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technically 6/28/00
Well, it's almost 2am, which is close enough to the 2.06am time of birth that Mom claims, so Happy Birthday to me.

Went to Seth's show after work, which was a riot. I've become the official videographer for his shows it seems, and it's so hard to hold the camera steady while trying not to laugh. He really does know how to hold an audience - it was great. Then went to a party with Kenny (to celebrate (?) one of the cast members leaving the show for a while) - I left before the much-heralded arrival of the strippers at 1am, but it was still pretty crowded when I took off. That was fun, got to hang out with people I hadn't seen in a while and meet some others. Compared tattoos with one of the dressers, who's going to Anil to get her next piece, and saw Ina May and Dan, too, and Jim who plays over at Aida.

Superstar closing on Sunday, Sept 3rd. Somehow, I knew it wouldn't last. Must declare crush on Robin's uncle before he leaves. Heh.

And now... sleep. So I can get up early, get laundry, get glasses, get packing, and go to London. I probably won't be online much while I'm there, but I'll be back sometime on Sunday, barring any plane delays or cancellations (knock on wood).

T-minus 24 hours til the big 2-6. Or something. I just can't get excited about it, probably because as with any birthday, I'm still the same person. Or maybe because I won't be here. Going to London is the same as going anywhere else to me now - tho we are going to do some touristy things this time around (like going to the Millenium Dome and trying not to fall off the collapsing bridge).

Hurry up and order the new Harry Potter book - it's set to ship on next Saturday. They released the title today: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Ooooh. There're saying that is stepping up security to ensure that no plot details were leaked. I'm sorry, but if I worked at Amazon, you just know I'd be sitting there on my breaks, in a corner, Harry Potter book in hand. Oh yes.

I have a handful of books and stuff pre-ordered from Amazon - the Wild Party (Andrew Lippa) cd, the new Nora Roberts book, and the new Clive Cussler book, even tho it isn't a Dirk Pitt novel.

I thought I had shaken this cold, but I still feel scratchy and achy, and still a bit congested. It probably has something to do with the humidity and the reliance on the air conditioner. I'm mentally adding 'cold pills' to the list of things I need to pack tomorrow morning. The weather in London looks to be about 15 degrees cooler and (imagine this!) scattered showers. That'll be a nice change - and must remember to pack umbrella.

Hey, we're in the news at work. We also got a mention in the WSJ and in the Boston Globe. It's media week around here. Also in the news? First NYC Cow Parade vandalism, although, as the article says, the NYPD hasn't received any formal complaints of cow vandalism.

I must admit, while they look like catfood (regurgitated, ala Pixel), these Cookies and Cream Clif bars are the best tasting of the lot.

It's still really hot out - and it didn't rain at all here. Seems to have stormed all over Massachusetts tho - Jen and Missy got caught in the rain on the way home, and one of my coworkers was coming down from Williamstown last night and found out that their house got flooded out. Ouch.

Spent the workday putting together our new Ikea furniture at work - and now I am really really sore and achy from it. But we have new desks and boy are they spiffy.

Going to birthday dinner with Dad tonight at the seaport, and then I need to pack for the trip. Tomorrow is work, then Seth's show, then going to a party with Kenny. Wednesday I have to get up early, pick up laundry, finish packing, go uptown to pick up glasses (unless I can somehow get out of work early tomorrow to do it before Seth's show, but I doubt I'll have the time), and try and leave for Newark by 1. Unfortunately, most of the clothes I want to take are at the cleaners, but I'll pack as much as I can tonight.

Check out the latest newsstand issue of Fortune magazine - the issue with Bill Gates on the cover. There's an article called "The Village Vanguard" about Village Ventures in there. Pretty cool. And we should be relaunching our site this week, too.

It's HOT out. And going to thunderstorm any minute now, I can feel it. Went up to meet James in midtown to exchange my horrendous Aussie JCS CD for his collection of leftover british pounds (and make plans for casting our upcoming production of My Sweet Petty Officer). Caught Aida this afternoon, too, I really do like that show. Went to H&M to shop but it was crowded (no way, on a weekend?), and pigged out on sushi after the show. For some reason, there's this huge 40-foot tall dog made out of flowers in Rockefeller Center. I have no idea what it's doing there, except being photographed by tourists. The fun thing about the Cow Parade being here is trying to spot them all. There're "herds" at the seaport, in Rock Center, around Times Square etc. Some of them are really creative (I like the surfing cow at the seaport, and the one dressed as the statue of liberty inside, holding a vegetarian menu instead of the July 4th plaque).

Speaking of the 4th, Dad and I are going to a brunch to celebrate the tall ships coming in down at the battery - the Clintons (one? both?) are supposed to be there, too.

I should pack for London - Tim said it was cold over the weekend, so who knows what it'll be like when I get there. And figure out what to read on the plane - I'm just about finished with the fourth book in this series, I'll be done with it tomorrow I should think, so I need to scour the ranks of books for something else... maybe a cryptography book to prepare for seeing the actual Enigma machine on Thurs, or a Heisenberg book to prepare for catching the London production of Copenhagen. Hrm.

I was going through some of my books (still putting my name in them, damn, I have a lot of books), and found my copy of Les Miserables that I picked up at the Strand some years ago - it's a two volume set, with no date of publication, but looking to be from the early 1900's from the condition. It's readable, but the covers are coming loose and I don't want to travel with them in that state. I emailled a bookbinder on 40th street to ask about the cost of having the covers re-attached a bit more securely. That's what I'm really in the mood to re-read. I was reading Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure, and got to the Paris part, and was hit by this overwhelming urge to go back there. Maybe I'll go in the fall, since it doesn't look like Jen and my proposed Ireland trip is going to happen - for whatever reason, my telling her and Missy that I think Missy is an inconsiderate slob (in similar words) has caused her to blatantly ignore me when we're home. Fine with me - I wouldn't want to travel with anyone with that attitude. But I really loved Paris and want to go spend more time there - it's somewhere that I could live if I weren't in New York (and wasn't worried about the paperwork you'd need to do to live outside the country - I'll stick to visiting, I guess). So anyway, I'm in France mood. I'm just in travel mood I think, and really looking forward to going over to London on Wednesday. Maybe it's just nostalgia for something I'm not going to have or do - ever get that feeling? That there's some other way of living that's there - just right out of reach, close enough but not. That's the kind of feeling I have, and I can't really describe it too well, or think of a way to cure it. Maybe it's reading too many Michael Palin travel books and wishing I had the opportunity to travel around more. I guess I could afford to do it financially for a few months, but things like real life, the cats, the rent, and the thought of not-working for that long would get to me. I guess that's why people take a year off before college and do it - tho I don't think anyone that young would really live it to the fullest. I'm rambling, I'm sad, and I'm stuck.

Busy busy busy today... got up at 9, dropped off laundry at the cleaners, and went uptown to get my highlights done and hair cut - which took 3 hours. Since I was uptown, I ran by the place on 95th where I got my last pair of glasses, since I've been getting headaches lately and hadn't had my prescription checked in almost 2 years, I figured that could be the cause. I decided to get a new set of frames, too, while I was there, because mine are silver and I wanted something in brown. Now this probably explains my personality all too well. I tried on about 2 dozen pairs before finding a pair that I really liked (brown metal, oval, really nice). And after getting my eyes checked (the prescription had changed, I'm getting blinder each year), I went to ring up getting the new frames and lenses, and check about having the lenses changed in my current frames. And the saleswoman looks inside my current frames, and looks at the new ones, and says to me "they're the same frames" - just a different metal. For some reason, we both thought that was really funny :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the new finished frames and have the lenses changed on this pair before leaving on Wednesday. I think Wed morning is going to be busy, too - I need to go to the Amex travel place to get money changed (unless they're open tomorrow), and then up to the glasses place before I leave at 1 or so (my flight is at 3.30). And it's going to take them an hour to pop in the new lenses into these frames, so I have to allow time for that. Jen, Dona etc and I are going out on Tuesday after work, so that's out for picking up the frames, so Wed morning it is.

After the uptown stuff, I walked down to Lincoln Center, went to Tower Records to see if they had the Saturday Night cd's that were recalled (they mispelled Stephen Sondheim's name as 'Steven' on the spine), and they still had it out on the shelf, so I picked up a copy for myself and also for Tim in London. Then hopped the train downtown and here I am, basking in the air conditioning for a little while before I go back out again.

Saw Chicken Run last night - it was really funny, in a Nick Park kinda way. The beginning was very "Great Escape"-y, and overall I'd give it a thumbs-up. Go see it.

Boy, it must be ask-Catherine-about-her-tattoos day today. Maybe it has something to do with the summery weather and lack of clothing on my arms, but I got stopped by a woman at Barnes and Noble, the salesclerk at Talbot's, 2 guys in the grocery store, a guy waiting for the light to change near the seaport, and a fellow theatregoer near the TKTS booth. I need to start carrying some of Anil's business cards with me to pass out. I should actually pick up a stack when I'm down there next. I'll be over at his studio in a few weeks - Kenny's having some color done on his armpieces (under the arm! ouch!) and asked me to go with him since it's on a night he's off and therefore earlier than usual (Anil works from 6pm onwards, most of my and Kenny's appts have been at 11pm, going on til the middle of the night).

Had dinner with Kenny yesterday, got interesting news from him.

And it looks like it's going to pour anytime now... the sky is grey and my barometric joints are telling me the humidity is up up up. The construction guys are still downstairs doing something involving loud power tools and a truck that drives back and forth, so it's another day of not openng the windows (which is OK, because when we finally opened them yesterday afternoon, we could just feel the humidity seeping in. Ugh). Today my cold has been downgraded to a nasty cough. Maybe it's tuberculosis or something, I just can't stop coughing. It was so bad that as soon as I woke up this morning from my cold-pill induced sleep, I started coughing. And to make it informative, here's a site where you can find out where snot comes from. Yum.

Here, go enter a contest to win a trip to St. Maarten - my friend David's new company,, is running it. He's brilliant, David is. One of the first (smart) people to leave Xceed, back in the day, and he founded the company with another former M7/Xceed guy. And if they want to send someone to the Carribbean, more power to them. And I just realized that I know too many people named David. Huh.

So so glad the week is winding down... I have a handful of things I need to do before vacation next week - like laundry, exchanging money, packing etc. Tim said the weather in London is just like it is here - wavering back and forth between 90 degrees and sticky and 60 and cool. Great.

Chicken Run opens tomorrow at the movies - can't wait. It's directed by Nick Park, who did the Wallace and Gromit films, and those are just terrific. Chicken Run is going to play at the movie theatre right next to our office, so maybe I'll catch it after work. We work in Murray Hill, which is not a great area for decent places to eat, but we are right next to a Borders Books and a movie theatre, and an Office Depot - in case we need any more chairs. We got all of our Ikea furniture at work, and it's all in boxes. I put the legs on the chairs, and screwed legs onto the little end tables, but that's about as energetic as I can manage today.

Damn, you can't sell human remains on eBay.

One week til London. Can't wait. I hope I am not still congested. I feel like I'm breathing underwater today.

OK, it's gorgeous out, and we work in a building with lots of open-able windows and nice breezes when we do open them. But there's some construction crap going on right downstairs from us, and even with the windows closed, it's LOUD. It's annoying. I want to open the window. Or perhaps drop something on them.

Heh. The Worst Case Scenario Handbook has a section of How To Escape From Disney's Aida. Speaking of fascinating sites, Xceed developed the Survivor site, but someone else came up with the Survivor Sucks site. I've never seen the show, but I'm still bitter that I wasn't picked to be a contestant. Of course, to be a contestant, I would have had to actually submit my application, but I let it sit around until it was too late. And there was the thing about CBS affiliate companies not being eligible and I think Xceed counted. Or something. Whatever, I'm not in Borneo. Jeopardy is still more my speed.

Best side-effect of being sick? 5 days without smoking so far. Yay.

OK, so the latest quest is to replace my original Nancy Drew hardcovers which are no longer sitting in Mom's attic (lost? sold? given to cousins?). So if anyone has the complete set of #1-56 sitting around, and wants to send them, I'll gladly take them off your hands. Did anyone else's school have book fairs? I think Scholastic sponsored them, and they would pass out catalogs to classes, so you could order books in advance, and the BookMobile would come to school, and everyone would pick up their books, as well as browse the other books they had there. I don't know how I got on this train of thought, but I did.

In the "things I did not know" department: Oliver Reed died during the filming of Gladiator, so they finished his scenes by digitally mapping his face onto a body double. That kind of weirds me out. And the woman who played the sister in Gladiator looked familiar because she was also in Mission to Mars - the movie that I wanted to ask Gary Sinise "wtf?" about, but didn't, because I didn't go to Chicago.

I'm shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for registry stuff for Eve's wedding (go search on Genevieve Marshall and buy her a towel, already). I want to get married for the shear joy of getting new towels. Actually, I already own everything I need, so I don't see the point in registering, but the shopping part sure is fun. Eve's registry actually makes sense - a. she's a cook, and b. she and Mark both live with roommates in large, communal houses right now, so they don't actually own anything of their own. So I have no qualms about buying tupperware and sheets for her. Besides, she's my best friend, and she's only (god forbid) going to get married once.

later on 6/20/00
So I saw Phantom tonight, in a fit of nostalgia. Not counting Cats, which I saw when I was 7 (?), Phantom was the first real show I saw on bway, and it made me want to work seriously in theatre. I remember seeing the show with mom when I was in HS, and I, with my big mouth, went over to talk to the production electrician, and he let me sit in the booth for the second act. He said the next time I was in the city, to come by the theatre before the show and he'd give me the tour backstage. So I did - and got to see the hydraulics under the stage, the prop room, wardrobe room, dressing rooms, the traps on the stage and under it and all of the wing storage space. And the chandelier and drops being set for the top of the show. I was blown away. And still am. Which is why I do it.

And the show was good - I had forgotten that I liked it so much. Oh, and Howard McGillin! Who I liked so much in The Secret Garden - he's playing the Phantom now. Non-theatre people will know him as the voice of Gregory, the new kid, in the South Park movie - he sings La Resistance. He's so terrific. The woman playing Christine was also good - tho now that I know the last note in the title song is faked, it loses something. I didn't care for the actor playing Raoul, he was rather wooden. And I'm impressed that Jeff Keller and George Lee Andrews are still there (and Leila Martin, tho she wasn't on tonight). All in all, I'm really glad I went.

David Mills and I are doing his show in the Fringe at CHARAS/El Bohio, over on 9th St - we still don't have the exact dates, but it's in the last two weeks of August. El Bohio is fun, we rehearsed Romeo and Juliet there last summer with 2texans, and I just remember it being very very hot. And we did one perf of the show there, as a benefit, and the power went out during the show, which was no fun at all. It'll be good to be back.

Feeling a bit better - I'm back at work today where I got to play tech support goddess and help reconfigure our LAN modem (our VP of Ops is based out of our MA office, so he can't be here 24/7 when things like Bell Atlantic disconnecting our dialup trunk line happen).

How sweet is Amazon! They're going to FedEx the newest Harry Potter book so I get it on July 8th (at no charge!), and tack on another discount, so it's even cheaper. I love Amazon. I really do. Go order a copy now (and if you haven't read the first three, go do it, they're so good).

Yes, I have blatently stolen the following link from Sherry: Office Jesus Turns Water Into Coffee.

Out sick today. I can't shake this cold. Maybe it's a yearly thing - last year at this time, I was unable to get out of bed because of a kidney infection (or something, they never did figure it out), and I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks. That wasn't fun at all.

I'm kind of glad I didn't go see Macbeth the other night - it's closing this week. I don't know if I want to go just to see it or not. Probably not, after hearing too many negatives. I got asked (again) if I wanted to go tomorrow night, and even tho the tickets are comped, I declined. Something about a 90-min, one-act version is keeping me away. That, and the fact that it's closing. I think I'll pass this time around.

Whoa, blast from the past - just got email from someone I had a crush on from 2nd grade until high school. How did that happen? Anyway. I went to Duane Reade and stocked up on anti-drowsy (and pro-drowsy) cold pills, so I can battle this thing 24/7. Also spent the morning on the phone with Priceline to deal with getting a refund on the hotel I didn't use in Chicago, and with Aetna to deal with an insurance glitch from my foot surgery, and with Citibank to get new checks. I'm going to make one more foray into the world today and then I'm going back to bed. Bleh.

10 days til my birthday, and all I want is to be able to breathe clearly. I feel like there's a big ball of phlegm in my lungs. I have to make this quick, because I just combined a sleeping pill (it's 10.30 and I want to make sure I'm up for work in the morning) with some make-me-drowsy cold pills.

I opted not to go to NJ for father's day with Dad today, and instead slept til noon, then went to the movies - saw Hamlet again, it is just so well-done, never thought I'd say that. I was going to see Gladiator but didn't think I could refrain from coughing for that long. Had a hard enough time with Hamlet as it was... but I survived. Also went by Lincoln Center to buy a ticket for Contact in July, as I really want to see it, and they don't do rush tickets. They offered me a seat in the back of the orch, which I didn't want, so I asked what they had upstairs, and ended up with first row of the mezz. Not shabby. Can't wait. Also went to Tower Records and bought the Aida cast recording (beautiful, want to see again, maybe this week) and the Hamlet soundtrack - the one by Carter Burwell, not the one with songs - which may be my second all-time favorite movie soundtrack, after Peter Gabriel's Passion, from The Last Temptation of Christ, a movie (and book) that I fell asleep during.

Maybe it's good that I'm not in Chicago, because I'm still sick. Congested, headachy, coughing up a lung every now and then, and generally runny in the nose. Bleah. My head feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. My back aches. My chest feels clogged up. I couldn't properly enjoy my tortellini for dinner. All I want to do is sleep... but that won't do me any good.

So I decided to combat the idea of staying in bed all day by going up to the Met (museum) to wander around this afternoon. I hadn't been up there in a while, so it was nice... the European furniture rooms reminded me of Versailles, and the temple of Dendur reminded me of Aida - go figure. But it was surprisingly not-crowded, and I got to see some very cool exhibits (Painters in Paris, American Modern Design 1925-1950, etc), and had a good time.

Rented the Branagh Hamlet from J&R, I'm unimpressed so far. Oh well. I almost didn't rent it - I checked out the tapes at the counter, and made it home to pop it in. And realized that the first tape wasn't Hamlet after all, but a porno flick. So I went back to J&R and they were luckily able to find the first half for me. Whoops. Tho with the way the first part of the film is going, I might have been better off with the porno ;-)

(an hour later...)
I turned it off, Branagh's not really doing it for me. Anyway, I'm going to slip in Ina May's CD and curl up with a book now.

later on 6/16/00

I am NOT in Chicago. Apparently, due to weather conditions between here and Chicago, all flights on all airlines from all airports were cancelled. And they didn't tell us our flight was cancelled until we were already boarded on the plane. So we had to get off the plane, and see if we could rebook etc. But the next flight to Chicago that wasn't full or cancelled wasn't until tomorrow afternoon, and I declined that. After waiting on line for 3 hours in a lobby of upset people, I got a refund for my plane ticket, and vouchers for $100 my next United flight. Cuckoo's Nest is going on as we speak (it was tonight, after all, not tomorrow), and I'm on the phone with the hotel right now to try and get that refunded as well.

I'm really angry.

Oh... I woke up with a killer headache and sore throat, it hurts when I swallow. So now I'm trying to swallow some blackberry/apple fruit tea that I had picked up last time I was in London, and hoping that it makes my throat stop hurting. I'm leaving for the airport in an hour and I don't want to be sick while flying. The last time I went to Chicago (or maybe the time before), I was congested and sick when we left, and I couldn't clear my ears out on the plane - the trip was not comfortable. To make matters worse, we were seeing a show as soon as got there, and I couldn't unstuff my head until intermission. So it was a very clogged up experience.

Perhaps the headache was caused by the weird dreams I had last night - I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately. But last night I dreamed I was back working at Xceed, only it was staffed by people I knew from other places (school, new job etc), and everything was going wrong, so I left the office with someone I used to date, and we were driving around, and ended up driving through Matawan, NJ. It was very odd, and it woke me up.

Anyway, I should go finish packing (note to self, don't forget toothbrush) and eat something.

I can't wait until we get our T-1 installed at work. Our connection was down all day today, so I made myself productive by putting furniture together. Yay.

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow - hoping to get to the Field Museum (nat'l history) and the Art Institute, and am catching Cuckoo's Nest on Sat night. It should be a fun, if quick, trip.

So I've rekindled my mini-crush on my friend Robin's uncle. It's dumb, but it amuses me. Since I live in a small world... I was waiting on the subway platform at 42nd street today around 7, and thinking of said object-of-crush, when all of a sudden the local train comes in and he get off and walks past - what a small world! I, of course, said nothing. Since he's an actor, I'm sure he's gay or married. Or both. But heck, I can dream.

I was wandering around Macy's today after work. I had no idea they had a wig salon, a post office and an eyeglasses place. It really is the best store.

Happy Flag Day! And happy two-weeks-til-my-birthday!

So I had a Clif bar today for the first time. It tastes like someone took all this fruit and nuts and oats and grains and mushed it all together into a big clump of stuff, and cut it into the shape of a bar of soap. But pretty tasty, and hey, I feel energized. I was thinking about this - I get hungry, but seldom know what I want to eat, and a lot of times, just skip a meal because there's nothing around to eat or I don't know what I want or there just isn't time. Yet oddly, I'm still alive. How does that work? Hrm.

It can't possibly be June. It's 60 degrees out - I'm walking around with a sweater and my scarf on - something's wrong there. It's probably freezing in London (is it, Tim?). This weather, as I've noted before, drives me crazy - when it goes back and forth from warm to cool like this. I tend to get sick when it's like this. I've also noted that I have a new weather barometer in my heel, so now I can tell when it's going to rain in several ways.

At our office, we have an outside deck and a greenhouse-type room (which will soon be a conference room) - and all of the houses/buildings around us have backyard-areas, with trees and birds and stuff. What was I saying about missing outdoor areas and green stuff? This is beautiful. Or it would be, if it weren't so cold.

Because people keep asking me what we do here at Village Ventures, so here's a blurb from our site:

VVS is an operating company that provides services and capital to our Network of early stage venture funds and their portfolio companies. We share the risks and rewards of early-stage investing with investors focused on building new economy companies in underserved regions. We offer our partners the investment and business-building expertise that can grow strong companies from the ideas of local entrepreneurs. We provide access to world-class strategic, creative and technical services, and a suite of back office services, as well as significant second stage capital when they're ready to grow.

OK, so now it's later... almost 9pm. Coworkers Martin, David and I went to IKEA to buy office stuff, and it was good. Except that on the way there (right at the entrance to the IKEA drive!), the car battery in Martin's car died. So David and I walked to IKEA, and Martin's wife came to jumpstart the car. And then we spent a lot of money on office furniture and goodies, and took the PATH back to the city. And I am so tired right now.

The Sony VAIO is just the cutest, lightest laptop ever. At least to me, it is. The trackpad can go tho, it's annoying me. The upstairs of our office isn't wired yet, so I'm working down in the other office today, where there's a network connection. So that means I'm actually using the laptop as a laptop, not plugging it into the port adaptor thingie which gives me a mouse and keyboard and monitor etc. But whatever, it works.

Hey, I'm being stalked. Hee. Or admired. Or something.

I want a car. I've decided. I do miss roadtrips, I miss being able to drive places. I miss going places because I have no way to get there. And most of all, I miss pumping gas.

See what I told you? The Puerto Rican Day parade came to no good. Jesus.

Went to see JCS tonight (i know, i know), because the actor I think is a babe was on as Judas. It's sad, they really aren't filling the house at all, and that sucks because I (i know, i know), have come to really enjoy it, most of it. And it's one of my favorite scores, too. And I really don't want to see a revival of Oklahoma in that theatre. In the small world that is my life - the guitar player at JCS knows James - he played on a CD that James produced, and Luther, our former neighbor from the UWS (and frequently spotted in our lobby here, giving way to some odd thoughts about his following us downtown) is now in the cast. Odd.

And OK... I'm tired. Still want to buy a car (what else am I going to do with the money? And I would really like to OWN something).

Yay! I survived my first day at Village Ventures and it was much fun. My computer arrives tomorrow, but I was able to get a lot of preliminary work done on some tech docs, as well as move my desk upstairs (have I mentioned that our office is in a 3-story brownstone-esque building that used to be someone's home? I'm in a bedroom). It's great, I know I'm really going to enjoy working there. I'm working from home this afternoon because I can type up all of the chickenscratch notes I made... I don't have PowerPoint (hee) at home tho, so the rest will have to wait until tomorrow, when I get my machine at work all configured.

So I was reading yesterday - when someone had asked Richard Feynman about his thoughts on teaching physics in High School, and making it required, and he said it wasn't a good idea to make it a required subject, because you had to have teachers who were excited about it, and if they weren't, the subject would be dry and boring and students would lose interest. And he's so right - and looking back, most of my teachers in school were NOT into the subjects they taught. And that made the classes less interesting to me. The ones that were really into it, and showed real life applications of what they were teaching (psychology, some of my english classes) - those were the ones that I really looked forward to. And it's a shame that more of the teachers didn't retain the passion and excitement about the subjects they were teaching - because some of the topics I'm getting intrigued by were considered dry and dull when I was in school (and probably still are). And I can think of so many better ways to have presented the information, so to keep the interest. Too bad I don't have the patience to teach ;-)

I bought Fight Club on DVD today. Mmm, Ed Norton.

Hey, it's been 6 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered - shouldn't someone check in with OJ and see if he's any closer to finding the real killers? I remember when it happened - I was working as Props Master at Six Flags for the summer (for this kids' show, we did 5 shows a day, seven days a week, with no air conditioning that I can remember) - the best part of working at Six Flags was that we had to be there at 9.30, and the park opened at 10, so we (the crew) always got to hop on the rollercoasters as soon as the park opened, before running to rehearse or do the first show. But anyway, I remember watching the police chase on TV between shows in our trailer.

Man, I'm going to Chicago a week too early - Second City is doing Hamlet! The Musical! starting on the 21st ;-) However, between ogling Gary Sinise, seeing my Seurat, checking out the T-Rex and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and trying to figure out where Skokie is, I think I'll be busy enough for the day and a half I'll be there. You know what, I need to travel more.

I was thinking (briefly) about buying a car. Then I could get out more. Hrm. I figure I could pay cash for half of it, get a low-interest loan from the AP Credit Union (I knew I stayed a member for a reason!), pay that off in two years, and just have to worry about insurance. I can park it in the lot Jen uses for $200/month or so... I wonder how much insurance goes for these days. Hrm indeed. I wonder how much CARS go for these days. (OK, checked it out - Geico (you know, the people with those annoying TV ads) quoted me (online) $1800/year. Is that a lot?)

I really miss the Tank. Now that was a solid car. I'd love to own another Dart, but if I were to splurge on a car, I think I'd buy a new one. Just to enjoy that new car smell. And I've never had a new car. Heck, I've only had the Tank (because I do not count the Ford Escort that I totalled after owning it for 2 months, and besides, that wasn't new either). Actually, if I were to buy a car, I'd have to buy a convertible. But then, I'd have to move to California, and that isn't happening.

Oh man... I completely overslept for the Broadway Bares tech today - it's almost 1 already. Shit. Now, do I want to run up there and join in late, or do I want to relax and sit on the deck in the sunshine? I'm tired, I think the latter will do.

Here's how vegetative I am tonight... Tony Orlando - Behind the Music is on, and I'm watching it. That's pretty vegetative. I was offered tix to Macbeth tonight, and I really wanted to go but something said "stay away," so I came home and am in front of the TV. Well, when I'm not online, I am, because the computer is hooked up in my room and the TV is not. Oh, you might say "d00d, it's a laptop, move it," but again, I'm lazy. I'm also polishing off a pint of strawberry sorbet from the kickass grocery store on the corner (it so rocks), and it's nice and icy cold.

And I'm tired, so I'm going to go learn more about Tony Orlando now. Maybe I should have gone to Macbeth... just wasn't in the mood for Shakespeare tonight. Can't check mail since (guess what?) interport's mail server is down. Imagine that.

Oh, tomorrow is the Puerto Rican Day parade... I liken it to St Patrick's Day parade - take an ethnic group known for getting rowdy and drunk, and let them have the streets cleared so they can do it in public. Pardon me while I blatantly stereotype (and forget that I'm a smidgen Irish, heh).

Hrm, went to Priceline to look for hotel rooms for Chicago - turns out Sue's being sent to LA for work - and submitted my request a few hours ago, yet haven't heard back. Really odd. So I went to check the order, filled in all my info, and still haven't heard. Very weird. I'm hesitant to try again because with my luck, I'll end up with a dozen confirmed rooms and a very full credit card. Perhaps I shall send them a polite note.

Well, nevermind that - as soon as I typed it, I got a response. 3-star hotel for $75/night - it always pays to aim low.

OK, it is really really hot out. I watched the DVD of Titanic today - not just the sinking part this time, but the whole thing. I want Kate Winslet's lipstick - survive a sinking boat in the North Atlantic and you too can have perfect lips! Had dinner with Kenny tonight before his show, that was fun. Went to this tex-mex place on 42nd, and then over to Starbucks (mmm, caramel frappuccino, a coffee drink that doesn't taste like a coffee drink!). And now, it is just really really hot, so I'm going to veg out with the AC and a book (I'm really getting into Stranger in a Strange Land, which is nice, because I'm not a big sci-fi person). It's good going so far. Gotta get up at 6.30 (ugh) tomorrow so I can be coherently in midtown by 8. Wah.

Went to see Gladiator this afternoon - Russell Crowe = sexy, sexy man. Even wearing a dead animal pelt around his neck. Yummy. It was great, glad I went to see it. The only thing that bothered me about it was that some of the scenes were shot in this quick, choppy manner, and it gave a headache to follow along... maybe that was the intention, but it felt disjointed. But beautifully shot. I could sit through that again. I can't wait for Chicken Run to open on the 23rd - anything from Nick Park and Aardman Animations has got to rock. Oh speaking of movies, they're showing the Decalogue up at Lincoln Plaza, all of them, starting next weekend. Go go go. I saw them in the theatre when they played at the Walter Reade a few years back, and picked up the DVD last month. Fabulous.

And why does the Times keep archives of their film reviews, but not the theatre reviews? Bunch of savages in this town...

And apparently, I never age. Before the movie, I walked over to Footlight. Let me editorialize for a minute - I highly recommend NOT picking up the Australian JCS CD. While the Jesus is good, as stated on, the entire CD is over-produced and too poppy, and sounds as if they're in an echo chamber. But the Jesus is really good. I really love the score, and wish they had done a better job on this recording. But anyway, I went to Footlight to scope out the cd's, and as I'm leaving, I hear, "Catherine? Remember me?" And it turned out that the guy who works the counter is someone I worked with at Actor's Heritage (remember that? on 44th st?) about 7 years ago. And I didn't recognize Will at all (well, a little), but he recognized me. Wow. Small world story there, too - James and I met in 1996 (?), but he (James) had modeled in the AH catalog (in nothing but a Phantom towel! I have the pic somewhere on my mac) a few years before. Really small world day...

The show tonight rocked - a lot of Xceed folk there again, and that was nice to see everyone. And then while walking home from the subway, I ran into two people from funkytalk's agency company, who had done our web dev work. So spent a few minutes catching up, and here I am again.

Jesse is going to turn the following convo into a personal ad for me:

ings0c: oh hey, so you know, everyone says you're pretty.
ings0c: thought i'd let you know
ings0c: ego booster and all
StupidH0: everyone does? that's sweet of everyone!
ings0c: everyone who sees the pic on pith
StupidH0: aww
StupidH0: tell them i'm single
StupidH0: ;-)
ings0c: ok!
ings0c: what's your type?
StupidH0: dumb as a brick, with no sense of humor
StupidH0: and really really muscular
ings0c: i'll post a classified on the site
StupidH0: and they have to drink a lot
ings0c: ok!
StupidH0: and do lots of drugs
StupidH0: and if they're missing a limb, they get bonus points
ings0c: teeth?
ings0c: optional?
StupidH0: yellowed and stained please
StupidH0: oh i like smelly ones, too
ings0c: ok.  lots of BO
StupidH0: yes, please. or overpowering cologne, that's ok too
StupidH0: i'm sorry! but it's true! just very smelly is what i want
StupidH0: oh d00d, a habit of picking at body parts in public, put that in
ings0c: hrm.
StupidH0: and someone who is unafraid of outer boroughs and can help me over my fear!
ings0c: hehe

Hee. Check out the finished product. We're so funny. It's not only a great picture, but we're just really funny!

The Jeopardy tryouts in Philly next month are only for college students and kids. Damn it.

Oh, our first show went great - hope the last is as good. We teched all afternoon, from 1 til 6, and grabbed food and did the show at 7. A lot of Xceed and ex-Xceed folks were there and it was good to see them again. And everyone really dug the show, that was great. It was nice to do it with an audience there instead of just me, Matt and David.

Went up and second acted JCS afterwards - remind me to check understudy board before I do that again... bleh, I say.

So I was bored and put a personal ad on - and I'm only admitting that so I don't get tons of mail from people who read this site and also read asking if it's really me. And what's funny is that I wrote it really quickly, and then left to go out for the day, and it's been around 12 hours and my mailbox is full. That's cute. Oh, and there are a lot of ugly people out there, but that's probably mean. There are some cute people, too. Don't worry, I wasn't talking about YOU, gentle reader.

And now, off to read email and sleep, or try to.

2am on 6/6/00
OK... must... stop... shopping at Amazon at 2am. That's bad. Perhaps they'll sell me a tall, dark and handsome reader to come help me out here. Must also remember to order books by pretending I was referred by myself, to get the 15% kickback from their associates program.I never remember to do this tho, too much cutting and pasting.

Am annoyed that Missy seems to have moved her friend Leslie into the apartment as soon as Jen goes away for vacation. This is not Leslie's apartment, and I find it rude that she's constantly here. I also really don't like her to begin with. If Missy would rather put her name on the lease, fine, I'll move out. It isn't a hardship for me.

And now I have a headache, and now I'm going to bed. I have to remember to bring the laptop to tech tomorrow, since all of the cues are typed up on it. I can't read my chickenscratch handwriting anymore (too much typing, not that it was ever legible to start with), so I just jotted down my notes here and transformed them into something resembling cuesheets - must translate this into the board at HERE tomorrow.

Had a late lunch with Tekay today - we decided we should turn back the theatre clocks about 10 years, so we could relive City of Angels, Secret Garden, Grand Hotel, Falsettos, Will Rogers Follies and the like... those were the good ol' days, at least to us. But maybe things are looking up - an article in Playbill lists the upcoming productions, including a revival of Chess, which I love. We drove out to Michigan a few years ago to see a production, and I saw it at the Papermill Playhouse as well. Now if we could bring back Aspects of Love, too, I'd be happy. Of course, Cuckoo's Nest is planning to come here as well, but heck, I'm already going to Chicago next weekend to see it there. If only I'd known...

It's weird, since I sent my resume out to a bunch of people from the WWWAC list, I'm in demand. I'm still getting calls from companies that want me to come in and interview... got 3 calls this morning - all before noon, which is when I woke up, so I don't remember who they were from - and had to happily decline. But it's nice to be wanted, workwise.

Going up to the new job in a bit to interview someone. And the funny thing is, I think I know the guy I'm interviewing - or at least I think I interviewed him at Xceed. The name and resume are familiar, but I can't place him. I hope, if it's someone I interviewed before, that it's someone I liked - that could be awkward if it isn't. And I hope we get along, this is to find a potential partner for me to work with.

Tomorrow I'm teching with David Mills all day, and tomorrow night is our first perf. Thursday is our last perf, at least at HERE. Then we do it again in the Fringe in August. David's going to London on Friday for 4-6 weeks, so I'll be the point person for the Fringe info... finding out what theatre we're in etc. Can't wait. And Sat and Sun are Broadway Bares, from 8am until whenever. Mmmph, I sense being tired for my first day of work on Monday.

It is nasty nasty rainy out. I love watching the trees on the deck blow all over, but I'm glad to be inside curled up with the tv and a good book. I'm reading this novel about two people who meet and have this relationship online, and I don't know what to think of it yet. It's interesting because it's about their offline lives first, and I picked it up because heck, it could be my life, repeatedly. I was thinking about that earlier - most of the people I've dated or been involved with are people I met online. If you think about it, I also met both of my roommates online first, and "on line" second. And some of my closest friends are those that I talk to online and see rarely in person, and there are a few people that I have never met, probably never will, and yet they know more about me than the people that I can call and grab a drink with.

Tomorrow is when I turn back into a born-again virgin. Isn't that what happens after 6 months? Huh.

I love it when I can answer things I was thinking - Heinlein DID write a book about a cat who walks through walls, named Pixel. I, having never read any Heinlein, DID NOT name Pixel after the leading feline in the book. I named her because of her splotchy colored fur. Mimi was named after the leading lady of La boheme, because she never quit yowling when I picked her up, and she needed an operatic name. Mimi being easier to call than Violetta, there you have it.

Ha! The First Rule Of The Quilting Society Is You Don't Talk About The Quilting Society. This is only really funny because Jen and I quilt.

And the weather takes a turn for the cold... that sucks.

Today is completely uneventful so far - went up to the new job to meet the founder (who I hadn't met while interviewing, good thing I liked him and vice versa ;-). Finished reading the second book in this series that Mom recommended - two more to go. Also in the middle of the latest book by Peter Mayle about Provence. Love his stories about Provence, hate his novels. The stories are a quick read tho, this shouldn't take too long to get through, then I can get back into this time travel/romance/historical series thing, it's really good so far.

Going to go to dinner with Peter, who's organizing the skydiving trip, tonight. Perhaps he'll have the life insurance forms with him.

I'm glad to see my portfolio has started to perk up - now I've gained back the $ that I lost with the tech drop... so we're back where we started. Now if only it would skyrocket to a million bucks or so, so I could buy a place. And can I call it or what? As soon as I turned off the laptop and crawled into bed last night, I remembered that I wanted to pick up the cast recording of Grand Hotel, so I snagged that this morning. I loved that show.

So anyway, off to watch Jeopardy and then go to dinner.

You know what sucks? The $3 movie theatre (formerly the $2 theatre) is now $4. That totally sucks. But they are showing American Beauty and Cider House, so maybe I'll try and catch them this week. And you know what sucks too? Wanting to go say something to someone who caught my eye on the subway, and not having the nerve to even say hello. I hate that.

OK, yay to Copenhagen for winning best play, best featured actress and best director. Go see it. Now. It's so good. And yay to Aida for taking home 4 out of their 5 noms. And yay to Stokes, who won best actor in a musical for his fine work in Ragtime. It was a pretty good year for the Tony's, but I'm still glad I didn't shell out $ to go and see it live. We had about 7-8 people over to watch them here, I made ziti, Keith and Ngoc brought cake and cookies, and we even polished off some of the beer that's been sitting here since New Year's (we're not beer drinkers 'round these parts). Anyway, out of my predictions, I scored on 14 out of 22.

Brunch today was fun, too - a bunch of the RATM folks got together down in the village to dish the theatre community at large and catch up - I hadn't seen some people (Michael Callery, Warmly Adam, Michael Colby etc) in years, and you know, hadn't seen James since last night. I had a great time. Walked up to Times Square afterwards to walk off the eggs benedict calories, then came home to clean with Jen and get ready for the party.

I hate when I space on things. I'm over at Amazon, picking up a few cast recordings - I had sold a lot of my CD's a few years ago when I was needing the cash, and every now and then I replace a few more - and I completely spaced on what I was looking for. I hate that. I'm sure as soon as I confirm the order, I'll think of them.

Ooh, brush with fame. Saw Cameron Mackintosh and Trevor Nunn this morning (scoping out the Ford Center for Oklahoma? Hope not) - that was pretty cool.

I'm going to go skydiving in July! I hope my insurance has kicked in by the time we go. I'm glad I hung onto my crutches ;-) I like this bit from their site:

Skydiving is inherently a dangerous activity. There is inherent danger in scuba diving, skiing and driving as well. Given the unknown variables of man, nature and machine there is no way to make these activities completely safe. With care it is possible to participate in these activities with reduced risk.

Know what I hate? Loud subway cars rumbling into the station. I have to plug my ears at Fulton St because they are so grating. Wah. I'll be deaf by the time I'm 40.

Caught Superstar with James tonight, and boy am I tired. Nothing to do with seeing the show, but it's been a long day. Up at 7 to get to midtown by 8 (tickets), rehearsed with David and the pianist and the choreographer all afternoon, then went to a pre-Tony's party that was somewhat fun (which Missy stormed out of midway through, causing Jen to be upset - who knows what's going on there...), anyway, I had fun. Actually wore real shoes tonight (new pair! they're sweet!) and didn't kill my foot, which is a good sign. And it was good to see James again, it'd been a while. We're going to go see Pippin at the Papermill - and not have car trouble or get lost this time, one hopes. The only time I've been late to a show was when we saw Gypsy there last year, and we had to wait for AAA to jump the car in the city, and then went sailing past the exit, and then couldn't find a place to park, and made it into the theatre as the overture was starting... whew. Let's not do that again.

And now... sleep. We're having a full apartment for the actual Tony's tomorrow, so I need to clean and cook and crank up the AC. Fun fun fun.

later on 6/2/00
Mmmm, still hot out. Love it.

Rehearsal was a blast - David cracks me up and he likes my jokes ;-) He's going to London on the 9th to be the creative director of Xceed there for a few weeks (to start). We'll probably get together while I'm there to scope out hot british boys. That'd be fun.

James are seeing JCS tomorrow night, that'll be fun. We have a Tony's party to go to first, so I'll be all dressy and stuff. Well, as dressy as I get when it's 90 degrees out and I can't wear shoes, but hey. And then Sunday is our Tony's party at home which will be fun as we will blast them mercilessly. But first tomorrow - busy day - getting up early to get tix, then rehearsing with David from 12-2, then this party at 5, then the show, then sleep.

I'm considerably less cranky this week - I think a lot of it is due to having the job thing settled. I'm really excited to start there on the 12th, it's going to be a lot of fun there. And the office just rocks - it's in a 3-story building on E 31st that used to be someone's house - the entire building. So it isn't broken up into apartments or offices or anything, it's just the entire building. And it has a greenhouse-type room and a deck. I love decks, have I mentioned?

Ooooh, it's hot. Spent part of the day out on the deck reading and baking in the heat. Went down to the seaport, too, and I'm very happy for two reasons. I found capri pants at the Gap that fit! (I can't wear anything from the gap, it always fits weird. In fact, the capri pants are almost as long on me as regular pants because I have short legs, but damn, I like them) And... and this is the biggie, Bath and Body Works put out Happy Daisy again! The saleswoman said they only release it in June, which explains why I couldn't find it. I love Happy Daisy. So now I have enough shower gel to keep me smelling of Happy Daisy until 2010. Really. It's the little things that make me happy.

And now I'm off to rehearsal for David Mills' show. We aren't in HERE tonight, so all I'll end up doing is watching the end of the piece, which I've missed, and thinking about cueing it up.

And yes, I realized that I'm bad with math this week - New Year's was 5 months ago, not 6. Time still flies.

And did I mention, it's really hot out?

later on 6/1/00
Well, we didn't make it to the Abbey. The 2/3 decided to run local from Chambers to 42nd, so I got uptown late. I called Adam and we just ended up hanging out at his apt. I really miss the Upper West Side, I do. Adam's very cool to hang out with - I'm always glad to find out I'm not the only one to program my cast recording cd's to repeat the songs I like ;-) We watched some video of a show he's working on in workshop now, and a video of a show he created that played in Scotland last year, which was excellent. Turned down an invite to stay over, for while I like Adam and we've hooked up in the past, a combo of: guilt over the fact that he has a long-term gf (who's out of the country for another month, and she totally rocks), and I'm happy being single and not looking for a fling, and the fact that we have to work together and it'd be awkward - put all that together and note that I'm home writing this instead of sleeping in someone else's apartment.

Anyway. I've been tasked with a few wedding-related things for Eve's upcoming *cough*shower*cough*, which will keep me busy tomorrow and next week. I do love the internet, who knew I could find Le Creuset cookware at a discount at 1am? Who knew that cookware cost so much to begin with? If I get married, I'll have to register for things that I would conceivably use (not cookware) - things like power tools and books. Can you register for books? Anyway, everyone out there should go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy something for Eve and Mark for their registry. It's not so pricey there. Just look up Genevieve Marshall or Mark Whittaker, October 2000, and buy them a towel or something. Do it for me.

June is bustin' out all over!

It's hot - feels like summer. I went up to have lunch with Dave, and you can tell it's getting to be summer because the Lower East Side really smells like rotting garbage. Picked up comic book covers and a lawn chair on the way home, so I can finish sorting my Playbill collection and read on the deck in comfort. Going to go up to the Abbey Pub tonight to hang out with Adam and talk about the Chekhov festival. Haven't been to the Abbey in a long time... Missy, Jen and I used to go there several times a week when we were living on 98th, but it's kind of a haul from downtown. But I love it there, and they have Maeve's cider in bottles, nummy.

It doesn't feel like New Year's Day was 6 months ago, but hey, it was. Time flies.


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