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Oh, I completely overslept this morning, But then again, I was up until 4am on IM with new friend Jeff who is a hoot and much fun to talk to, so the oversleeping can be excused. Good thing I'm not working or anything. It's been a good ego-boosting week for me, I seem to have moved from uncoordinated gawky person to wildly attractive vixen overnight. Not that I am complaining!

Michael and I went to see Invention of Love again last night - I really really enjoy this play. It just sort of sucks you in and captivates you. I'm glad I went to see it a second time, I got a lot more out of it than I did the first time. And the entire production is so stunning and cinematic, just beautiful. And today I woke up (at 1pm!) to a message from Michael that a discount thing he belongs to offered comps for the NSync concert on June 5th, so what the heck, we're going to go and be girly again in NJ. We are such kids (yes, I am seeing the concert on the 4th, and Jen is seeing all three NJ concerts). Oh and how funny, Ngoc was also offered a handful of comps for that night, so we're going to end up with 400 tickets for this concert. Hee. If anyone wants to go, just say the word.

What else... I was going to write something else, but forgot!

Pete and Corrie moved into their new apartment in Seattle, which is incredibly huge and beautiful and has a rec room that "just screams pool table" as he would say. Very cool - the only downside is that it's in Seattle and therefore too far away for me to just pop over.

What I did for love, indeed. It's freezing out! But I schlepped my butt (and camera) up to Shubert Alley for the "Stars in the Alley" concert. Upon seeing that the audience was pushed off to the side, and there was a lovely central press area set up, I pulled out my press credentials and took a good seat. It was still freezing, however. And my camera siezed up right as Patrick Wilson was taking the stage - I am annoyed that I missed him screwing up all of the words to his song. Damn. And did I mention it was cold? Almost not worth the trip.

And I came home and started the computer to find that Eudora has crashed in more ways than I care to think about, so I rescued my mailbox files and am downloading a new version now. Not happy.

But I am having a happy day in that someone I've had a crush on for as long as I've known him (but never acted on as he had a girlfriend) is single again and revealed that he likewise had a thing for me. How exciting! Alas, the next thing he said was that he's going away to a wedding in Oregon, so there will be no immediate followup on that. But we'll figure it out one of these days - could be interesting! Ah, this sounds too blase - I am very excited and have lots of butterflies in my stomach, that's the truth.

And in other happy news, James and I have planned (somewhat) our upcoming Chicago roadtrip. As in, we have tickets for a show in Chicago on Sat, June 23rd. Figuring out the getting there etc. will be the fun part. I had a super time when we drove to MI a few years ago, and this will be just as fun.

OK, Eudora is working again, and I've salvaged all of my mailboxes. What a pain in the neck.

And even though I really really wanted to have a cigarette when Eudora crashed, I refrained. I am being very good. I have not had a cigarette since Friday.

later on 5/29/01
Well, downtown Newark is as scenic as ever. And the NJPAC theatre is beautiful. But I was disappointed overall with the Ragtime production there, which is a shame, because it's one of my favorite shows. Anyway, it was a nice trip out of the city (barely). If you care what I thought of the show, I posted some thoughts here.

Irene called earlier - she was let go from her job, too, and is now enjoying her second week of unemployment. So we celebrated by hanging out downtown for a while, and then going to H&M and shopping. I hate H&M's pants, they're made for tall leggy blondes who have no hips or ass. Which is not me (or Irene for that matter, she being short, Spanish and curvy), so shopping there for me means trying on nine items and buying one. We had a good time, hadn't seen her in a few weeks, and she's really fun to hang out with.

And before that, I met with another recruiter from the consulting place, and I think it went well. When I stopped by Steve's office (to meet him for Ragtime), he showed me a letter that the consulting folks had sent him, thanking him for introducing them to me - how sweet! Let's hope it's actually productive tho...

My cellfone rang at 9am on the dot this morning. As soon as it rang, I reached over and hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, which should tell you how awake I was at 9am.

Since I was already up, I decided to go for an early skate up in the park. Until I stood up and promptly fell over into the edge of my dresser on the way up the stairs - my balance was totally off and my heel was feeling sore. So I didn't make it out to skate after all. I called my orthopedist to schedule a followup visit re: my heel, and hopefully he'll be able to tell me when it'll stop hurting for good. It's 70% better than it was - but it still hurts when I put direct pressure on the area of the bone that's healing, and when I'm out walking/skating, and I take a break, it stiffens up so much that it hurts to walk again on it unless I stop and really stretch it out. That's what bothers me the most - because I'll get up from sitting or from taking a break while skating or just waking up in the morning and I won't be able to flex my ankle without a lot of pain. Anyway, going to see Dr. Sands on June 15th.

The rest of my exciting plans for today involve seeing a recruiter from a tech consulting/contract company, and then going to Newark to see the tour of Ragtime tonight. James and I saw the tour of Evita at the same theatre - one of the few trips we've taken where we had absolutely no car/directions/weather issues at all, amazingly enough. Beautiful theatre, for being in the middle of Newark.

Number of cigarettes smoked since Friday afternoon: 0
Number of pieces of generic Wal-Mart brand nicotine gum chewed since Friday afternoon: 2

Missy had some friends over to spend the day watching punk rock movies, so I decided to spend the day elsewhere (not that I'm sick of Velvet Goldmine and Sid and Nancy or anything...). I called Jason Marshall, and we made plans to go to the Met and see the new Vermeer exhibit, and then see Moulin Rouge again. Alas, when we got up to the Met, we both realized that not only is it a holiday, but it's also Monday, so the museum was closed. Good thing it turned out to be a nice day - we walked down to the Ziegfield Theatre, grabbed lunch on the way, and went to the show. I loved it so much more the second time. I still want to learn how to tango - I LOVE that scene. Don't know what it is... can't wait for the DVD so I can rewatch the parts I really enjoy. I guess I should wait for the movie to open in the rest of the city, and then the rest of the country first, huh.

I wish I'd known it was going to be so nice out - I was expecting rain all day. But no, the sun came out, so I was dressed inappropriately, complete with umbrella instead of sunglasses. I came home and as Missy still had her friends over, went right back out again with my skates, and skated around Battery Park and BPC for an hour or so, watching the sun set over the water, and feeling melancholy at watching all of the couples walking, jogging, sitting on blankets and park benches and talking. And I felt very gangly today for some reason, just felt very uncoordinated.

Length of time without a cigarette: 78 hours and counting.

I will write all about my exciting weekend later. Right now I am looking for black clothing.

OK, anyway. The weekend was so much fun - and I love that it's still Memorial Day for another day, not that it really matters to me. First of all, the drive to Hershey (or rather Harrisburg, where we stayed) flew by. It took us four hours door-to-door, and that included sitting in traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel to get out of the city. Our hotel was much swankier than we expected, with plenty of room for all of us. We went to CVS and had a girly-girl night of hair coloring and nail painting. It's so funny, because when people ask Jen, Missy and I about our living situation, I always reply "yes, we sit around and paint each other's nails and have pillow fights while wearing our skimpiest lingerie," which couldn't be further from the truth. So we had a true girly night in the hotel. We spent yesterday in Hershey Park - it was drizzling on and off and kind of gray, and the park was surprisingly empty. I thought it would be much more crowded because of the concert, but no. So we got to go on all of the rollercoasters many many times, and that made me very happy. We also went to WalMart, since Anna had never been, and I'd only been once, and stocked up on allergy pills, cereal and makeup. Love it. Love the handicapped parking pass, too! We went to the Hershey Chocolate factory/tour/museum/store thing, too, before the concert, as we had lots of time to spare. The entire place smells like chocolate, it was heavenly.

The concert was great - we had super seats in the 18th row. They played a lot of new songs, and some older ones too. What kills me is that they're doing all of this "new" music, which is basically electronica-meets-teen-pop, and is far from "new," but whatever, it was totally enjoyable. I was so tired after the concert, and my heel was really bothering me from walking around all day, so I fell asleep as soon as I crawled into bed last night.

Trisha's so funny - she said I look stunning when I roll out of bed in the morning. I think she hasn't spent nearly enough time near me at 8am ;-) But in any case, we slept as late as possible this morning, had breakfast at the hotel's cheesy-yet-cheap restaurant, and headed for Allentown. The goal was to find the Crayola factory etc. in Easton and do the tour. It was incredibly lame and I thought it was a letdown - they don't actually let you tour the factory, but rather they have a room set up with a mocked up crayon and marker assembly line, and a guy who explains how they're made. Very lame. And too many children - today I have decided that I no longer ever want to have kids. Ugh. Actually, I have decided to find one of my gay male theatregoing friends (can't be that hard) and have a child who will grow up to be a gay male theatregoing son. That way I don't need to do the marriage thing, and I'll have a child who'll be funny, sassy, a snappy dresser, and who will support my theatregoing habit when I get too old. Hee.

And now I am home and unpacked and tired.

And I know I said I was going to quit smoking last week, but I didn't. So I am going to try again this week to quit (and I'm really going to try, not just say I am). I picked up generic-brand Nicorette at WalMart, and will gnaw on it whenever I feel the urge to get a rush of nicotine. The oral fixation part will have to be combatted in some other way. I have more chocolate than I know what to do with here, so that might help.

And no, Joey, Michael Cumpsty is not the poor man's Chris Noth.

Random weekend things: We saw an ad for Reba's concert at Hershey Park. Trish struck up a conversation with a guy who designed and built wooden roller coasters, and he told us about the park in Wisconsin that is all roller coasters and go-karts. I sense a roadtrip. I love roller coasters. Mimi is chewing on my upper arm as I type. I have dyed out all of the remaining highlights in my hair, so it is all brown again. None of my friends think that the object of my current crush is straight, and that bothers - yet amuses - me. There was an article in People magazine about this guy who's visiting all of the places named Aberdeen in the world, and he went to my hometown of Matawan-Aberdeen, NJ. There was even a picture of our train station.

I have joined the folks who blog over at What is Your Anti-Drug? It's very nearly amusing.

I need to figure out why insists on matching me (and I wrote something like "I hate and am terrified of large dogs") with people who say things like "I love dogs, the bigger the better" - how weird is that? They also seem to think Hoboken is near where I live, when it's in NJ. Jeez. Can you tell I am having no luck today?

Ugh, what horrible weather. It's been mostly rainy and gray all week, but today it especially sucks, because we're going away for the weekend. Jen, Trisha, Anna Mok and I are headed to the wilds of central PA - well, Harrisburg/Hershey - for the weekend. Embarrassingly enough, we're going to the 'NSync concert tomorrow night (yes, Jen and I are also seeing them again on June 4th in NJ, thanks for asking). We're also planning to spend the day tomorrow at Hershey Park, provided it isn't pouring rain, in which case... well, I'm not thinking about that yet. And Sunday we're going to the Hershey chocolate factory and the Crayola crayon factory (yes, there really is one, and I'll bet it's as much fun as the World of Coke was in Atlanta). Anyway, I'm doing my errands today (bank, buy film, get brows done), and we're going to take off around 6pm - back on Sunday night sometime. Yay!

Peter finished the Seal training class thing, and thinks I should do it in July because I am "so damn limber" - I said I would think about it. That's crazy.

Anyway, I'm off for the weekend.

Unemployment means always being able to get good seats at the Bryant Park Film Festival.

We got a call from the landlord today, they accepted our counteroffer for the rent increase (go Jen!), so we're going to stay for another year. Or until we all get jobs paying what we deserve (I'm still interviewing all over) and can afford to break the lease. I really do miss having my own space, but it makes more financial sense to stay put for the year.

James and I went to the Carousel press rehearsal this morning, that was fun. Talked to Alison for a while about people etc. And then I met with a recruiter from a consulting company, and that went well, have to send over references etc, and I'll be talking more with them next week about contract work.

And now... a night with nothing to do. I think I will re-read Peter's archived emails about the Seal thing he's doing in the mornings, and remind myself that I medically cannot run, so even if I wanted to get my ass out of bed at 4am to do this, I couldn't. Oh, that's a good thought.

Oh my goodness, Moulin Rouge was SO good! I want to see it again (which is good, because Jen saw it at 7, and Missy hasn't seen it, and we all need to go) immediately. The plot itself is so thin, but the way it was filmed, and the anachronism of the music are what makes it special. And what I love - the garret where Christian (Ewan!) lives is the same garret where Rodolfo and Marcello live in Lurhmann's la Boheme, behind the big "L'Amour" sign. How fun! Anyway, I totally enjoyed the movie, and people were clapping after the musical numbers as if it were a real theatre. LOVED the "Roxanne"/tango number, very sexy, makes me want to learn how to tango. And I'll never be able to listen to "Like a Virgin" again - I had tears in my eyes after that song. And Ewan MacGregor can just stand there and look pretty for all I care, and the fact that he can sing makes it even better (I knew he could act, Jen, Missy and I saw him in Little Malcolm and the Eunuchs in 1999 in London, when I was sick and miserable but still able to admire him). Very enjoyable, as Trisha would say.

After the movie (and the butter-topping covered popcorn), Jesse and I went to the diner on the corner, where I had bad pasta. I was feeling nauseated last night, and I think that's what did it. That, or seeing the drummer from Blast! up close in the morning and on stage at night. The show was great, as always, I really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed more that they're running the new subway trains on the 2/3 line, so I got to go home in style afterwards!

It is so foggy out that I can't see the Woolworth Building.

I talked to two new recruiters today, and set up meetings with them (for tomorrow afternoon and next Tuesday), so we shall see... I think they handle more contract/consulting positions, but I can't turn those chances down.

Saw Bells are Ringing (finally) tonight - and frankly, I like the music just fine, but the show itself bored me. And the woman in front of us who turned around in Act Two and said, loudly, "could you please stop kicking my chair?" (which I was not anywhere near doing) annoyed me, too.

So I need to stop eating right before I go to bed or something - I had another weird set of dreams, which included Jesse and I driving through some sort of subway platform, surrounded by illegal immigrants (and I knew that's what they were because they were hiding people in the trunks of their cars, and cops were pulling over everybody but us), riding in some weird elevator to a mall, where I set off on the quest for a t-shirt, and my cell phone wasn't working inside the mall. Then I dreamed that I read an article that said Jerome Pradon and his band were going to be opening for some concert, so of course in my dream I had to go. So I trekked through the mall and wound up in a spooky old house ala Scooby Doo, and the concert was going on in this tiny closet of a room, and it was dark and full of cobwebs. I grabbed some coffee (which I do not drink in real life) and turned around, and Josh was there, debugging some computer code (which makes sense, and yes, I knew exactly what he was doing). It didn't seem odd that he was there, and I remember being not-upset in the dream. He turned around, but I couldn't say anything. And then I woke up at around 3am, and fell back asleep and dreamed that I was packing to move, and couldn't find the cats. And then I kept finding all of these little things that needed to be packed, but wouldn't fit in a box. And then I woke up again, and fell back asleep and didn't dream any more, which is probably good, because I'd still be mulling it all over.

Very weird!

And it is turning into another "down with technology" day, as my camcorder (the old, large, clunky, noisy one, not the new, small, easily managed, quiet one) decided to not-record for me this morning, I noticed in the middle of something that it was blinking "PAUSE" at me, and I was quite annoyed at it.

And it is a rainy day today... at least I remembered to bring my umbrella out with me, unlike yesterday, when it was also rainy, and we had to stand outside waiting for Bon Jovi in the rain. Luckily, I have friendly friends who did not mind sharing their umbrellas.

Anyway, Jesse and I are going to revel in our unemployment and see Moulin Rouge and Blast today (and not go anywhere near anyone that might be an illegal immigrant). I love unemployment. I'm still waiting to hear back from Intrasphere about a possible position there - it would be super to work for them.

Oh, and Sunday started my fourth month of unemployment.

So back when I was working on the Passion Play in NJ, there was a song called "Jesus Touched Me" - OK, it wasn't a very good show. But anyway, tonight I had a flashback, because Jon Bon Jovi touched me. Jen, Trisha, Anna, Dona and I waited in the rain with a hundred other fans to be part of the crowd for the Fourth of July thing they were recording for the Macy's television thing. Well, we were part of the crowd for about two minutes before deciding we didn't want to be in a crowd, and we moved to the back where we could actually see the stage and smile prettily at the crew members. Saw the band come up the stairs right next to us, heard a new song about six times, got rained on, and as the band came off again to go back to their warm, dry van, Jon Bon Jovi came over and shook our hands - what a sweetie! Trisha snapped a great picture of him up close, and I'll link to it whenever she emails it to me. Fun night, I could have done without the rain tho.

And now we are waiting for the delivery boy to bring us dinner. Too tired to cook.

later on 5/20/01
So it's a "down with technology" day, as I forgot to reset the recording level on my minidisc recorder, so it didn't function too well today.

A Class Act was good, but it's lost some of its charm on the third go-round. It probably didn't help that I've been playing the CD repeatedly all week. And surprisingly, I really enjoyed Seussical tonight, but that may have been the company. Ran into Seth, who had an extra pair of Row F orchestra seats he was trying to unload, so we swapped our Row N tix and sat a lot closer to the stage. And ran into Ari, who told me how good I looked and smelled, and I was flattered. I think I looked cold, as it wasn't as warm as I had been expecting, and I was shivering like mad, even tho I had on my long dark green coat - still cold. And everyone must think it's summer already, as theatres have been cranking their air conditioning up lately.

I'm running by Viacom in the morning to drop off some tapes with Gil, and hopefully pick up a new copy of their job listings printout, and then it's off to the law firm for a few hours. Tomorrow night Jen, Dona, Trisha and I are going to some Bon Jovi recording thing up at Grant's Tomb, I'm looking forward to that - men get better looking as they get older, and Jon Bon Jovi is a prime example of that!

I am feeling so full right now, having gorged myself on sushi, strawberries, and a handful of Starburst candies that Jen left sitting here (which she said I could eat in exchange for something Will-related I gave her yesterday). Oof. Full.

And my brain is fried. I had something else I was going to write about (to the extent that while I was out today, I kept thinking, "Oh, I need to write this down,") and I totally spaced on what it was. I'm sure it'll come to me as soon as I turn off the laptop and crawl into bed. Which is going to happen in about five minutes.

I woke up (rudely awakened by the children upstairs pounding on the ceiling at 11.30am) from a really weird dream. I was in LA, and trying to find Eddie Hartman (of Xceed, who I fell in love with at first sight, a little), and he was paging me over some town-wide system, but I never did find him. Eddie's another weird one, in that I just can't ever track him down. I tried to call when I was in Las Vegas in March, as it would have been great to drive over to LA and see him, but I never heard back (and I didn't have email access out there). And I was annoyed at him for the longest time, since we were really close while we worked at Xceed - working on projects together, flying to each other's coast for meetings that didn't really need to take place. Nothing ever happened outside of work. When I quit, I flew to LA for a weekend and we hung out as friends. We had lunch the day I was leaving, and I just started crying after lunch, when we were talking about what I was going to do next (workwise). And when he asked what was the matter, I couldn't possibly say that it was because I thought I was never going to see him again, so I chalked it up to being sad about leaving the job (which wasn't true). And we sat there in his car, and he gave me an incredibly long hug, and said we'd still hang out and be friends etc. And while I've had a few emails from him - the last sometime last summer, it's really not what it used to be.

So maybe thinking of Josh not getting in touch is what made me dream about not being able to find Eddie Hartman.

Maybe it's me. Maybe... eh, I don't know.

Aida yesterday was really good - how much do we love Will? And I met up with my friend Susan yesterday (who also contributes to BroadwayStars) for dinner at the Hotel Edison. She's a hoot, and we've exchanged a lot of emails this year, so it was wonderful to meet her in person. She and I are seeing A Class Act today.

I bought shoes today.

Which may not seem too important, but I've been in a non-girly-feeling rut lately, and every time I've passed a shoe store, I've said to myself, "I bet buying shoes would make me feel better." So, today on the way home, I ducked into the shoe store on Fulton Street and tried on shoes. And bought two pairs of sandals. And it's true! They made me feel better.

It's almost enough to balance out the fact that my new pink skirt from the street fair turned my white tank top and socks a brilliant shade of pink in the laundry. But at least all of my clothes and sheets are clean again. And now that I've cleaned out my closet, I almost have enough hangers to fit all of my hangable clothes on.

I love Fridays. I did lots of actual work today, as opposed to the time-wasting kind of work, hummed songs from A Class Act all day, watched The Competition after work - my all time favorite movie, and vegged out on the couch with Jen. Good way to spend the day.

Tomorrow is Aida, and Sunday is A Class Act and Seussical. My batteries are charged.

Not a great day... I couldn't sleep last night, and was tired all day at work. Well, I worked four hours because I had to go to the reading at 3pm, and I was tired for all of them. Love coworker David, who remarked that I looked fierce today, and heck, he was right.

Got stood up for the reading (that's twice, forget a third time). And the show itself was just not that good. Perhaps I shouldn't have read Lehman Engel's "what makes a good musical" book this week, since I kept thinking of all the things that were wrong with it. Talented cast, good songs (of course, they were Cohan songs), but the book was weak and the characterization wasn't all there - no motivation, no romance, no real driving plot. I didn't love it.

And to make things worse, one of the straps on my Kate Spade bag broke on the subway on the ride home.

I got an invitation for Kati and Bill's engagement party, and while it should have made me happy, for some reason it didn't. Hrm.

But tonight is season finale night for Friends, Will and Grace and ER, so it's an NBC night for me!

Oh, and to top it off, I tried calling Josh in Salt Lake City, and their phone has been turned off, which means they moved out and he must be in DC. And hasn't called or emailed. This is not a great day for me! I sent him a "you alive? love you" email and hopefully he'll write back. It would be incredibly unfortunate if he didn't, and if I turned out to be right about us never being in the same place... but when last we spoke, he was as excited as I was that we would only be three hours apart for the summer. And with unemployment still looming on my horizon, it would be nice to go down to DC and spend some time together.

But I looked great. And Jen showed me how to record from the VCR onto minidisc, so I have a new VCR-hogging activity now. And I am slathered in yummy face cream to fight fine lines and wrinkles (tip of the day: always apply moisturizer when your face is still damp from washing or shower, so the moisturizer can seep into your pores. The opposite is true of sunscreen, always apply that to dry skin, so it does not soak in).

Ah, spring. I am wearing pet-able clothes today, not only are my skirt and top made of fuzzy rubbable (?) material, but I picked up Pixel and was immediately covered in a layer of cat hair. Ah, spring.

So I think the interview went well this morning - they're still defining the role that they have in mind for me, and I'm not in too big a rush to get back to work, so it's perfect. I really like the people there, and it would be nice to go back to doing what I'm good at (techie wrangling) and enjoy doing.

And work today was fun - Wayne brought me a Carousel score, for which he did the piano reduction, as he is brilliant and works at Rodgers and Hammerstein, how cool! I'm going in tomorrow morning for a few hours before heading to the Uncle Broadway reading with James (the Other James, as it were) at 3pm. And hopefully they will have a check for me, too, so I can pay my Visa bill and stick the rest in the bank.

I scoped out Bed, Bath and Beyond for shelving stuff, as we want to do something with the unused space in the kitchen, but they only have the kind of shelf stuff that you have to attach to the wall, and our walls do not like having things attached to them (plaster). So it looks like a trip to IKEA will be in the works sometime when we're all around. And Missy did some looking at metal futon frames, as my couch is really on its last legs - and a metal futon will take up less space, be non-scratchable by the kitties, still fold into a bed for guests, and most of all, will have washable covers. Jen sent off a note to the landlord today to request a lower rent increase as we are good tenants, so we'll see what they come back with. It's definitely cheaper to stay put for a third year than to try and move at this time.

A video clip that I shot of Marc Kudisch from the Bells are Ringing session is online!

I am having one of those completely random days.

And I cleaned out my closet, drawers and the boxes under my bed. Whew. I finally threw out the cut-off sweatshorts that I had been sleeping in (replacing them with a new pair of cut-off sweatshorts from Virgin Atlantic). My old shorts came from Christian Brothers Academy, the all-boy high school near Matawan. Now before you get any bright ideas about my high school life, the acquisition of these shorts was very clean. I volunteered on the stage crew at CBA during my junior and senior years, as one of the theatre groups I worked with used their theatre, and the crew was mostly made up of CBA students. So as I worked at Premier (the theatre group), I also started to work on the CBA Productions (Drood etc.). And one day, we were painting the stage floor around some set pieces, and one of the younger crew members spilled a bucket of black paint all over the floor, the set, and me. I was not amused, but still, it was an accident. So I borrowed a pair of sweats from Pat McGovern, on the crew, and he said to just hang onto them. In the realm of unclean thoughts about CBA, I had a crush on one of the seniors there, Carl (forgot his last name), and asked him to my senior prom, and he said "yes" and we had a great, if platonic, time. So that's how I obtained my sweatshorts, and now - ten years later - they are at the bottom of the garbage chute. They were kind of raggedy anyway. Next step - cleaning out my dresser so I can close the drawers all the way again.

Went up to Scholastic to see James (this is going to get confusing soon, as I have two friends named James), and we are plotting a Chicago roadtrip, which would be fun. It may turn into a Chicago planetrip if airfares come down, but we always have fun and adventures while driving. Either we get lost and the battery dies, or we end up singing showtunes for hours on end. And bless his soul, James never comments when I'm wildly off-key, which is most of the time. Love singing in the car.

I was re-reading last May's entries, and found that Jesse took this picture of me almost a year ago. In a random twist, I am wearing the same tank top today that I was wearing in that picture.

Please tell me where that fine line between guys-wanting-women-to-ask-them-out and being-too-aggressive is. I'm confused on this one. Guys are just weird. End of rant.

Interview tomorrow, and I am just not in the mood to appear excited about work. I was talking to Eve's brother earlier today - he's self-employed - and we were discussing that it doesn't matter if you're working fulltime or not, you find enough things to do during the day. It's true, I haven't been bored at all since starting this unemployment stretch. I've been doing more theatre, catching up on reading, lunch with friends, etc. I have not, however, taken a three month jaunt to Europe, or spent all my money in Vegas, or baked on the beach, or done any serious soul searching, or taken up any new hobbies. Hrm. The only boredom I've experienced comes when I'm staring at the TKTS board, thinking, "I really don't feel like seeing any of these shows tonight" or when trying to figure out what book to read next, and not being in the mood for anything... but that really isn't boredom, just indecisiveness. I have had no problem filling up my days with things of interest. Going back to work will just cut into that! Must continue lifelong plan to win lottery/marry into money/become housewife. Yeah, right.

Ooh, the Bells are Ringing recording session was a ton of fun (Hi Bruce, I know you're reading this). 11 hours, and we finished it all. Well, not me, but they. I didn't do too much but sit around and look pretty, but heck, I'm good at that. Adolph Green and Betty Comden were there. They spent half the time looking tired and bumbling around, and the other half saying things like, "Why did you cut that line? Can we put it back? Can you sing it up an octave?" etc. Almost endearing to the point of annoyance, but hell - they're theatre legends. I did a lot of interviews with the cast for Fynsworth Alley, and generally had a good time. I should actually go see the show now, I suppose.

And that was what I did all day, so nothing else is new.

Could there be any more pollen in the air? I coughed all the way through my (short) skate today, ugh. Spent a few hours instead sitting on the Hill with James, listening to David Ippolito sing and play the guitar. It was a bit chilly tho, so I came home before it got too late. But the pollen is annoying - and it gets in your eyes and throat. Not much fun. My heel is feeling a little better today, I wrapped it up before putting my skates on just in case. I have to call the orthopedist in a few weeks to make an appointment, I think my bones look funny, but what do I know... I'm just happy that I can walk and skate without pain. Or walk at all. It had better be all healed, I do not want to ever be on crutches again.

I had an incredibly weird dream last night, but it's about someone I have a crush on, so I can't write about it here. But it was strange in a good way. "And only if we could live in life as well as dreams," as they'd say in Blood Brothers. Speaking of musicals that start with the letter "B," I'm working on the Bells are Ringing recording session tomorrow. Fun fun. And I have to call Steve to find out what my schedule at the law firm will be for this week.

If we're going to keep this lease (and we'll make up our minds in a month), I need to find more storage room in here. I hate the idea of selling books, but I know I have a bagful or two that I will never open again, or that I can pack away. Also must clean out my closet and the boxes under my bed. Maybe tonight I'll do some of that, it'll give me something to do.

Noooooo! The first Sex and the City airs the same night as the Tony's! At least they'll rerun it 200 times during that week. Talk about timing!

I skated the loop (the smaller loop, not the monster-hill part) three times today, amazing. My heel is a little swollen, so tomorrow I'll take it easier, but I feel great.

We got our lease renewal forms in the mail, and Jen, Missy and I are talking over the pros and cons of moving vs. staying for another year. While we all want our own space, none of us are really in stable job situations (well, Missy is) and finances aren't as good as they were a year ago, or even two months ago. So time to ponder that... I'm really torn. I am tired of having roommates in general, and I really do want my own space back, but I also love this apartment (with the deck), and it'd be cheaper to stay put for another year. So we're going to counteroffer the landlord with a lower offer (they want to raise the rent to $2300) and see what they say, and then make up out minds over the next few weeks. It would certainly be more affordable at this point in time to stay, as the costs of finding a place and moving are much more than the costs of staying (buying a new couch and move shelves etc). Hrm.

And if we don't move, we're going on vacation - Egypt is calling. Quote of the night: "Did we just decide not to move and to go to Egypt instead, or is that my crack dream?"

Saw The Music Man tonight with Eric McCormack (in the show, not as my date, right), and he wasn't bad at all. Very cute and charming, but he's no Bierko.

I can't think of what I was going to write here, nevermind. I was going to write something, and as soon as I opened up the file to write it, I forgot what I was going to say.

Annoyed that I still have not heard back from Josh, and he's supposedly moving to DC in a week. Happy about the interview with Intrasphere and happy about the work I'm doing now.

And I am making up my mind to quit smoking once and for all. It's a nasty habit, And I'm sure that if I quit, my rollerblading times would be better (the big loop = 40 min, the hudson river paved thing = 1 hour, that's 10 miles/hour. I can do better than that). So if you see me light up a cigarette, make me put it out.

Oh, that's what I was going to write. Have to go to the orthopedist next month for what's supposed to be my final visit. But I'm a bit concerned, because my heel bone on the left foot (where I had surgery) is hideously deformed. Well, sticks out on the side in a bony way, and it doesn't match up with the right heel. It's not something that was caused by the surgery, but I only noticed it recently. And it doesn't hurt, but it's just... you know, noticibly different. To me, anyway, they're my feet after all. So I'm going to ask him what's up when I see him, and to look at the old x-rays to see if the bone has grown because of putting different stress on it or what, and if it'll get worse or painful. Because the last thing I want is another stint on crutches and in physical therapy (not that I didn't love it). So, minor concern.

Went to the Barnes and Noble in Union Square tonight to hear Richard Dreyfuss (whom I have loved ever since I saw The Competition, still one of my favorite movies of all time) and Marsha Mason do a reading from The Prisoner of Second Avenue - I bought the recording that they did, as well as Mason's autobiography (love autobiographies), and had them signed. Love Richard Dreyfuss (I know, I have weird taste). And then we second-acted Seussical, which is still not a good show, because it was early.

I have decided to stop smoking starting tomorrow.

I love the small world in which I live. Last night, I ran into my friend Paul (fiddle player at The Music Man) on the subway platform, and then ran into Jon on the train. Small world.

Before going up to Hedley, we had dinner at a Merrill Lynch-sponsored mutual fund thing. The speaker didn't say anything that I didn't know, but I wasn't expecting him to. I was there for the free dinner (Paul, my financial consultant, said he'd try to find more free dinners while I'm unemployed ;-). The room they did the dinner in was on 55th and 6th, on the 41st floor, overlooking all of Central Park. I stood there for about 20 minutes just staring at it and looking for familiar things... I'd never seen the entire park from that view before, and with all of the trees up full leafy bloom, and the lake so clean-looking (ha), it was stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Well, an August Wilson play probably isn't the best thing to see after swanky dinner with lots of wine, but I survived. Heavy drama isn't really my thing, and the play was alright. There were one or two scenes that really stood out for me, and Stokes is of course terrific. But overall, it wasn't the best thing I've seen.

I hate when my cellfone rings, and wakes me up, and then the caller doesn't leave a message. Hate that.

Today I am sweaty. I went up to the park to see watch the Broadway Show League softball games - today was the season opener - and to skate. Watched the first part of the Producers/Aida game, didn't spot anyone from Blast! (hmm...), and then skated the loop. I was going to just do the southern part of the loop, as my calf was starting to ache by the time I made it to East 105th, but the path across the loop was closed for some horseback riding thing, and rather than turning back, I went ahead and climbed the monster hill at the top of the park. It's probably not as bad as I keep thinking it is, and there ARE two super downhills there as well, but getting to the top of that hill today nearly took all my energy. I think I've only done it two or three times ever, so I'm kind of proud that I made it (with only one gasping stop for air on the way up).

And now I am very hungry. I need to figure out what to eat before skating so I have more energy to burn... is it carbs or protein? Not like I know what kind of food contains what, sigh.

I feel as if I'm living in the 30's, where one could go to the theatre, or the park, or a concert, and run into multitudes of people one knows. Must re-watch Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle as soon as possible to remind myself that while I am witty, funny and attractive, and have a circle of equally witty, funny and attractive friends (and only one or two really boring, unattractive ones), this is not the 1930's after all. We do not drink that much. Anymore.

Skating yesterday was a lot of fun - Jesse took this picture of me near Chambers Street - I look happy because this is before I fell on my ass. (Note to James Galla, I am wearing layers, it was chilly) My hair was up in the braids still, under the scarf. I kept it braided all weekend because it looked so good! I just showered without washing my hair, and when I took them down yesterday, my hair was as curly as it's ever been. For those who don't know me, my hair does not curl. It doesn't do anything. It just sort of hangs there - very fine. So it was fun to have it all thick and curly. So of course, as soon as I brushed it out, I immediately jumped in the shower and washed it. Love the haircut, it isn't much shorter, but April put in more layers and it looks good.

The Aida thing at the Met was a lot of fun, but too short. I was hoping for more about the actual making of the musical, as the event was billed, but I still enjoyed it a lot. And "boss" Steve (LOVE Steve!) gave me his tix to Stones in His Pockets tonight, as he wasn't feeling too well, so Jen and I went to see that. Very funny and enjoyable - love Irish plays. Ran into Marc Shaiman there - of fame and oh yeah, South Park.

What else... oh, cleared up what I was disappointed with, had a slow day at "work" today, have a second interview at Intrasphere next week (tho I would really love to work fulltime at the law firm, I'm loving it), and overall, I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Happy birthday, Jen!

The Tony nominations came out - no real surprises there, and it will indeed be an interesting awards night. June 3rd, mark it down. I will be watching from the couch, as always, because I was not offered a seat between Michael Cumpsty and the drummer from Blast!. Hee. (Had to steal that line from Michael, too funny)

It's chilly out, but Jesse and I are going for a skate. Gotta stay in shape.

And ten miles later, I'm back, having fallen on my ass around mile eight. Whoops - just totally lost my balance. Good thing I'm well-padded ;-)

Friend Michael works near the Union Square Theatre, so he called today to see if they found my bookstore bag. But they're closed today, so he's going to check again tomorrow for me, that's so cool. It would have been sort of out of my way to go up there, so I'm glad he checked for me.

Tonight is a lecture/concert thing at the Met Museum, about the making of Aida - I'm excited for it.

Hate Verizon - I switched to a calling plan for my cellfone that's nationwide, one-rate, with no roaming charges, but they didn't explain when I switched that they didn't reset my monthly minutes when I signed up, so they pro-rated them in some weird way that leaves me with an exhorbitant phone bill this month. Ugh. Companies need to spell these things out.

I was right to be dreading Hair - it was not entertaining at all. I almost skipped out on the second act, but stuck around... the production just didn't do it for me, and while the leads were talented, I was underwhelmed overall.

Today was Craig's last at Music Man, so Mom and I went to see that (yay), great show, great audience, etc. And then we met up with James for Bat Boy. There's been a running joke for the past five years that Mom and James will never meet, so today they finally did, heh. The show was terrific as ever, love it. I realized on the subway that I left my bookstore bag in the theatre tho, so I have to run up tomorrow and see if someone found it - that would suck. At least it was only books inside, as opposed to any of the electronics I carry with me ("I'm a walking Circuit City!")

Sue made it to the final round of Weakest Link tryouts in Chicago - somehow I knew she'd do it, she's the queen of random trivia, even more so than me, and she was on College Jeopardy a few years ago, too. They'll let her know a week in advance when/if she'll be on the actual show - how cool!

I am rather irked at something that I'm not going to go into here, but let's just say I'm annoyed and disappointed at something.

And I'm dreading seeing Hair tonight, as I've heard nothing but bad things about it.


My friend Dino sent me a link from the WSJ about a Dorothy Parker/copyright infringement story. Penguin Putnam, the publisher I love to hate, apparently lifted the compilation work done by Stuart Silverstein (who put together the book of "lost" Dorothy Parker poems) to include in a more comprehensive volume of her work. So Silverstein is suing. Go Stuart!

It's another beautiful day. I got my hair cut, and had April (who's expecting a baby, yay!) do my hair in two french braids after, looks very cute. Today I could pass for 16. So I completed my Daisy Duke ensemble (shorts, tank top) with my red bandanna, and went to the park to skate for a bit. While I was catching my breath near Bethesda Fountain, some lanky black guy came over and muttered, "Are you a Blood? That's a gang color." I guess he was referring to my bandanna, but I just stared back and said nothing. Jeez. This is not LA, people.

Our plans to see Blast! were thwarted, the theatre over-papered the house.

So get this... unemployment called, because I didn't report for my mandatory "come visit our office so we can make sure you really exist" visit in April, because I was in London. But I had called them to say I'd be away that weekend (in London), and they said they would set up a new date and send me something in the mail. Which they never did. So I talked to the woman today, and she said that leaving the country, even if it's for just one day (as my trip was, I was away only on Friday) counts as three days of not being ready-and-willing to work. What??? So I explained that that info was not in the booklet they sent me, nor did the person I spoke to on the phone say anything about that. So the woman I spoke to today said I shouldn't have claimed for that week, and I said that I had no idea going away for one day constituted not-being-able-to-claim, as it wasn't told to me at all, and she's going to try and figure it out. Jeez!

Tekay randomly stopped by tonight, which was cool - I haven't seen him in ages! He was up for the week from North Carolina, and we didn't find any time during the week to get together. So when the doorbell rang, we thought it was Marcie coming by (as was expected), but instead it was Tekay! How cool, it was great to see him. I walked down to the Seaport tonight to do some shopping (well, use some gift certificates that I had sitting around and pick up some barrettes from the "onedollaronedollar" guy down the street), and it's so beautiful outside. (I love that - as opposed to being so beautiful inside? The weather isn't beautiful, but it has a great personality?)

I'm going to work on the Fynsworth Alley recording of Bells are Ringing in a few weeks - they called and asked if I wanted a day's worth of work, assisting Vinnie the sound engineer. That'll rock. Love Bruce Kimmel.

Another long and somewhat exciting day of work. Love it. I found out that David, who's also working with us this week, lives next door to my friend Adam - and they've spoken re: theatre stuff before. It really is a small world. And I really love working with people who are just as likely to belt out showtimes as I am. David's a hoot, I asked him if he had any straight, single relatives that also loved theatre as much as we do, because if that boy were straight, I'd snap him up in an instant. We really get along well, and working together is so much fun.

Tomorrow is a day off, so I can do some real job hunting (right). I'm getting my hair cut at noon, and since I'll be up on the Upper West Side for that, I may just bring my skates with me and head to the park right afterwards. I'm taking Dad and Ann to Blast! tomorrow night, which will be fun fun fun. And then I'm back working with Steve all day Saturday, well, some of Saturday, going in at 10am and working til 6.30 or so, and then I'm seeing Hair at Encores that night.

I am just having the happiest time being unemployed, let me tell you.

Well, it must really be a slow court week. They dismissed our group of jurors (who weren't picked for cases) at lunch today. So I'm done with jury duty for the next four years. I kind of wanted to serve, but I kind of want to keep job hunting, and enjoying this beautiful weather, too.

And it must be the tattoo-baring weather, but people stare at me when I'm walking down the street, and that's weird. I don't get it. I don't think I'm all that stunning, and I'm not strutting down the street or anything. Must be the tattoos. I mean, I ogle the occasional man-in-suit, but hey, they look damn good. And I admire the ability to wear that much clothing in this weather ;-) Of course, it's not as weird as the guy in Salt Lake City who was staring at me in the bookstore. That was just weird. Maybe I AM stunning, but haven't noticed it yet.

So today's unanswered questions include:

OK, off to work for Steve for a few hours tonight!

later on 5/1/01
So, no trial for me today. They excused the uncalled jurors at 3.30, and told us to come back tomorrow at 10.30am. They may excuse us if we aren't seated on a case by the end of day tomorrow, which would be lovely. I came home and changed into shorts and a tanktop (it's 80 degrees out) and went rollerblading for an hour and a half. Downtown to Battery Park, and then up through Robert Wagner park, where I hadn't been before, and up to Chambers Street and then up the west side promenade to 14th Street and back home again. Then I came home, hopped in the shower to get all of the grime and sweat off, and ran back uptown (well, hopped the subway, I can't run) to meet Mom for dinner and Cuckoo's Nest, which was just as good the third time around. Love Gary Sinise.

Brett Rickaby, aka "The Pants(tm)" article! From Duluth, but whatever! Brett is the darling of He was in the Carousel tour with Patrick (yum) Wilson. When I was in San Francisco in March, I met up with Michelle McFee, one of the biggest Brett fans around, that was pretty cool - I'd known her online for years, but this was the first time we met.

Anyway, tomorrow it's jury duty all day (probably), and then working for Steve in the evening.

May Day! May Day! Whatever.

So I worked from noon til 11pm yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. Love working with Steve and the other IT theatre queens. I'm going to work a bunch of evenings this week and next, and we'll see how it goes from there, I really like it tho. It'll cut into my theatre time a bit, but whatever, I need the money, and working there is allowing me to live in the style to which I am accustomed. Heh.

And I'm seeing Gary Sinise tonight in Cuckoo's Nest (again), but have to get through jury duty first. I hope they either put me on a case right away or send me home, I don't want to sit around doing nothing. I guess I can work on reading more of A Beautiful Mind, or work on my DopeWars high scores... I love that being on jury duty still qualifies as being "ready and willing" for work, so it doesn't affect my unemployment.

I'm home on lunch from jury duty now... didn't get on a case yet. Jury duty is the small world to end all small worlds. The woman next to me struck up a conversation, and when I mentioned that I was unemployed, she suggested that I try ushering for theatre (little did she know!), and gave me the phone numbers of the people to call if I want to do that. She ushers at The Producers, and as soon as she said that, I recognized her as the usher who sat me in the balcony when I went with mom, to whom I gave the Play By Play info - she and I had talked before the show that night for a few minutes. Heh. And Ann McLaughlin, who hired me at AP (she was in HR, probably still is) is serving today, so we talked for a bit. And then when they were calling names, it turned out that the guy behind me was Wayman Wong, from the Daily News and All That Chat, a message board I read daily. How funny!

Ooh, Xceed files for bankruptcy.


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