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Oh man, July is over.

Scott and I went to see Chicago last night, and frankly, the cast didn't thrill me for the most part - didn't like the Velma and hated Jennifer Holliday. Ah well. And funny story of the night - the guy playing Amos (an understudy or standby) is an actor that had emailed me re: a personal ad I had placed last year. His picture looked familiar, and I remembered that when he emailed me, he had said he was playing the role in the national tour, and that jived with his bio - how funny is that. (No, I did not wait around and say "hi")

And I was so engrossed in the new Maxim on the ride home that I went sailing past the Broadway/Nassau stop and ended up in Brooklyn - had to get off at the first stop and wait for the uptown A train. Whoops.

Today is a day of relaxing. The only plans I have are to meet Steve and our friend David for drinks after they see Planet of the Apes this afternoon - Steve asked if I wanted to go but I really have no interest in seeing the movie. But I always have interest in big frosty margaritas at Dallas BBQ!

I need more straight guy friends. The ones I do have never want to hang out.

My friend Mark writes:

So, Derek Jeter huh?

I ever tell you about the time he slapped my ass? Yep! True!

When the Yankees we're in the World Series with the Padres, I pulled a few strings (brag, brag, brag) and got to watch the entire San Diego series from the Yankee dugout. Had an awesome time, lots of cool things happened, but, when they won, and were all running into the dugout, several were punching me in the shoulder, shaking hands, that sort of thing. I had just high-fived someone (forget who) and went to high five Derek Jeter too. Instead he slapped me on the butt.

So, there you go. Thought you'd appreciate knowing that you know someone who has had his ass-slapped by your Yankee crush.

But anyway, I'm still not over yesterday. I really do not like physical violence, and dislike it even more when it's that close to me. And while I've heard stories about Cindy's temper, this is the first time in a long time that I've seen it that near to me. I don't even abide yelling and screaming all that much - so I'm still shaky. And annoyed that she ruined Kati's day on top of that.

But anyway. In November, Kati, Eve and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary. They are my oldest and dearest friends in the entire world, even if we sometimes go years without seeing each other. I know I can always count on them to be there for me. Kati admitted yesterday that she has never seen a Broadway show - Eve and I have no idea how that happened, since during high school, Eve and I used to come into the city all the time to see shows. But while I was doing electrics and design work, and Eve was doing wardrobe work, Kati was studying jewelry design and off at FIT (she's two years older than me, and Eve is two years younger, I'm the "middle child"), so I guess it's possible. But scary! So we've been tossing around ideas for how to celebrate our anniversary this fall - we were originally going to take a trip somewhere, maybe do a cruise or something, but with all of our finances low, we decided to be more affordable and stay in the area. So we're going to see The Producers in December instead, and do cheap dinner somewhere nearby. I picked up tickets this morning (had to meet Scott for the Chicago rush tix and also get Aida for foster brother Ryan (well, Eve's foster brother, which makes him mine by proxy)).

So now that I'm squared away with COBRA, I can go see all of my doctors for my annual visits. If anyone knows a dentist that takes Met Life insurance tho, let me know - the one I used to go to doesn't. A few years ago I had some unknown lower back pain (really unknown - they did a sonogram-type thing and all of these tests and couldn't figure it out, meanwhile I was in crippling pain that cleared up when I took antibiotics) and lately I've been getting the same sort of aches in my back, near my kidneys. No idea what it is, so we'll see if it's still aching when I go in to see Dr. Stein.

The job hunt is going slowly.

I finished reading Kissing in Manhattan last night - and I really enjoyed it! It did start out as a collection of short stories, but characters from each would show up in the other stories, and so by the end of the book it had turned into a novel of sorts. And the overall storyline was superb, once it got going. Very engrossing. It was fun to read about Schickler's view of New York through his characters, so yes, it gets the thumbs up.

Well, Katie's engagement party was just fine until Cindy (her mom, who has a temper, an anger management issue, and serious problems with HER mother and sister) threw a screaming fit that included throwing a glass of water at her sister. Other than that, it was just fine.

I'm so tired tho - after Tick Tick Boom last night (which was even better the second time around), I went out to see a friend I've been - well, seeing isn't the right word for it - and didn't get home until 4am. So then having to get up at 8am to meet Jason at 9am (and he was late so we didn't meet up until we were on the train platform at 9.30am) was not much fun. We got to NJ, didn't see Kati at the station, so we asked directions to the Hilton (which is where we thought the party was, but it turns out it was at the Sheraton) and started walking. When we realized we weren't finding it, we asked directions again and turned back, and then we ran into Kati and Bill, who were driving out to the Sheraton. Good thing we didn't make it to the Hilton.

Anyway, was super to see Eve and Mark and Kati and Eric and Masha and Ryan and the rest of the clan, at least until Cindy threw the fit, which pretty much ruined the rest of the day.

I'm tired, and I have a splitting headache, and I really want a cigarette.

But I am not having one. Instead, I slept all afternoon after getting home... and I am in a really not-great mood.

I finished reading Desiree today, out on the deck. My lounge chair is balanced perfectly on the planks so that it doesn't topple over when the deck is walked on. And I started to read Kissing in Manhattan, a collection of short stories by David Schickler, which arrived yesterday in my mailbox as a surprise from someone out there (who didn't sign the invoice, I guess, and I have no idea but am pleasantly surprised!). I read one of Schickler's stories, The Smoker, in the New Yorker some time ago, and really liked it. And then on Valentine's Day this year, I went with friends to a reading of short stories at Symphony Space - and Robert Sean Leonard read that same story! He started reading, and about five minutes into the piece I realized that I knew it already, so that was a nice surprise as well. I've read two of the stories in the book so far - one that I liked, and one that was so-so. I like the author's actual storylines better than the way he chooses to write about them, so far - but heck, I've just started, so we'll see if/how that view changes.

Jen called from Vegas to say she was having a blast. Missy and I are spending the day watching the Rock and Roll Jeopardy marathon, until she goes out to her concert and I go out to my show (seeing Tick Tick Boom again). Exciting day of doing nothing!

I looked through the fall New School catalog, there are some interesting courses - I may take one. I say that every semester, and never do.

Oh, I did go out to the Seaport (crowded, tourists) to pick up something for Kati's birthday, which is tomorrow. Tomorrow is also her engagement party, although recently (as noted often here) I am not in the yay-marriage-woo mood, so it'll be an interesting day. I have to meet Jason at 9am in Penn Station to catch the train down to NJ... too early!

I left a note for the superintendent yesterday asking if he could look at our deck - since the floorboards aren't nailed down properly and are very wobbly. I wanted to see if he could fix or replace them. So he came by this morning and looked, and said that the wood would have to be replaced since it's rotting. He's going to check with the management office (as they would have to buy new wood) and let us know this afternoon or tomorrow what he's going to do.

I'm growing bored with looking for work because frankly, I don't want to return to work just yet.

Missy and I enjoyed us some daytime television. Well, maybe "enjoyed" isn't the right word to use. We're watching A Dating Story on TLC, which is as frightening as A Wedding Story - the people on this show are just unbelievable. It almost makes us never want to leave the apartment and go on another date ever. Especially not if there were cameramen around. I mean, I enjoy dating and going out with friends, but man, this show does not reflect anything I have ever seen in my life. But it's good for a laugh.

And the cats are enjoying the sunlight on the deck today. I think they'll enjoy having floorboards that don't sway and bend as much as we will. It'll be nice to be able to put a drink on the table and not worry about it going flying off the edge when we sit down (which happens more often than you think, with the wobbly boards).

It's a gorgeous day out... I ended up going out to Brooklyn again to catch LITE's Midsummer again - just a reminder that it runs on Thursdays and Saturdays at 8, and Sundays at 2 and 5, in Prospect Park at the Tennis House, through August 12th. They've gotten some very good reviews, and I totally enjoyed it. LITE has some good actors in the company, and it's directed well, too - and I'm not just saying that. Go see! But really, it is so gorgeous out - nearly fall weather (and I think fall is my favorite season in NYC - just that lovely cool sense of things starting over). I'm wearing my cropped jeans and a tanktop, with a zip-up sweatshirt over that, and I was chilly in the park. Love it.

According to this site, these are the top five cities in which I could live and be happy:

New York didn't even make the top 24. Whoops. I wonder if it makes anyone's top list.

later on 7/26/01
So we do love Blink 182. They are a stupid little skaterpunk band that totally kicks ass in the cheesiest way possible. I love them. However, there's a reason that I am not an intrepid concertgoer, as I really hate mosh pits and conceited underage drunks, and this concert had plenty of both - apart from that, the concert was super, and my ears weren't really even ringing afterwards, which is always good. Frankly, I wouldn't take anyone under 18 to see that show - for the language alone. And frankly, seeing the crowd that was there just reaffirms my lack of desire to have kids. Well, to have teenagers.

And is it so wrong to admire 18-year-old boys? I don't think so! After all, 18 is above the age of consent in both NY and NJ.

They are fierce jungle creatures, my cats. They prowl the tall grasses and slink through the metallic poles of the lawn furniture. They bask in the sunlight on the wooden planks of the jungle floor. They jump when startled by the whoosh of the screen door.

The cats love the deck. I love that it is 67 degrees out, as opposed to the 91 that it was yesterday. I spent the morning (OK, late morning, I slept late) on the deck reading Desiree by Annemarie Selinko, one of the most enjoyable books I own. I picked up my own old, beat-up copy after reading Mom's old, beat-up copy - got it at the Strand for $5 a few years ago. So good. I just found out that there was a movie based on the book, so I'm going to see if they have it for rent at J&R.

I picked up tickets to a concert on August 11th. My seemingly-free August is now getting busier and busier, so I don't know if my roadtrip plans will come to fruition. We'll see...

And hi, whoever is using the lame CrushLink site to tell me that they have a crush on me - get over yourself and just tell me. I think that everyone I have a crush on already knows it (excepting of course Derek Jeter, as we haven't been in the same room yet), and I don't feel like using some anonymous website for telling anyone else. So if that's you, just email me.

We got in!

First things first - cute and smart guy from the morning = straight, he was there on the cancellation line with a girl. Encouraging! Although did I go say hi? No, I'm an idiot.

After a diasastrous subway trip up (hate the new BDFQ line changes), I met Missy at the Delacorte, and we got on the cancellation line just before 6.30pm. Since I had the voucher from the morning, we were on the 'numbered' line, which is given the first tickets. After the 50 vouchers are used us, the non-numbered people get their chance. So we were number 32, and didn't think we'd have much of a chance getting in. We talked with some of the people I had waited with in the morning, comparing numbers etc. The ticket guy came out at 6.45pm and started calling numbers. They had tickets for people 1-16. Not too bad. He came out again 15 minutes later and had tickets for 17-32 - so we got the last set of tickets for that group. Very cool! Had time to go get some food and drink and play a little celeb spotting (saw Art Garfunkel, who I always see in the park, and Adolph Green (Bells are Ringing) and his wife Phyllis Newman - they came over and sat on the bench that we were eating on, but I didn't bother to say "hi" to Mr. Green, although we briefly met at the Bells recording session, I didn't think he would remember me). And then we were in - our seats were near where my Measure for Measure seats were, up in the back, but there really isn't a bad seat in the house.

I did The Seagull in college - where, frankly, we didn't have all that many standout performances. But what I really remember about the play is the opening:

Medvedenko: Masha, why do you always wear black?
Masha: I'm in mourning for my life.
And the costume designer in college put Masha in navy blue. Glad to see that that was fixed last night.

So the production was good. I must say that Bob Crowley rules my world - the set he created is stunningly beautiful. The house announcement, reminding people to turn off phones, also included the line that it was alright to open candies and wrappers as "no one will hear them anyway" and that we should imagine ourselves in "Russia, 1896. Imagine you're at an outdoor theatre, directly in the flight path of the Smolensk [or wherever] airport" - one of the problems with the Delacorte is that it's often crossed by planes during the shows.

This is one of the most-wanted tickets for the summer, as the cast includes Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Natalie Portman, John Goodman, Marcia Gay Harden and Christopher Walken. And let me tell you, these people are not stars just because of some good PR. These are actors. And I know a lot of actors, but the cast of the show last night has so much solid talent that it blew me away. Amazing. You can really tell what "star quality" is. The play, too, deals with fame and talent and art and theatre, good choice - it's one of the few plays that was NOT done in the Chekhov Now festival. So glad we got in.

If you have a spare morning to wait for tickets, I highly recommend you do it.

By the end of the last scene (the ending is good, the scenes before it I thought dragged), I was so tired, having been up since Monday night. I just wanted to come home and sleep. We had to wait for about 20 minutes for a C train, and the platform was so crowded with people who had just seen the show, so it was a very noisy platform. And very noisy train. A guy got on and started to sing (loudly, off-key) "When the Saints Go Marching In" - first just singing, then with clapping, and then with a tambourine. I just wanted to smack him - the tiredness and crankiness were at an all-time high. And we were stuck between stations - the trip just took forever. There were some really annoying women across the train from us, and Missy and I just exchanged glances and remarked that most women are frustratingly annoying. I really don't know what men see in women, because the majority of them are... well, I don't know what they are, but they aren't women I would want to hang out with. Conversely, I don't know what some women see in a lot of men. Before I write about the annoying people in front of us at The Seagull, I have to say that it took us an hour to get home, and I fell asleep about five minutes after that.

So the people in front of us were also annoying. They spent the first act eating loudly, during the show. The man (boy!) in front of Missy had a bottle of water that he would drink by lifting his arm way up over his head, blocking her view. And they spent the intermission talking (very seriously, not in any kind of joking way) about the decline of the Hamptons. I noted that while I have a lot of friends who claim to be pretentious, it's really not something you can label yourself as. I think pretention coes from taking yourself too seriously - the rest is posing or knowingly putting on airs. But these people last night... that was some serious pretention. The girl behind me was too much, too - I don't think she knew the play at all, so every time there was a line that could be considered shocking ("I wish I had never met you", "Konstantin has shot himself" - whoops, I just spoiled the ending), this girl would gasp loudly. It got old real fast.

Speaking of Chekhov, Adam has jury duty today, so he called and we might grab lunch if they break for long enough. Missy was supposed to have it next week, but she got a job that starts on this coming Monday (yay! It's with Creative Bubble, a video editing company, which is a nice change - they're going to have her do miscellaneous office stuff and then train her on the equipment with the hope that she'll pick it up and they can move her to a better position, startup tho so I'm a bit worried) and called jury duty to have it postponed until the fall.

I was supposed to go in and work with Steve on some scanning work at the law firm, but when I called at 9am and asked if I could come in later than 10am, as I am still very tired, he said that they weren't set up to do the work today and that it would be OK if I stayed home. That's super, as I am still tired.

11am now and I should go shower and stuff.

Ladies! Go look at Jesse's pictures of Coney Island. Just to remind you, he's cute, he's talented, and he knows how to convert mb to gigs. And he owns his own apartment!

There is an entire article in this month's Rolling Stone (yes, it has NSync on the cover, but we subscribe anyway) about the "Geek-o Challenge" - a game very similar to the fictional one depicted in Midnight Madness - one of my favorite 80's movies.

Today I am practicing random acts of kindness, and reciprocating the fact that people have bought me stuff by buying stuff for my friends. Friends who have wish lists set up, that is.

OK, now it's actually daytime - 2pm in fact. I did indeed stay up, couldn't sleep. Took a shower at 6am and went up to Central Park. Where, at 7.15am, I was NOT anywhere near the first person in line for tickets. The first people got there at 5am. I was about 200 people back, and they started telling people who arrived after 8am to just go home.

So I waited, and read, and waited, and napped, and waited. Chatted with the people in our group, who were all very cool. Very cute guy who reminded me of Kenny 20 years ago (if I had known him), but my gaydar is off so I couldn't pick up any vibes. Nice to have something to fantasize about tho, if only for the morning. I should have introduced mtself at some point during the morning. Or on the wait for tickets in line. Or as we were getting the cancellation vouchers. Ah well, perhaps he will be there tonight.

Anyway, we get in line. The line moves. And right as our group is approaching the front, they announce that they're sold out. Ugh! But the next 50 people in line got cancellation vouchers so we can cut to the front of the 6.30pm cancellation line tonight. So Missy and I are going to do that but there's no guarantee that we'll get in - which sucks! If we don't get in, I'm going to back on Friday for the Friday night show... I'll just have to get there earlier. Shades of the Rent line. But first we'll see how things go tonight.

It's a good thing I have a lot of free time on my hands!

While I was waiting, I got a call from a company that received my resume, and had a position that I would be perfect for - agency company, dir of tech for overseeing IT staff, NT rollout etc. The guy I talked to said he would let HR know that I was interested and they would call me. But when I got home and checked my mail, there was an email from him saying that HR filled the position yesterday. Distressing!

But first, another shower and then more caffeine.

so much later on 7/23/01 that it could conceivably be 7/24/01
It's after 4am - nearly 5am - and I just cannot fall asleep. I hate that. I'm wired on caffeine or something. So I've decided that the only thing to do is stay up until 6am, take a shower, and go to Central Park and wait for tickets for the first preview of The Seagull. And then sleep until the show. It's a good thing I don't have a job to interfere with all of this!

I guess since I'm up, I can write about the rest of my day, which was fairly uneventful. Missy's back from PA, and we watched the dead people show tape from last night. Love that show. And we just sort of vegged out in the air conditioning all evening. I'm in full-on video-copying mode (don't ask, it isn't legal) so I'm tying up the VCR. In fact, I changed tapes at 3.30am because I just cannot fall asleep. I'll flip again at 6 before hopping in the shower. Anyway, uneventful rest of day, I guess, so there isn't too much to write about. TV, VCR, ate popsicles and pasta. Ramen, actually, which had been sitting in the cabinet for easily six months. Oh, I changed the litterbox and swept the kitchen floor. Played with the Microsoft Word numbering thingamajig. Froze more popsicles. Bought jelly and milk. Made plans with my financial advisor over at Merrill Lynch to get dinner on Wednesday, at some restaurant he knows on Mulberry Street. A neighborhood I always get lost in. I finished reading The Season, a book by William Goldman (who I love) about the 1967-68 Broadway season - a pretty dismal season if you ask me. But it's a great read, especially to look at the names of producers and directors and writers and actors who are still working today. When Hal Prince was just starting out. When the top ticket price was $7.00. When "the homosexuals" didn't announce themselves as such. Very entertaining read.

I'm listening to The Last Five Years (don't ask, it isn't legal) and I can't get it out of my head. Such a beautiful show. So glad we went to Chicago to see it. I have it on repeat in the minidisc player.

I harrassed my evil Canadian twin tonight, too. She commented that she had gotten a grade of 71 on a test (she's back-to-school, which is super), but I reminded her that if she converts that to American, it's a 100. Hee.

OK, sun coming up.

It is so hot and humid out today, so what did I spend the day doing? Why, I spent it outside, going to the law firm, coming home two hours later, going to the post office (twice!) and J&R for video tapes and mailing stuff, and going to the grocery store. Ugh. Drippy sweaty me.

It's a shame that Amazon doesn't tell me who is sending things from my wish list - it's all anonymous. But it is the coolest feeling to get things in the mail. And thank you to whoever sent a camcorder tape - that is going to come in handy very quickly.

Passed on the Roundabout reading tonight - I am tied up with the VCR all day, so I opted to stay in instead of going out.

I'm waiting for the episode of Sex and the City where one of Carrie's boyfriends doesn't want to be written about in her newspaper column.

I really enjoyed Once on this Island - which I hadn't seen before. Totally enjoyable show, with a mostly strong cast. There was one actor - no names - who did a fine impression of Tony Manero in SNF, and his singing performance brought to mind the phrase, "Shhh, don't speak." Some people are better off silent. "Don't speak." But lovely show, great production all around, and it wiped out the laughable experience I had at J&H yesterday. Was the hair flipping scene meant to be humorous? I couldn't contain the laughter.

And there were no transportation issues today. Not for me, anyway - James somehow missed his train and managed to catch the PATH to Newark, getting there just in time for the show. He and I have the knack of getting to theatres right as the lights are dimming. We also have the knack of having things go wrong in the car. I was in Mom's car this past week and she mentioned that the catalytic converter was acting up - I told her that nothing will happen to it until I borrow the car to drive somewhere for a show.

Going to the law firm tomorrow, to play with formatting and write an invoice for the work I've done this past month. And then to a reading at the Roundabout with Steve after work, that'll be (hopefully) fun.

Jen's on her way to Atlanta (this is her crazy travel week, she gets home on Tuesday and then leaves for Vegas on Friday) and Missy's coming home tomorrow from PA. So the apartment is mine mine mine and I am basking in the silence by doing... nothing. Love it.

Fun with math, by stupid people:

ings0c (11:21:57 PM): i am dumb
ings0c (11:22:02 PM): how big is 16000mb?
ings0c (11:22:11 PM): is that 16 gig?
Catherine62874 (11:23:09 PM): i don't know... 
ings0c (11:23:14 PM): damn
Catherine62874 (11:23:26 PM): a gig is a 1000 meg
ings0c (11:23:31 PM): ok
Catherine62874 (11:23:32 PM): so it's 1.6 gigs
ings0c (11:23:33 PM): i'm not dumb.
Catherine62874 (11:23:34 PM): right?
ings0c (11:23:36 PM): wait.
ings0c (11:23:38 PM): no.
Catherine62874 (11:23:42 PM): what?
ings0c (11:23:45 PM): 16*1000 = 16,000
ings0c (11:23:48 PM): so it's 16 gigs.
Catherine62874 (11:23:52 PM): no!
Catherine62874 (11:23:55 PM): 1600 megs
Catherine62874 (11:23:58 PM): not 16000
ings0c (11:24:02 PM): 16000 megs.
ings0c (11:24:04 PM): 16000 mb
Catherine62874 (11:24:06 PM): oh
Catherine62874 (11:24:07 PM): i read that wrong
Catherine62874 (11:24:09 PM): i'm dumb


much, much later on 7/21/01
I have the best friends in the world.

I can sum up the first part of my day as such: woke up tired, took train to LI, had to sit next to rather annoying stereotypical LI women on train, saw bad theatre, had great sushi with Kim. The next part was not as amusing - so I'm in Northport, waiting for the train to the city. And it's late. And then they start making announcements that due to something or another, the train is going to be delayed more. And then another that the train isn't coming, and they're going to send buses in another half hour or so to Huntington (where one can presumably get a train to the city). By this time it's almost 10pm (the train was due to leave at 9.15pm) and I'm annoyed. So I call Jen to see if she's still on LI (she was at Dona's today) and she and Dona immediately jumped in the car and drove a half hour out to Northport to pick me up. I love my friends.

Of course then Jen and I, after driving back to the city, had to wait 20 minutes for a train and it was a local, which does us no good, so we took it to Chambers Street and then had to wait another fifteen minutes for an express... my entire evening has been spent waiting for trains. Where I should have been home by 10.30, it's nearly 1am now.

All I want is a back rub and some quality sleep.

Happy Birthday, Adam!

I am so tired - I just couldn't fall asleep last night. It was 2am and Jen and I were trying to find Guam on the map. I thought it was somewhere near Puerto Rico, and she thought it was near Vietnam. She was closer.

Just remember - I'm the one who couldn't find Utah on a map (but I can argue with you for an hour about the best way to get from Columbus Circle to the Holland Tunnel at 4pm on the Friday before a holiday weekend).

Anyway, off to Long Island.

"Sure, beauty has the power to excite men. But so does a box of donuts."

So I've moved on from Here Comes the Bride - which was a super book for the most part. Now I'm in the middle of reading Kiss My Tiara, a book that my friend Susan recommended to me, and that someone I don't know bought for me (from my wish list!). It's incredibly funny and has me laughing out loud and doing that funny nodding in recognition thing that I hate, but I just can't help it. Very funny book.

Jen, Dona and I had dinner at Wai? (which I thought was on 2nd Avenue, but isn't) - they make really good mostly-healthy food (I had the shrimp dumplings and a chicken salad sandwich), and then went to see the movie of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I had seen the show only once, near the end of the run, and that's a shame, because it was a really interesting show and I wish I'd seen it more often. The movie is really well done, a good adaptation. I only hope the Rent movie is half as good. Someone I know has the script and said it's excellent... I'm waiting for him/her/it/them to make me a copy.

I played with the combination of VCR and minidisc player today to put some tunes on disc, finally.

And tomorrow I am off to somewhere-on-Long-Island to see (ugh) J&H as a favor to my friend Kim. If I think of it as a comedy, I'm sure it'll be palatable. I think I can safely say that J&H will NOT join the small list of shows that I found painful to sit through once, and then changed my mind about later on. Well, I never did sit through all of it to begin with - it's the first show that I walked out of at intermission (the others being the Papermill Carousel and the second time I went to Time and Again, and I've been tempted at other times, countless times).

There's been a complete lack of things to really rant about or write about in depth lately. That's worrying me a little, but I'm sure the words will return.

Well, I really liked George Gershwin Alone - it was simply entertaining.

And I liked the video of Parade marginally better than I liked seeing the actual show back in 1998. Probably because I know the score so much better now. But something about it still doesn't sit well with me. (Jen's only comment: "How was the horrible come up to my office song? Ugh." We did not love this show.) I do love the Lincoln Center library's camera setup... they did Parade with a three-camera setup, and it's filmed beautifully. They were taping Gershwin tonight when we were there, making it the third show of late where I've been in the audience during the official taping. They tape in Betamax, so even if I could find a way to remove tapes from the library (not that I would!), I couldn't play them.

I'm going to hit the law firm on Monday instead of tomorrow to study, which means that I have a day off tomorrow with nothing to do. Lovely!

Oh and to update quickly, I have not had a cigarette since whenever David's party was, sometime last month. And I do not crave them at all, in fact the smell drives me crazy these days. Nothing worse than a reformed sinner.

Anyway, I'm tired and my head aches. Time to add things to my wish list and then go to sleep.

I nearly forgot the date, that's how relaxed I am! I was just commenting that I didn't have a very exciting time away from the city, so I have nothing to really update here. I baked by the lake yesterday and this time, I remembered to slather on the sunscreen, so my skin didn't burn. And Mom let me borrow the car to tool around in (to the lake and back, to pick up her best friend in Milltown, to put gas in etc), which was fun, as I miss driving. And love it. I am so tempted to go roadtrip somewhere now... perhaps once I pass the word processing test and have tentative job lined up, I'll take a trip for a few weeks again. That'd be great.

I was looking at the map (I have a map of the country with big red X's on the cities that I've stayed in) and I think if I roadtrip, it'll be south and west. Mom suggested that I go and visit Uncle Bob in Dallas, and my cousin Donny (whom I've never met!) in Oklahoma, where he is a born-again something or other. So from looking at the map, I could do a drive from here to LA, one-way, hitting Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Albequerque, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or LA and then fly home. Should be about twelve days and a lot of fun. I'll have to see how the law firm thing goes and figure out when I can do it - I have no plans in August except for buying tickets to Thou Shalt Not and hopefully The Last Five Years when Lincoln Center tickets go on sale on the 20th (for members, I am hitting up all of my LCT member friends) or the 26th (for the peons, like me). Hrm. Must rent car with air conditioning and enough horsepower to get over mountains this time.

Of course, doing a one-way car rental may be a headache. Must investigate.

We drove down to Delicious Orchards, a store full of cheap, fresh and healthy fruits and veggies and bakery items. I came home with bread, peaches, strawberries, nuts, applesauce cake and Honeycombs (whoops, those were from the grocery store). Jen and I have already polished off most of the cake. I also picked up sundried tomatoes, in the hopes of finding someone to cook something with them for me. Or else I will eat them plain, yum.

Tomorrow I'm seeing the video of Parade at Lincoln Center, and I told my friend Kim that I would see J&H with her on Long Island on Saturday. Ah, if only someone were doing LaChiusa's Wild Party nearby, that would just round out my week!

Also going to catch George Gershwin Alone with Michael tomorrow night, before it closes this weekend - it's one of the few shows this season that I haven't seen yet. And Sunday is Once on This Island in Newark. Busy weekend... I also need to get into the law firm on Friday to go over Word Perfect formatting stuff with Dorothy so I can retake that test next week, and call my recruiters and call Jason Marshall about going to NJ for Kati's engagement party (I am not bringing gifts) on the 29th.

I bought Cosmo for insipid beach reading (because I need another article on how to turn my man into a raging animal!), and on page 104 is a question about using work computers for personal business, and the "expert" that they quote in the answer is Eddie Hartman! What a small world! I immediately sent him an email to thank him for his expert advice.

Happy Monday! I was legal secretary all day, and now I have nothing to do until Thursday! I'm going back to the lake! I'm reachable by cellfone and (somewhat) by email, but I plan to do nothing until Thursday, and I plan to do it in NJ.

later on 7/15/01
In between discussing marriage (pros, cons and legalities) with Jonathan and listening to Jen defrost the refridgerator, I am creating a wish list on, which I will keep updated so when people are in the mood to buy me presents, it'll be easy. Since I am not going to get married (and you can read all about why not here), this is sort of like a registry. Why should we only honor those who are entering a (possible) monogamous heterosexual relationship with gifts? What about those of us who have varied and multiple relationships of differing sorts, those who have roommates and cats and date more than one person and blah blah blah I'm starting to sound like the author! Not that that's bad, but it just shows how the book has stuck with me. I just lent it to Missy, she's going to take it home with her next week when she goes to PA to read. So good.

Anyway, wish list. Buy me things ;-)

Brooklyn is pretty! At least the part near Prospect Park, where I was today, is. I've been to Brooklyn very few times in my life. Eve used to live there - her parents had an apartment in Brooklyn Heights (Nevins Street?) when she was finishing up HS and I was living with Dad, so we used to hang out at her apartment or she would come to the city. And I dated someone a few years ago who lived in Boerum Hill (the A train to some stop whose name I couldn't pronounce), so I used to spend infrequent nights there (infrequent because work schedule + commute = not much fun in the mornings) and once spent an entire weekend there in bed. Can't say that I saw too much of the neighborhood. And of course, James and I drove through Brooklyn on the way to NJ once. Singing songs from Saturday Night Fever all the way there.

But I had never been to Park Slope or Prospect Park, so that was today's adventure. It started with me missing the Grand Army Plaza subway stop - no idea how that happened, but I was so engrossed in my book (Clive Cussler, an old one) that I must've just sailed past it, and didn't notice until we were a few stops gone... so I got out and went down the stairs to the Manhattan-bound platform and waited (and waited and waited) for a 3 train to come back again. Finally one came and I got off at the right shop. And Dave was right, the part of the park where they were doing the show really is a fifteen minute walk from the station. And if I didn't see other park-goers with blankets etc, I wouldn't have known which way to go upon exiting the subway station. But I followed some people and found Prospect Park West, and from there I was able to find the park entrance and they had scrawled big chalk arrows on the ground so I found the Tennis House alright. Said hi to Dave and Adam and Amalie and Peter and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Some parts of it dragged, and they had split up the three different areas of the show between three directors and it showed. Not that it was bad, but you could see the disparate directing styles within the piece. But I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend that if anyone is in Brooklyn or near it or has any desire to spend a nice afternoon in a lovely park, go check it out. They're running until August 12th, I'll probably see it again.

And I made it home with no problem.

Saturday night and home again... a day at the lake was exactly what I needed, and I should do that more often. Cheesequake is the state park about five minutes from Mom's, and they have a super lake and small beach and snack bar and not too many screaming kids. And it was the perfect day for baking in the sun - I am all pink except for where I sunscreened my tattoos (and face) and it feels great. And it was nice to get out of the city overnight and go to IHOP and barbeque outside and visit Sam, the anti-social cat.

And now I'm back in the city and have done laundry and read more of The Cider House Rules on the deck (finished the "marriage is bad" book and really enjoyed it. Would have enjoyed more if the author weren't so blunt in her statements and if she had gone into more detail on other types of relationships that are supportive and accepted, but whatever!) and had the cats out there wandering around with me. They love the deck, too. Mimi especially loves chewing on the grassy plant that our neighbor has growing, so I have to keep an eye on her. But mostly they just like having somewhere other than our two rooms to explore.

Missy's job hunt is going well, and yesterday was her last day at Classic Stage. She has a bunch of interviews set up and it looks promising, so that's good. I am enjoying my temping and my unemployment checks and my studying (right) for retaking the Word Perfect test. The more and more I look at tech jobs online, tho, the less I want another one. So we'll see how things go at the law firm and whatever happens, happens. As long as I'm paying the bills and am happy, that's really what matters - I want to enjoy what's left of the summer.

Oh, and I was right - the Howard Rose who was listed in the program of The Last Session is indeed the person I remembered from high school - what a small world!

Time seems to have flown by and it's almost 1am now. I've been steadily reading Cider House and have less than a hundred pages to go, so I think I'm going to just stay up and finish it. Since I'm back in the city today, I'll try and go to Brooklyn tomorrow to see Adam's Midsummer.

So yes, we had a super time in Philly last night. The concert was well-done, the text nicely edited, and the cast strong - for the most part. The biggest issue was that the acoustics in the Mann Center are not the best, and we were sitting in the third row on the side, so it was kind of muffled for parts of the concert, but apart from that, it was a highly enjoyable night. Ran into Tim Dunleavy from r.a.t.m. there too, which was very cool. Wayne and I tried to re-cast some of the parts on the trip back (as it'll be done in DC next summer and he knows the conductor, so this is our chance to put in good singers ;-). I slept in the car for part of the trip back, because I was so tired. And then I slept until 10am today, right through my alarm clock.

And since it is so beautiful out and I have nothing to do, I'm going to Mom's to sit at the lake. Back tomorrow or Sunday morning!

later on 7/12/01
Home from Philly. Tired. Show good. Must sleep.

OK, I made it shopping, whew. Bought shoes and a few shirts and went to Macy's as well to use up the last of a gift certificate that Mom bought me about two years ago (see how often I go shopping?) to replace my Lancome face powder (I had bought another brand at Sephora but am just not happy with it, so now I have what I'm used to again and love it). And very soon I am off to meet Wayne and Steve and drive to Philly, yay.

Here is a blatant plug for the show that Adam Melnick directed and Dave Gochfeld is in:

Hey friends, it's the season once again for your favorite New York tradition, free Shakespeare in the park!

Come frolic with the fireflies on the great lawn at Prospect Park's picturesque Tennis House, while the Rude Mechanicals, the even ruder Fairies, and those wild and crazy Lovers, come together to present one of Shakespeare's greatest hits,

A Midsummer Night's Dream!

The LITE company does it again, with

                        and Spills!  

                                                and More Music!

Don't settle for less! Come early and often! Bring a blanket and take a nap! Bring a picnic and clean up your trash! Bring your friends! Bring your family! Bring your neighbors' kids! Bring your super! Bring your boss! Bring everybody you've ever met!

Guaranteed FUN for the whole family, or your money back!

Every Thursday and Friday evening at 7pm, and every Sunday at 2pm and 5pm, from now til August 12th! Don't miss it!

How do I get there, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you:

To get to Prospect Park (in Brooklyn): take the F train to 7th Avenue or the 2 or 3 to Grand Army Plaza. The F train is *significantly* closer. Allow for a 15 minute walk if you get out at Grand Army Plaza.

To get to the Tennis House, enter the Park at 9th Street and Prospect Park West, pass the bandshell on your right and cross the West Drive. The tennis house is that neo-classical pavilion you'll see behind a fence to your left.

They're super people, so go and see the show. I'm going to try and make it on Sunday if I don't get lost on the way to Brooklyn, and probably again next Thurs or Friday. I think Adam's a terrific director and Dave is... Dave. I've enjoyed everything I've seen him in. I forget what part he's playing this time around, but I saw him do Midsummer a few years ago as one of the Rude Mechanicals (I also forget which part exactly) and he was just super. LITE are the Chekhov people, in case you forgot. Great bunch. I'm really looking forward to the show.

Oh and to clarify from yesterday, it's not that I don't believe in love or true love or that one can find long-term companionship, it's that I don't believe in the institute of marriage as a measure of self-worth or as something to particularly aspire towards. It's not a marker of maturity, it's not necessarily a permanent commitment, and the traditions in which marriage is steeped do more harm than good to women. Read the book. It's so good.

Well, I really only wanted to work until 3 or 4pm today, so I could go over to Old Navy and Sketcher's to do some shopping (need shoes that aren't sandals!), but the lawyer I'm working for asked if I would stay later to help him finish up some timelines we've been doing, so I was there until 8pm. Tiring!

Pursuant (love the law firm) to reading an interview the author in Time Out, I picked up a copy of a book called Here Comes the Bride, which is a book against marriage. And no, it's not some angry bitter woman writing about how sad the single life is, but it's a straightforward look at the history of marriage and women's place in the whole shebang. And not only is is a celebration of staying single, but it's actually pointing out the downsides of marriage overall. I made it to page nine and fell in love with this book. It's refreshing to read something that actually takes thoughts I have and puts them into printed words. I have no desire to get married. I don't think you need to validate yourself socially and sexually in that way. If I have children, it'll be on my own anyway - I have never factored a husband into that equation. And frankly with the divorce rate so high and the thought of "lifelong fidelity" something I find unreal and the thought that a person isn't complete unless they've attained the socially accepted level of marriage, I just want to stay as far away from there as possible. So I am so happy to find this book that makes no excuses for a "spinster by choice" lifestyle. Read it - it will really shed some insight into what I'm thinking these days.

And frankly, I have never been happier than I am right now - well, regular sex would make things better (and if I may be blunt, my sex drive is back and I am much less depressed - with the blessing of my ob/gyn I am off the Pill for a while (after seven years on it) as it was driving my moods and sex drive into the ground and boy do I feel better!), but other than that, I have a great circle of friends and a busy and satisfying life. Love it.

Anyway, tomorrow I am off to Philly with Steve and Wayne (I am an honorary gay man, so I can make this trip) to see the concert of A Little Night Music at some outdoor concert-y thing, that'll be a lot of fun.

And right now I'm off to curl up on the couch and keep on reading this book!

Note that my non-passing of the Word Perfect test did not prevent me from spending seven hours with the litigation partner, retyping his notes, today. If I ever want to go to law school, this is a great intro to how things work. Well, this and jury duty and John Grisham books - what a great way to learn on the job.

Not that I want to go to law school.

Anyway, great day all around - I'm feeling super, the weather is gorgeous, the apartment is air-conditioned and I'm incredibly happy for no reason at all. Better than being miserable I suppose. Missy has a lead on a job, which is great. And while I was ticked at Village Ventures HR earlier for not signing me up properly for COBRA (so it lapsed!), I called them today and they were able to retroactively set me up. Unfortunately it means I have to write a big check this week to cover the last three months of insurance, but now I'm covered again so I can catch up on doctor and dentist appointments and not worry about getting the bills in the mail. Jeez.

OK, that was not a typing test, it was a Word Perfect test. Word Perfect, which I have not used since version 2.0 was a command-line only application. So needless to say, I am doing a crash course in Word Perfect and retaking the test next week. And continuing to consult in the meantime. I worked on Powerpoint docs all day with one of the partners and he said I made his life so much easier. Which really is gratifying to hear - I am used to working in a service industry and really do like to make people's lives easier. And I do not mind consulting ($). Tomorrow I'm working all day as uber-yet-non-Word Perfect-using legal secretary, and at 6pm I turn into magical tech goddess to work another few hours on the new machine build. I will be dead tired at the end of the day, but my rent will be paid.

I went to see The Last Session with Michael tonight - my friends Gen and Barry are in it, Cas directed, Julie and Karen are working backstage - go see it, they're at the Wings theatre on Christopher Street for another week or so. Oh and Steve wrote it! So I flipped through the program and the first name in the "thank yous" is Howard Rose. So I went to Cas at intermission and asked if he was a sound guy, about 31, good looking with reddish blond hair... yup. I think I know him. If it's the guy I'm thinking of, he went to my high school but graduated a year before I started, so I knew him from a few summer productions that we both did crew for, and he taught me a lot (although he would probably not remember me from a hole in the wall, but whatever). So turns out that the Howard Rose in the program is a good friend of Karen, the stage manager, so I got his email address from her and dropped a note to see if he's the person I think he is. Really small world. And then on the subway platform I ran into Lisa from Funkytalk (my employee! my one employee!) and we chatted for a bit on the way downtown.

It's been a really good day, and now we are eating popsicles.

Although I did get a notice in the mail from Blue Cross (of Massachusetts, which is where Village Ventures has their insurance through) saying that my coverage was up - which is odd because I thought I was on COBRA, and that I need to call them to arrange coverage in my state. I am very confused about this - as far as I know, I'm covered no matter what, but I will call and find out what the deal is about continuing coverage. Emailed Village Ventures and am waiting to hear back.

Oh and to make it a better day, I heard from Eddie Hartman - he's alive and well in LA and is going to be doing an AIDS bike ride in Montana this fall, and I asked him to send me information about making a donation. It's something like 600 miles in seven days. I continue to be amazed.

later on 7/8/01
Chaucer in Rome was super - I really enjoyed it. I really thought one of the actors was fantastic - Bruce Norris - and I spent most of the show thinking I had seen him in something else, but I didn't recognize any of his credits as things I may have seen. He was super, tho. And Lee Wilkof was great, too, got lots of exit applause after his first exit. And I got to meet new friend Bruce from Talkin' Broadway. We had a terrific time and really hit it off - now if only I could hit if off with straight, single, theatreloving male friends as well. But they don't seem to exist in my world. I went down to the St. James afterward but really didn't want to stick around until they posted an understudy board, so I came home after a quick stop at the Marriott restroom (cleanest bathroom in Times Square). Vegged on the couch with my book for a while, watched NY1, and then watched Sex and the City and Six Feet Under, the Sunday night ritual.

I think what I was trying to get at with the job thing is that I have the dilemna of do I want a job where I will have an impact on the company and actually be meaningful or important. Or do I want something nice and easy and non-stressful for a while. And I think I do want the latter, but I do not want to become unimportant in my work. Work has been such a big part of my life for so long - this is the first time I've ever been not-working for longer than a month and not had something solid lined up. So I don't want to be bored at a job. However, these days, a job is a job and it will support my out-of-work lifestyle, which is more than a lot of people can say.

I suppose I should really worry about all of this if an offer is actually extended, heh.

Love Six Feet Under - it is such a compelling show, and always leaves me wanting more. Kind of like eating at Nobu. Peter owes me dinner there, he lost a bet we made last month. However, it'll have to wait until he's back from his trip around the world (or to Japan or Tibet or wherever he went with the money he made from selling the Geek Factory) - I told him to make the reservation before leaving tomorrow morning.

Perhaps it is too much to ask, but I'm the kind of person who will send thankyou notes for events, or birthday cards to people I have passing acquaintances with. And at the very least, I'll followup on a date with a thankyou call or email and some expectation of acknowledgement - or heaven forbid, an expectation that said date will write or call unprompted. Is that beyond the boundry of politeness? Do I ask too much? Am I ranting again? I am ranting again. This is one of the reasons that casual dating is beyond my comprehension sometimes. I don't know how to be that casual anymore. And it's not like I'm angry about this happening (or not happening - what it is is that I have not heard back from friend with whom I spent incredibly wonderful night last week, although I sent thanks-we-should-do-this-again email on Tues and another email on Fri, tho he may be away for the weekend), I'm just incredibly confused and should probably forget it. I am not going to lower my expectations. OK, end of rant, I feel better.

The theme on SatC tonight was "forgive and forget". My theme is "forgive but never forget" - which oddly enough is what's engraved on every Holocaust memorial in the world. In whatever language of the country in which the memorial is - in Paris, it reads: "Pardonne, n'oubliez pas" - that's beautiful.

Jonathan has something about having people pose with his sign - so here is the latest pic of me with it, scroll down to the bottom of the page. It was taken on Canal Street near the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge. In cleaning my closet, I really should have tossed out a few of my older sundresses - I know I wrote this last year, too, but in some of them I feel like I've grown six inches overnight, check out the legs in that picture. But then I walk around and there are people wearing things that are much shorter, so I don't feel so bad about showing a little skin.

Off to Chaucer in Rome today - a new play by John Guare, and it's sort of a sequel to House of Blue Leaves, which was the first play I worked on in high school (Russ Schweidel played Ron). And then I'm going to run by The Producers to see if Nathan Lane is out as rumored (of the show, not the closet), as I am itching to see the understudy go on. He probably won't be, but I'm setting the VCR for SATC and the dead people show just in case I'm not home in time.

It is so beautiful outside. Jonathan and I spent the afternoon walking around Soho and Nolita and other neighborhoods with acronyms. I was on a quest to price shelving units for the kitchen, so I was in and out of restaurant supply stores on the Bowery - found exactly what we're looking for, so I just have to measure the kitchen again for shelf depth and let Jen and Missy know that we are not going to break the bank on this one. Also picked up some shoes in Chinatown and a summer-y shoulder bag, so I don't have to carry my (real, sample sale) Kate Spade bag all over and break the straps again. Love Chinatown, we walked all through the Pearl River market (where they have slinky Chinese dresses that would be suitable for subservient secretary-type) and through a few food stores where I didn't recognize anything and through the street fair on Mulberry Street - is it always that crowded or is something going on? People annoy me sometimes - especially tourist people. Especially when it's really hot and humid out. Anyway, all of Soho and Nolita is very gentrified and a lot more expensive than it used to be, but that's OK if all you're doing is browsing. Found a store that sells Dosa clothes - I gaped at how expensive it really is - I have two Dosa pieces but bought them at a sample sale this winter... could never afford them in the stores!

I ran by Dad's on the way home to drop off the DVD's I had borrowed last week and to pick up the new ones he bought, and have already watched the Castaway extras.

I wonder if working in such a corporate (albeit casual) place such as a law firm will change me into someone more normal-seeming. As opposed to the slightly oddball person that I am now, who hangs out in theatres and climbs pipes and reads too much and does non-girly things and plays with power tools. I do not want to become ordinary (or worse, annoying manicure-getting, matching purse and shoes) corporate drone person. You know what I mean. Person-who-works-in-law-firm is different than person-who-runs-tech-dept-for-startup. Heck, I don't know what I mean! It feels much less important in the grand scheme of things... but whatever, a job is a job and I can't afford to be picky, plus I really enjoy the work and the people and isn't that what matters?

What I learned today: there is a pond in the community garden at Houston and Bowery that has turtles and carp. One of the turtles used to belong to Jon's friend Dori, who gave it to the garden people when she moved.

And now I'm just waiting for Ari to come by so we can veg on the couch and watch videos all evening... it's been a pretty perfect day.

Happy Friday - and an apartment all to myself this weekend! Yay!

So on Monday I'm going to take the "typing test" at the law firm, which is the required thing for legal secretaries to take... I have no doubt that I will pass. And hopefully a fulltime offer will materialize after that. Not sure if it'll be fulltime as a secretary or as a "floater" yet, or what the money will be, but we shall see... fingers crossed. In any case, an offer will mean steady income of sorts, and I'll hopefully be able to pick up overtime and some extra by still doing network work, too.

Steve and I saw Woman in Black tonight - a thriller that did not thrill me, a scary play that did not scare me, a drama that wasn't that dramatic. It was not the best thing I've seen.

This is a weekend of doing nothing - I have no plans whatsoever. I'm going to try and get up to the Bowery tomorrow to find metal shelving for the kitchen (we know what we want, we just haven't found or priced it yet), and enjoy the quiet around the apartment. Sit on the deck. Catch up on my reading. Go over and borrow the Castaway DVD from Dad so I can watch the extras (no point in buying it when all I want to do is watch the "making-of" bits).

I have these four big plastic bins full of Playbills (from my twenty or so years of theatregoing, plus ones I've picked up from flea markets, library sales and trash cans in Times Square). They live on top of the bookcases in my bedroom (and are aptly labeled "PLAYBILLS" so as not to be confused with the bins of lighting equipment and paperwork folders). And every now and then I toss in the recent Playbills of what I've seen - I tend to keep the most recent month or so worth in a pile in the bookcase itself, until I get up the energy to take down the topmost bin and insert the Playbills into the plastic comic book covers I keep them in and put the bin back up. Anyway, I was feeling inspired tonight, and decided to finally clear out the duplicate ones etc. (do I really need 12 Will Rogers Follies Playbills from November of 1992? I thought not) - what a chore that was, but at least now instead of having three and a half bins full, I have two and three quarters full, so there is plenty of room left and I don't have to worry about where I will stash the next bin, as I will probably not fill up the other bin and a half before moving out of this apartment. I hope! So my hands are inkstained, the recycling bin is a lot more full, and I feel like I've accomplished something off my mental to-do list. I also cleaned out my closet (what is it with the cleaning thing!) and organized it by type of clothes - scary! So now all of the skirts are together, all of the sundresses are together, and all of the suits (well, I have one suit and some jackets) are in the back with my dressy dresses and winter coats.

I totally forgot to look for this in the print edition, but here is the Village Voice story that I was interviewed for this Spring.

Well, it's a good thing that Jen and I cancelled our "go to the lake in NJ" plans (due to anticipated and non-existant potential rainstorm), because I slept until after 2pm today. Had to catch up on missed sleep from Monday. Whew. I managed not to fall asleep during KMK last night, but was asleep before my head hit the pillow when I got home.

And today is the Fourth of July - I did nothing to celebrate, except watch the DVD extras from The Patriot. The packaging claims to have the "deleted scenes" on the DVD, but I was unable to find them anywhere in the menus. If anyone has an idea how to get to them, let me know. And Missy and I vegged on the couch and watched some really bad and incredibly cheesy shows on the Discovery Channel. A Wedding Story - which confirmed our love of singledom, and Trading Spaces - which confirmed our love of decorating our own apartment. Scary television day. And I watched this week's episode of Six Feet Under (aka "the dead people show"), which we love and missed on Sunday, so Jen taped it last night and I watched it today - right, said that already. Love that show. It's so warped.

And now - off to continue vegging on the couch with the remote, as fireworks will abound. Last year, I remember being able to hear the Seaport fireworks while watching the Macy's fireworks thing on TV. Very cool feeling.

I quit smoking five weeks ago, with only two slipups in there (the last of which was over two weeks ago) - now there's independance for you! I don't think I've been too stressed out lately, but then, I'm very bad at judging when I lash out at people in a stress-filled manner. But anyway, the last two days have been happily stress-free, and I love it.

I'm taking off from the law firm tomorrow as well - lunch with Adam planned for noon, and nothing for the rest of the day. Ah, summer.

Except for the getting up really early to go to the unemployment office (which was a waste of my time, really, what's the point), it has been a super day. Except for the morning thing, and the tired thing. Other than that, I'm having a happy day. Even tho Scott was late for meeting me to buy Kiss Me Kate tickets. Happy happy. Just have to stay awake through the show and then I can sleep until Friday.

Happy birthday Miss Dona!

So I (nearly) accomplished everything I needed to today. I left the law firm with work to continue tomorrow, which is a nice thing. Steve thinks they may offer me a position as a "floater" - half tech staff, half legal secretary, so I could use all of my skills. That would be terrific, and I wouldn't get bored at all, I don't think. I spent today doing Powerpoint for one of the partners (and IM'ing Dona for help when I got stuck, as she is the Powerpoint queen). And after work (God, I hope it really is work soon), I went up to Serendipity for Dona's birthday dinner, and we all did enjoy some frozen hot chocolate - that stuff is good. We were out of there around 8.30pm, so I decided to stop off downtown on the way home and catch the end of the LITE Salon (Adam's theatre group's semi-monthly salon thing), but I walked in the door, and saw Adam and Dave who said it had just finished and I had missed it. Drat. But I got to talk to them and Amalie and Rachel (who's going to be a clown on a cruise ship for three months this summer) and Dan - these are the Chekhov people and I love them dearly. Adam and Dave and others are doing Midsummer Night's Dream in Prospect Park in a few weeks, I'm going to try and make it down there to see it.

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the unemployment office (on 125th Street!) at 9.30 in the morning! That is inhuman! And then I'm off to the law firm and then to Kiss Me Kate with Scott, Matthew and Michelle tomorrow night.

NOW it's July. And what a lovely Sunday it is. Missy's studying for her GRE's (and acing her practice tests left and right) and I am about to go out shopping and then later meet up with Jesse to go skating in the park. If it doesn't suddenly start to thunderstorm as expected.

A quick look at the numbers that shaped the first half of 2001, a year by which I fully expected to be married with a kid. Well, until I was about 20 I expected that.
Number of people living in this apartment: 3
Number of cats: 2
Number of states travelled through in a car this year: 13 (NY, NJ, PA, OH, IN, IL, WA, OR, ID, UT, AZ, NV, CA)
Number of trips to London taken this year: 2 (January and April)
Number of theatre performances I have seen so far: 87
Number of movies I have seen so far: less than 10
Number of months I have been unemployed: 4.5
Amount of weekly unemployment check, after taxes: $344.25

OK, that's not cheering me up much :-) Off to shop!

I am in the middle of reading Act One by Moss Hart - an autobiography that was highly raved about by everyone I know. And it's really really good so far. I also picked up The Gospel of Judas and a book about the history of the New Yorker, both of which jumped off the shelves at me and forced me to buy them. I did a lot of browsing today and ended up buying a pretty silk dress from J. Crew, which I will wear tomorrow (work! Dona's birthday celebration at Serendipity! The LITE Co. - one of the theatre groups I work with - Salon possibly after!). And I realized after I came home that I should have done by laundry before shopping, as I did it after and now somehow my white t-shirts are now pink (ugh) and need replacing from Old Navy. Must get back there this week.

And it's raining. Time to curl up on the couch with Act One and soon, Sex and the City.


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