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And back in the city! I think I aced the interview - the woman I spoke with was cool, and she and I really hit it off. We talked for about a half hour, about why I was changing careers, and I told her what qualities I could bring from my work experience into nursing etc. Anyway, the next step is to wait for my test results from last week, and then I should hear from the admissions office. Fingers crossed, but I don't think I'm going to have any problem getting into the school.

Heard from Josh - finally - back in Salt Lake. He apologized for being out of touch. I'm wary.

Today's apartment trauma. Apparently after I left yesterday, the toilet started running, so when Missy got home it had leaked. She mopped up and left a note for the super. So sometime today, someone came by and turned off the water to the toilet, but didn't fix it. So I called the super, and his wife said he was out of town, but someone would be by tomorrow morning to fix it, and in the meantime, we could use the toilet in one of the vacant apartments. This does not sit well with me, and I wonder how legal it would be to reduce our rent check by two days for having the bathroom unusable. Very frustrating, and just another thing I can't stand about our landlord.

I hadn't seen my ex-boyfriend-now-good-friend Chris in about three years, although we've kept in touch through email. So he emailed me last night to ask about getting together for a drink in Tribeca. Of course, I got the email at 8.45pm, and he said "How about 9pm at the Tribeca Bar and Grill?" so I dashed out of the apartment to run up there. And then Chris was late, so I sat there playing with my Palm Pilot. This crazy drunk guy, who we later found out was a regular there, came over and started bothering me, and luckily Chris showed up just about then. Once we realized it had seriously been three years since we'd last seen each other, we started catching up and pretty soon it was 3am and our bar tab was outrageous. I didn't feel like taking a cab or the subway, so I crashed at Chris's apartment in Soho (a short walk from the bar) with his overfriendly cats, who make Mimi and Pixel look anti-social. They're adorable, but they kept walking on me and trying to bite my nose.

I came home this morning around 9am, as Chris had to go to work (I'm amazed I was coherent enough to put my shoes on and get to the subway) and fell back asleep until 1pm. Haven't had a late night like that in forever. We definitely need to hang out more, but not that late at night - yikes.

Tonight I'm heading to NJ - tomorrow morning is my personal interview with the nursing school. I have to find my suit!

I was woken up at 8am this morning by three loud, metallic clangs that sounded like explosions or things dropping or who knows what. It set me so on edge that I couldn't fall back asleep and so I just lay in bed, all tense, until after Missy went to work, and I've been up ever since. I think it woke up the entire building because I heard windows sliding open all throughout the "courtyard" part of the building. Scared the crap out of me.

It's another 60 degree day, love it. I traded in my winter coat for my leather jacket when I went out to do errands earlier.

This guy called, doing some medical study about NY residents and September 11th, so I spent twenty minutes on the phone, answering his questions about health, anxiety and smoking and drinking. That was entertaining.

I think I'm just scared to fall asleep downtown. I was up til 5am last night, and slept til 2pm today. Whenever I'm in NJ or sleeping somewhere else in the city, I have no problems falling asleep, but I can't do it in this apartment. I really need to start taking the Hydroxizine again or something.

And it's 60 degrees out - it's like spring! It's supposed to go back to 40 later this week, but still, that's mighty warm for the end of January.

Oh man, my sleeping cycle is all off again. I've been unable to fall asleep until 3 or 4am, and then I sleep til 1pm. Not good! I stopped taking the sleeping pills I have, so maybe I should start again, just so I can fall asleep at normal hours.

Jen's best friend Hope came to town yesterday - she's very cool, but quiet. We all (me, Jen, Hope, Trish, Ngoc, Keith, Michelle) went to dinner yesterday, and I think we scared Hope to death. If that didn't do it, when we came home and watched the Robin Byrd show... that must've done it.

Tonight I had dinner with Kenny and Brian (the sound guy) at Virgil's - love their chicken sandwiches, and then Kenny and I walked around Bryant Park before he had to get back to the night show. And then I vegged out with Sex and the City - Steve AND Mr. Big! But I have to say, I don't like the turn the show is taking. It used to be a great show about four strong, single women in the city. And now they're all turning into a bunch of marriage-obsessed, whiny chicks. Especially Carrie, who used to be my favorite character of the bunch.

People who know me know that I have odd marriage views - I don't think that marriage necessarily guarantees fidelity or faithfulness, and I certainly don't think that because you get married, that you've validated your existence. It shouldn't make you less of a successful person if you choose not to marry. And I really don't think one should shill for gifts (think about it, showers, parties, wedding gifts) just because you're settling into a married relationship. As I told Mom, Jen, Missy and I have known each other for five years, and have lived together for three and a half. Yet no one buys us china, or asks if we're going to take our relationship to the "next step" or if I'm "the one" for them. But the relationship I have with them is stronger than most marriages I know, and longer lasting than any male-female relationship I've been in. But since it's not a "relationship" by societal standards, we don't reap any benefits.

Anyway, go read Jaclyn Geller's Here Comes the Bride, which is a terrific book, and one of the few books I've read where I agree completely with everything the author writes.

I think next month is the month where I need to start tapping my Merrill Lynch investments, so I can pay my rent and bills until July. Fun.

Marie's Crisis was fun, as always. Me, Matthew, Carolyn and Biff from r.a.t.m. went, and we ran into Bret, a friend of Michael Callery's, and my friend Jonathan, and my friend John from college, who I run into all over the city - it's a small world. We also met a very cool guy who works for the Actor's Fund, and hung out with Jim the piano player, after he was done playing. It's so fun to hang out there, you always meet the best people.

So we stayed until 12.30am or so, and then I hopped the train home. Cute guy on the platform, kind of a cross between Liev Schreiber and Craig Bierko (yum), and we talked for a few minutes about the lack of arriving trains, but that was all.

Today I'm just vegging out.

Jen found this B&B in a castle in Scotland and we're going to try and stay there. Mmm, castle.

I have my nursing school personal interview - the last part of the application process - next Thursday at 10am, so I'll head to NJ on Wednesday night and stay over again.

My Palm Pilot decided to crash this afternoon, I hate that. I'm re-sync'ing it now.

Today is a typically lazy day so far. I woke up at 9am, but went back to bed until 11am, when the phone rang to wake me up. Zombie that I am, I can't remember who it was. Later on in the day, I talked to Jason Marshall, who wanted to get the date of Peter's wedding, since he's going to try and make it out there, and then I checked with Peter to find out when the invitations are going out - in about two weeks, he said. And then I did my errands - went to the bank, had my brows waxed, picked up my film, and went to the post office. And now I'm just chilling until I go out to meet some people at Marie's Crisis tonight to sing showtunes. We will NOT be out until 4am this time.

Steve bought tickets to the Sondheim celebration at the Kennedy Center, which is cool, but I kind of wish he hadn't (and told him so) since Jen, Trisha, Ngoc and I were going to go together, and Matthew and James wanted to go as well. So I just sent them the dates and hopefully they'll come down on the same weekends so we can hang out. I have to email Kati with the dates as well, since I'm going to crash with her.

later on 1/24/02
I went up to Rent to surprise Kenny and go out for a drink - caught the last ten minutes or so of the show. I had the pictures of us with Joey Pants, so I showed them to Brian (the sound guy) while I was standing back there. We all went to 1-2-3 for a drink afterwards, and now I'm home and ready to fall back into bed.

And voila, a mere 24 hours later, I'm back in the city. I think I aced the nursing test, it wasn't challenging at all. The test scores will be back in about three weeks, and they get sent to me and to the school.

After the test, I drove by Matawan High School because I wanted to say hey to Mr. Beadle, who was the tech director of the theatre, as well as my biology teacher. For as much as he was a pain in the ass, he also taught me a lot about theatre and work ethics, and inspired me to study theatre in college. Unfortunately I got there before classes got out, so I couldn't immediately go and find him. I planned to go back at 2.15pm, after school, but when I got back to Mom's, I started reading my book and fell asleep on the couch, and didn't wake up until close to 3pm. I think I am "hypersomulent," to use a new word. I just sleep too much. But I enjoy it, and I'm still having the best Paxil-induced dreams.

So anyway, I slept, Mom got up, we had dinner, and now I'm back in the city. Mimi and Pixel are still in NJ, and still not getting along with Sam, Mom's cat. It's fun to watch them skulk around each other, especially at feeding time. Cats just crack me up.

Spent the night at Dave's, which is a situation that will not occur too frequently, as he's seeing someone who he's falling in love with. But she has some issues about the spending the night thing. He doesn't. I don't. But neither of us want to be involved again. But I will state for the record that we have the best time together, and he's amazing in bed. OK, next.

I'm heading to NJ tonight - tomorrow morning is my nursing school pre-assessment test in English and Math. It's at 8.30 in the morning, which doesn't thrill me at all. I have to figure out if I'm going to bring the kitties home with me tomorrow, or if they'll just stay in NJ, since Jen and I are leaving in a month, and then I'll be in Seattle in April, too.

Our trip is pulling together - we're going to stay with our friend Tim (from in London for the three nights we're there, and my friend Marie (who we hung out with in Dublin when we were there last year) said we can stay with her in Dublin for the two nights we'll be there. She lives conveniently close to the airport, and the bus to the city center leaves from across the street from her house. That's perfect! She and her husband are going to recommend some places to hang out on St. Patrick's Day in the city. I'm getting more and more excited about the trip. The only thing we have to figure out is renting cars for Ireland and Scotland, but that'll take some looking at the calendar to see how long we'll really need the car for.

And you know we are so excited because we have tickets to see Jude Law in Doctor Faustus in London. Trisha also called to tell us that Hayden Christensen (of the next Star Wars movie, Life as a House and Jen's underage fantasies) is doing a play at the same time that we're there, so we're trying to get tickets for that as well.

I made up a quiz about myself. Go see if you know me better than I know myself.

Missy had work trauma today, the upshot of which is that she unfortunately can't make it to England this spring. So Jen and I booked our trip - we got a $300 round trip fare to London, and internal flights between London and Glasgow, Glasgow and Dublin, and Dublin and London. How happy are we! We're going March 6th-19th, and now we just have to figure out how we're going to be in Killarney on St. Patrick's Day, in our favorite Irish pub, and back in Dublin for a noon flight the next morning - it's about a 5-6 hour drive. We may end up in Dublin for St. Pat's, which wouldn't kill us.

Very cool! Love Ryan Air and their cheap flights. I think our flight to Edinburgh is something like five pounds (seriously), and the most expensive flight that we booked is 40 Euros. We rule.

I also booked plane tickets for me and Dad to fly to Seattle in April for Peter's wedding. It's been a crazy travel planning day.

Oh and since it was miserable raining out, after chatting with Missy this morning, Jen and I walked over to Tea and Sympathy for tea and... well, scones. Yum.

So in New York, when someone says something to you on the street, you assume it's because you made eye contact for too long, or brushed them by accident. In New Orleans, everyone says "hello" and strikes up a conversation. It was pretty freaky for a day or so. But everyone - the hotel doormen, the cabbies, the streetcar drivers, the homeless men in front of Jackson Square, and of course, the cute boys who like to buy girls daquiris.

Missy and Jen flew down together on Jet Blue, and I flew Northwest (to use my free pass on them), so we met up in the New Orleans airport on Thursday afternoon and took a cab to our hotel on St. Charles - much nicer than we were anticipating, and two big double beds. We just chilled out for an hour or so, unpacked, caught our breath etc. Coming from the 35 degree weather in NY, the 70 degrees in LA was a nice change! We had left our winter gear in the city and just took leather jackets. Thursday night, we hopped the streetcar down to the French Quarter (my favorite part of New Orleans) and walked along the riverfront to find somewhere for dinner. We ended up at a pub called Coop's, on Decatur, and I had a super cajun chicken po'boy. We didn't want to stay up too late, since Missy had her grad school interview on Friday morning, and we were all tired from flying. We stopped in at Cafe du Monde (my favorite place in New Orleans) for beignets and hot chocolate before going back to the hotel. While we were there, the waitress (who loved to talk to us) said that just last week, Nicholas Cage was in there, because he's shooting a movie in the city.

So of course, after beignets, we walked up to Bourbon St. before catching the streetcar to the hotel, and there's Nicholas Cage, five feet from us, shooting a movie scene.

Ike Turner was staying at our hotel, too.

Friday, Missy went to her interviews at University of New Orleans, and Jen and I explored the city some more. I hadn't been to New Orleans in about six years, so it was really nice to go back - especially since the last time I was there, it was the middle of the summer and about 200 degrees and really humid. Wasn't that bad this time. Before we went exploring, I stopped at Walgreen's (drugstore) to buy some sinus pills, since I was quite the phlegm machine all weekend. Still am, must be a cold, since I'm stuffy and coughing all over. Anyway. I digress. Jen and I walked all over the French Quarter, looking at the old houses and the architecture. Absolutely beautiful day, we didn't need our jackets really at all. We did a lot of walking, and some shopping, and then hit Cafe du Monde again for beignets and hot chocolate. This will become a trend, you'll see. I could spend all day there. Missy called around 3.30pm to let us know she was done and heading back to the hotel, so we grabbed daquiris "to go" and went back to meet her. Waiting for the streetcar was like waiting for the A train in the middle of the night, it just took forever. But we finally got back to the hotel

Did I mention that New Orleans has open liquor laws? Every bar has "to go" cups so you can take your drinks with you. And they serve daquiris out of big slurpee machines. Love it.

We decided to splurge on dinner on Friday night, and eat somewhere swanky. I called Nola (one of Emeril's restaurants, but they were booked up until 10.30pm). So we decided to walk downtown and see if we could just walk in. And we did - no reservation needed, and we got a table for three. Near the kitchen, but whatever, it was the best meal I've had in a long time. And they have cute waiters. And the maitre'd came over and talked to us, and the waitress asked where I had my tattoos done. I tell you, everyone there likes to talk to you. I had the crabcakes appetizer and the prosciutto-wrapped salmon entree. Mmm.

After dinner and dessert, we met up with my email-friend John, who's a lawyer in New Orleans, at Pat O'Brien's, home of the Hurricane. He bought us drinks (we love John), and we stayed for a few hours there. His incredibly drunk and somewhat obnoxious roommate joined us for a bit, too, and suggested a lot of places we should check out - mostly in the vein of "chug that drink, we have to go to Lafitte's tonight and hear the piano player!" But we declined the drunken offer, and left at midnight to catch a cab to the hotel - Saturday was our planned touristy day.

We had planned to catch the 10.30am Lafayette Cemetery tour, which met at the cafe next to our hotel, but no one ever showed up for the tour - no guide, nothing! So that was a bust. Using our quick New Yorker thinking, we headed instead to the Anne Rice house - formerly St. Elizabeth's orphanage, for the 11am tour. Now that was a hoot. I've never read her books, I'm not a big goth/vampire fan, but the house tour was stunning. I had walked past the house last time I was there, but it wasn't open to the public then. So that was cool, if a bit morbid. The woman has something like 800 dolls in there. Anyway.

We left there around noon and took the streetcar back down St. Charles to the French Quarter, to get on the 1.15pm St. Louis cemetery tour instead. As soon as we set foot on Canal Street, it started to rain like crazy. Missy found a store that had umbrellas, and we stocked up (we have something like twelve umbrellas in our apartment now). They do the tours rain or shine, so we toughed it out and slogged through this amazing, above-ground cemetary in the rain and the mud. Since it was 70 when we left the hotel, none of us had jackets with us. What a pain. I was freezing. The tour finished at a "Voodoo temple," which was just bizarre and really did nothing for me. But I loved the cemetery part.

Handy New Orleans fact: most restaurants open for lunch, and then close, and then re-open for dinner. Good luck finding a place to eat around 3pm. We went to all of the lunch places that were recommended in the Quarter, but had no luck at all until we hit the Gumbo Shop on St. Peter, which was delicious. I had the chicken and sausage jambalaya, which had a nice but not-too-strong kick to it. So good. Afterwards, it was back to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and hot chocolate (see? trend). So good, and it really warmed us up.

Back to the hotel to change out of wet clothes and nap for a bit. I was so congested and stuffy that I didn't want to move, so after the nap, I told Jen and Missy to go out without me, and I took some cold pills and napped some more. Woke up after an hour and realized that it was stupid to stay in on our last night in town, so I called Jen and told her that I was catching a cab downtown to come have drinks with them. We met in front of St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, where we talked with two hilarious homeless men (one who asked Missy if she was a "Halo Girl," which he later explained to be "Hello" - some shampoo ad girl, and the other who claimed to have died twice and been resurrected, and pointed out that he was wearing a dead man's jacket). I'm glad that Jen and Missy came to meet me with banana daquiri in hand, I needed that.

Other strange people we were accosted by: the man in the car who wanted to show us his penis (and did), the guy who followed us down two blocks, and when we changed direction, shouted "I'm not following you, I'm just crossing the street," the homeless guy who said to us, "I may be dirty, but my heart is clean."

So Saturday night, we took our to-go daquiris and walked down Bourbon (a street I can handle only when it's empty, which is never) to Lafitte's, a 1722 blacksmith's cottage, which is now a dark, cozy bar with a fireplace and piano player. Good to get in from the cold. We met Billy, a half-Irish, half-Swedish cop from Chicago, who was there waiting for his roommate to show up. Anyone who introduces himself with "What're you girls drinking?" and buys a round is good by us. Billy was really cute until he mentioned that he was a conservative Republican (as if the Irish cop bit didn't give it away) and started talking about his love of John Ashcroft. At that, we excused ourselves by saying we had to get up early for the flight home.

Which was true.

And then we went down to the other end of Bourbon to the Old Absinthe House (where, contrary to what friend John's drunken roommate claimed, they do NOT serve genuine absinthe) to finish off our daquiris. Another really fun place, we enjoyed that. Around midnight again, we hailed a cab back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep. I had to get up at 6am to catch my shuttle to the airport, and Jen and Missy left at 9.

All in all, a super trip. It was so good to go back to New Orleans, I didn't get to do much socializing when I was there last time, so this was nice. There are some other places I'd like to go there, but I'll save those for the next trip.

Next trip: London and Scotland. Must plan!

Lazy lazy lazy. I feel like I'm sleeping all the time... and having the weirdest dreams still. Very strange. Tomorrow I have to get up at a reasonable hour, to do laundry and pack for New Orleans - we leave Thursday morning.

Missy picked up a book on New Orleans (the one I have is more history than things-to-do), so I skimmed that tonight. I've only been there once, about five or six years ago (seems like forever tho), so I can't wait to go back!

Jen and I started to look at the Scotland book again, too - me, her and Missy are planning a trip for March or April, depending on calendar timing etc. I can't wait to go, I've always wanted to go there, especially after seeing Ireland. And since the three of us kicked off our "living together" stint with a trip to London, this seems like the perfect way to wrap it all up after three years. How fun. But first we have this weekend's trip to do!

Today I sent in my nursing school application. All sent! And then we all had dinner for Michelle's birthday up at Dallas BBQ, which was fun. She has a thing about dry skin, so we all bought her little bottles of moisturizer, which will ensure that she has moist skin until 2010 or something around there. We also chipped in so she can buy a CD-burner.

I love my donut-shaped butt pillow.

My back was really bothering me last night, and I didn't sleep well at all. I slept most of the morning away today. Well, all of the morning and part of the early afternoon. Not terribly productive. In fact, all I did today was go to the bank to deposit some checks, and pick up milk and pasta at the store.

Oh, and I wrote my cover letter for my application to nursing school. Very cool. Now I have all of the application parts together, and I can get them sent in tomorrow. One step closer!

I just can't get used to writing "02" on things.

So where was I... NJ. New Jersey was fun, it was nice to go home and do absolutely nothing. I missed the kitties - as soon as I was home, Pixel and Mimi came running over to headbutt me (it's a good thing), and they both slept with me at night. Miss them. They're staying home until I'm back from New Orleans, that's this weekend's trip.

Last night, Matthew and I went to Marie's Crisis, a huge gay/piano bar where they sing showtunes all the time. The Fri/Sat night pianist, Dexter, is fantastic, and even I sang. And I can't sing! It was a complete blast, and we stayed until it closed at 4am. A very cute blond chick hit on me which was very flattering, and if I played on that team, I'd have gotten her number. Very cute. Great time.

Today was Fantasticks day - it closed after 42 years off-Broadway. Michael Callery had set up a group of folks to go to the matinee, and then Thad Noto, who's the son of the producer, got us a block of tickets for the evening show as well, so we saw both! The show isn't as fresh as it was when I saw it eight or nine years ago, but still enjoyable, and it'll be weird to not have it there anymore. 42 years. Wow. I met both Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, and got asked twice if I "was anybody famous" because I looked familiar. I think it was just the short skirt attracting attention - I wore the red dress and jacket that I bought in Paris. I love it.

OK, hungry. There was a party after the show, but they were holding it in the theatre itself, which got very crowded very quickly. They had food but I couldn't fight my way to the table, and we stayed for maybe twenty minutes and then left.

I'm off to NJ for a few days of R&R and seeing the cats, who I miss. Yay. Back Saturday.

How happy am I! Raul Esparza, who I adore, is going to star in Sunday in the Park With George (the show that is based on my Seurat tattoo) in DC! Love that show! Love him! Can't wait! He's also going to be the lead in Merrily We Roll Along, a flop Sondheim show, in the role that Lonny Price originated. How cool!

And Jesse's girlfriend is NOT English, I've been told - she's from the Isle of Long, right here in New York. We love ex-pats!

I met up with Dave Gochfeld for drinks tonight. We went to the Hat (El Sombrero) on the Lower East Side for dinner, and then to the bar next to Arlene's Grocery for drinks - I had never been there, but it was really cozy and not too crowded. I was going to spend the night, but as Dave and I used to date, and he's sort of starting to see someone, I couldn't. He's too comfortable for me to be around, and it would have been weird to stay. But it was so good to see him again, we really have a lot to talk about when we see each other, so that was nice, catching up. I've missed him.

Happy birthday, Mom! We're going to see The Full Monty next week to celebrate.

Well, the snow didn't stick, but it's freezing out.

I was going to go up to the Into the Woods press rehearsal this morning, but my back was really hurting, so I decided to skip it and get some more rest instead.

I think I'm going to go to NJ on Thursday and stay til Saturday or so. I miss the cats, and I want Mom to make me grilled cheese sandwiches in the way that only she can. I would go now, but I have plans to meet up with Dave Gochfeld tomorrow, who I haven't seen in ages. And Sunday is the closing of The Fantasticks - James and I are going to both shows that day.

How cute are Jesse and his English girlfriend?

So they have this observation deck thing down at the corner of Fulton and Broadway, down the street from us. And it's free to go and see the WTC etc. So starting tomorrow, they're going to try and control the crowds and lines by giving out time-stamped tickets. At the South Street Seaport, which is at the other end of Fulton Street. So now all the tourists are going to be flocking down our street to get from one area to the other. Great. Crowds.


Tailbone hurts! I called Dr. Stein and left him a message - just to let him know what had happened, and to find out when I should go in for a followup visit. Waiting to hear back.

And the party that Dona threw for The Amazing Race made it to the front page of Mighty Big TV today. How cool.

My ten year high school reunion is March 23rd. Kenny's going to come with me to lovely Freehold, to see all of the people I never thought I'd see again. It should be fun, and even if it's dull, there's a 4-hour open bar.

later on 1/6/02
I did break my tailbone (coccyx). Ow. Lovely X-rays showed it on a funky angle. There's no treatment other than rest, ice, and Motrin. I am so not amused.

As my friend Erin suggested tho, maybe I can take off work until it heals ;-)

So I think I broke my tailbone, if that's possible. But let me start at the beginning.

Missy and I decided to celebrate our day of studying (she for her retaking of the GRE, me for the math part of the nursing school pre-admission test) by going uptown to the Abbey Pub, where we used to hang out when we lived uptown. We hadn't been there in easily two years. So we got dressed and headed up there around 9pm or so, snagged a booth from the people who were leaving, and had drinks. Around 10pm, my friend Alison showed up (she's the one who I need to match paint swatches to, I love her walls) and drank with us. She and Missy really hit it off which was very cool, I thought they would.

Played phone tag with Jon, got voicemail from Steve, cursed my cellfone reception - it kept going in and out on me. That's entirely irrevalent to the story. Anyway.

Around 2.30am we decided that we'd had enough, so we left the Abbey. Missy and I took the 1/9 train downtown, and as we were getting near 14th Street, they said that it would be the last stop on the train. Hate that. Especially at 3am. We decided to suck it up and take a cab the rest of the way home. Honestly, I was so tired that I don't even remember the cab ride.

So we got in the apartment, I got changed and washed my face, and as I was coming down the stairs into my room, I must've missed a step, because I fell flat on my ass (or tailbone, as the case may be) and it freakin' HURT. I really think I broke it. I iced it up good with the ice pack we keep in the freezer for such cases, and then took a really hot shower this morning. Still hurts. I'm going to see how I feel tonight and figure out if I should get it X-rayed.


I am so congested. After I had lunch with James yesterday (in the swanky Scholastic cafeteria), I came home, went to do errands, and was so tired and achy that I called Steve and bailed on The Women. He's going to try and exchange the tickets for another day. I slept from 3pm until 11pm or so, and then slept again from 2am through noon today. What a wasted day yesterday was.

We sat around on the couch like welfare mothers today.

Then I went up to midtown to drop off some videos and pick up some paint swatches for painting Peter's room when I move home. And then I picked up book-packing boxes.

Tomorrow is lunch with James and then The Women with Steve.

later on 1/2/02
Love Steve - he upgraded my machine to Windows 2000 with no fuss and muss at all, and I installed both my USB card and my cutesy little printer (which will not handle a novel, but will nicely handle a resume or two, here and there). He also fixed Norton Anti-Virus on Jen's computer so it works better now. Good computer day.

That's about it - we watched As the World Turns (again) today, and we saw a commercial with our friend Will in it - for insurance of some kind. And then tonight we watched the E! True Hollywood Storyand learned more about Gilligan's Island than we ever needed to know.

On the subway back from Steve's office, Jen and I decided to ride the 6 train all the way around at the last stop (Brooklyn Bridge) instead of switching to the 4/5, because we'd always wanted to see the old City Hall stop, which is supposed to be beautiful. So we stayed on the train. It was too dark or something, because we went through the station and couldn't see a damn thing. But we did it, finally. Every other time we're on the 6 train together, we're usually tipsy, saying "oh yeah, we should do that sometime when we're sober," so we did it tonight.

Time for sleep. This morning, I woke up because I heard someone typing in the living room, and I thought it was around noon and that it was Jen. So I walked up the stairs and it was Missy. I asked if she was working today, and she pointed to the clock and said, "Yes, I'm leaving in ten minutes like I always do." It was only 8.30am. And then it turns out that she wasn't on her computer at all (it would be weird if she was), so I must be really hallucinating on the Paxil. Sure does make life more interesting.

Jesse rules. I had been planning to look at Dodge Darts, and look what he sends me!

I guess I should do a best of/worst of 2001 list, like everyone else in the free world.

Best of:

Worst of: I figured out why I've been so congested all week. In Seattle, I had bought an aromatherapy scented jar of stuff, and it smelled great there - lavender. But I think I'm allergic, since ever since I bought it I've been sneezy and phlegm-y. Lovely. So I tossed it. I have a vanilla one, too, so I'll try that. If I'm still sneezy, either there's something in the oil itself or I'm just sick. Physically.

Speaking of sick, I have to say, Paxil gives me the greatest dreams.

And speaking of "paxil," my cousin Sara (she's ten) wrote me a letter in which she asked after my cats, "Mimi and Pixil." I wrote her back two pages today - we could email, but she really wants to get actual mail in the mailbox. She's so cute.

I can't believe it's 2002! I will never get used to writing that on my checks!

We had fun yesterday - I spent all day getting dressed, I think. Dona came over after work, and Matthew came over at 6pm. We ordered in food (cheaper and easier than going out) and then went up to Anthony's party. We were pretty early, so after ogling the huge loft, we helped set up the bar and set out snacks. Anthony not only has a "yule log" video ("How's that fire coming?"), but a fake aquarium one, too. We had a really good time, and then left around 10.15pm to go up to Trisha's - got a cab there with no problem at all, which made us happy. At Trisha's, we ate and drank and made merry, and watched the ball drop on NY1 (the cable station that I will miss when I move home). I was tired, so I left around 1am, and Dona and Jen came home around 2.30 I think, I was dead to the world by the time they got in.

And today, all Jen and I did (Missy stayed over at her friend Claire's house and hung out with her most of the day) was sit on the couch and watch movies - the Brad Pitt festival of Snatch and Fight Club and then A Walk on the Moon, to ogle the Blouse Man. We ordered in cheesy breadsticks from Domino's. And haven't gotten out of our pajamas yet. What a good start to 2002.

It turns out that Windows NT, my operating system of choice, doesn't support USB connectors, so tomorrow, Steve's going to upgrade my machine to 2000, and help me install the USB card so I can hook up my new printer! And then I can buy a CD burner and think about getting a new computer one of these days (when I once again have money).

Oh and I finally broke out my winter coat on the 30th - after wearing my leather jacket all fall. It's too damn cold out now. Can't wait for it to be August so I can complain about how hot it is.

I don't have many resolutions, but let's try:


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