked fans.

But at a concert Saturday the flamboyant rocker, who has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, changed his tune.

"Basically he said it was a load of bollocks," John's spokesman Paul Carey said. "He did it on the spur of the moment when there were technical problems going on."

Elton's erratic outbursts have grabbed as much media attention lately as his string of major hits like "Rocket Man" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."

A recent television documentary about John, titled "Tantrums and Tiaras," showed him prone to shopaholic excesses and pouty mood swings.

In September, Portuguese promoters threatened to sue after they accused him of fleeing from a concert just moments before it was due to start.

Carey said no one in the Elton camp was surprised by the latest threat to resign: "He's probably said it a hundred times before."

No game tonight. Wah.

You know what's fun about Napster? Watching 28.8K modem users as they download big files from me (I'm on there as 'stupidh0', if you cared), and then canceling their transfers when they're almost finished. It's sort of a vengeful glee. That is, when Napster is online - they seem to be having server/legal issues today.

So, what exactly IS a "breaking ball" anyway? I've always wondered that. I hope tonight's game is as exciting as the first one was. I'm being domestic today and doing dinner for the girly party as we admire Derek Jeter - can't do that on an empty stomach!

But for now, I'm enjoying the fact that it's a lazy Sunday, and lounging around the apartment in my sweats, watching the same news clips play over and over on NY1.

Holy flying bats, Roger! After a 2nd exciting, but much shorter game, the Yankees take it again! They're up 2 games to none now, and we head to Shea Stadium on Tuesday... tomorrow's a day off for the teams. I'm so excited - it doesn't matter who wins overall, but I'm glad it's an exciting series and I'm glad that two New York teams are in it :-D

But I've got to admit it - both teams have really good-looking players - Derek Jeter, Tino Martinez, Todd Zeile, Mike Piazza (but shave that thing off), Mike Hampton, Todd Pratt... OK, it seems that the Mets are ahead in that category, but still, it makes for an entertaining game. Yummy.

Back to work tomorrow... I have a million and one things to mail out to people tomorrow - it's a good thing I learned about the stamp machine/Priority Mail thing, that'll save some time on the line. But I have to get a money order (for the 'NSync tickets!), so that means waiting on at least one line. I'll try and go on the way to work. I also have to mail out a video to a friend and fellow Patrick Wilson fan who lives in CA, and Jiffy-Pop stovetop popcorn (remember that stuff?) to Tim, as they don't sell it in England.

Peter loves the kitten, but he refuses to name it Fuzzy. Poor Fuzzy. He's so cute - I'm going to miss him. It's Internet World all week, so Peter won't be home, he's going to take the kitten next weekend (when I'll be in SLC). I can't wait to go to Utah, it'll be so good to see my friend Josh again - I've really missed him.

1am. It's not that I don't love the Mets or the Yankees - but won't this game ever end?! It's an incredible start to the subway series tho - we're in the 12th inning now (whew) and the score is tied at 3-3. I never realized how many good-looking players we had here in NYC, but then again, we're a good-looking city. I also never realized how many left-handed pitchers there were. Very cool. I should watch more baseball.

But please! Let this game end soon! I don't care who wins anymore, I just want to get some sleep.

Oh, OK, I spoke too soon - 10 minutes after I wrote that, Vizcaino hit in the winning run - with bases loaded, he hit in Tino Martinez for the win. 4-3, Yankees, w00. What an exciting game!

Must sleep. Tomorrow, Peter's coming over to play with the kitten, who we've named Fuzzy (after Cider House) - he'll probably take him home next weekend (tho I won't be here to say goodbye), and then Trish and Ngoc are coming over for game 2. Night.

later on 10/20/00
2am and we just got home! I can't even explain how wonderful the concert was. Our seats turned out to be not-so-bad after all, and the view would have been better if the guy two rows down hadn't stood up and cheered like he was at a baseball game after (and during) every song. There was a fight in the stands before the concert even started, and both parties were escorted out by security. Sucks to be them. Anyway. Elton John is so amazing. It's the Greatest Hits concert (one night only!) and they were videotaping it for CBS and recording it for a live CD. And Elton had "special guests" that came out to sing with him. Starting with... Billy Joel! Who came out and sang Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Next up was Kiki Dee to sing Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Now, Kiki Dee is amazing - and Elton got up to sing with her. And he brought in a substitute pianist for that number. And that pianist would be someone who plays in the pit at Aida - Jim! I swear - our group screamed and hooted and hollered as soon as Elton said his name - the people around us thought we were crazy. But that was so cool - I've never seen a friend on a stage that big! It was amazing! I called Kenny during the song to play it to his answering machine, heh.

Oh, and Bryan Adams and two people I've never heard of sang, too. But seeing Jim up there was amazing! Elton sang for over 2 hours without a break, and did all songs that we knew. Sadly, he announced that he's retiring at the end of 2001. That's sad. But happily he'll be touring with Billy Joel again next year, so I want to try and catch that tour this time around. It was so much fun. Loved it. We went up to O'Lunney's after for food and drinks and ogling of cute British boys across the bar, and came home amid much subway construction.

I can't believe Jim Abbott was playing with Elton John - that's really just too cool.

It's almost Halloween, which means that the Faux Real Theatre Company's production of William Shakespeare's Haunted House is coming up next weekend! Of course, I can't find where I wrote down the exact dates and times, but it's Oct 27-31, I think at 8pm, down at the South Street Seaport (near my apartment!) on the ship Peking. It's so much fun on the boat, and the actors are really great. I've done so many shows with Faux Real, they rock. Go see it. The only reason I won't be there is because I'll be in Salt Lake City that weekend (yay!).

We're going to see Elton John tonight - I'm so excited. I saw EJ with my AP coworker John back in 1995, also at Madison Square Garden, and it's just a great show.

I mailed my book proposal to my agent today - how exciting! Since I learn something new every day, today's learning experience was that you can buy priority mail stamps in the stamp machine, thereby saving the trouble of having to wait in the line. That's a good thing to know.

Continuity: I found (on Napster) the Molson "Canadian" commercial, the text of which I was so excited to find online a few months ago. How cool.

Today's the day of wrapping things up - sent the book proposal in, got the concert tickets, called my surgical coordinator at Beth Israel, too. I had to ask her about getting a note from the hospital for the New York Sports Club, so they can suspend my membership for the next 6 months (yay), and about getting a disability parking permit for my rental car for a month, so I can park in the handicapped spots in MA. To do that, I filled out a DMV form (which I grabbed online), and faxed it over to the coordinator's office, so she could fill out the part that says I won't be ambulatory without crutches. And I reserved my rental car for the month in MA ($650/month, which isn't bad considering we paid almost $400/week for Ireland). Now I just have to figure out getting up there on Nov 13th - hopefully Mom will be able to drive me up during the day to help me get settled.

Trish and I went to see The Full Monty again last night - from the cheap seats. But we didn't mind. It was good, and lots of fun. The show is completely campy and cheesy, but it's really good, too - the music is more memorable after hearing it 3 times, and the book is hilarious. Plus Patrick Wilson - mrowr.

You can buy my friend Anthony's CD online through Sh-K-Boom's website. As I mentioned earlier, think REM meets XTC, with a few less acronyms. He's really terrific, with a unique sound. You will not be disappointed. Unless, of course, you are the kind of person who is easily disappointed, in which case, buying the CD won't change that.

The New York Times reports:

Public health officials warn that children are getting fatter -- across all ages and in all income groups. And no one is sure what to do about it.
Hrm. Eat less and exercise more? Get up from in front of the computer and TV? Play a sport? Parents should spend more time with their kids DOING stuff instead of vegging out at home. I really don't think that the human genome has been altered to only create fat kids. Jeez.

There was a guy last night selling Subway Series baseball hats. That was quick. The Times also says:

A majority of Yankee fans, the Times poll said, are women, while a majority of Met fans are men, a finding that several fans interviewed yesterday suggested had something to do with the Yankees' having cuter players. One fan said the Yankees were better dressed. Many others were quick to discount all of that.
They got that right - Derek Jeter has the best ass around ;-)

Man, right as I decide that I liked WDTW, rumors of its closing abound. I'm playing the cast recording at work. I really like it. It isn't fair. As of Oct 5th, however, it was denied in London:

Rumours are circulating in the West End that the Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Jim Steinman musical Whistle Down The Wind, currently at the Aldwych Theatre, will close on 6 January 2001. This is being denied - a spokeperson for the musical told Albemarle of London today that "Whistle Down The Wind is currently booking up to 28 April 2001". Whistle Down The Wind was originally staged in February 1997 at the National Theatre in Washington DC where it played for 9 weeks, it was then subsequently 'reworked' and 'restructured' for it's West End opening at the Aldwych Theatre on 1 July 1998.

Intel (INTC) stock is coming back up - I can stop panicking now. Whew. Xceed stock (XCED), however, is still sitting pretty under a buck. Ha!

SUBWAY SERIES! New York is going to be overrun with baseball fans! I just don't know whether to root for the Mets as the underdog, or the Yankees as the sure win. Right. This is going to rock.

Julie Andrews sang!

I really do love this Rob Thomas/Santana song. I need to listen to the radio more - wish we had one at work. Thank God for Napster. I snagged a few other Matchbox20 songs while I was up.

I put the pictures from the wedding online today. It really was a perfect weekend, and everyone had a good time - I think you can see that in the pictures.

later on 10/17/00
Ohhhhh, this kitten is the cutest thing ever. I wish we had a bigger apartment so we could keep him. He is just the fuzziest, most energetic thing. And he loves to have his belly scratched. Awww.

Proof. Loved it. Tho I didn't know that a 25-year old girl from Chicago had solved Fermat's Enigma, which is the only recent major mathematical proof involving modular forms and elliptical curves that I can think of. Poor Andrew Wiles - upstaged by a play. It was really terrific - I highly recommend it. Reading the blurb about it - a girl overshadowed by her genius, reminded me of Kati this past weekend, telling everyone that I was the most genius-y person she knew. It felt great to hear it from her (especially with no prompting from me ;-), but it was a bit ego-shattering to realize that it isn't true at all. I'm brilliant, yes, and funny, sassy and witty, but I haven't done anything outstanding.

I think what I liked about the play was the way it was written. Scenes would end (and in fact, the whole play ended) without situations being resolved. Very true to life that way - no happy endings, and all the loose ends aren't tied up when it's over.

I spent some time tonight editing my book proposal. I had printed out the first 80 pages (the non-journal parts) and went through with a pen to try and catch the grammatical and spelling mistakes, and note where I had to flesh out content more. I'm hoping to have it in a good rough format by the end of the week so I can mail it to my agent. I know there are more parts that need more content, and hopefully the kind folks at the Jane Dystel agency can help me figure out how to better structure it overall.

Tomorrow I hope to scan in some of the wedding pictures - they came out so beautifully. I look really good. So does Eve. So does Kati. We are sexy bitches.

I could've sworn that I updated the site last night. Weird.

So, how 'bout them Mets, huh? Did you see that guy get beamed in the eye with the baseball? Ouch.

So Keith had extra tickets for the My Favorite Broadway - the Love Songs concert at City Center last night, so we all ended up going. JULIE ANDREWS SANG! I mean, it was 6 notes, but she SANG! And the crowd went crazy. Also singing: Bebe Neuwirth, Michael Crawford, Heather Headley, Marin Mazzin, Nathan Lane, et al. It was amazing, even from the last row of the last balcony. The show was taped for PBS - but it won't air until March 2001. Be sure to squint and look for me. Ran into friends Jim and Tracy (separately) last night, too - it was quite the crowd.

Too funny - Marie sent me an article today: Dave Barry in Ireland - it's dead on, especially the part about the sheep overrunning the country.

Now would be a good time to pick up some Xceed stock. It's under a buck. I'm so glad I sold, have I ever mentioned that?

I'm off to see Proof tonight. I wanted to catch it off-Broadway, but didn't have a chance, so I found a discount flier and am going to see it on-Broadway instead. It's all about math and math people, so it fits nicely with my love of math people.

I feel like I'm settling down for the winter - sleeping more (and better), eating more... time to hibernate.

Other notes from yesterday:

I dropped off my film this morning. Joe, the best man, had a digital camera, too, so maybe his pictures will get online faster than mine. Can't wait to see how they came out.

I got a thing in the mail for my 10 year high school reunion. Ack.

Thank God for waterproof mascara - the wedding was a teary mess.

Jason (Eve's brother) picked me up on Friday morning, and we took the ferry/train combo out to Maplewood, NJ. Picked up mom&dad Marshall's Volvo, and we headed out to Buck's County. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and stayed sunny and about 70 all weekend - we really lucked out. Since we got to Bucks County so early (around noon, couldn't check in til 2), we wandered around the town and poked in antiques stores. I had only been there once before, in high school, so it was interesting to see how much it had changed (parking meters on the streets, Starbucks in town etc).

We eventually made it back to the inn around 3, and more people had arrived. Checked in etc, wandered around, trying to figure out where the ceremony would be held. Mark (the fiance) got there waaaay before Eve did (she runs on Eve time, about 2 hours behind everyone else), and he gave the grand tour. The rooms we were staying in were great - very quaint little inn - Kati (Eve's sister) and I had rooms with steps out the back to the great backyard/lawn thingie. Eve finally showed up and there was much rejoicing and hugging and stuff. Since the ceremony was being held on a cobblestone courtyard, all of the bridesmaids (except Adrian, who had timing issues and showed up much later that night) did the rehearsal in our wedding shoes, just to make sure we could walk. It was a good thing that everyone's backup shoes were also black - there was some switching. But not me! I wore my sassy heels!

Mark's parents took everyone out for dinner afterwards (we got lost on the way). Mark bought swords (on eBay!) for all of the groomsmen, and Kati had made the jewelry for the bridesmaids (very snazzy gray freshwater pearl necklace, bracelet and earring combos. Kati twisted my closed-loop earrings out for me so I could wear the matching earrings.

I had brought back whiskey for Kati from Ireland, and the bridesmaids polished off a bottle Friday night. Yum. I think I fell asleep around 1, nice comfy room.

Saturday! Wedding day! Beautiful weather again, yay. We did breakfast in the inn, and regrouped at 11am for hair and makeup. The entire bridal party was made up of tomboy chicks like me, and none of us really do our hair or wear more than eyeliner, so we were all thrilled that we had someone come in to do the hair and makeup. They managed to get everyone's hair staying up (with the help of 27 big bobby pins in my case), and all the makeup was gorgeous. I hardly recognized Kati (she doesn't do hair or makeup at all usually). Eve got the big poufy hair and we all had curly buns on the back or nape of the neck. Very sexy. While Eve was getting finished with hair etc, we changed into our dresses. I ran into Marshall-foster-brother Ryan (who's a babe, in an Irish way), and he didn't recognize me at all. He and I then confused the best man, Joe, by trying to explain our family ties to the Marshall clan.

Pictures were supposed to be at 2, but since the florist was late in bringing the bouquets over, we had to sit and wait until 3 - Eve was stressed, and I think Kati was more stressed. The flowers finally came (burgundy, orange, green) and we did pictures. On the hill. In heels. Ow. They ran overtime with the pictures, and we started the ceremony a bit past 4. And there were tears! Eve walked down the aisle with her father, and we were all bawling. I'm glad it wasn't a church wedding - this was nice and short. We kept teasing Mark because he's a few inches shorter than Eve anyway, and with her shoes and big hair, she was towering over him ;-)

After the ceremony, Kati and I tucked the train of Eve's dress underneath with a million hooks and eyes. Cocktail hour, dinner, drinking and dancing, cake-in-face smashing... yum. They closed the bar at 9, and most people had left by 10. Eve and Mark "retired" for the night, and Ryan and I went out for a few drinks in New Hope - it was the first time we'd ever actually gone out together to hang out (apart from family events), and we've known each other for about 13 years now.

Ended up coming back to the inn around 1, dead tired, and I spent the night with Ryan (not that kind of spent the night, just the sleeping part) - we stayed up for another 2 hours or so talking and not getting over the fact that Eve had gotten married. She looked like a fairy princess playing dress-up.

This morning, woke up for breakfast, and immediately wanted to go back to bed. But alas, we couldn't. Packed, got dressed, brushed teeth, said goodbye to Eve and Mark, watched all the overnight guests take off, and then Jason, Kati, Bill (Kati's boyfriend), Victoria (another bridesmaid), Mike (her boyfriend) and I went to the diner for post-breakfast breakfast. Wandered around the big-ass yardsale/crafts fair thing out back, and then Jason and I headed for home.

Overall, the wedding was so so so beautiful. I had such a great time, and I wish Eve and Mark all the happiness in the world. I'll put up pictures once I get them back.

So Jason and I stopped at the Marshall house in Maplewood on the way home, hung out with Cindy and Bill for a while. We went to Home Depot to buy a screen door for my apartment (finally!), and when we stopped back for food chez Marshall, Cindy foisted one of their cat's kittens on us to get out of their house (which is overrun with cats). It's really cute and adorable, but I don't think I can keep it, and Jason doesn't know it he can either. I think it would get along with Mom's cat really well, but I haven't been able to get through to her on the phone to ask her about it. 3 cats in this apartment would be too much. But it really is adorable - half Himalayan and half tabby. If anyone in NYC would like to take him off my hands, please let me know.

So yesterday, there occured the first Village Ventures gear sighting. As coworker Kristin was getting off the Albany-NYC train, she grabbed her VV bag, and some guy stopped her to say, "Village Ventures?! I keep reading about you guys - how cool." They exchanged cards, because Kristin wasn't fully awake - we are not a company of morning people, by and large. Coworker Michael (who read long before he was hired!) says he was also blindsided by a conversation about Village Ventures ("Did you hear what these Williams guys are doing? It's the best business idea I've ever heard of! Blah blah blah!" "Well, yes, I'm working with them.") - we are just too cool for words.

Tim Gowen on Starlight Express: "The simple story of the little guy overcoming all and winning the race and getting the girl is the story of my life (without the part about the girl and the race, of course)."

I miss France. Versailles has its own website now, where you can donate money to replace trees that were damaged in last winter's freak storm. It was weird, we were there a month before it happened. So go, buy a tree.

Ooh, I got the Making of Gladiator book in the mail. It's like Russell Crowe porno. 6 weeks until the DVD comes out - I am so excited.

So I feel like I have 2/3 of the book manuscript written already - it'll be a pain to figure out what has to come out to have it proposal-worthy. But that's a task for my agent to help with! I can't wait to burden them with 300 pages of writing! I have decided to name each chapter with a showtune title, a theme which perhaps 25 other people will understand.

Getting ready for wedding weekend... I'm meeting Eve's brother, Jason, tomorrow morning at 8.30am - we're going to NJ to pick up the car (we're borrowing their parents' Volvo), and then heading up to Bucks County. Since we'll get there early-ish, we'll have plenty of time to just hang out and wander around. The rehearsal is at 4, and the wedding on Saturday also at 4. My brother IM'd me today to ask for Eve's number. Since he can't make it out from Seattle, he wanted to call to offer congrats. I don't know when the last time they actually saw each other (or spoke for that matter) was.

The wedding's going to be weird. Kati and I seriously thought we'd be married first, by virtue of age.

I do eventually want to get married. I suppose it would help if I could date someone for longer than a year first. Hrm. And I do want to have kids - someday. I do have the feeling that any marriage I'm involved in would die a fire-y death (did you read the piece in Time last month about children of divorce and their screwed up adult lives? Good stuff), so why bother in the first place? I think I'd be a killer single mom, so who needs the marriage part? Anyway.I will be cheery and supportive on Saturday, while wearing my very stunning, perfect-length black dress, which is re-wearable to any number of social occasions. Anyway, I am too self-centered and cranky to settle down with anyone else, and I like my space.

Did you all go and enter the Meet 'NSync contest? Do it now.

I have 60 pages written in my book proposal. I need to rearrange entire sections tho, and get it into the acceptable "book proposal" format before I print it out and send it to my agent. And really, if anyone out there wants to tell me why they read this etc (so I can put it in the book), email me.

My friend Tom must've known that I've been scouring Napster for JCS files, because he dreamed about it. Sort of:

jerrylousalem (10:00:18 AM): morning.
StupidH0 (10:00:21 AM): hi hi
jerrylousalem (10:00:25 AM): i had an extremly weird dream last night
StupidH0 (10:00:34 AM): how so?
jerrylousalem (10:00:49 AM): involving me, you Jesus Christ Superstar and my family helicopter.
StupidH0 (10:00:57 AM): oh dear. was the performance good?
jerrylousalem (10:01:06 AM): no, that was the problem.
jerrylousalem (10:01:09 AM): i was jesus.
StupidH0 (10:01:14 AM): ahhh
StupidH0 (10:01:19 AM): was i in it or in the audience?
jerrylousalem (10:01:33 AM): the night before, all of your jesus's got sick.
jerrylousalem (10:01:43 AM): and i had to fill in, and i didn't even know the lines.
jerrylousalem (10:01:51 AM): you were the producer
StupidH0 (10:01:53 AM): oh dear
jerrylousalem (10:02:08 AM): but i was at a family reunion when you asked me
StupidH0 (10:02:10 AM): where does the helicopter come in? was this a Miss Saigon crossover?
jerrylousalem (10:02:26 AM): and i couldn't get back to rehearse because the family helicopter wasn't working
jerrylousalem (10:02:48 AM): so, i started ad libbing the lines.
StupidH0 (10:02:58 AM): i hope no one demanded their money back
jerrylousalem (10:03:11 AM): and there was a scene where i was in a swimming pool with john the baptist.
StupidH0 (10:03:26 AM): obviously a different superstar than the one i know
jerrylousalem (10:03:27 AM): and i was making corny jokes when it was supposed to be serious.
jerrylousalem (10:04:12 AM): and it just shut down. and everyone walked or swam rather, away.
StupidH0 (10:04:19 AM): :-(
jerrylousalem (10:04:20 AM): you wanted my head on a platter.
jerrylousalem (10:04:45 AM): you weren't happy.
StupidH0 (10:04:52 AM): i don't imagine i was, no
jerrylousalem (10:05:24 AM): you kept saying that no one would want to marry you because the production wasn't a success.
StupidH0 (10:06:07 AM): i am vain and shallow like that, yes
jerrylousalem (10:06:41 AM): but in my dream, there were all these guys there for you with rings and flowers and they left.
jerrylousalem (10:06:55 AM): strange, strange dream
jerrylousalem (10:07:05 AM): definatyly inspired by a chocolate martini
jerrylousalem (10:07:58 AM): i have the most bizzare dreams
StupidH0 (10:08:21 AM): i can never remember mine
jerrylousalem (10:08:38 AM): i always have actors pop up in my dreams.
jerrylousalem (10:09:01 AM): but they aren't playing themselves
jerrylousalem (10:09:05 AM): they are playing roles.
StupidH0 (10:09:39 AM): hrm
jerrylousalem (10:09:52 AM): like when kevin bacon and i were anthropologists exploring theis strange tribe where the people spontaniously explode.

I want to write like Dave Eggers, I've decided. I'm rereading AHWOSG, and I suggest you all do the same.

Mondays really suck. There aren't many shows running, there's really nothing on TV, and it was too cold last night to just go out. So what's a girl to do but sit on the couch and watch 4 hours of 'NSync tv clips? Really. That Justin sure is yummy (and legal in all 50 states).

My boss offered me the use of his house (sorry, one of his houses) in Williamstown, while I'm recuperating and working from up there. How exciting! I can't tell you how happy I am that our company is headquartered there. I've been saying for as long as I can remember that when I leave the city, I want to move to southern VT and live in the woods. And this is one step closer to having that come true - if Village Ventures becomes as successful as everyone is hoping, I'll be able to do that. That's very exciting. Houses up there are much cheaper than apartments down here. Of course, I have so little desire to move out of the city right now. But in a few years... who knows?

What have I learned so far today? It's too early to wear my 20-hole lace-up Docs. My heel feels like it's going to blister up, and it probably is. I love these boots, but haven't worn them in a year (and soon, I won't be able to wear them for another year), and my heel is obviously too tender to wear them. Grr.

OK - this is important. Everyone has to enter this contest so I can meet 'NSync. Do it NOW. Go to this link and enter the contest to win meet&greet passes. Now now now. Thanks :-D

Needless to say, I did not get my ass out of bed this morning to see 'NSync on GMA. I did, however, set the VCR. Jen went up, because she's a morning person. But I've been really enjoying some quality sleep lately, so I continued to do so. Speaking of the VCR, it somehow didn't tape Sex and the City last night, even tho I programmed it - maybe I got the date or time wrong or something, so we'll have to catch it tomorrow night.

Music notes! I suggest you all pick up Anthony's CD - he sang a good portion of it last night - unfortunately it doesn't include the cover of Hole's Miss World that he sang, but the rest is really really good. Go buy it. Now. You will not be disappointed. Really. His singing is a cross between REM and XTC. And to top things off, the guitarist that played last night - because Kenny couldn't get a sub - was really cute. He plays in a band called Joe, Marc's Brother. Check them out, too.

Talked to Jason yesterday - we're going to meet up on Friday morning around 9, and go to NJ to get the car, and then to Bucks County - hopefully we'll get there with enough time to hang out and wander around a little. I haven't been there since 1990 - when our HS theatre dept took our production of 42nd Street to some festival/competition at the Bucks County Playhouse - and won.

Thanks to a request by Olli, I now have a page of photo links up. One of these days, I'll get my mac zip disks out and rescue the images that are languishing there. I really need to do that, so I can get rid of my mac once and for all. But I'm really lazy.

I love Sundays with nothing to do! I slept til noon, and then went out to go food shopping and get the paper. Ran into Dad at the grocery store - he's quitting smoking, which I think is amazing and I'm very proud. Hung out around home for the rest of the day, until it was time to go to this concert downtown tonight. It was fun, saw a lot of friends there, drank not-so-heavily (I can't hold liquor these days at all, one drink puts me over the edge, what's up with that?).

later on 10/7/00
Full Monty was as entertaining as I remembered, and Patrick Wilson just as healthy. I ran into Greg from the Rent line there, who was as flamboyantly out as I remembered, but has turned into something of a club kid/whore. That isn't a nice thing to be, in my opinion. He's also as hyper as I remembered, which isn't that good either. I suffered a roadtrip to Michigan with Greg and a few others, and he was out of hand. I don't deal well with hyper.

Jen left a voicemail on my phone to tell me that ppl were already lined up outside the GMA studios for 'NSync on Monday morning (and here we thought no one knew about it!) - crazy! So we're going to run by tomorrow night and see how out of hand it is before deciding if we want to stay up all night for it. I'm pretty sure the answer's going to be "no," as I value my sleep too much these days.

I'm annoyed that I haven't heard from Kenny all week. I talked to him on Wednesday, and left voicemail yesterday, but nothing... hope he's doing alright. He was supposed to play at this gig we're going to tomorrow night, but had to cancel because he couldn't get a sub for Rent - at least, that was the status as of Thursday (heard that from the friend whose gig it is). Hrm.

T-1 one week til the wedding. Have to call Jason (Eve's brother) tomorrow so we can figure out our carpooling plans to get to New Hope.

Mmm, sleeping til noon = nice.

I watched the JCS video today. So, back when they showed clips of it on PBS, we were thinking, "Boy, I hope the rest of the movie is like that - it's really good." Well, we were wrong - those were obviously the best clips, it was pretty bad. I was disappointed with Jerome Pradon, because I was expecting him to be a sexy bitch, but I was wrong. He was pretty bad, too. Overall = thumbs down. I'm glad I didn't pay for the tape, and glad that I won't have to pay for the DVD when it comes out.

Anyway, I'm off to see The Full Monty with Mom tonight - nummy.

later on 10/6/00
So so so glad I can sleep late tomorrow.

w00, another friend is engaged! Very cool - seems like a lot of people I know are married or getting there. I'm going to end up like the woman with the 130 dead cats (see below), I just know it.

So I had dinner with Jen, Dona, Whitney and Missy Mink tonight, and it was fun, but at the same time, how many times can I sit through a discussion of "why sororoties are evil" and "I'm going to act all snobby now"? After dinner, we walked past the "rock shop" that Dona and I first mocked, and then admired the other night, when we were downtown for Fully Committed - we learned to never mock the rock shop again, as we found really nice necklaces inside. And speaking of necklaces - last year in London, I lost the metal beaded choker that Patrice had given me a few years ago, which I wore all the time, and was really heartbroken about, so we're walking past a street jewelry seller guy, and Dona spots a handful of similar necklaces! I had seen some like it in stores, but most of them are too lightweight, I was looking for something heavy, like the old one. And they had it. And they even cut it to the right choker length for me! And only $6! Very happy with that.

So I left Xando/Cosi earlier than the rest of the crew because I had to run my crutches up to Trish, who also had minor foot surgery done (much more minor than mine, and she sympathizes with what I'm about to go through), and it was already 9.30pm. Hopped the 1/9 up to her place, and we hung out and watched nummy Patrick Wilson videos. We also lamented that the new fall TV lineup is too sassy for words, and the amount of Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun viewing we'll have to do is going to limit the weekend goings on. I think I will get lots of practice programming the VCR this season.

Tomorrow is sleep sleep sleep, and then I'm going to veg on the couch and watch the Jesus Christ Superstar movie, which a friend in CA got her hands on (preview copy! NTSC!) - it isn't even out in the UK yet, and isn't coming out here until Easter 2001. It has sexy-but-weird Judas in it - the only reason I went to see Whistle Down the Wind again, so I can't wait to watch! And then Mom and I are off to see The Full Monty to admire some more Patrick Wilson.

Ah... Friday, and still no access to my account. I am annoyed.

Check that, I am obviously back. RCN still pisses me off.

The Chekhov Now festival starts... now. It's a lot of fun, and the productions are all top notch. I highly recommend checking out some of the shows if you can.

So Dona, Jen and I went to see Juno and the Paycock last night - 7.30 curtain, so we were rushing downtown from a cabaret-thing in midtown, and barely made it there in time. The play was good - I'm glad we had just been in Ireland (and that I'd been reading up on Michael Collins and the Irish civil war). It was also depressing, as most Irish drama tends to be. Since the show is in previews, the director was there, and he's a cutie. John Crowley. Mmm. And maybe it was because we were in the 3rd row, but the theater smelled right - they cooked and smoked on stage, and it really just smelled like you belonged there. That's hard to explain, I know, but it worked.

We picked up tickets for Betrayal - it's a whole season of Roundabout shows. Betrayal will rock simply because it has Liev Schreiber in it. Rowr. Loved him in Hamlet last year at the Public - saw it 4 times. Can't wait to see him in something again.

I'm frustrated with this work project. It feels like we're taking steps now that we took a month ago, and we're only getting bogged down in doing it again. Too much to rant about here. One of the vendors we're working with always seems to be behind with data requests - for example, we had a meeting last Friday - a week ago - and they promised to deliver 4 sets of information that we needed to start development. Time passes... no word from them. So I write yesterday to remind them that they haven't delivered the goods, and get no answer. Write again today to request the info, no answer. That whole situation is frustrating.

Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep late.

"Nobody can do it like a steam train." I'm listening to Starlight Express from Napster today.

Another day, another screwup by RCN. They fixed the domain aliasing on, but not on And they're STILL having problems with authentication, so I can't FTP into my account at all. I'm really annoyed. They've also had 4 different support people call me to tell me the first domain aliasing problem was fixed. No, really? How about my other issues?

Dona and I ended up seeing Fully Committed last night - with Roger Bart. Nummy. I liked the show when I saw it with Mark Setlock a few months ago, but Roger Bart is even funnier. And MUCH easier on the eyes to me. That theatre is freezing, tho. Had good Thai food beforehand, mmm.

I had this really weird dream last night. I think it was all induced by the amount of sugar I ate - Jen made Halloween cupcakes and candy is on sale, too, so I bought candy corn and Smarties. And ate bunches. But anyway, the dream started on a boat. And I hate boats. And this boat was big, and it was sinking, ala Titanic, but in the present day. And I was racing around trying to figure out what stuff to save from my room. I think I grabbed a jewelry box, which is weird, because that isn't what I'd grab first if I were trying to escape from a boat or a fire. Anyway. Cut to: I'm standing in a bar, at a round table, with an unnamed person that I have a crush on. He's at the other end of the table but I know he's there. Near me is acquaintance Anthony, who (in the dream) I'm helping with some lighting for upcoming shows. We're sketching things out on paper, and exchanging phone numbers. I leave the bar and go to this concert version of JCS, which I think is going to be staged, but instead, it's done in some weird orchestral/concert version, and after the first 5 minutes, I realize it's an opera rendition. I head for the bar behind the seats, and sit down with some people to smoke and drink. About 30 min goes by before I realize that I know them from work, and that the concert is over. I walk over with a coworker to talk to one of the singers, and my coworker berates me for hanging out with the wrong kind of people. The singer that I was talking to and I end up at my mom's house, where there's some sort of days-long party going on, with most of my family there. I go upstairs to take a shower, and change, and end up climbing into the attic (through a hole in the ceiling of my closet) to find clothes.

And then I woke up, and dozed til 9 this morning. I'm still tired.

I just know I'm going to end up like this.

MissDona says: all of the women who read this must now go check out - where you can create custom cosmetics and fragrances. It's the coolest thing ever.

Where to start... had super good Mexican food with the girls last night (Jen, Dona, Trish, Ngoc and Michelle), and then Michelle and I decided to catch Music Man since it was on TKTS. But when we got to the booth, they only had rear orchestra seats, so we decided to go see Cabaret instead, which was super good as remembered. The woman a few tables away who couldn't stop laughing got annoying real fast.

I edited more of my book proposal - up to 50-odd pages. I'm cleaning up text today.

So the first gripe of the day is with my insurance company. It looks like my radiologist at Beth Israel submitted a claim with a date of June 1999 - a year ago. So Blue Cross is balking about it, and I can't get in touch with Radiology as I don't have their number. So I called my doctor and left a message explaining the situation and asking him to call back with their phone number so I can straighten this out. Ugh.

And... RCN? Still screwed up! I'm on hold with them as I type this, and they keep passing me around from person to person, and they still can't fix my domain aliasing or my login problems. I really need a new ISP. Please, any suggestions would be welcome - I need NYC dialup access, and domain aliasing. And I need it now. This has gone on long enough.

Ugh! And off the phone, and they are STILL unable to fix this problem. Apparently they physically moved their Unix file servers to another hosting location over the weekend, and "something" went wrong. And they haven't fixed it yet. I really really hate them. I haven't been this angry in a while.

But in cheerier news, 'NSync is doing a special Good Morning America appearance on Monday. They aren't issuing regular studio tickets for the taping, but are issuing wristbands on a first come, first serve basis on Monday morning. Jen and I are exercising our superpower ability to stay up all night in Times Square to go. You just know it'll be a letdown tho, seeing them in person. But whatever. We'll scope it out on Sunday night and see if there's a line there already.

Insurance update - I found the Radiology billing department number on the web, and called them:
Me: Hi, I had this work done on June 23.
Him: Right.
Me: But the claim was submitted to BC/BS for June 23, 1999. That's before I was covered.
Him: And you had the work done this year?
Me: That's right, just a few months ago.
Him: Oh.
Me: Can you cancel the claim submission that's dated 1999 and resubmit it so I don't have to pay $400?
Him: OK.

What, do they train people to speak incoherently in support positions? Between them and RCN, I'm really not in a good mood. And everyone at work is sick.

Ha! RCN still down! I'm really pissed about this - I've called twice and emailed several times, and they can't give an estimate of when the server will be back up. They're really annoying me.

Anyway, since I couldn't write here last night, I wrote up more of my book proposal. 32 pages so far. Lots of stuff on offline/online crossovers. I'm having a blast with that. I didn't realize I could write so much about one topic. Then again, the topic is "me," so it's not that hard.

Don't forget to watch Brett Rickaby on Angel tonight.

Well, Monday morning, and RCN is broken. Imagine that. So I'm typing this offline in the hopes that the server will be back up sometime later today (tech support had "no idea, but they're working on it" when it would be back).

We found a dead mouse in the middle of the floor at work. No sign of death, but it was just sitting there (lying there, really) in the middle of the creative staff's room, with it's little tail stretched out and a smile on it's little mouse face. It was really cute. However, it was also really dead and really in the middle of the floor on the way to the bathroom, so I elected to remove it to the trash by scooping it into a cardboard box and walking it down a flight of stairs to the trash bin. Poor mouse.

You should all check out my friend Roger Gillen's music. He's fantastic. Roger's from Sligo, and Kenny tells me the city is full of Gillens and that everyone there knows Roger. Maybe next time we're in Ireland, we'll go to Sligo. But anyway, his music is great, I put some of his earlier songs on Napster, but his CD's are worth picking up if you're into Irish, acoustic rock.

10 more days til the new ER season starts. Mmm.

I scheduled my foot surgery for Thursday, November 9th. I have to in on the 25th of October to do paperwork and pre-admission testing etc. Time to dust off the crutches and break out the Percocet.

I have to make some time to sit down and keep working on the book proposal - I got the first pass down (most of it), with blank sections that I need to go back to and flesh out somewhat. It's going well so far, once I get started writing I just don't stop. It's the getting started that I have issues with. But once I'm going... zoom.

RCN is STILL down - and it's time for me to go home... maybe they'll have it fixed by tonight.

Ah, October. The sun is out and it's a beautiful Sunday. Love it. I'm going to go outside and spend the day doing something outdoors-y - which to me means sitting in the park reading, or shopping, or something.

So yesterday I spent the day in quaint, suburban Nutley, NJ, with my friend Joe, who reads this page to see if I've mentioned him. Joe's got the kickass stereo-tv-vcr-computer hookup going on, and we spent the afternoon burning CD's and watching video clips of broadway stuff. Fun day, but tiring (odd, since we did nothing but watch TV). I enjoyed the car ride to and from NJ, as buses aren't my thing, so it was nice of Joe to drive me both ways (in exchange for a tank of gas for the car). Went out with Kenny last night, and realized that somewhere along the line I had sat on something that was covered in bleach, so the ass of my jeans was a blotchy white color.

Needless to say, my first stop this morning was Old Navy, where I picked up a new pair. I also ran by Macy's to pick up a slip to wear under the dress for the wedding. Exciting morning so far.

And now... to the great outdoors.

And now... back from the great outdoors - I made it up to midtown and wandered around for a bit. And now I'm home again. And what the heck is going on?! It sounds like someone's either blasting off a lot of fireworks, or the WTC is collapsing in on itself. The cats are freaked and I can't concentrate on what I'm reading. Is there some holiday that I missed today? If so, can I get a three day weekend out of it? Will they ever stop BOOM BOOM BOOM'ing outside? The air is full of smoke, so it really must be either fireworks or gunfire. Ugh. It's loud.

OK, it was fireworks - Dad confirmed that it was the Indian (India?) Day celebration, which I guess is marked by loud noises and street fairs outside the apartment. Mighty loud, but the noise stopped in time for Sex and the City. Very funny episode tonight, and we spotted Shelley Dickenson in her proclaimed guest appearance - and the previews for the next two episodes show lots of Mr. Big, which makes me happy.

Mimi is trying to gnaw my fingers as I type now, so I'm taking that as a cue to get offline and get some sleep. Back to work tomorrow - let's hope for a productive week. We are all very good at making schedules and project plans, but not very good at actually benchmarking our progress against them, must stop that. Must also write up documentation that I was going to do on Friday, but the time flew by so quickly that I didn't have a chance to get to it. And of course, must play with mp3's. I'm loving Napster - we all are. Unofficial office policy has us now setting our concurrent upload/download limits to 3, so we don't abuse the T-1. But what else is a T-1 for if not to abuse with music files? ;-)


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