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later, much later, on 2/28/02
I have no idea how it ended up being 6am, but it is.

After seeing Metamorphoses with Mom (wonderful play, btw), I went down to Julius', the oldest gay bar in NYC, to hear Jim play. I called Jay - and Tekay, who's staying with him - to come and meet me, and we sang showtunes til 1am, then moved to Marie's. Somehow, last call came around, and Jim invited me to come with him and his friend Sean (cute, sounds Irish) to an after-hours joint on West Street. There, I learned that if I were into any sort of drug scene, this would be the place to find it. Since my drug of choice is red wine, I left after a drink, feeling kind of tipsy. Hence, the 6am thing!

My friend Susan called yesterday around 6pm, and said she had extra tickets for The Crucible - and since she arranges theatre groups for students as part of her job, the tix were only $15! So I went to see it again, and I'm glad I did, I really like the production. Yesterday was going to be my night off from theatre, but instead, it's been a full week - with a show every night this week (and two this coming Saturday). I guess Sunday will be my day of rest.

After the show, I went downtown to hang out with Dave, and spent the night there. We made plans to catch Lord of the Rings - finally! - on Tuesday, the day before I jet to England.

I called the Middlesex Community College in NJ (where I'll be taking my non-nursing courses) to schedule my appointment for the NJ Basic Skills Test - you know, the one where they tell me if I'll need remediation in English or Math - for April 2nd. I could have sworn I took it in high school, but it isn't on my transcript anywhere. I also have to call Montclair State about getting course descriptions for the classes I want to transfer to Middlesex - Psychology and my Honors English classes. And then I have to mail in my money order to confirm my acceptance.

I had another horrifically graphic dream last night - this time, about another United flight crashing into buildings in the city. And it was so vivid and colorful, that Jen and I were driving over the Brooklyn Bridge, and I looked behind me to see a low-flying plane come over the city and crash near Houston Street. But this time, the city went on as usual.

I woke up from it at 5am shaking.

I really enjoyed Sweet Smell of Success last night - what a well written show! Afterwards, Steve and I met up with my friends Michael and Amy for dinner at Joe Allen.

And I got my VCR back today! Whee!

OK, it's the end of February and it's like 60 degrees out.

I was surprised how much I liked Oklahoma last night - it was a little long, but I really enjoyed it. It's nice seeing a show where you know all of the music and very little of the story... so it was like breathing a big sigh of relief every time a familiar song came along, like "oh, so THAT'S where that song goes"

After the show, I went to Marie's to sing sing sing, and managed to find the only straight man in the bar. Very lovely and good-looking singer who went to Carnegie Mellon with Patrick Wilson and (joy of joys, dream of dreams) Jeff E., among others. CM has a habit of turning out some wonderful singers. Anyway, met the cute singer - anyone who can whisper la Boheme into my ear, in Italian, wins points with me.

I had these really weird dreams last night - one about being at my high school reunion, except that it was outdoors in the rain, and there were people from my present-day life there, too. And after that, I dreamed that Jen and I were arguing over everything - that we were at my Mom's house, and fighting about the cats, the weather, the lyrics to a song, and the fact that Anthony Rapp was in the upstairs bedroom. It was bizarre, but seemed so real. And then we were on the subway, and not talking to each other, and there was a random homeless man with a sled, who kept stealing things from people without their noticing.

Speaking of random homeless people, the homeless woman on my train reminded me of a black Carol Channing as if Carol has just learned what profanity was. The same stream of four-letter words and phrases kept spouting from her mouth, over and over, as if she were trying them on for sound.

And I wish people would stop honking their car horns for what seems like hours on end. Especially when you add that to the Ground Zero construction noise and the road construction noise. I just want to smack them.

As Franz Liebkin would say, "Oh joy of joys, oh dream of dreams!" I got into nursing school - Mom's bringing me the acceptance letter tonight when I see her! "I must tell my birds!"

And holy crap, I'm getting back $1900 or so from the government this year! I haven't gotten a refund... ever! This is wonderful. I love my accountant, Phil.

later on 2/24/02
Well, Missy isn't dying! She popped some cartilidge near her ribcage on Thursday and it was really bothering her, so we took a trip to the ER up the street. The incredibly handsome, young Dr. Rutherford checked her out and took some chest x-rays, and he said he didn't see any evidence of a broken rib (which would have been weird, since she didn't bang it at all) or kidney stones. So they gave her a shot of some painkiller which is making her incredibly happy (she suggested that she has to go put on a Cure CD now to get back to normal Missy-status) and I figure she'll be passed out in about ten minutes.

I do love the ER.

And my accountant emailed me and says I should be getting a tax refund! That's awesome - I thought I'd be paying a lot! I have no idea how he figured it, but he's amazing.

I had the weirdest set of dreams last night. The first was about being in a horrible car accident, while driving with some friends. Very vivid. And the next was about being back at Eve's wedding, only it was in a hotel. And it was raining. And I had left my bridesmaid dress in the car, and locked my keys inside the car because they were in my coat pocket or something. But I can see everything so clearly - from Eve crying to Kati and Masha doing their hair, to having someone show up with an extra dress, to the elevators running so slowly, to everything starting two hours late. And in the end the wedding never happened, or at least I woke up before it did.

The past two nights I've had other weird dreams - but about bombs and explosions. Not the kind of dreams I like having.

Oh and then I dreamed two nights ago that I was in Stockholm, and that it was the most beautiful place I had ever been. Odd, since I've never been there before. But I could picture lakes and mountains and snow, and there were buildings with Swedish names on them, and I dreamed that I had only an hour to find my way back to the train station. Either I've been reading too much Bill Bryson recently, or I'm ten days away from London.

later on 2/23/02
By a weird small world coincidence, Jennifer, who I've been running into at Marie's, is from Middletown NJ, about ten minutes from Matawan, and she and I worked on the same production of The Sound of Music at Phoenix Productions in 1991! Small world! Must find the program that I have buried somewhere in the closet.

Happy birthday, James Marino!

I was trying to think of some amusing anecdotes about hanging out at Marie's Crisis to share with the rest of the class, to try and explain why I like it. So some memorable things... Asking Jay to hold my glass of red wine while I lit a cigarette, and having him pour some of it into his white wine and exclaim, "Red Zinfandel!" Having the bartender throw me a great smile and top off my drink for free. Having two incredibly attractive gay men proclaim that I'm the most beautiful woman they've ever seen, and giving me a rose. Singing loudly and off-key and still having people clap. Piano player Jim playing "The Hostess with the Mostess" for me, thanks to my habit of introducing people to each other.

They're probably things that're only funny if you were there when they happened...

Anyway. Slept til 2pm today - so did Missy, and now it's 4pm and I'm trying to muster up the energy to get in the shower.

I bought a backpack today from LL Bean. I haven't owned one in years - I usually take things for overnights crammed in my purse (which is really a messenger bag) or in a plastic bag. So now I have a sassy forest green backpack with my name monogrammed on it coming my way! We're trying to pack light for the UK, as we have trains and walking to deal with and many many airports, so I think the backpack and my smaller rolling suitcase will do the trick for me. Eleven more days.

and much later on 2/22/02
Everyone loves the shorter hair. Gay men love me. I am drunk. It's like 4.30am. Love Marie's Crisis. Love straight bartender Michael. It was really cool to see all of my friends there, and it looks like Biff and I are going to be regulars, like it or not. Hee. I met two adorably gay men who thought I was beautiful - who can complain about that? - and they gave me a rose from the bouquets they had. Aww.

The Crucible was fantastic... we had a great time. Went to meet Will after the show (he's in The Full Monty) and made lunch plans for the weekend before we leave for London. And then, when getting on the subway, we ran into my friend Paul, who used to play at Music Man, but is now subbing all over the place. We live in a small world.

mid-day update for 2/22/02
The interview went really well - Diana is a trip. We met at the rehearsal hall where she's rehearsing Rupert Holmes' new thriller, Thumbs, which will co-star Kathie Lee Gifford, they open in three weeks at the Helen Hayes in Nyack.

Steve and I moved the law firm work to next week, and I'm spending the day running to Dad's to use the VCR. I took mine up to the repair shop (with the receipt this time), and they said to call back in a week to check the status. I hope I can get it back before vacation (12 days!) so I don't have to leave it there for another two weeks.

I can't watch CNN today - too much Daniel Pearl and his crying, pregnant widow. I can't deal. Instead, Jen and I are watching North on the Fox Family channel - any movie with my cute little Elijah Wood and Bruce Willis in a rabbit suit has to be better than blowing things up on the TV.

My Mormon name is MeleKatherine Amourette! What's yours?

Oh and I got my hair cut - about four inches off! It's now shoulder-length instead of boob-length (well, where boobs would be), and still layered. I love the cute Russian guy who cut it for me. Instead of going to the expensive place uptown, I went to the barbershop on John Street (go me, supporting downtown businesses) and it was only $15. I am definitely going back.

And in the "not totally unexpected" category - Kenny cancelled on me for my 10-year reunion next month, but James is going to come with me. Whee.

Tonight, Jen, Missy and I are making steak!

It's early - 9am - so consider this a nothing-to-say update. I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I'm surprised that I'm up on time! I have to go uptown to do this interview in a little bit, and then I need to overnight the interview tape to Bruce Kimmel, and then head to the law firm. And then tonight, Jen and Missy and I are making dinner (Dad bought me these delicious-looking Omaha Steaks for Christmas, but since we rarely cook, they're still in the freezer. Well, we defrosted the ones we're making tonight, but you know what I mean), so I have to come back downtown for dinner, and then Jen and I are going to The Crucible thanks to Steve. Mmm. Gratuitously shirtless Liam Neeson, I'm there!

And after that, I'm meeting Biff and friends at - where else - Marie's for late-night showtunes. Tomorrow I will be sleeping.

So that's my start-of-day update.

later on 2/21/02
My, but there are a lot of good restaurants in NY. James and I went to Candela on 16th Street, which is lit entirely by these huge, iron wagon-wheel chandeliers. I want them. After drooling on the menu (everything looked so good!), we made it a four-course night of salad (mesculun), appetizer (spicy chicken dumplings), entree (porcini mushroom ravioli) and dessert (apple-cranberry crumble). That was what I had, anyway. So so good. We made mumbles of going back another time to eat everything else they had. Lovely night, all in all.

Mom, if you're reading this, I have no idea what "green bag" you were referring to when you called before you left for Seattle.

And I must publicly thank reader Debbra Winans for sending me a trio of trip-related books from - they're wonderfully funny and getting me in the mood - 13 more days!

Oh looky - my building on the news. And grant money for people who stay living downtown. Too bad - we're still moving.

Loved L5Y again. Afterwards, Biff and I went for a drink at (where else?) Marie's Crisis, and I got home early - relatively - at 1am. I called Steve today to make sure he needed me to work at noon, and he said he wasn't ready, so to come in tomorrow. So I went to Dad's and used his VCR to copy tapes, and I napped on the couch. It's amazing that I can fall asleep to CNN. It's more amazing that even with 400 channels of cable to choose from, that I always end up watching CNN. I love it tho.

James and I are having swanky dinner tonight for no reason at all. And then I am collapsing back into bed, as I have to interview Diana Canova at 10.30am tomorrow before going into the law firm. We had postponed from last week.

NYC etiquette. Read and learn.

And I did find the receipt online from my VCR, so now I can take it back into the repair place. Unfortunately they're only open until 4.45pm on weekdays (except Wednesdays, when they're open until 6), so I can't take it up today. Or tomorrow. So maybe Saturday...

My VCR is still jammed. The GoVideo guy called and suggested I unplug it for two hours to let all of the circuitry reset, and then it would pop out the tape. Well, it didn't, and now the remote doesn't work right. I took it up to Photo Tech on 13th Street to have them look at it. Only problem is, I can't find the receipt for it - so when he told me it could cost up to $200 (what I paid for it!), I turned around and called GoVideo to have them send me a copy of the sales slip. I'm also looking online at to see if I can find the receipt there. I hate that GoVideo never has real people there - always the voicemail.

Two weeks from today we leave for London!

Tonight Jen and I are seeing The Last Five Years - me for the third time. Trisha and Nancy are going too, and Biff is supposed to go as well.

I'm annoyed. My VCR is broken - there's a tape jammed in the "record" deck. I called GoVideo and had to leave a voicemail about it being broken, and wait for them to call back. I'm just going to take it up to the repair place myself I think. In the meantime, I'm going to use Dad's VCR during the day tomorrow to copy tapes, as I am sorely behind in what I owe people.

I have hit the point where I called Merrill Lynch and took out a wad of cash - so now I'll have no problem paying my rent until we move and paying for the UK trip and Seattle etc. Yikes.

Game Day was, as always, a load of fun. Although for the first time I was on the losing Taboo team. Since Jen and I share a brain, we're not allowed to be on the same team anymore. Ngoc and Lydia (who was unfortunately sick) chipped in and had a King Cake sent up from New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. Think sugar and cherries and cream cheese. So sweet. After that, I came back home - around 6pm. I was so tired that I fell asleep by 7.30, woke up at 9.30pm for a bit and then fell asleep again. I guess two late nights at the piano bar will do that to you.

At 5am, I was woken up by these loud, low-flying planes - sounded like military planes or something. It freaked me out and I couldn't get back to bed for a bit after that. I think Missy heard it, too - I asked Jen if she did, and she said she was out like a zombie. But seriously, it scared me, I thought something else was going to be blown up or crashed into or shot up. And after I did fall back asleep, I had these weird dreams about being in some sort of passenger plane, and looking out the window and seeing all of these WWII-era planes flying around us in formation, kind of like the pictures you see of the Blitz. And then I had some weird dream about painting my room at Mom's house, but I was having problems with the ladder because my left ankle was really bothering me, and then... well, I had a lot of weird dreams last night. I'm surpised there was enough time in the night to have them all.

I finally filled out my tax forms for my accountant - as much as I could, anyway. This year's taxes are going to suck suck suck. Have to mail them in tomorrow. Hopefully he won't send back the completed forms until I'm on vacation, so I don't have to think about how much I'm going to owe while I'm basking in the pubs of the UK.

Gay men love me. I went by Marie's last night (I think I will just move in) to meet Michael and his friends for a drink, and ended up singing around the piano with a gaggle of good looking gay men, all of whom love me. I am an honorary gay man. I also managed to find the one straight guy in the bar again (excluding Michael, I mean straight guy who I don't already know) - 45, lawyer, looks like Victor Garber, and married. Needless to say, I did not give him my number or email address. I think it's true that straight men come to gay bars to pick up chicks because they have no luck in regular bars. Anyway, I'm having so much fun hanging out there - it could become a habit.

And neither of the waiters noticed me refilling my glass from the bottle of Diet Coke in my bag - I was in cheap mode last night.

Today is Game Day over at Trisha's! Love Game Day.

Oof, headache.

But my hangover and I enjoyed a trip to Brooklyn Heights today, to look at this amazing theatre book collection that Jason's neighbor had. The walls of this guy's studio are just lined with books, and he also has these notecards (about 35 boxes full) of shows and films with handwritten notes and the Variety reviews clipped to them. And these typed notebooks full of which shows won awards, what won the Nobel Prizes from each year and the Pulitzer winners, too. It's a labor of love, but also I think a little obsessive. It'll be fun to catalog it and pack it all up for the library in NJ. We're going to start packing the books into boxes, hopefully soon - and Jen and Missy are also coming to help out, since we're going to get paid by the estate to do it.

And even tho I just showered, I still don't feel awake. I need like a huge greasy cheeseburger for dinner or something.

My side in the back hurts - I think I must have bumped into something yesterday and bruised a rib or two. It doesn't look bruised tho, just tender and a little swollen. You should have seen the twisting I had to do to see in in the mirror. I wonder if I've been sleepwalking, or falling down stairs after drinking or something. I just have no recollection of how I bruised my side. Hrm.

much later on 2/15/02
Whatever, it's Friday night.

Jen and I went to Marie's Crisis to sing showtunes with a dozen or so of our closest friends. What fun, I love hanging out there. Somehow I always manage to find the token straight guy. Tonight I met Bill and his also-straight friend Newton (seriously, that's his name). Anyway, left Bill my email address and phone number, we'll see what happens. Cute cute.

It was cool to have a bunch of the RATM people come, and some of our non-RATM friends, too. Hadn't seen Jay in forever, and he's so much fun to hang out with.

Yay for chocolate! Jen brought home all of this delicious candy from her trip. We will be fat and happy. And sugar-high'd all over the place.

So I talked to Jason Marshall (Eve's brother) yesterday, and he said he has a project he could use my help on. Background - he's in the middle of putting a museum together. In NJ - to deal with NJ crafts and folk art etc. Anyway, part of the museum will be a library. And they were just given a personal library of theatre books to start them off - some very valuable, from the 1930's to the present day. And Jason said the previous owner of the library had this system for organizing books, which they need to figure out, so he wants me to come look things over and get comfortable with the library (and not drool too much), and figure out the organization system for them. Very excited! We may get started as early as Saturday or Sunday.

Well, it ain't Floyd Collins, but this guy named Floyd got trapped, too.

James and I saw The Last Five Years again tonight, happily they've fixed Sherie's costume and hair, and she's toned down her performance a bit, but I still don't love her.

Oh and I may start working at Mike's parents' bar in the Village - they're always looking for bartenders and waitresses, and I told his mom that I was looking for work through July, so we'll see!

There's something about a piano bar that makes 10pm turn into 3am in no time at all.

Steve took me to the matinee of The Producers today - what a nice surprise! The show is still as funny as ever, even on the 7th or 8th (I forget, I'll have to look for the stubs) viewing - totally enjoyable.

So neither of the women I'm supposed to interview for Bruce Kimmel have called back - rather annoying but what can I do. Don't want to keep calling and harrassing them.

Stock market? Down.

I caught the finale of Sex and the City tonight - I can't believe Big moved to Napa!

Jen gets home from the Netherlands tomorrow afternoon. And that means that in 20 days we leave again for the UK!

Since James is dating someone who doesn't care about Valentine's Day - or birthdays, or Christmas, and she loves sex - how does he find them? - and I'm not planning to do anything other than wait for chocolate to go on sale, he and I are going to see The Last Five Years again tomorrow night. I like going on these non-dates with James. It's the most low-key and best friendship-with-guy that I've got, and it's a lot of fun.

holy crap, it's 5am
Well, I would have been home earlier but the subway decided to stop at Chambers Street, so I had to wait for the next train...

Show was good - tho I was right in my pre-viewing assessment of Sherie Scott as the female lead - she's too cold to play the role right. Norbert, of course, was fantastic. James and I ran into our friend Mike Benedetto there, and as luck would have it, he was sitting right next to us. After the show, James went home, and Mike and I went to the Duplex and then to Marie's Crisis for drinks. He's so fun to hang out with. I met the only straight actor in the place (aptly, also named James), and got his number. I'll probably call him, but he's very actor-ish. We'll see. Also met another cute guy, who came with us to a diner at 4am, but when he revealed he was just 23, I immediately developed a headache, which led me straight home. 23. Yikes. And he acted it.

Anyway, I'm home, tired as all heck, and off to bed. I have a matinee tomorrow!

And best news of the day - Last Five Years has $20 tickets for all shows, sold in advance - James and I stocked up to see it a few times.

a little later on 12/12/02
So I talked to Mom, and she settled things at the hospital and isn't going to resign after all. But man, they have to straighten out that staffing thing.

Off to see The Last Five Years with James. And Steve surprised me with orchestra seats for The Producers tomorrow afternoon!

Oh and I booked my and Dad's hotel rooms for Seattle in April.

Happy birthday Grandma!

So yes, Mom called back at 1.30am and said that yes, she and coworker Theresa both quit last night - they went in for their shift and found out that they were the only two RN's on with 36 patients. And none of the 3-11 nurses could stay, so they were incredibly understaffed, something they had been complaining about before. So they both said that that was unacceptable, and tendered their resignations. They're meeting with the supervisor today to see if they can make any changes in the staffing.

This is why the hospital is going to pay my tuition (if I get in, still waiting, but I don't think I'll have any problem) - there's such a shortage of nurses all over the country.

later (midnight) on 2/11/02
Dude, Mom just called and told me she quit her job. Parents aren't supposed to do that! More tomorrow.

Oh and I borrowed all of these books on Judaism from Kelly - who I love hanging out with.

And I did nap from 12-4pm.

Yes, I DID get up at 9am this morning. I couldn't sleep well last night - the neighbors downstairs somewhere were cheering at some sporting-type event, and that lasted until nearly 2am. And then I was just tossing and turning until 4am or so, and when I heard Missy get up this morning, I just got up and forced myself out of bed. I'll probably need to nap this afternoon.

So I braved the stuffiness (and by stuffy I mean congested, not haughty) last night and went to Marie's Crisis to sing showtunes with attractive gay men. Biff from RATM came by after I'd been there about an hour, and then Brett (Michael Callery's friend, who I met in Feb) came by as well and the three of us hung out until 2.30am or so. Then I came home and flopped into bed.

I woke up at noon when James stopped by to return the video camera he borrowed from me yesterday, and then again when Debbie Gravitte, who I have to interview this week, called at 2pm. I dozed again for another hour, and finally got up to take a shower. I think I'm going nuts, as after the shower, I just lay in bed with the furball/cat/thing talking to it. That can't be right. At least it didn't talk back.

Got dressed, went to meet Steve for Carnival at 6pm, and ran into theOtherJames at City Center, looking as adorable as ever. Since Steve had an extra ticket to the show, James came with us - my 2nd time at the show, his 3rd. It's really a sweet show, I really enjoyed it and was glad to go back again.

Tomorrow I have to get up at a reasonable hour, as I have two interviews to arrange, errands to run, and then I'm meeting Kelly for drinks - must call to remind her.

And I realized at intermission that I haven't eaten anything other than a bowl of cereal around 4pm today. I'm starving. However, Missy's asleep (it's only 10.30pm) and I don't want to make noise cooking. Bleh. Maybe I have cookies somewhere.

I feel stuffy.

Everyone's leaving NYC. One of my oldest NYC-friends, Peter, who was born and raised here and didn't get his driver's license until he was 32, is moving to LA. On Monday. We used to hang out a lot more often - we had this five-year-long on-again, off-again physical thing going on for a while there, but haven't seen much of each other in the past year or two. I hope he finds more work in LA (he's a musician). LA. Bleh.

later on 2/8/02
I have to say, I totally enjoyed Carnival - what a sweet and touching show. I really had a good time there. I didn't know anything about the story or music going in, so it was doubly surprising that I enjoyed it so much. Of course, Stokes could read the phone book and I'd love it ;-)

Went for a drink with Steve, Trisha and Michelle after the show, and Michelle and I talked about her upcoming London trip - she's never been! - I have to dig out the guidebooks we have to lend her before she goes. I myself, as you know, can't wait to go back.

I came home and wolfed down two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. God bless my fast metabolism or I'd be swelled up like a balloon from all the eating I've been doing lately. Must be winter - I'm stocking up.

Oh and this morning while I was eating breakfast (yes, morning, I got up before noon, barely), my tongue piercing somehow came unscrewed and I almost swallowed the ball! Luckily I bit down on the loosened ball and spit it out before I swallowed it, so I was able to put it back on.

Mmm. Just dug into the pralines I brought back from New Orleans. Mmm. I also bought four packages of praline-coated pecans, but those are long gone by now. So addicted to those pecans. Mmm.

Also booked a B&B in Edinburgh and have some leads on ones in Glasgow, too, just waiting to hear back from the one I liked about how far they are from the city center. Our trip is all coming together!

My nights this week are crazy. Tonight is Carnival at Encores - going with Steve, and Trisha and Michelle are going, too. Tomorrow is RATM night at Marie's Crisis. Sunday is an encore of Encores (Carnival again). Monday I'm going to meet Kelly (sort of cousin of Ann's, we've had lunch a few times, must pump her about her conversion to Judaism after she learned that her real father was Jewish - and Canadian, tho she hasn't switched nationalities, anyway, I digress). Meeting Kelly on Monday up at the Abbey for a drink. During the day on Monday I have to do an interview with someone (Diana something, she was in Bruce Kimmel's Nudie Musical and the TV show Soap - I have no idea who she is, but BK asked me to interview her), and then after that, I may finally go see Lord of The Rings with Dave Gochfeld. Tuesday night is FINALLY the first preview of The Last Five Years, which James and I are going to. Wednesday is tentatively dinner with Kenny. Thursday is Valentine's Day - I'll be out at the store stocking up on sale-priced chocolates. And Friday the 15th is another RATM night at Marie's Crisis. Busy busy.

And I must find time to put together my tax info. Income taxes this year are going to suck - especially since I just got hit with a 1099 from the law firm. I thought it was all under the table, but apparently it's not. Did I save anything? No. Am I going to owe like $3000 in taxes from that gig? Yes. Will I have to pay taxes from unemployment? Yes. Do I have any money in the bank? Well, it's running out. I think I'll wait until after the UK trip to pay the taxes. Sigh.

Well, after getting home at 4.30am, I have every idea of how it happens to be 3pm now, and I've just woken up. I'm tired.

I've been having dreams about being in Ireland. I can't wait to go. I'm collecting driving directions to all of the places we're staying now. Still have to book places to sleep in Edinburgh and Glasgow, which is turning out to be more of a pain in the neck than the castle booking was, but I'll get it done.

Dude, my dad rules. He had gotten Corrie this amazingly fluffy stuffed cat for Christmas, which I immediately fell in love with (so did Corrie and Peter), and when I called home from Seattle I gushed about how cool it was. So when I went over to Dad's to watch ER tonight, he surprised me with the same cat! He went back to the toy store where he got it and they had one leftover from Christmas - it's a big white fluffy furball of a puffalump, wearing a Santa hat and carrying a mouse in its paw. I love it. I hug it. I'm so weird.

later on 2/6/02
Right, so I have no idea how it happens to be 4.30am, but I'll try and retrace the steps. I just know it's weird when you're the only chick on the subway platform with a bunch of sleeping homeless guys.

So Kenny told me last week that he was doing a gig tonight - the 6th - with Manley at the Cutting Room, a club/bar on 24th Street. I called him earlier today to doublecheck the time, and when he told me it was going to start around 11.30pm, I said I probably wouldn't go. However, it got to be like 11pm and I wasn't tired, so I told Missy that I was going to check out the band, and I took a cab uptown. Got there just before they were going on, so that was pretty cool.

I ended up hanging out at the bar with my wine, talking to these stockbrokers from Australia (of course, the cute one was gay and the rest were married), and somehow it lasted until 3.30am. They were super fun. I was going to sleep up at Kenny's, but when he was ready to leave, he asked if it would be OK if he went home alone. Sure, what can you say to that? I really don't understand our relationship at all.

But anyway, cute Aussies. And must wash face and sleep - it's almost 5am now.

Impromptu, one of my favorite movies of all time - up there with The Competition and Somewhere in Time - is coming out on DVD next month. I put it on my wish list, since with the vacation and all, I have no spare cash. I need to call Merrill Lynch to ask for some.

So I went to see John Dossett in An Almost Holy Picture today - he's Kevin Bacon's alternate, and frankly, I like him more than I like Kevin Bacon. I don't know what to make of the show - it's a one man show about a former priest and his concepts of religion. It kind of wanders all over the place, and is character-driven rather than plot-driven. I had mixed feelings about it, but I'm glad I went - got me out of the apartment, that's for sure.

It's cold. Winter finally.

And we booked our last swanky place to stay - near Ardmore, setting of favorite Nora Roberts books (my and Jen's favorites). We drove through Ardmore last year on our trip, checked out the round tower and churchyard, and started to do the cliff walk before encountering a swarm of killer bees and turning back. Hopefully the bees will be in hiding this time, and we can do the walk. Otherwise, our Ardmore plans include sitting in a pub (the town has like 400 inhabitants) and chatting up Irish blokes. We don't ask for much.

Happy birthday to my brother Peter - a whopping 26. Don't worry, you'll never be as old as me.

And double sweet - Jen and I are staying here, in this other castle, in Stirlingshire, Scotland, for a night. Still can't wait.

My favorite bit of a recent Russell Crowe interview, where he talks about a possible prequel to Gladiator:

Total Film: "I keep reading about a Gladiator prequel . . ."
Russell: "No idea. Got nothing to do with me."

TF: "So there's no chance of you playing Maximus again?"
RC: "The obvious thing would be to do Maximus prior to the beginning of that story. But because it's an obvious idea why would you do it? There is another idea which we've come up with that we're going to see how far we can take, which is kind of shocking. But Ridley is definitely the man for it. I've gone over it with him and he just went 'Wow, if we can pull that off!'"

TF: "Is it related to Gladiator?"
RC: "Directly related, but it's such a bold idea that the original producers just looked at us and said 'You guys are off your rockers!' and it was like 'Yeah, and that's why it's a really good idea . . .' So as usual they can't see it and we have to show them. But there is the other idea: you know, cut to Maximus being shut in a cave and three days later he resurrects himself. . . But you know we'd have to buy the rights to that book and it might be a bit expensive. I did that as a gag to one of them and he goes 'What book is that?!"

I'm seeing a matinee tomorrow, so I will have to make a concerted effort to get out of bed before 2pm, and actually get dressed.

I recently read The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judiasm, as well as The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Culture, in my never ending quest to find out why I'm so fascinated by Judiasm. If you're Jewish and a friend of mine, be prepared for a million and one questions.

Sweet - we're staying here, in this castle in Cahir, Ireland. It's beautiful, and we're going to poke around Cahir and Cashel while we're there. Can't wait.

I really like the phrase "axis of evil" for some reason.

I took a ride on the karma bus today - as I was lugging my wheely-cart full of books to the Strand (which could have told me that they didn't re-buy computer books before I left!), a stranger helped me carry it up the subway station stairs at 14th Street. What goes around does indeed come around.

I was getting rather annoyed at this debate on CNN about gay couples and adoption. I'm all for it. One of the debaters was totally opposed to it, saying that healthy children could only be raised in a mother-father situation. Ha! Tell that to the thousands of single-parent families out there (including mine). If I had been raised by Mom and Dad together, I wouldn't be as "normal" as I am today. And in this day and age, families aren't really defined biologically - the extended network of friends, relatives and colleagues tends to make up for a lot of deficiencies in the nuclear family.

later on 2/3/02
And that's all we did - sit on the couch and watch the Superbowl commercials and halftime show, with a 30 minute break in the middle for Sex and the City, which is still going downhill this season.

Jen's off to the Netherlands tomorrow. The country, I mean, that's not some made up nickname for Massachusetts. She's going to visit her friend Leany, who came to NY a few months ago, for ten days, and drive around the Netherlands and I think Germany. And then she's back for three weeks and we're off to the UK. We booked our car rental for Scotland and Ireland yesterday, and now I'm on B&B/castle accomodation duty.

Well, the plan was to get up at 7am and go get rush tickets for Sexaholix (John Leguizamo's show), but that didn't work out, and we all ended up sleeping until way past noon. Now there's nothing left to do but veg out and watch the Superbowl halftime show.


Yesterday started at 7am, when the plumbers came to fix our toilet.

Went to see James in Side Show last night, down in Red Bank, NJ. Steve was going to go, and drive us down (Matthew and Susan also went) but he was sick. He still offered to let me drive the car down, which was super of him, so I met Steve at his office at 4.30. Drove him back to Queens, and then picked up Matthew and Susan. Got stuck in massive tunnel traffic, which didn't really clear up until we got on the Turnpike. Then we hit more traffic on the Parkway. Ugh. Picked up Mom, who took the fourth ticket, and went down to the theatre. The production was surprisingly good, and better than I'd been expecting. I'm glad we went.

Anyway, after the show, we stopped at the diner in Matawan, where Mom bought us poor city folk dinner, and then I dropped her off at home, said hi to the kitties, and we drove back to the city - no traffic at all, 48 minutes to Times Square. I dropped Matthew and Susan off, and then had to drive Steve's car back to Queens. I didn't get there until 1.30am, and rather than come back to the city - I was so tired - I just crashed in his guest room. So tired. I slept until noon.

I've been feeling phantom cats all over - like when I was sleeping at Steve's, and even when I was here the other night - I can feel them walking on the bed, and I swear that I saw a cat jump onto the bed at Steve's, but when I got up, the door was closed and the cats were all outside the room.

I simply must stop taking the heavy drugs.


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