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The snow is still there. My snowmen are still standing.

It's the end of the year, and it seems like just yesterday I was throwing a party to celebrate the end of 1999. This year I'm going up to Trisha's apartment for another small party, and that's really how I like to celebrate - with friends, somewhere inside and warm, with no crowds. So I'm looking forward to tonight, watching the ball drop on TV, and just hanging out.

This would be a good time to reflect on the past year, but I'm not feeling too introspective right now (I just woke up). It's been a good year - I left a job that I was growing dissatisfied with and found one that makes me happy and fulfilled. I made new friends and got back in touch with old ones. I went to Ireland, London, LA and Williamstown (although that doesn't really count). And I wrote a book manuscript, which I never thought I'd do.

My plans for 2001 are just as big - getting the book published, going back to Ireland, going back to Paris, going to Salt Lake City, to London, and maybe even to Disney World. I don't have a New Years resolution, really - unless "just continue being fabulous" counts.

But my first plans for the day include a shower and some food!

Well, we didn't have a white Christmas, but we sure will have a white New Year! I woke up this morning to find a foot of snow on the deck, and it's still coming down. They say it's going to slow down around 1pm and stop by 6pm. It's beautiful though! Since our neighbors are gardenin' fools, the deck has trees and plants in addition to our furniture, so it's really gorgeous all covered in snow. I took some pictures this morning. The cats are loving it - they don't know what to make of the white stuff!

This would probably be a great day to go catch a show, but I'm not feeling that energetic with the cast and all.

I walked down to the Seaport and back, and took a handful of pictures. I love the city when it shuts down, there're people but no cars out. There are men with plows clearing the streets, leaving big piles of snow on the corners. The ships at the Seaport are covered in snow, and someone built a snowman on the corner of the promenade down by the Brooklyn Bridge. Gorgeous! I came home and put a mini-snowman on the deck, it's cute. I made a few friends for him, too - there's a lot of snow to work with. It's not that cold anymore, now that the wind's stopped.

OK, there was no mail today, because of the weather. What happened to "neither sleet nor snow nor dark of night" etc? I am disappointed. Tonight I went up to Times Square, to see what was on TKTS (surprisingly, not much. Almost saw Betrayal again, but decided not to at the last minute), and it's all shut down. The police are setting up for tomorrow's New Year's Eve celebration, so they have barricades and the press vans etc. up already. I snapped my third annual picture of the soup sign, with the 2001 numbers up there, since there's no way I'll go near it tomorrow. Because of the snow, the streets are practically devoid of cars, which means that photo-snapping tourists are roaming the streets. Very slushy. Very crowded. I'm back home now and in for the night, I think!

Trisha and I went to see Chocolat last night at the movies, along with the rest of Manhattan. I got up to Lincoln Square relatively early, and the line was almost out the door. Luckily I was able to get tickets before the movie sold out (which it did!). I figure everyone was coming out of hibernation, and it was fun to people-watch in the lobby, as everyone came in wrapped in 14 layers of cold-blocking garments. I have to go buy a new hat today as my old one (that I bought in Paris, sigh) is too big and not keeping out the cold enough. The movie was great. I am always amazed at how beautiful Juliette Binoche is. I want to look like her. And the rest of the cast was excellent too - the movie was funny and charming and sexy and really well-done. I really liked it.

It's been a really slow week at work - most of the office is out this week, so it's been me, Jen and Martin all week up here. Very slow. We're supposed to get some snow tonight or tomorrow, so I'm going to go out and get some errands done before it does.

So it's been a day of (sort of) post-Christmas miracles. I had my eyebrows waxed and it didn't hurt TOO much (and they look great!), flirted with the cute guy at the hair salon while I got my hair cut, we got an extra week's pay at work, and MTV is actually playing music videos! Amazing! That never happens. It's been a good day. And tomorrow is Saturday, so I don't have to get up too early. And I'm learning to walk again at Physical Therapy, which is painful, but in a good way.

You know what sucks? Spilling soda. You know what REALLY sucks? Spilling it on my desk, on my camcorder batteries and my cellfone charger cable. Ugh. Clean clean clean.

Wouldn't you know it... as soon as I turned off the computer last night I fell right asleep again. But I was feeling sick all night and I'm still congested this morning. I brought in my little space heater to work today (it's still freezing and the heat switch says its on), and it immediately blew out the circuit breaker in this room. Had to rummage through the server room to find the breaker box, and then reset my surge protector power strip to get everything back on. It's very quiet here today, Martin and I are the only people upstairs (Jen is running late, Judith, Chuck, Nick out this week, David in Williamstown). Very quiet! And still, I can't get to the mail files that I forwarded myself last night - for some reason that mail server won't save them. Well, I guess I'll just send them to my Yahoo! account or something tonight again and get them from there. Sigh.

Peter Shankman and the geekfactory crew made it into USA Today today. Cool!

Yay! Dad says they're predicting a foot of snow for the city on Friday/Saturday! I love snow in the city. I love snow when it shuts everything down and it just looks beautiful.

Oh, RCN did the only good thing they've done all year - showed me that they are indeed keeping my logfiles online, and let me access them. Which is good, since I can use those stats in my book proposal! And in other computer news, I FINALLY got my Mac files off of the zip disk they were on, so I can get rid of my Mac! I found a lot more pictures than I had before, so I'm adding them to the photo page. I put up a bunch of new (relatively) QuickCam pictures, too.

Hamlet fact du jour:

"To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune."

... anagrams to ...

"In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten."

later on 12/27/00
Did I mention that my foot is hideously deformed? No wonder I can't dance anymore!

Anyway, I had a blast with my physical therapist. He's easy to get along with, and very funny. We had a chat about painkillers, and both admitted that we groove on Vicodin. It's a nice buzz. Unfortunately, tonight it isn't working. I'm stressing about work (I'm feeling very under-utilized, and am in the middle of writing down all the things I'm upset with, to talk to my boss about), relationships (going to Salt Lake City, dating in general, haven't heard from Kenny since Thanksgiving) and wearing shoes (I did pick up some snazzy black snow boots today, my PT recommended I wear boots instead of shoes because there's less pressure on my heel).

I came home from work a little early, to get out of that freezing room. And into the freezing cold. Stopped at K-Mart for boots, then came home to do a little more work. I had dinner around 5pm, and immediately fell sleep on the couch after I ate. I woke up around 6 or so, and crawled into bed, where I fell back asleep until 9pm or so - I have no idea what time Jen came home, just that she was there when I woke up. I don't know what's up with this sleeping thing lately, must be hibernation weather. I decided to artificially knock myself out around 11pm, so I popped a Vicodin, but it's 12.30am now, and it isn't working. The buzz isn't even kicking in. Maybe it's stress, or maybe I'm already horribly addicted and immune to the effects. I'm also feeling sick (I've been fighting off a cold all week, I think), so maybe I'll just try to sleep. But I can't.

So I will kill time by working on my book until I'm too tired to think. I finished up the third and final draft of the proposal the other day, and today I printed/photocopied articles that're about me, to stick in with the proposal. I'll print it out after New Year's to send to my agent (they're closed til the 2nd, which is cool by me, I'm not in a rush).

It's my first day back at work and the office is FREEZING! There's a space heater on my desk, maybe left here by Judith, but it isn't helping my fingers unthaw. It hurts to type.

So I had my first physical therapy appointment this morning, and it was actually a lot of fun. My therapist is a hoot. I found out that my left foot really is a half-size smaller than the right! It's 2cm less in diameter around the ball of my foot and around the ankle itself. No wonder shoes aren't always comfortable. I am hideously deformed. Anyway, he showed me all of the stretches to do, and gave me a long piece of green rubber to do them with. But he said my foot looks really good, and I'm walking properly with the cane etc. I feel a lot better than I did last time around - I didn't have a walking cast or a cane or PT last year. I should sue. But I don't have the time.

The handicapped permit came in handy, Jen reports, as she was able to beat the post-Christmas crowds at the MA mall.

I'm still cold! I think I'll bring in my space heater from home tomorrow. I also think I'm going to make it a half-day today, because I have a bunch of emails on my home computer that I need here - for some reason, the mail server marked them as "read" so I couldn't download them to this computer at work.

Oh, I got new business cards at work today! With the correct address! It only took 6.5 months!

It is the day of being on hold. I called the Manhattan Theatre Club this morning to get tickets for their production of Time and Again (love the book, can't wait to see the musical), and after 15 minutes on hold, they told me they hadn't been given the "go ahead" to sell the tickets yet. Called back an hour later and got the same story. Finally, at 2pm, they were able to sell tickets, and I bought mine (three sets, actually, including the closing, I have high hopes). And now I'm on hold with another company about redeeming a gift certificate (the coolest gift from Dad: gift certificate for theatre tickets, I'm going the Full Monty, as it were).

I went up to Barnes and Noble to do some book shopping/gift certificate redemption today, too. And while I can usually drop a whole lot of money in there, I didn't find too much that was appealing. Good thing I can save the rest of the gift certificate value for later. I also went to J&R Video World, and picked up a few DVD's, including the complete set of Flying Circus episodes - on sale! 14 DVD set for $129.99 - very cool! Once I'm off hold (I'm literally typing this with my cellfone cradled to my shoulder to save time), I'll be able to fully veg out on the couch.

The Physical Therapy folks called this morning to confirm my appointment for tomorrow morning. But while they told me 9am on the phone the other day, their message this morning asked me to come in at 8.40am to do paperwork etc. Bleh! I am not a morning person, especially not after being able to sleep late for the past week!

Merry Christmas! I learned yesterday that only 0.5 percent of the population in this country is Jewish. Well, I can safely say that most of that population was at the movies tonight. James and I went to see State and Main, which was hilarious in a Mamet vein, and I think we were the only Christians in the theatre.

After the movie, we walked through the blisteringly cold weather (it's like zero degrees out) to the subway station where I had a true NY moment. Most of the stations only take Metrocards, so after James went through the turnstile, I swiped my card, only to discover the alarming "insufficient fare" message popping up on the display. "Wait," I said, "I have a token!" But upon looking at the turnstile, it did indeed only take Metrocards. So we parted with a teary Christmas handshake through the metal bars of the station, and I had to go back upstairs (in my plastic walking cast, mind you!) and cross 14th Street, where there was a station with Metrocard machines, so I could refill my card. What a pain!

Anyway, I am off to veg on the couch with It's a Wonderful Life.

Or rather, I am off to watch the video of the DC Whistle Down the Wind production, which is bad. Not only is the video quality bad, but the show itself is bad. It's really a change from what's in London now. I can't believe I like the London production. Jeez. I know I've said that a million times. Anyway, it's set at Christmas, so it's holiday-like. Ten days until London. My camcorder batteries are charged, and although my WDTW tix for Friday night haven't arrived in the mail yet, I have a confirmation thingie to print out and bring, to prove that yes, I did indeed pay real money for the seats. Tim is going to be my conspirator in capturing Jerome Pradon on video. Oh baby.

My foot hurts. In a general sense. And the walking cast puts weird pressure on my knee joint, so that's aching, too.

later on 12/24/00
"You there, boy, what day is it?"

It's technically Christmas, so go celebrate! Missy and I went to midnight mass tonight at St. Patrick's. James came by to wish us a merry Christmas earlier, and he gave us a ride up to the church. We had to wait in the long line of standing room ticket holders for about two hours before they let us in - they seat the parishoners first, and then fill in the seats with SRO folks, like us. So they let us in around 11.30pm, and we got to sit in the "backstage" area, as we called it - the Lady Chapel behind the altar. The service was beautiful, as everything in that church is, and got out around 1.30am. We miraculously managed to find a cab, so we were home in no time at all. Before we went out, Missy moved the barricade that's always blocking Gold Street to the side, and it was still moved when we came home, so we were able to pull right up to the door. That made my feet very happy, I am tired of walking around.

So now it's time for sleep, and tomorrow I'm off to Dad's in the morning for Christmas, and then I'm going to the movies with James, a Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas Eve! In the "good news" department, my brother proposed to his girlfriend, Corrie, and she said "yes!" That's terrific.

My plans for today involve going up to the Met museum to look at the tree, and going to midnight mass at St. Patrick's tonight. We have to get there at 10.30pm to get in (to our standing room only places) and they start caroling at 11pm. They told Missy that they'll seat SRO people if ticket holders for the pews don't show up, so I'm putting on my best gimpy-face.

OK, I am back from the museum - I went up with Jonathan - we'd been emailing back and forth for a few weeks now, and this was the first time we met. He reminds me of Dave Gochfeld in a way - mostly in looks. We walked all over the place, and I'm glad to be sitting down now. My foot is holding up, but barely, and I want to rest before heading up to St. Patrick's tonight. Dinner at 7A, yum. It's eerily quiet in the village, but considering that most residents have gone home for the holidays, not surprising. It was kind of nice. We need more snow to really get me in the spirit, I guess - I'm still not feeling it.

I just hope I can stay awake until we have to go to church! This is prime hibernation weather.

later on 12/23/00
Or then again, we might NOT go to the Abbey (it's about 12 degrees out and it's a long way uptown) and instead just veg out on the couch with hot chocolate and A Christmas Story - the best Christmas movie ever made. Ralphie looks like my brother Peter did when he was 8. Seriously. Love that movie.

The cats managed to get the lid off of the catnip container here, so they had a field day snorting and chewing their "kitty crack" all day, and they are now passed out asleep. I shall soon join them.

It doesn't feel like it's almost Christmas!

Last night, I did end up seeing Castaway, which was mostly good. I liked all of the island scenes, and Tom Hanks was terrific, but the ending of the movie didn't sit well with me. Hrm. I had planned to go to the 5pm movie, but I got there at 4.55pm and there was a long line, so I decided to do the 7.10pm showing instead. To kill time, I went to Footlight Records to pick up a copy of Show Music for a friend upstate, and then wandered through the Holiday Bazaar at Union Square. They had some great gifts, but nothing really jumped out at me. I went to Republic for pad thai (love that place, it's just like Wagamama's in London), and then over to the movie. Luckily, I was the second or third person in line to get into the theatre, so I got a good seat with plenty of legroom. Another guy on crutches was two seats down, so we compared war stories and I told him how happy I was to be off the crutches. The show was sold out, and it was funny to notice that the girl I was right next to responded in the same way at the same times that I did.

It was freezing when I got out, I gimped to the train and came home.

Today is a day for doing nothing, I think. I have no more shopping to do. Missy went out to get us tickets for the midnight mass at St. Patrick's tomorrow night - can you believe you need a ticket to see God at Christmas? Heh. And I think we're going to celebrate by going up to the Abbey tonight.

Well, first things first - my cast is off! My appointment was for 10am, but they called at 9 to ask if I could come up a little earlier. No problem. All of us were up early this morning (relatively), so it was crowded in the apartment, but in a good way this time. I woke up with a killer sore throat, so had some tea before going out. This is off on a tangent already! So yes, they cut the cast off my ankle with a cast-saw (sounds like a dentist's saw, and is just as menacing) and unwrapped the gauze. Why is it that men look sexy with hairy legs, but I just look... unshaven? That's what you get for going six weeks without shaving, heh. Anyway. Looks aside, my leg feels a lot better, and the scars (two) look good. I have to call the physical therapy centers (they gave me a list) to start making appointments. Two months of PT, and four weeks (or so) in this walking cast thing, as needed. So I'll probably be doing London by cane, not too big of a deal. I can put full weight on my left leg now, too, which is nice. I really have lost a lot of muscle tone, so I need to start walking around again. The first thing I did when I got home was hop in the shower and shave! And lots of lotion for this dry dry skin I have now.

It's snowing out - big fluffy flakes. I doubt it'll stick, but it looks nice.

So last night, we went to this benefit concert at a restaurant on 24th Street - it was much fun, and thanks to the crutches, we were able to get in early and get good seats. We didn't get home until 2am, and I fell right asleep as soon as I fell into bed.

I am so happy to have this cast off - now I can go to the store and drop off laundry and go to the bank etc. But it sure does feel weird.

Oh, good news - I called the Physical Therapy place around the corner, on William Street, and they do take Blue Cross, so I can do PT in the mornings before work. That rocks. I made my first appointment for next Wednesday. More good news - our hot water is back. It came back on sometime last night - apparently the construction crew outside (they're always working on Gold Street) hit a water pipe or something yesterday, knocking the water out all day. One of the construction guys sang "Jingle Bells" to me this morning.

Having the cast off is so nice. I can now walk around with the walking cast (removeable!) and a cane. Although I had a cane from last time around, they gave me a sassy new dark wood one. Now I can mix and match to go with my clothes. Oh, and I'm wearing jeans for the first time in six weeks - just rolled up past the knee on the left - very stylish!

It's still snowing. I want to go to the movies, but I don't want to go by myself. I want to go and see Castaway. Cast. Away. Castaway. Get it? I'm so funny.

Ha! VC humor.

Oh! No hot water! And I have a meeting with the Sun Microsystems sales guy at 2pm. It had better come back on, or I'll have to go over there in a baseball cap, which doesn't bode well.

And, and I know this is hard to believe, RCN is having problems with their FTP and mail servers today, yet no one over there can explain why! They annoy me. Especially when I'm working from home and sort of need the connection to get any work done. I can't send any messages, and their tech support folks have no answers, so I've been on hold for a half-hour already. Ugh.

Cast off tomorrow! Yay! I've been putting a little weight on it (OK, I've been walking around the apartment) this week, and I can't wait to get the walking cast tomorrow so I can officially do that. I will not miss the crutches at all.

I'm copying videos all day for my friend Matthew - he came by last night with a dozen blank tapes and a list of what to copy, so my VCR is chugging along today. I'm trying to do as much work as I can offline today, since my connection to RCN is so crappy. So I'm working on this spreadsheet, while I listen to tapes of Whistle Down the Wind with Jerome Pradon. Yum. 2.5 weeks til London!

Hey, I got my handicapped parking permit in the mail today! What timing!

The Christmas party last night was fun - we played Taboo, a game that I now love. It was much fun. And the trip up to Ngoc and Keith's, while way way way north in Manhattan, doesn't take TOO long on the A train. I came home with Jen's gag grabbag gift (by chance!), which was a light-up Jesus nightlight. Hee.

I finished up all most of the tech stuff I had to do yesterday, so I took a break from working and went to the Kate Spade sample sale, at Dona's recommendation. They had a lot of great bags, but I still can't justify spending $90 for a purse. So I browsed, and came back home. I ran into Irene Velasco and her friend Kate there, tho, and ran into Ami Castelluci from Xceed, too. Small purse-buying world!

Coming back to NY is both terrific and frustrating. I hate that I can't get around (to the places I want to go to) on crutches, and I hate that it's crowded and noisy and too full of traffic and tourists. But I love being back in the city - there's always something to do. It's a mixed blessing. I have no idea when I want to move out. It's confusing - I love living here and always have, but I've been in or around the city for 26 years. I would eventually love to live up in Vermont. I would also like to be close enough to the city where I can be here when I want to. I also want to settle down and have kids but haven't found the right person to do that with, and chances are, I'm not going to find them in the city. Sigh.

I can't wait to get off of the crutches on Friday, I'm counting down the hours. My arms are big and buff, yet at the same time, really sore. But I sure can move on those things.

The weather went from cool and breezy on Sunday to freezing cold yesterday to slightly warmer today. What's up with this? It's supposed to snow/rain/sleet today, too, which makes me glad that I'm working from my apartment. I do have to go out at lunch tho, to meet with a partner company (I've met the guy already, he came up to Williamstown, so this is to scope out their office).

Tonight is Keith and Ngoc's Christmas party, way up in the furthest reaches of Manhattan. We're doing a really-Secret Santa thing, since we never managed to get together in person to draw names, so it's more like an upscale grab bag kind of thing.

In addition to gathering all of the requirements for this partnership project at work (which I have to email out today and tomorrow), I'm working on the third (and last, they say!) draft of my book proposal. It's really close to being in the proper format to send to publishers - very exciting stuff. I've been working on the actual manuscript as I go, too, so that's time-consuming as well - but again, lots of fun.

I have to figure out some way to get my laundry to the cleaners. Maybe it can wait until I'm off the crutches (T-minus 4 days and counting). Hmm.

Mimi the over-friendly cat has made it her mission to ensure I get no work done - she's trying to type with me. All the time. She is very cute, but very annoying.

When we went to return the rental car on Saturday, we discovered that the car place was only open til noon, and it was 4pm when we got there. So we left the car, with the keys locked inside, and slid a note under the door telling them to mail the receipt to me. I called them this morning to make sure they got the note OK, and they did - the only problem being that they gave me the only set of keys to the car when I rented it, so they had to call a locksmith to get the car open. What kind of car rental place only has one set of keys to the cars?

I would be getting more work done if the coworker who was supposed to fill out a spreadsheet with data and return it to me had actually returned it to me last week as expected! So I'm still waiting... have to go out to a meeting at 2pm down the street, too.

Of course, upon post-meeting reflection, I have decided that the next four days can't pass soon enough. I went down Fulton Street to this meeting, and then down to Pine Street to go the post office, and man, my arms are killing me. I can't wait to get this cast off and get off the crutches for good and be in a lot less pain. My foot today (the left one) is just achy-tired. Usually it just hurts, but it, along with the rest of me, is exhausted today.

I assume my roommates are home (in general) - I saw Missy last night, and there's evidence of Jen's stuff here, but I haven't seen either of them today at all.

Home again. As I expected, I am wishing I had more space - after the house for 5 weeks, this apartment is too cramped for even one person! Mom and I dropped off my stuff here last night, and then went to NJ, where we celebrated Christmas a week early. And now I'm back in the city, trying to unpack and figure out how everything fit in here before I left. The cats aren't happy about having less space, either. Oh well. Home. It's pouring rain - the drive back from MA was really nasty - and about 60 degrees outside. Nothing at all like the snow I was trudging through yesterday!

I'm going to work from home this week - there's no way I can handle the subway, the walk to the office and all those stairs at work while on crutches. I have a handful of meetings set up this week anyway, so I won't be here all that much... and I go to the doctor on Friday to get my cast off and find out all about physical therapy for my foot. Joy. I can't wait to get this cast off and see my leg again, I'm sure it looks just super after being encased in cotton and fiberglass for six weeks.

Yesterday must have been nature day. Since there's snow, you can see the footprints everywhere. There were bird tracks outside the front door (I bet the cats loved that) and deer/dog tracks on the snow near the window. I'm half-packed to go home tomorrow, I did laundry and packed the clothes I won't need back into my suitcase, and packed all of the books that I've finished or am not going to start in the next day.

The next two Prisoner DVD's are coming out in March 2001 - very cool. I have to watch the rest of the second set when I get home - I haven't had a chance to finish yet.

As my friend Lee, pointed out, this article hasn't made it to Google yet, because he just wrote it. But I'm mentioned in it!

Tomorrow I go home. Well, back to the city. But I'll be back.

It's days like this, I wish I had four-wheel drive. The dirt road to the house wasn't plowed this morning, so I had to be really really careful going up it. There's two inches of snow and a layer of ice on top of that on everything. I used a crutch to push the snow off the windshields of the car before getting into it, so it didn't take as long to defrost, but there was still ice on the windows and mirrors. The drive to work took twice as long, as I went twice as slow. Passed one accident on the way.

Today is a day of catching up and making sure I have everything covered before I go back to the city. Gotta plan our partnership next steps and make sure we have it all ready to go!

Let's hear it for our next president!

I am incredibly overwhelmed with work. Between my two projects (intranet and partnerships), there is so much work and so many details, and it's overwhelming. I get cranky when I don't have everything I need to do my job with, too, and I'm finding a lot of gaps today. Not good. But in happy work news, I'm having my laptop upgraded after New Year's. The laptop I have now tends to crash for no reason on startup, and when I launch certain applications. Randomly. It's also running Windows 98, which means I can't do any serious development work here as needed.

Just in time for the holidays - join the Pasta of the Month club!

In the "I was young and I needed the money" category? Every now and then, I search for my name on, to see how many times I'm linked. Call me egotistical, but whatever. So today, I did a search, and the fourth link was for! I am not nude! Go look and tell me if you think that counts as nudity. I have no idea how the picture ended up there. And oh! I found evidence of that interview I did for TV a while back about the Heather/coma thing, back in September! AND, I am quoted in this article about the skydiving trip we took in July. I love being all egotistical.

Hey, just in time to go back to the city, the DMV approved my handicapped parking permit. Losers.

So I go away for a few days, and I come home to find that we have a president-elect (ugh), that Rosie is going into the Seussical and that Mimi has puked on the floor. How could it be worse?!

Burlington was great. Kristin and I drove to Middlebury on Monday, making our first meeting with no problem at all - easy to find office etc. Middlebury is quaint (we used that word a lot) and small, and we enjoyed our stay. After our meetings there, we went up another hour (the furthest north I've been on this coast) to the hotel (Radisson! Loved them!) and checked in. Burlington is really a college town, and there's so much to do. Our fund manager, Cairn, took us to dinner at a good Mexican restaurant, and then we went to the movies and saw Proof of Life again - yummy Russell Crowe. It wasn't until we got back to the hotel that we realized they had Gladiator on their pay-per-view thing there, so we could have seen a better movie. But no worries. We were mistaken for students, so we only had to pay $5.00 at the movies, and there were two other people on crutches there! Ski country!

Speaking of ski country, we had a meeting yesterday (Tuesday) in Stowe, which is full of ski and touristy places... on the drive back from Stowe to Burlington, we drove through a major snowstorm and enjoyed the lack-of-view. The weather all week was about 15 degrees, getting as low at 6 this morning. Brr. Made me wish I could wear leggings over the cast. We were so tired last night that after dinner (with boss Ben's brother, who lives there), we both just passed out. Upon comparing notes this morning, Kristin and I realized that neither of slept well and we were both congested - probably from the dry air in the hotel rooms. I kept waking up every few hours.

I wish we had more time to actually explore the city of Burlington - it looked terrific. And I wish I wasn't on the crutches, so I could have actually walked! All of the companies we met with were on the second floor of their buildings, so there were lots of stairs to navigate. Today, we drove to Montpelier to meet for coffee with the last company of the trip, and then we drove back to Williamstown via route 100, so we got to drive through Weston, which was cool. It was a super-quick drive and we were back by 5pm.

So I'm back at the house in the woods, and gearing up for my last few days here. I think I might come up in August, when the lease is up, and stay for a year to see how it goes. I'll have to ponder that more, but it's possible. I really am finding that I can concentrate better up here, and I'm getting more work done in the Williamstown office than I do in NY.

Next week, I'm working from home. I can't deal with the subways and the walk to the office and all those stairs. Ugh. But I have plenty to do, so that's cool.

And Craig Bierko'll be on Conan this Friday night. Let's hope it isn't a repeat of the "finger on testicle" story!

Scary woods moment of the day! I came down from taking a shower this morning, and through the living room window, I sawa big yellow truck making a U-Turn in the driveway. That by itself isn't scary, but when I went to go to the car, I saw footprints in the snow that came up the porch and over to the living room window, as if someone had come over to the window to see what was in there. THAT'S scary!

Anyway, the cats'll have to guard the house, I'm off to Burlington until Wednesday night. Maybe we'll have a president by the time we get home!

Oh, and the DMV apparently hasn't sent my disabled parking permit (it wasn't in the mail pile at home). That annoys me, since I have the car for what, another week? Anyway. Minor point. I'm off to Lake Champlain!

And back again! I took coworker Kevin's directions to the city and back, and made the trip in three hours and ten minutes each way. Nice - route 22 all the way down is much nicer than the Taconic.

So I drove down yesterday afternoon, and made it to midtown with no problem. I realized what I hate about the city tho, especially at the holidays - too many people. I like MY parts of the city, which are generally unknown to tourists, but having to drive through midtown with these throngs of people was too much. I parked on 42nd Street, and met Trish (and her very funny friend Hope), Keith and Ngoc at the O'Neill Theatre, where we picked up our tickets (standing room, not a problem, I can balance). We went for dinner over at the Hotel Edison's cafe, which is known for cheap food, bad service, and sightings of local actors - Linda Lavin was having dinner a table away from us.

The show was great, as expected, and an usher let me sit in the back for the second act, which was great, since I was starting to regret saying that I could stand through it - I was getting tired by intermission.

Afterwards, I took the subway home to the apartment, which was weird being so quiet with no cats and no roommates. It was nice. Went through my mail, did indeed find my (now-late) Visa bill and a stack of magazines, which are all up here with me now. It was weird to sleep with noise outside after getting used to the peace and quiet of the woods.

This morning, I decided to just drive back up, since there wasn't anything I wanted to do in the city. So I left at noon, and now it's 3.15pm and I'm back in the house with the cats. Whew.

Hey, I'm in the Times today. Sassy. Someday the article will be all about me me me.

Aw, screw it. I slept in, and decided that I didn't want to sit around the house all day, so I reneged on the party, and am going down to the city to see The Full Monty with Trish. I also need to check my mail, since I'm sure there's important stuff sitting there (and in fact I know there is) that someone didn't get forwarded up here. Grr. Back tomorrrow!

later on 12/8/00
Oh baby. If you thought, as I did, that Russell Crowe looked good in animal pelts, go see him in Proof of Life and check him out in a suit! And in camophlage pants and black tank top! That is one hunk of meat! Mrowr! Sexy bitch.

Oh, the movie was good, too.

It's still really snowy out here - the dirt road to the house is covered in packed snow, and there's about two inches on the ground at the house. Love it. Pain to drive at night in it tho. I hate driving at night as it is - my night vision is not the best, especially when oncoming cars forget to turn their brights off.

Tomorrow is Weston, if I'm awake in time, and then a Christmas party at boss Matt's house, yay.

I was planning to do some book-work last night, but when I got home and discovered that the cable modem was choking and spewing data at me at around 300 bps, I decided not to. Rather than feeling nostalgic for the slow connection, I was annoyed. So I turned off the computer and curled up on the couch for an evening of must-see-TV. I also read Ghost Light, Frank Rich's memoir, and it was really good! Now I don't think I ever agreed with a single review that Rich wrote in the Times, but the book was about his childhood and his love affair with theatre. And that's something I can completely understand. I finished half of the book by the time ER started, and went and read the rest afterwards.

Did you catch the Full Monty boys this morning on the Early Show? I never watch morning TV at home, probably because I have a crowded apartment, but I've been watching it here because it wakes me up. Anyway, Patrick Wilson and John Ellison Conlee were on this morning. I'm making my list of shows to see again once I'm back in the city.

Proof of Life tonight. I have to go down to the mall to buy a Secret Santa present for an Xmas party that's coming up, too, so I figured I'd catch a little Russell Crowe while I was up. And this movie could be David Caruso's comeback!

Mmm, snow. My drive in the morning is just long enough to play 2 songs off a CD, or three if I have to defrost the car first. This morning - three. Whistle Down the Wind.

Neither cat has puked since being in MA. It must be something in the air.

Oh I am stuffed! We had a meeting with a guy from a potential partner company - he's very cool! He's done a lot of theatre work and actually worked at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, so he was happy to drive up from NYC to have lunch with us. It really clicked, and I'm going to visit their offices in NY when I'm back there.

My lips are so chapped because of the cold. It's still snowing.

Go Gore! Go Gore!

Very few things scare me, but the proposed return of Mindvox does.

Four weeks ago, I had surgery. I have two more weeks on crutches. I have nine more days in the woods. I remember when I came home from ten days in Ireland. I thought that was a long time to be away from the city. Well, this has been five weeks. It'll be interesting to be home again.

I've decided to pass some time by cleaning up the text in my book manuscript today. It's highly enjoyable.

So last night I watched Schindler's List again. I love that movie, for reasons I can't explain.

I'm feeling uninspired to write anything today.

So I did an interview with the Times this morning - for an article in the upcoming Sunday paper about people who go to extremes for theatre tickets. While I've also done such fun things like buying opening night tix to Ragtime at the BC/EFA flea market, or driving to Michigan (16 hours there, 16 hours back) to see Chess with James, I talked about doing the Rent line overnight for tickets. In a fifteen minute talk, we managed to cover the show, the line, the online mailing list, the fact that I'm dating Kenny, the girl-in-a-coma story, and sleeping in four inches of snow in Chicago. Whew. I hope some of that makes it into the article ;-)

I realized last night that when I go to Burlington, it'll be the furthest north that I've been on the east coast. It's nearly Canada!

My brother has super good news that I can't write about here until the New Year.

So I'm in the middle of reading Guns Germs and Steel, which is fascinating so far. Yesterday, I read about the hunter-gatherer peoples vs. sedentary farmers, and the reasons that farming overtook hunting-gathering as a lifestyle. Also lots of interesting facts like the birth level was lower among hunter-gatherers, since they had to space out children with an average of four years between births, since they had to carry their children with them as they moved from place to place, or wait for the children to be old enough to walk on their own, while farming societies, being in one place for the most part, had an average of two years between births. So the farming societies grew larger, faster. It's still an unanswered question whether larger families led to sedentary farming societies, or vice versa. Sort of a cyclical catalyst. Anyway, the book is great so far.

I called the Roundabout about tickets for Betrayal, but they seem to only have crappy seats available for the dates I can go. So I'm just going to call them day-of when I can go, and do cancellations that way (very cool, that you can check cancellations over the phone).

All I want to do is soak my left foot in lotion - it's very dry and chapped since I can't get it wet at all. I massaged hand lotion into it last night and this morning, and I can feel it still being chapped under my cast-sock. It's almost painful.

later on 12/5/00
See? I think good things, and they happen! Betrayal was extended until February 4th at the Roundabout - now I have more time to go and see it again.

I'm stuffed from dinner - a handful of us went to Mezze for excellent food and wine after work (although David was running late, we discovered him trying to break into the locked office building via the fire escape). Yum. And it's a beautiful night out again, the moon is really bright tonight and illuminating the inch or so of snow that fell this evening. The wind just started to howl and I almost wish I knew how the fireplace worked (and that there was wood) so I could start it up. There's nothing I'd like more than to be curled up on the blanket in front of the fireplace right about now.

We've changed our Burlington plans slightly, instead of driving up Sunday night, we're going to go straight to Middlebury on Monday morning, since our first meeting isn't until 1pm - doesn't make sense to go up the night before at all.

Oof, things at work are piling up today. I'm working on two major projects, with two different development shops, two different sets of technology and totally different focuses. It's a lot to handle, but I'm doing OK. The Burlington trip'll be full of work - we have to spend the spare time consolidating paper notes into a spreadsheet, and work on integrating some external forms into my data schema. Lots of work... but it's all productive.

I woke up this morning with a stuffy head and fell right back asleep again until noon. So now I'm catching up on work.

I rented Everyone Says I Love You and Schindler's List from the video store, I'll watch one or both of them tonight. Or tomorrow. Thursday I'm going to the movies with coworker Kristin to see Best in Show at the art-y cinema here, and then ER, and Friday is Proof of Life's first day - mmm, Russell Crowe. It's movie week!

That is, unless unexpected NY coworker David comes up to Williamstown today, and we end up having a dinner outing instead! Maybe I can watch a movie after dinner tho, if it isn't too late.

I have to charge the camcorder batteries before London - Tim and I are being silly and seeing Whistle Down the Wind at the Friday night performance, too (in addition to the Saturday night closing performance), because we scored last row Upper Circle tickets for 10 pounds. Hopefully the perfect spot to videotape from. If not, the perfect spot to squint at the stage from. We're sitting in the 4th row of the stalls for the actual closing night performance, close to sexy/scary Jerome Pradon.

It's frosty out! My rental car didn't come with an ice scraper, so I had to wait 15 minutes in the car for it to defrost and the ice to melt. Even though it's 40 degrees out! Frost! This is supposed to be the warmest day of the week, it's supposed to get much colder. I can't imagine what Burlington is like.

I have to find the real post office today, instead of asking Kim to put my mail on the outgoing pile - I have all of my Christmas cards (already stamped, thankyouverymuch!) to mail, and some overseas ones, and my book proposal draft to mail out today. I have a vague idea where the PO is, but I have no idea where the nearest parking lot is. That'll be my lunchtime quest, if I feel like getting up.

Mmm, lunch.

It's turning into one of those "small town" days, odd, since I'm in a small town. I did make it to the post office, where everyone seemed to know each other. I mailed my book proposal draft down to my agent, and mailed all of my cards, too. Then I went to the sandwich shop across the street, where I ran into someone who had been in line with me at the post office (they congratulated me on getting around OK, I commented back that I was glad there was no snow). And then I came back to the office to find that coworker Steve's wife made chocolate chip cookies for the office - yum! Oh, and Trish made my day by sending the latest issue of New York magazine, with a studly Ben Stiller on the cover - mrowr!

All of the mailing lists I'm on are dead quiet today. I wonder if the rest of the world has disappeared.

Oh, in the world of vanity which I inhabit... my hands are starting to blister from the crutches. I slathered them in this wonderful goat's milk hand cream that I picked up somewhere - and it smells really good, too. So I am clean and good smelling. Yum.

I passed the time in the shower having dangerously unclean thoughts about Liev Schreiber. I want to go see Betrayal again when I get back to the city. This was all sparked by a picture of him and Juliette Binoche from New York magazine in a scene from the play. He's yummy.

It must be the cold weather or something, but I slept right til 11am today, too. I actually woke up, as usual, at 7, looked at the clock, and went back to sleep. Then I woke up at 10, and realized I didn't have enough time to get up, get dressed and go to Weston for church, so I dozed for another hour and here I am. I did want to get up to Weston this weekend, so I should have set the alarm clock. But it's nice to be able to sleep in, too.

In addition to the bluejay outside the window (which Mimi noticed this morning, and made growling noises at), I saw a family of deer in the backyard last night, and I chased a bunny out of the way when I was driving up to the main road. Lotsa nature up here. I opened the curtains on the sliding porch doors to let the light in, and the cats are alternating between stretching out in the sunlight and chasing each other around the empty rooms downstairs. Since the only room with any real furniture is the den where I'm sleeping, there's a lot of room for them to run around.

It's amazing how doing so little can waste so much time.

All done with the Outlander series! I love those books, can't wait for the final two to come out... I have no idea when the next ones are due, but I hope it's as mesmerizing as the first four. My head hurts at the thought of starting another book right now, with this one so fresh in my memory, so I think I'll go and watch The English Patient and swoon over some Ralph Fiennes.

I feel like I'm in that (Oh, I watched the movie, loved it, bought the book from Amazon) late-twenties period of unsettled-ness. I had read somewhere that women don't really mature until their 30's, and as I watch women that've hit that mark, at work at outside, in movies and in books, I think it's true. You can see a certain surety that women in their 20's don't possess - myself included there. And part of me is itching to get these next few years out of the way so I too can feel more assured, more settled in whatever it is one is supposed to feel settled in. Maybe that's part of the hesitancy I feel about where to move or who to date, because I feel like I won't be ready for anything stable until I hit 30. And maybe that's why I rush through things now, because I feel like I won't be able in a few more years, so I'm cramming it all in now (that would be the general 'now', not the specific 'now' - I'm not cramming in anything while I'm gimping around). Maybe I'm just reading too much.

Happy birthday Eve!

I slept til noon today, ahhh. It was nice to have both cats in bed to cuddle with. It's beautiful out - the sky is blue (and all the leaves are gone), the snow seems to have melted. Of course, it's about 25 degrees out and freezing, but it looks nice. I'm going to drive down to Barnes and Noble and chill amongst the books for a while, and maybe see what movies are playing at the mall, since I'll be down that way. I love driving up here - except at night, when the windy roads are just spooky.

Oh, continuity! So the other night, there was a car parked out behind the house. Well, I looked out that direction from the bathroom (which is on the 2nd floor, so I can see better what's back there), and there's a road that leads from behind the driveway off into the woods. And there was a truck coming down it while I was looking! I have no idea where it goes... maybe I'll drive down and see.

Drive drive drive... the day stayed beautiful, fluffy clouds, sunny, blue skies... Love it. I didn't feel like cooking again, so I went into Williamstown again, with the intent of getting Chinese food. But the restaurant also does sushi, so I had that instead. Unfortunately it didn't really fill me up (and the Alaska rolls here were scary), so I'm still a little hungry. I stopped at the video store again (it's growing on me, even they did have the Craig Bierko selections (Thirteenth Floor and The Suburbans also listed under New Arrivals), and rented sappy movies - The Bridges of Madison County and The English Patient (which I haven't seen yet). I don't know if I'll watch either tonight, since the local PBS station is showing beautiful Christmas concert-type stuff with Andrea Bocelli, and it's relaxing. Maybe I'll just leave that on in the background and go read for a bit.

Or maybe I'll cry through The Bridges of Madison County, and then watch some ice skating ("What would Brian Boitano do?"), and then the news and an ER rerun, while writing out my Christmas cards. Yeah, that's what I should do. And it's exactly what I did... I haven't moved my butt off the couch in 4 hours.

later on 12/1/00
Wow, I have great timing - I watched You've Got Mail and flipped on CBS to catch whatever was on - and it's the Elton John concert! Everybody go watch! Look for my friend Jim!

We had snow flurries this afternoon - I left work a little early to get home before it snowed, but when I got home, I was so hungry and tired and not in the mood to cook, so I went back out and drove up into Williamstown to the diner. Brought my book, and just had dinner there - much easier than cooking here... it was just a veg on the couch kinda night, which I do not mind at all. While I was out, I also stopped at the grocery store - since I can't carry anything except what I put in my shoulder bag, I shop in small spurts. Tonight I bought Stop&Shop brand generic cereal that isn't HoneyCombs. I must have been in the store a lot this week, as the Salvation Army collection woman says "hi" to me and asks how I'm doing. Hrm.

Pixel is now tugging at my sweater, so that's my cue to go watch Elton.

So I watched There's Something About Mary last night and was not overwhelmed! I also did laundry (on crutches) - it's so nice having a washer and dryer in the house. In the city, I lug my laundry to the cleaners to do for me, since I really hate doing it myself, and the washers and dryers in the building are a. usually broken and b. not on our floor. But anyway, last night I did laundry, so my clothes are all clean again, which is good, as I've been living in my overalls. I only have two pairs of pants that fit over the cast (overalls, which are full of useful pockets) and my black drawstring pants. And then there's my collection of long skirts. But it's a bit chilly to go around in skirts. Luckily, I don't have to be outside all that much.

I'm trying to decide if I want to drive up to Weston tomorrow for church or sleep all day. I'll see how I feel in the morning. First, I have to get through the day.

There's actually blue sky out today, instead of the cloud cover we've had all week.

I finished the second draft of my book proposal - printed it out and now I have to go through and proofread and make changes before I send it in. Yay! I have written 556 pages in the actual manuscript, and 57 for the proposal itself. The manuscript gets longer all the time, because a. I'm adding journal chunks to it every month, and b. I'm editing it for content, so some parts are getting embellished and some are getting deleted altogether. It seems like I'm adding more text by cleaning it up tho.


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