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Grr. So the garage called this afternoon and said I could come pick up the Tank. So after Mom and I picked up her new car (it is so sweet), I hopped the train into the city. About halfway there, I decided to call them back and doublecheck that I could get it. And lo and behold, the guy who answered said no, I have to call tomorrow and get it then. So I hopped off the train at Linden and caught the return train home to Matawan. I should have called before I started in. Or they shouldn't have called and told me to come in. Whatever.

So the new Saturn is sweet. And this means I can drive the Geo around until the Tank is ready to go.

later on 7/30/02
Well, the car guy called, and they were fixing the alternator and regulator. I was going to look in my "Dodge Dart 1967-1974 Engine Manual" to see what those actually do, but the book is in the backseat of the Tank. I should be able to get it tomorrow after work.

Speaking of cars, Mom's buying one of these. Peter had a Saturn and loved it, and I think they're great cars. We looked at four or five car shops today to do some pricing. The Saturn is sweet. It's cranberry, with a gray interior, aka the Matawan HS colors. The manager at the Saturn place graduated from MRHS in 1988, so he knew a lot of the people I knew from that class, mostly theatre folk. Small world!

We're going to hold onto the Geo for a while, to see if the Tank is going to survive or not. I want the Tank to survive, but it's nice to know that I'll be able to drive Mom's Geo when I need to (like today).

Josh called me last night, and when he asked how I was, I said, "Well, I would be a lot better if I weren't standing on 43rd and 9th, waiting for a tow truck."

So. After class yesterday, I drove into the city. The cracked carb plus the traffic meant I kept stalling all over the place, and right as I was approaching 41st and 8th, the Tank decided to die. I got a hand in pushing it to the side of the road, and waited for it to cool off. Still couldn't get it started. So two homeless men helped me push it into the lot on the corner of 42nd and 8th.

I called Steve, and it turned out that he and Wayne were also seeing Hairspray last night. I asked Steve if he would mind walking down to the lot with me after the show to see if it would start.

And lo and behold, it started after the show. And promptly stalled out in the middle of 42nd and 9th. Ugh. Got it pushed to the side of the road again. I stood next to the car, with its hood up, and held up my jumper cables provocatively. A cab driver pulled over and we tried to jump the car (it wasn't turning over at all). No go. So I asked two livery cab drivers (one of whom kept trying to get my number, telling me that black men treated white women better) to watch the Tank, and I walked down to 11th Ave where there was a service station. They called me a tow truck, and I walked back to the Tank - dripping sweat all the way.

And that's when Josh called.

So the tow truck guy came and we took the Tank to a service station on 119th, where they're good at old cars. By this time it was 1.30am. I filled out the paperwork for the repair work, and George at the shop told me to call this morning and check on it.

Well. I couldn't really head to NJ, as the last train is at 1.37am, so I went - where else - to Marie's for a drink. At closing time, I was really tired, but it was still two hours before the next train. So I joined the crew that was going to celebrate Jim's birthday (not Jim the piano player, Jim who sometimes waits on folks) out to his place in LIC (Queens). I survived about 30 minutes of coherence (during which I managed to bang up my left hand while opening the door to the roof) before collapsing into a deep sleep on the guest room couch. I woke up at 8am this morning, and made a mental note to get up in another half hour to call the garage. Well, next thing I knew it was 10am. So I called, and they gave me the update.

The Tank needs a new alternator - hence the battery problems. They're going to call me back when it's ready - probably tomorrow.

Other good things: talking to Josh, seeing Chris Noth on the street.

Other bad things: spilling gasoline all over my pants when trying to fill the Tank's tank, $100 for a tow in Manhattan at night.

So what else... I took the 11.43am train home, and jumped in the shower. I drove to Middlesex and was a few minutes late for my class. I handed in my homework and explained to the professor that I had had some major car trauma and didn't get any sleep, and didn't think I would be able to concentrate in class. He said it was OK if I left, and gave me tonight's homework assignment. I came home and hopped in the pool and stayed there.

Mom and I are going to look at new cars - for her. I like mine.

Even tho it isn't here, or running, right now.

I should've taken the train.

Happy birthday Kati!

So there were nine miners trapped in a mine in PA. They were all rescued yesterday, so it's kind of like Floyd Collins, but not really.

Today is back to school, back to Algebra (yay!), and then I'm heading into the city after that. I have some serious theatregoing to catch up on.

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep around 9pm. Whew. Today I did nothing. Well, I filled up the pool in the backyard and soaked my feet while I read, and then drove with Mom to Perth Amboy to find the train station there - I'm going to the city tomorrow after school, and thought about taking the train from there instead of driving back south to Matawan in traffic. In the end, I decided to just drive in and park in midtown. Easier than trying to get a parking spot at Perth Amboy's station in rush hour.

Hee. If someone tries to hit on you, and asks for your number, give them this: (212) 479-7990. Thanks to Meesh for the info.

I feel like I'm doing nothing but eating. This has to stop, it's not like I'm storing it up for the winter or something.

Speaking of winter, today was cold. It was supposed to be hot and humid, instead it was cool and drizzly. I've been in my bathrobe all day.

The Tank and I took a roadtrip into the city last night. I parked the car down by the apartment, and went to Marie's, where I hadn't been since I moved out. Chatted with Dexter (the pianist) about NJ - he lives near Long Branch, and has taken classes at Middlesex and Brookdale. Then Michael and his friend Raye came by, and Scott, and Biff. It was so good to see them all again. I know, it's only been a week, but still.

I crashed at the apartment around 1am, and I guess Missy came in after that - I didn't hear her come in. The apartment is so empty now. All of Jen's stuff is gone, and Missy had packed up all of her stuff and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Really empty. She and I took the couch down to the trash, which made it even barer. I was waiting for the cable guy to show up (between 12 and 4, he said), but he never showed. So I called Time Warner and told them I would leave the cable box with the doorman, that was cool with them. I asked my neighbor Tyrone to help me get the TV down to the car, which was super, since the thing is heavier than I remember it being!

And two hours later (I hate NJ shore weekend traffic, that's the downside of living here), I was back in Matawan. Mom and I hooked up the TV and it's accessories (granted, it took all of five minutes, since I ran all of the wires last night) and it's all up and running again.

After dinner, I went to the Hazlet movies to see Austin Powers in Goldmember, and I have to say, I laughed more than I did at the first two - the plot here was weaker (like I was expecting Casablanca?) but I loved it.

I got my tuition info in the mail yesterday from the nursing school. It looks like their scholarship only covers the nursing part, not the Middlesex part. I thought it was the entire thing, so I have to ask about that. It's not that bad tho, since I should be able to transfer my English and Psych credits from Montclair, that'll save me some time and money. There are some interesting classes at Middlesex tho, so maybe I'll take another during the semester, or over next summer. I'll see how the registration goes - that's in two weeks.

So the Tank needs a new carburator, says John the mechanic. If I can find one, he'll do the work for me. So I called Red Bank Recycling, where I bought the radiator, and had a conversation like this:

"Hi, I need to find a carb for a 1970 Dart"
"Is it green?"

I think I'm the only Dart owner in Central NJ. With good reason tho, the bodies tend to rust out here, because of the salty air. Since this car is from CA, it's in extremely good condition. So I have to call them back tomorrow, since their engine guy had left for the day already. John says that once the carb is replaced, it'll run like a dream. He tested it to see if the vacuum tubes were leaking, but it turns out that the carb itself is cracked.

After a week of swelteringly hot temperatures and crazy humidity, today is downright cold. It's nearly 70.

I still love Algebra.

I bought the cutest TV for my room today at Best Buy - it's a 9-inch flatscreen (not flat panel, mind you), with a built in DVD player. It's about a foot high and a foot deep. I love it. Already hooked up the VCR. It's so cute.

And the Tank is at the mechanic's today.

later on 7/23/02
Ack, can't sleep. And the air conditioner makes the room really cold, but when it's off, the room is stifling. Ah, the things my sleep-deprived brain thinks about.

While I was sitting here reading/playing Bejeweled/petting Mimi/looking for my flashlight, I kept thinking about this not-talking to James thing. It's very weird. Don't fall in love with your friends, is all I have to say. Of course, that begs the thought, do you date someone you don't care about, therefore having no emotional attachment, or do you date people you're already friendly with, at the risk of ruining the friendship? Or do you just not form deep attachments? I have a fortune cookie (well, the fortune, not the actual cookie) taped to the inside of my Pilot that says "love is worth the risk," but I'm not so sure on that one. Two weeks ago, I was certain that I loved James, and told him as much. Now, I can't picture wanting to be friends with someone who treated me the way that he did.

But the fact that I'm still angry/upset/thinking about it has to signify something. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. And I don't hate him. And I'm not indifferent, tho I could claim to be, but that would be a big ol' lie. I don't know what I feel.


I should think about math. It's easier to understand.

I love school. Today I got my student ID (so I can stop using my old one), joined the gym at the school ($12 for the summer, $19 in the semesters), scoped out the student activities union ($5 movie passes! free ice cream day!) and aced another day in Algebra (variable equations!). I love it. I also found out that the college does offer cheap health insurance, so I need to check that out and see if it's acceptable by the nursing school's standards. I would much rather pay something like $128 per YEAR than the $370 per MONTH that Aetna costs!

With the money I'll save (well, not really, since I'll revert to paying Mom rent), I want to take some extra classes at Middlesex. I was looking through the catalog today and they have some interesting ones. And they're affordable, since I'm already a student. I'll have to see what my schedule looks like once we do the registration for nursing school in the middle of August.

I didn't take the Tank into the mechanic today - I overslept and I didn't want to wake Mom up to have her drive out with me (so I could get home again from Keyport). I'll probably do it tomrorow.

Plays in the Park is doing Crazy for You and Titanic this summer. They also just finished Jekyll and Hyde, which, happily, I missed the entire run of.

I've moved onto the stage of "moving home" where I start to wonder where I packed things. For instance - where is my maglite? And where is my plastic bracelet with the beetles embedded in it?

My heel still hurts - the heelbone hurts when I step down on it, very odd. Even tho it isn't doing much, I ace-bandaged my ankle. It at least reminds me not to put too much pressure on my left heel when I'm walking.

I am a Math master. Or maybe today was just easy. I didn't take any notes. The first few chapters (which we breezed through today) are all about integers, decimals and fractions. All stuff I know. I introduced myself to our professor after class and told him that I was taking Algebra as a prerequisite for Nursing (which I am, I can't take Chemistry until I take Algebra), and told him not to be disappointed that I wasn't taking notes or doing the practice problems. I told him I'd be more challenged when we get to the harder stuff and that this was mostly a review for me. He was pretty happy to hear that there was someone who actually liked math (I also told him that I read number theory books for kicks, which I do). He thinks he'll be teaching the Science Math class that I'll end up taking there next year.

So day one as a student went well. And the Tank made it all the way to school without stalling once!

On the down side, because there's always one, my heel is bothering me. Not in the swelled-up sense, but it's sore and causing me to limp carefully on it. What irks me is that I've had surgery twice in the past three years to get rid of the bone spur (and the second time, they sliced up my Achilles Tendon because the first surgery wasn't done properly), and there is still a lump of bone where the spur was. It hasn't grown enough to bother me, or to cause pain when I'm walking (like it did the first time), but it's still there. Isn't the surgery supposed to fix these things? I guess this is why it's called a chronic condition, but I really, really do not want a third operation on my heel.

Unless I could spend another six weeks in New England recuperating, of course.

Oh and you know what's pretty cool? Thanks to my five-day-old habit of sitting out near the kiddie pool with a book, I'm actually getting a tan. With some funky tan lines thanks to sunscreening the tattoos, of course. My freckles are all out in full force, too. I think they're great. I've spent so much time indoors in the city that I've forgotten how nice fresh air feels.

later on 7/21/02
Mimi likes to read. Well, she likes to read what I'm reading. Actually, she just likes to sit on what I'm reading.

I also need to teach her to kill. I watched her stare down a bug for ten minutes before I gave up and grabbed it with a tissue. Mimi just doesn't have that bug-killing gene that I thought all cats were born with.

Tomorrow's my first day of school. Yay.

So there was some kind of Con Ed explosion downtown yesterday, which caused my train to be late getting into the city, the subways to run erratically, and the bar where Missy wanted to meet to be closed. So she called me (and all the other guests) to move the party to another bar. That was actually cool with me, as Revival was easier to get to than Barramundi. She and Megan had a great time in New Orleans, and they found an apartment with no hassle at all. They're pretty psyched about moving down there.

I've often said that if I could be anywhere, I would choose to be in Gare du Nord in Paris, deciding what train to get on. Well, last night I dreamed that Jen and I were there, and we were looking at a map of Europe, trying to decide where to go and spend our last five days there. We thought about Gaza (too far), and Rome (no idea why Jen didn't want to go), and decided on Vienna (I remember it being spelled properly, as Wien, on the map). And the dream was so realistic that I was reading the timetables as I figured out times and schedules. It was very odd. I wish it were real.

Tonight is the season premiere of Sex and the City - I hope it isn't as disappointing as last season was.

When I was at Barnes and Noble today, I found that Peter Gethers had written a third book about his cat, Norton. Mom lent me the first two books a few weeks ago (and I've since passed them to Steve), so I bought the third one immediately and read the entire thing. I bawled all the way through the end of it. I'm glad I bought tissues.

I have many bugbites.

I saw on CNN or NY1 somewhere that bird-watching is the number-one hobby in America. Well, I can certainly say that Mimi and I are enjoying some fine bird-watching today. We have bird feeders in the backyard, so when you're sitting at the kitchen table, you can watch the birds, er, feeding. Today I saw sparrows, cardinals, strange black and blue birds, goldfinches (the state bird of NJ) and pigeons (aka the Flying Rat - the state bird of NYC).

Family friend John stopped by earlier to wish me "welcome" back to NJ. He fixed up the first Dart I owned, and he's been giving me advice on this one, too. We took a look under the hood and he confirmed my thoughts that it's the vacuum hose or carb that needs work. John recommended a mechanic at Bayshore Auto, over on Rt. 35, but the mechanic (also named John) is out until Tuesday, so I'll take the car in then. Other than the stalling, it's driving fine.

I'm heading back to NYC tonight.

Two days in NJ, and I already have a bug bite. At least all of my bruises are fading.

Yesterday, Mom and I drove out to Aunt Barbara's to help break in their new pool. It was lovely. On the way back, we stopped at a handful of pool places to buy an inflatable one for the backyard - nearly everyone was sold out, but we managed to find one at the Army/Navy store. We also did a huge Wal-Mart trip to get things for the house.

Today, the Tank and I took a trip to Middlesex so I could buy my Algebra book (class starts Monday). I'd better be able to sell it back, since it cost $80! I got my hair cut and renewed my Matawan library card, too.

The Tank only stalled about 30 times. I called a few mechanics to see if they can get it running smoothly.

So I was reading Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent, in which he roadtrips across the United States - and there's a part where he's talking about going through South Dakota and Wyoming (and to Devil's Tower) and how empty it all is. He is so right. There is nothing there.

later on 7/17/02
11pm - and all done.

Actually, we were done with the moving by 2pm. Jen, Jason and I loaded up the truck in no time at all. It was much less stressful than I'd been expecting, which was really nice. We hit a bit of traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel (couldn't take the Holland in the truck), but other than that it was alright. Mom, Jason and I unloaded everything and had lunch here in Matawan. After taking a break to catch our breath, Jason and I spent a few hours with Eric and Masha and their new daughter (I'm an aunt!), Isabella. They aren't sure if she's going to be an "Izzy" or an "Ella" (my preference) or a "Bellie" ("It'll be great when she's 40," says Eric). She's so tiny and adorable, even when she's screaming. I still don't want one. Masha's going to be teaching (computer design) again this year at Middlesex County College, so I told her I would send her my class schedule when I find out what it is.

Things we noticed on our drive: while the proliferation of strip malls in central NJ is nothing new, there are also a lot of strip/"adult" clubs. I had no idea. And lots of scary looking motels. So this is where they are. Some parts of the burbs are what I'm used to, but it's strange to look at it all through the eyes of an adult. After all, I was nineteen when I moved to the city. I'm twenty-eight now.

After that, Jason and I drove the truck back into the city - hitting some serious Lincoln Tunnel traffic on the way back in. I'm glad the truck was air conditioned.

Mom and I did a lot of unpacking tonight, but the rest can wait until tomorrow. Right now, Mimi and I have some serious snoogling to catch up on.

And sleep. I am so tired.

9am - and away we go!

One day more.

Tesse, her friend Ben, Michael, Heather, Biff and I went to Marie's last night - my last time there as a New Yorker. I had brought in my Parade score, since Heather and Ben had both been in productions of it, and Jim played through a bunch of the songs.

Which reminds me, I think I left the score at Marie's.

I didn't stay too late, as Dave had called me earlier (phone tag) and invited me over - we hadn't seen each other in a few months. It's always good to see him, and to catch up on what's been going on. I got home around 3am, and then I just couldn't sleep. The air conditioner in my room is really on the fritz - good thing I'm moving out tomorrow - so I slept on the couch in the living room, but I kept tossing and turning.

It's nearly 2pm now, and I need to shower, go to Dad's, go to the post office and the bank, and finish packing. Then Jen and I are meeting the girls for one last big dinner at Dallas BBQ. Jason is coming over at 9.30am tomorrow to help me load the truck and drive it to NJ, so it'll be an early night tonight for sure. I want to pack up the rest of my clothes and my dirty laundry, and take apart the bed frame. I've moved all of my stuff, except for the bed, dresser (still unsold) and bookcases up from my room to the living room, so it'll be easy to pack tomorrow. The bed is the big thing tho, so if I can take the frame apart tonight, it'll be one less thing to stress over in the morning. I can sleep on the couch - it's cooler up here anyway.

James and I are not speaking. That really is a shame, but we just don't see eye to eye.

And I've quit

I've got to say, I love my shorter haircut. It really is just wash-and-go. No brushing needed. No styling needed. Love it. The ultimate in low-maintainance.

OK, girly moment over.

In non-girly news, it's been too hot to wear makeup. And in more non-girly news, I bruise so easily. With all the packing and lugging of boxes etc, I'm a big black-and-blue mess.

I know you wanted to know that.

I went to the eye doctor today to have my eyes checked. I needed a form filled out for nursing school, too. I thought I was getting progressively blinder, since I'm having trouble reading signs at a distance (like an across-the-street distance), but she said my prescription has actually improved, so that's good. I'll get new lenses made for my frames when I get settled in NJ.

later on 7/14/02
Whew - TV cabinet and table gone. And the guy may take my dresser, too, which would rule. Missy and I spent the day doing small packing things and watching TV. A totally non-stressful day. She and Megan are flying down to New Orleans tomorrow morning to go apartment hunting. So I'll probably see her next weekend for her going-away party that her friends are throwing.

Happy Bastille Day! Go kiss a frog!

Steve and I went to see Pacific Overtures at Avery Fisher Hall last night. I didn't know anything about the show when we went in (none of the music, nothing). It was written by Sondheim and Weidman and won the Tony for best musical in 1976. This production was translated into Japanese by a Japanese theatre group, and performed with supertitles. I loved it. I thought it was very well-directed. The second act got to me tho - I thought it was really sad. I just started crying in the middle of the song, "Bowler Hat" and didn't stop until the end. It was nice to be so moved by a piece of theatre again.

At intermission, I was looking at the posters outside, and saw that an acquaintance of mine, Dillon McCartney, is going to be making his debut at Lincoln Center in Mozart's Requiem - how cool! It's not til next April, but I must get tickets! I love Requiem, too, it's one of my favorite pieces.

After the show, Steve and I went to Marie's. He used to hang out there years ago. We had never been there together, so it was a blast. The whole gang was there, and I met my friend Christian, from Norway, who said he would stop by - after months of emailing, it was great to meet in person. I spent a lot of time chatting with my friend Kevin, who I hadn't seen in months. I had also misplaced his number, so I was really happy to see him. I think - and I told him this - that he's one of the most fascinating people I know. His parents are American ex-pats who moved to Mexico, where he was raised ("Goldstein isn't a Mexican name," I told him), so he has the tan-skinned, curly-haired Jewish look that I love, with a fabulous accent. He's licensed to fly small planes, has been scuba diving since he was eight, is a computer geek/consultant, wears black nail polish and is one of the few straight guys I know who like coming to Marie's (yes, Michael, you are the other one). And he's all of 23. I nearly fell off my stool when he told me that - I made him whip out his driver's license to prove it. Heh. Anyway, we had a blast catching up.

Today I'm waiting for the guy to come pick up the TV cabinet and coffee table. I was going to see Michael's production of The Cherry Orchard but I don't know what time this guy is coming by, so it's safer not to leave the premises.

Yay! Sold the TV cabinet and my coffee table. A guy from the fifth floor came up to look at it, he's lived here since November and hasn't really bought furniture. He's going to come by tomorrow night to pick it up, so today I unhooked all the wires and cleaned out all the dust bunnies. And boy, three years of dust sure adds up! The TV is now sitting on the coffee table, which isn't too aesthetically pleasing, but whatever, it's only for the night. The apartment is starting to look shabby, with all the pics off the walls and boxes (mostly mine, I admit) stacked up. It's weird to think that I only have four more days here.

Thought-provoking question of the day: Does anyone else find it odd that MSNBC advertises on CNN? Who let that happen?

later on 7/12/02
I had fun at dinner, we ran into two other musicians that Dan knew while we were over at Zen Palate. Before dinner, I met Dan at the theatre, and met Joey from 'NSync and the other new cast members, before going down to chill in the green room until rehearsal was finished (stage management isn't keen on people watching rehearsal, so I couldn't stay in the theatre). Jen and I are going to see the show (for the first time in two years!) next month. It'll be interesting.

Back in the city... I took the train home yesterday morning. As planned, I snuggled Mimi for a while, and then drove the Tank into the city. The new radiator really makes a difference, but the car is still stalling every time I come to a halt or slow down. Not much fun in traffic, but I've gotten really good at restarting the car while coasting in neutral. Jen and I loaded the Tank up with the rest of the boxes I had packed, and I took it back to NJ. I didn't realize that rush hour on a Thursday starts at 3.30pm, so I sat in traffic near the entrance to the Battery Tunnel for a good half hour. Once I got past that snarl, I sat in traffic near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. And then traffic on the Turnpike. And the Parkway. I called the nursing school to tell them I was running late for my appointment, and I got there at 5.30pm. Signed all of my paperwork for the tuition reimbursement etc. I really can't wait to start. Every time I go to the school, I feel better and better about the decision to go back. And everyone there loves me.

After that, I went back to the house and unloaded the Tank. I had a bunch of boxes already in my old room that were waiting to be unpacked, so I did that, and unpacked the new ones, too. Lots of books and clothes this time. I rearranged the furniture in my (new) room so it all fits, I really like it. I sort of separated the room into two sections, one for bookcases and one for the bed/dresser/tv stand etc. I like it. I have to put in my bed and one more low bookcase when I get them home next week. It looks like I'll have room for another tall bookcase, too, so I can get my video setup going on in the room. Sweet. I will, however, be doing all of my studying downstairs, since there's no room for a desk!

Today I did nothing at all in NJ - just got up, showered, snuggled the cat some more, and schlepped a bunch of folded-up, empty boxes to the train and came back to the city. I'm about to go out and meet Dan Weiss for dinner and Rent gossip.

Oh, and I opened a bank account at the bank in Matawan, so now I can write checks from there and close my CitiBank account.

Of course, I got a thing in the mail from the Nursing Students Association, and they offer health insurance through them. I wonder what it costs - maybe I'll switch from Aetna in the fall.

I'm still bummed about this not-hearing-from-James thing, especially since I sent email on Monday asking if we can talk about this. I'm just feeling kind of blah about it. Since I did tell James that I wouldn't post details of his "private life" here, I won't go into the details of what happened. Suffice to say, his not calling me for two weeks constitutes us "not dating" anymore, and I was pretty angry to hear that.

It's been a really slow couple of days. I've been catching up on things I need to do before I move home. Tomorrow I'm heading to NJ as I have to sign my employment/tuition contract at the nursing school. I might drive the Tank back in after the meeting, to bring some more things home from the city, and bring in some empty boxes. I still have to pack up my kitchen stuff, videos, and the rest of my clothes. I think most of that will wait til the end of the weekend tho. Once I get the paintings off the wall, too, it'll look really empty in here, which will be weird.

Busy weekend planned, too. Friday, I have to meet up with a girl who's going to take my large Rent poster (the one that Dona and I "liberated" from the LIRR many years ago) off my hands (and out of my closet), and then I'm having dinner with Dan Weiss - we haven't caught up on things in a long time. After that, I'm dropping off some packages at Marie's Crisis. Saturday I'll be sleeping off the effects. Then Saturday night, Steve and I are going to see Pacific Overtures up at Avery Fisher Hall, and then going out for drinks after the show. And Sunday, Tesse and I are thinking about seeing our friend Michael's show - he's directing The Cherry Orchard up at a park on 105th, and they open this weekend. I hope it doesn't rain.

I have nothing to say today.

later on 7/8/02
Well, without any warning, I am apparently single again.

Today is errands day. I went over the post office to mail packages, and now I'm going to do laundry. I also went up to Dr. Stein's office to have him look at my TB test (negative), and to pick up the paperwork he filled out for nursing school. Now I can mail that back in.

Missy and I watched Fight Club last night - except for the scenes where Ed Norton imagines the plane crash, and the buildings coming down at the end. We both inadvertantly closed our eyes for those parts.

I can't believe I'm moving back to NJ in a week. Well, eight days.

Oh man... all of my joints are aching today, and I don't know if it's the humidity or if it's from swimming yesterday. I just want to lie here and do nothing all day.

But instead, I dismantled my desk and took the shelves out of my bookcases.

Missy and I had the most relaxing day ever. We slept in, went to Dad's to pick up the gym guest passes, and spent two hours swimming. We also checked out the "eucalytpus" room, the sauna, the whirlpools, and the steam room (where I learned how it feels to be a dumpling). It was like a mini-spa day - loved it.

Santiago came by really early this morning and changed the filter in our air conditioner, so it's nice and cool in the apartment now.

Mom and I went to the Cloisters and had a picnic lunch there, and I loaded the car full of books.

And I met my friend Dennis, from Atlanta, at Marie's for a drink or two. He and his boyfriend were in DC the same weekend I was there in June, and he is such a sweetheart. I wish I didn't always have crushes on gay men. Sigh,

And now - sleep.

Happy Fourth of July.

So I lied - I didn't spend the day on the couch watching CNN. Our living room air conditioner has been pumping out hot air all week, and the super hasn't been around (despite repeated notes stuck to the "work order" board) to fix it. So Missy and I set off in search of cooler pastures today. We walked over to the movie theatre downtown (the one that's always empty) and saw Men in Black II, which wasn't as good as the first. We then snuck into Mr. Deeds, which was surprisingly hysterical. John Turturro stole the show as Adam Sandler's butler. We laughed our asses off, which was what we needed today. After the movies, we were going to go to the Applebee's below the theatre, but it was closed. So instead, we walked crosstown to the Seaport and ate at the Cuban restaurant on the top floor. Very good mixed drinks. We finished with dinner right around 9pm, and people were clogging the Seaport docks to get a view of the fireworks. It was slightly cooler by the water, so we stayed, and managed to get right up by the railing of the pier. Since the Macy's fireworks are a lot further uptown than we are, we could only see the tops of the explosions as they went off, but some of them were really high, and with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, it was pretty spectacular.

While we were at the movies, it struck both Missy and me that it would be fun to go swimming. And I remembered that Dad had told me he had guest passes to the Health and Raquet Club downtown. And they have a pool. I called Dad, and he said we could use the passes (THANK YOU!), so we're going to go on Saturday. We were going to go tomorrow, but I remembered that Mom is driving in so we can load up the car with more boxes of books (whew) and then she and I are going to the Cloisters.

But for now, we are baking in the heat of the apartment. Jen's up at her summer place with the family, swimming at the lake. I hope it's cooler up there.

Heat wave strikes Northeast.

No kidding.

Know what I'm doing for the 4th of July? Sitting right here on the couch, watching CNN. Trisha and Michelle et al. are going to Jones Beach, but there is no way I am leaving the air-conditioned comfort of the apartment.

I got back my eight (8!) rolls of film today - from my HS reunion, Peter and Corrie's wedding, the roadtrip with Tank, and our trip to London and Paris. I have to mail in one of the pictures to Maxim Magazine - it's of the front door of Wagamama's in London, with the sign that advertises "Eat Out Service Available." I think it'll go nicely in their "unintentional porn" section. I'll have to scan it in, as well as some of the other nice ones.

I went to see Dr. Stein today. He's going to fill out my paperwork for nursing school. He also gave me the vaccines for MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), the first of two TB tests (which I have to have checked on Monday), and the first of three shots for the Hepatitis B vaccine. Lots of poking today. He also wrote me a referral to the eye doctor in their practice, so I'm going there in two weeks.

I think I shall now crawl into the tub and pack myself in ice cubes.

later on 7/2/02
Dude, the Yankees rock. And seeing the game live in the stadium was so cool. Especially seeing Jorge Posada knock in that grand slam. And Derek Jeter, in the flesh. Loved it. I want to go back to see another now! The bad part was that it was 95 degrees out and really, really sticky. I'm dripping sweat.

Happy birthday, MissDona!

Jen put up her big trip update from our vacation. I was too tired to write anything up, so read her words of wisdom instead.

It's not so hot out, which thrills me. I had to do a million and one errands - mostly related to paperwork for nursing school. I called my doctor's office to make an appointment, and the earliest they could give me was the 15th. So I left a message for my doctor explaining that I had to have some bloodwork and immunizations and a TB test done, as well as have him sign a lot of paperwork, so could we do it earlier, and he managed to get me in for this coming Wednesday, which is much better. I also have to drop off paperwork at my dentist, and go up to 96th Street to get my eyes checked (they have my paperwork on file already). Whew. I have all of the non-medical paperwork done, so I can mail that in.

I also spent a lot of time on hold with Con Ed, Verizon and Time Warner, having our utilities scheduled for "termination." And I called our landlord about getting our deposit back and handing in the keys - we have to write a letter to them with the date that we're leaving the apartment, so I did that as well.

Tomorrow is Dona's birthday, but we're celebrating tonight at Peanut Butter & Co., which is a fabulous sandwich joint. Jen and I went to scope it out last week and it was delicious (and affordable, big plus). I'm glad we're going tonight, because tomorrow I'll be watching Derek Jeter's ass at Yankee Stadium - my friend David from r.a.t.m. had an extra ticket to the game, so I said sure! I haven't been to a baseball game in ages.

Health insurance is expensive. I'm seriously considering working the weekends starting this fall, so I can get the insurance from the hospital. They have a deal for students where if you work 24 hours, you get paid for 40. It's something like midnight-to-noon on Friday's and Saturdays. It'll be a lot of work, combined with school, but I can't afford the insurance on my own. I'm going to call the Director of Personnel at the hospital tomorrow to get the lowdown. Mom did offer to let me put my rent money towards health insurance instead, but I'm still going to find it difficult to scrounge up that much every month. I would rather work, get the experience AND the benefits, and get paid for it. So what if I don't have a day off until Christmas?


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