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I am destined to go to Mars. Ben sent me this article about millionaires funding trips there. And one of the guys who's founding it is Elon Musk, brother of Kimbal, who ran Funkytalk (where I worked for two months before it went under, pre-Village Ventures). And one of the other founders is Adeo Ressi, who was a head honcho-type at one of the companies that Xceed acquired. Perhaps those past activies don't bode well for this Mars thing, but hey, you never know. Anyway, what we really need is an internet millionaire to just support the lifestyle to which I am accustomed. Don't send strangers to Mars - send me to Paris!

Friend Erin pointed out that in OH, there's a topiary version of the Seurat painting. I wish I were going to be more near Columbus when I head out that way, but I'm flying to Cincinnati instead. Next time James and I drive across Ohio and get a blowout on 80, we'll have to stop and check it out.

I did nothing all day. Well, I watched The Goonies on DVD, with the commentary track on. If that counts as doing nothing, then, I did nothing. Acccomplished zilch. I was going to see Ghost World tonight, but the guy I was going to go with called to ask if we could make it later and I was already supposed to have post-movie plans, which ended up getting scrapped anyway, so we ended up rescheduling the movie thing.

Although I feel like I spent the day on the phone - with the new cellfone, I somehow turned off the reminder noise for when I have voicemail, so I got a call at 9.30am from a friend, asking if I had gotten his message from last night ("no") and could I get together later in the day ("no, not really in the mood"), and then I talked to a recruiter, or rather, talked to her voice mail, about a position she's sending my resume out for, and then I talked to Steve for a bit. I stopped by the law firm yesterday to pick up my pair of Dreamgirls tickets (SO excited about this, it's got Norm!), but he wasn't actually there. Anyway, we're both having guy issues - that is, we're both swoony for guys who don't recognize the swooniness and therefore need to be beaten with a cluestick until they catch wise, or something. We made plans to meet up for dinner-and-a-movie tomorrow night so we can revel in our mutual admiration society.

So I guess it wasn't a completely do-nothing day, but it feels like it. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Incoming - quiet weekend. Jen and Missy are both headed home for the Labor Day weekend, and I, in the spirit of not celebrating work, am not going anywhere. I can't believe it's the end of the month already. And almost the end of summer! Autumn, however, is my favorite season and I can't wait to break out the sweaters.

Oh and I got the COBRA insurance thing straightened out. MetLife's problem.

For your amusement: The Star Wars Title Generator.

And for my amusement, the Times review of Russell Crowe's band at Irving Plaza. Ngoc and I almost went, but we ended up on the cancellation list, and decided not to waste an evening waiting in line. Russell Crowe will come to us.

later on 8/29/01
I must amend my earlier post - not ALL of the cool kids were at Urinetown tonight, but only about half. The rest, however, were at Dallas BBQ with us before the show, before going off to be cool elsewhere. So I met Michelle, Sue, Heather and Matthew for dinner, and ran into Trisha and Fernando outside, and they were meeting Jen, Ngoc and Keith for dinner as well - small world. And then James came by to say "hi" so it was almost like a staff meeting, except that the Other James was missing - big surprise, what with him being anti-social and all. So dinner was good, and then our table went off to the theatre (right next door), where we ran into Bruce and his boyfriend Bill, and the Other James, and Norm Lewis, who is a doll. Love Norm.

The show was great - it really transferred well from the smaller off-Broadway space. And for free, well heck, who can beat that? I also picked up the tix for Mom and I to see it again in October.

So small world - Sue and I took the train home after the show (she just moved to NY from PA, and is two subway stops away from me in Brooklyn), and as we're getting into the car at 42nd Street, someone grabs my arm. I don't think anything of it, and sit down, and when I hear my name being called - so I look up, and it's my Uncle Joe and my cousin Mark. They'd been at the Mets game (the Mets won, but whatever, they're not as good as the Yankees anyway). I can't believe that Mark's applying to college already - jeez! And then, continuing the small world bit... I get off the train at my stop, and walk down to the staircase and there's my friend Paul - who I haven't seen in easily two years, coming down the stairs. I used to catsit for him when I lived uptown. Amazing - such a small world. So he turned around and we went out of the station and over to the John St. Bar and Grill for a quick drink. Paul and I both used to belong to MindVox, the BBS, and when I lived uptown we used to see a lot of each other. Great guy, and it was super to see him after so long, he looks great and is doing well. And his cat has mellowed out some, which is nice to hear, since Petey was the psychokitty when I knew him.

OK, sleep.

In a mad fit of reading, I finished Dazzler last night - and really, really enjoyed it. Now I can get back into the Adams book. I went to lunch with Michael yesterday, who's going to lend me the book of letters between John and Abigail Adams - and I'm going to lend him the biography. It turns out that neither of us have made much headway in either book, so the trade will have to wait a while longer. We went to Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place, known more for the lines that snake out of it on Sunday mornings for brunch. Dad and I had been for brunch once (and met two lovely strangers when it turned out that tables for four were opening up more readily than tables for two, so we shared a table), but really, I don't see the point in waiting an hour to get a table somewhere. Not for brunch, anyway.

I got four inches cut off my hair! I meant to only get a trim, but the woman (not my regular stylist, she's off having a baby) said, "Don't you think it's too long? It'd look much better shoulder-length and it'll have more body and blah blah blah" and we were off and running. I think it looks fine now, but that's because someone who knows what they're doing blow dried it. When I do my own hair, it looks the same as always. She made me promise not to stick it up in a bun immediately, so it's still down for now. I'm sure I'll put it up in about 15 minutes - I'm really not fond of my hair getting in my face, no matter how nice it looks. Anyway, I do like the haircut! I'd been growing it longer and longer for so long that I forgot how nice it is on my shoulders. I'll have to have someone take a picture later.

Everyone I know is going to see Urinetown tonight. Well, all of the cool kids, anyway.

And just when I thought I'd gotten my COBRA coverage straightened out with Village Ventures, I get a bill for $894 from my dentist! It claims that "expenses occcured after coverage was cancelled." I've sent a voicemail over to VV to see what's up. Very frustrating.

So now I feel all caught up with pop culture. I had never seen American Pie (the movie), so Trisha, Ngoc, Michelle and I watched it on video on Sunday. It was fun and entertaining, even if I had heard all of the jokes and punchlines before. And Michelle and I went to see the sequel last night at the movies, which was also fun. I somehow missed out on the teen culture thing when I was a teenager - I didn't see Pretty in Pink until last year, and still have never seen all of The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles. I can't name the members of Duran Duran or The New Kids on the Block. I don't know what on earth I was doing when I was growing up, but it had nothing to do with pop culture.

Of course, I also can't drive around central NJ without a map, and I lived there for 18 years, so maybe it's just some kind of selective amnesia.

There should be a TV station of just movie previews. I could watch them all day. Everytime I go to the movies, I'm more excited for the previews - ask anyone I've been with, I'm always like "ooh, previews!" in this giddy way. They're sometimes the best part of the whole movie-going experience.

Mom and I had brunch at Aquavit - our favorite Swedish restaurant. Many different herrings. I love Aquavit, they have by far the best looking staff in New York. I swear. Mom had to keep asking what was distracting me - it was the maitre'd.

And what better way to followup brunch than by watching Patrick Wilson shake his moneymaker? After I gave Mom the plot of Urinetown, she said she wanted to grab tickets, so we went to TKTS to see if they had the discount flier there (they didn't, but I found one at home), and we decided to see The Full Monty on the spur of the moment. Well worth it, and a good show, sadly, even without Kathleen Freeman. Ran into my friend Chris Delis outside, too, he's a guitarist and was subbing in today. I keep running into Chris in the oddest places - Baltimore, Los Angeles, the pit at Aida... great guy, and it was good to see him.

So anyway, I'll pick up Urinetown tix on Wednesday, when I'm up there seeing it (for free! yay!).

Yay! I'm going to do two more recording sessions for Fynsworth, very cool. Bruce Kimmel rules my world. I had a great time working on Bells are Ringing and I'm sure these ones will be a lot of fun, too. Unfortunately, they're on the days that I was going to wait for Producers cancellation tickets (to see Brad Oscar on for Nathan Lane), but I would rather spend those days with Bruce, he's a load of fun to work with/for.

OK, moving on.

I can't believe I slept til noon today. Well, I can, actually - I couldn't fall asleep last night. I was up til 2am talking with a friend, and then tossed and turned until about 4am. I hate that. I really don't want to get in the insomnia mode, that's the last thing I need. And I don't like that I never think about taking a sleeping pill until it's too late. I should just pop one at midnight and have it over with, except then I would become addicted and wind up like Liza Minelli, and end up in the hospital with an IV in my arm and I'd be miserable and nauseus all the time, and boy, that wouldn't be fun. So no habitual pill-popping for me. I already know I've got an addictive personalnity (see the quitting cigarette thing - I slipped up at Jess's party the other week, as noted, and I really want one right now, but there aren't any in the apartment, so I'm sweating it out), and I didn't even take my painkillers after the heel surgery because I didn't want to become dependant. That may be taking things too far in the other direction, but whatever, I was scared of the Vicodin. I gave them away. I still have Percoset somewhere from the FIRST time I had heel surgery, which I also did not take. Anyway, I cancelled having lunch with Scott today because I was just too tired to move. And Scott - while I love him dearly - is just too high-energy for me to deal with when I'm not fully awake.

Got my voter reminder card for the primary election in September. I have no idea who to vote for in the mayoral race - none of the candidates really stand out from the rest. Well, maybe Bernie Goetz (remember? The subway shooter?), but only for his past.

I started reading Dazzler, and it's really good so far. The author wraps up all of what happened in Act One in the first few chapters (Hart ended his book after the opening of Once in a Lifetime). and he corrects the points that Hart had romanticized. I didn't think I'd like that at first, but it's much better reading a true account of his life. I know I said I was going to finish reading the biography of John Adams first, but Dazzler called out to me.

Dr. Stein called to tell me my cholesterol level is 129 - just at the high end of normal. Everything else is alright.

I went to a Fringe show with Trisha this afternoon - I was awake in time for that. It was in the same horribly un-air conditioned space that Urinetown was in in 1999 (yes, I saw it then because my friend Raquel was in it, and I can't remember anything about it other than that the space was hot and it was funny). So that was fun (and hot), and then we met up with Michelle and Ngoc in Times Square, where we re-enacted our high school days by hanging out in the food court for an hour before heading to Trisha's apartment to watch American Pie - the first one, because I'd never seen it. Well, now I have. And I have to say, my own days at band camp were not as fun-filled as that chick's were.

OK, back to the grind - better seats are indeed on sale and they will be mine. In 35 minutes, that is, since I bought my limit last night - whoops - and I have to wait for the 24-hour period to end!

Tickets unexpectedly went on sale for Thou Shalt Not, so I picked mine up. Unfortunately, all they have on sale at are the rear mezz ones, so that's what I got. And then I read that since tix weren't supposed to go on sale until Sunday, those ones were probably released early due to a glitch - I hope they don't cancel my orders because of that! That would suck! So I'm going to look again on Sunday to see if better seats are made available, so I can get more. Can't wait.

Oh, and the Jay and Silent Bob movie is a hoot. I was in tears from laughing so hard.

It is amazing how less stressed I feel today.

It's been the day of free theatre tickets. I went up to the CD signing at HMV for 42nd Street, and they were giving away free tickets for Urinetown to the first fifty people - that was cool. I met up with Michelle, Matthew and Heather (who I last saw at the first preview of 42nd Street, oddly enough), and we all got tickets. And then I won two free tickets to 42nd Street in the drawing they held, so Michelle and I are going to see it again in September. Nifty. I don't think there were even fifty people there, because of the rain (and it wasn't publicized too well), so I got to have a picture taken with Michael Cumpsty, who I love. And free tickets to two shows, not too shabby.

AND I came home to a big box from Amazon - a bunch of books and CD's that someone sent me as a thank-you present. So now I can go read Dazzler - as soon as I finish the Adams and the other books I'm in the middle of.

Gotta love the cellfone insurance people - they shipped my new phone overnight, so I have it already. On my way out to the drugstore, the doorman stopped me and said, "Catherine, early this morning you got a package, maybe it's computer stuff?" They know us too well. One time, the same doorman stopped Missy to tell her that he was thinking of moving to Pittsburgh, and since she was from there, could she tell him about the area and the job market. She had no idea how he knew. Now I have to reprogram all of the phone book entries into it - as Jen put it, there should be a way to sync your cellfone to your Palm and have it just download the phone book numbers that way. I promise not to spill any sticky liquids on the phone this time.

The new Ikea catalog came. It's like furniture pornography.

I went up to 45th Street to check when the box office opens for Thou Shalt Not - there are conflicting dates on the Lincoln Center website and at the theatre, so I cleared that up (the answer is that they go on sale via Telecharge on Sunday, and at the box office on Monday). Tried to flirt with the box office guy in order to buy tickets in advance, but no luck there. Today's subway weirdos include: the bongo player, the guy with the Rowan Atkinson-esque facial expressions (in reaction to whatever he was reading), and not one, not two, but three skinny Asian men selling gum and batteries. It was like a parade through the subway car. A very humid one, too, as the AC wasn't working in any of the subway cars that I tried (all two of them).

They say there's such a thing as a karma bus. Well, I'm a good person - I go out of my way to be generous, I offer my seat on the bus to pregnant women, I mind my manners, and I tend to not blow up at people when I'm mad at them. So I think it's time that all of the bad karma I am due got loose. So here is a karma-biting-me-in-the-ass bedtime story, in which I let my anger go.

I am not really a vengeful person. I don't tend to hold grudges, and I usually let things slide. But right now I'm really annoyed, so I have to rant. And I know I never write about my sex life, either, but whatever, I'm annoyed. So here's a sordid story, to amuse the masses and to warn people. So I thought this actor, Jeff (E., I'm sure you know him, but maybe not, he hasn't done all that much 'round these parts) was attractive, and back in April, I asked a mutual friend to have Jeff email me. And we hit it off through email, and soon were flirting away via IM. That's cool, he's funny, and it's obvious that he's hitting on me. So one thing led to another, and I spent the night up there sometime in June. And it was fun. So we spent another night together sometime in July, likewise a lot of fun. And the impression I had been getting was that this was going to remain a friendship with perks.

Well, then my emails and IMs started to go unanswered. In my book, friends actually reply to emails, and go out socially and hang out together, etc. So I was confused and a little ticked off. I sent Jeff an email asking if he could let me know what his expectations were, since it seemed that he was just looking for a bootycall. No reply. Getting on my bad side. I sent another note, asking if he was planning to answer my original email. No reply. He finally wrote back, saying he was out of town and I was not too high on his priority list for emailing. This was right around the time that I mentioned seeing the Levi's commercial that he did on TV - and he took offense at being mentioned here, claiming that people might think that I was insulting him, and that it could affect his professional career. I didn't share that opinion, and a heated email discourse ensued. Anyway, a friend of mine - and a former friend of Jeff's - emailed me to say she saw the entry (and the commercial) and knew exactly who I was referring to, and she said:

Jeff IMed me randomly back in December and we started chatting. He was kind of an ass back then, but I didn't think anything of it. He would always flirt with me and invite me to hang with him in the city and crash at his place afterwards (he mentioned way too many times about his extra air mattress). Then he told me to go see Time & Again, though we only spoke briefly afterwards. Then he stopped IMing me and when I e-mailed him to see what was up, he told me I was too sensitive and he had just been busy.
Well, that was familiar.

And then I got another email asking if the guy I referred to was Jeff E. - because she had slept with him a few years ago, and had the same thing happen. Total stranger. I have no problem with one-night stands, and I have no problem with having a fuckbuddy. I DO have a problem with treating people like crap and ignoring them. And I have a big problem with my friends being treated badly. And I have a problem with history repeating itself if it doesn't have to.

Anyway, I let the emails slide - and I didn't think too much of it. But then tonight, I talked via IM with a friend in the industry who knows everyone, and he told me that the same thing has happened to several other women that he knows. "Several" being the operative word - to quote, "You're the fourth person I know to have that situation," and "The mere mention of his name creeps me out. He's a predatorial creep, and I don't think I've ever even met him." Great.

That pissed me off. Ugh. Right, so, queasy feeling all over. And any thoughts I had about salvaging some kind of friendship with Jeff are out of my head now - really, I don't need someone like him as a friend. So let this serve as a warning - set those expectations before you get involved with someone. Don't date actors - for the most part, they are self-centered to the point of excluding everyone around them. Specifically, don't date Jeff E. - it's really not worth it. Oh, and don't tell me what I can or can not write here when you know that I'm already angry with you - that's not going to have a good effect. I feel MUCH better for ranting about this. It's very cathartic. Anyway, I doubt that his professional life is going to be affected by what I write here, but I'm sure it'll have some impact on his personal life. And after hearing what I've heard, I really do not care.

OK, I'm going back to being my non-vengeful, non-grudge-holding self now. Toodles.

Joy of joys, it turns out that Village Ventures insured my phone when they bought it for me. I took it to the Verizon tech services store on Wall Street, and they told me that the insides got wet (I didn't say how) and they couldn't just clean it off. But since it's insured, they can replace it for me for the $35 deductible. So they're overnighting me a new phone and then I'll send this one back. Whew!

Mom and I got our tickets for la Boheme at the Met with Alagna and Georghiu for October - very cool. And we're not sitting in the cheap seats this time, which is even cooler. They have a bad habit of cancelling performances, and they'd better not do it this time!

Floyd Collins note of the day: there is a Floyd Collins museum in Cave City, KY, 90 minutes south of Louisville. And you can visit his grave. And tour caves. I don't think I'm up for cave-touring, but it might be fun to drive down to Cave City. There is also a wax museum, with a wax Jesus. And the weekend that I'm down there is the local Heritage Festival, complete with Bluegrass, storytelling, Gospel, and hot air balloon rides. Tempting - stay in Louisville and see the show a second time, or watch the fireworks and watch "living history." Decisions, decisions. I have an extra day, sort of - Dona's coming back to the city on Saturday evening, and I don't fly home until Sunday. Can't wait. But I have to - it's a while off yet.

later on 8/20/01
While I don't have anything handy that fits this category, I thought some readers might. Anna Holmes is putting together a book, and is looking for material. She contacted me (gosh, why!) and I volunteered to troll for entries on the site:

I'm currently working on a book project for publisher Carroll & Graf, (tentatively titled "Hell Hath No Fury") which will be an anthology of the female poison pen letter. By "poison pen" I mean correspondence (letter, email, anything) written by women during or after the end of a relationship/marriage in which the author is venting/clarifying/protesting/summarizing/mourning the relationship. I guess you could say a poison pen letter is the exact opposite of a love letter. You might even call it a fuck-you letter.

So far I've collected quite a few examples of poison pen letters written by notable women such as Edith Wharton, Queen Elizabeth I, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and Mae West, and I'm going to continue to collect such historical missives. But I'm also looking to include the letters of contemporary women and I'd love to know if you, your friends, or any of your colleagues might have something to contribute (if you feel comfortable forwarding this onto women you know I'd really appreciate it).

Letters can be written by women who were involved in both straight or gay relationships, and length is not an issue. If a letter is only one sentence, fine. If it's 20 pages, that's fine too. And timeframe is not an issue either: if a woman has kept a letter she wrote 20 years ago, I'd love to see it. Or if it was written just last week, that's great too. Nor does the material have to have been sent...just written (as you know, a lot of women write letters that they never send, just for the purpose of catharsis).

Email Anna! Not me!

I had to take a sleeping pill at 1am last night - just couldn't sleep. I woke up this morning with that groggy feeling I always get after having taken a sleeping pill, and couldn't shake it. So I emailed James that I'd come into Scholastic after lunch, and napped for another hour. Made it to Scholastic at 11.30 this morning and typed my fingers off again for a few hours - it's fun working with James.

We have a tired apartment today - I'm not entirely awake (not enough caffeine) and Jen's tired from having her friend here all weekend. I haven't seen Missy since Saturday sometime, but I'm sure she's tired wherever she is. Even the cats are lying around in this lethargic state (except for when I had dinner, then Mimi was all excited to get leftovers). Maybe it's the weather - it's muggy and hazy, and we're getting these intermittant rainstorms. Which reminds me that I need to get a new umbrella. I called the lost and found at the Neil Simon theatre, but they had no trace of my red umbrella.

I spilled orange juice on my cellfone on Saturday, and it's been acting up ever since. There's a Verizon store on Fulton Street, so I stopped in to see if they could clean it or exchange phones (I'm still under warranty), but the line was so long and the counter people were taking so long that I didn't want to wait around, so maybe I'll try it again tomorrow. I think it's something in the battery, because the phone will just shut off for no reason when I'm using it, and sometimes it'll read that the battery is empty (and I know it's charged up to full), very weird.

OK, nothing on TV on Monday nights, so I'm off to read. I borrowed Jen's book on Floyd Collins, and I'm claustrophobic just reading it. Caves are not my thing.

Always be wary of those phone calls that begin, "If I ask you something, promise you won't get upset..."

Ow, headache.

So I had fun last night. I did my retail therapy bit and bought the jacket, and it looks great. Now the weather just has to cool off enough for me to wear it more. And then I met this guy for drinks (well, kind of, he doesn't drink, but I had a pint of cider), and that was nice. Someone normal-seeming, at least. And then I went to Jess Brinn's birthday thing - I got there at 9pm and she was running late, so I killed time by harassing Joe on the phone and drinking Diet Coke. And I slipped and had a cigarette because I was stressed, that's probably why I have a headache today. I stayed over at a friend's apartment uptown (OK, I stayed over at Kenny's apartment, but nothing happened - I just called and said, "Can I crash at your apartment, Jen has company over"), and today he and I went for brunch and to the movies, and talked about NY real estate (he's looking to buy an apartment, I'm looking to convince him to sublet his place to me if he does), the pros and cons of waiting on line for brunch (I don't think there were any pros) and Hedwig. It had really been a while since I went out on a Saturday night, I'm a little out of practice. Slow day so far - and I have nothing to do until the Six Feet Under season finale at 9pm tonight.

Except find some aspirin.

I should really get a printer. And some way to back this thing up. I always have to call Dad to ask him to print things for me. Like my dirt-cheap airfare and car rental papers. I'm psyched. I called the theatre in Kentucky about tickets (they aren't on sale yet), and he had a genuine southern accent. Even tho Trisha, Michelle, Keith and Ngoc are all technically southern, they don't really sound it. But this guy was as southern sounding as I can imagine. I can't wait. And even tho Kentucky isn't really all that far south on the map - it's on the same latitude as St. Louis (which has an X through it on my map, because I drove through it and showered at my friend Eli's house there on the way to Kansas City in 1995), it just feels "southern" to me. Go figure. Atlanta felt south, New Orleans felt south, but I guess I haven't been to the really southern part of the south - like Arkansas and Mississippi and Alabama and Texas. Hrm.

I have a map of the US with little red X's on it, it's fun to see all of the places I've been. It would probably be interesting to draw little lines for the roadtrips (we did that in Ireland, drew a line where we drove), but right now my map just has X's for places that I've spent the night. Except for NJ, because I've been all over the state, or so it seems, so I didn't bother to X off all of the towns I've been to. Well, soon I can make another red X on my map of the US, as I have never been to Kentucky before. Or to Memphis! Which, in the spirit of cheap airfare, is waaaay out of the way, yet I am transferring flights there. It's like flying to Glasgow via London, as former coworker Judith would say. I'm looking forward to it - Dona's got the lowdown on the best places to eat, and I can't wait to see Shannon again (Dona tells me that Shannon stayed over in my apartment on the way home from the Peace Corps, but I'm drawing a blank, so I'll take her word that we've met), and cheer on Joan-a-rama (Dona's mom) from her hip replacement surgery, and maybe see my friend Scott and his girlfriend in Cincinnati, too. It'll be nice to get out of the city for a bit, too.

Oh man, I ought to post the names of people I'm involved with here more often - it's amazing what lands in my inbox when I do.

So in addition to being excited about the trip, I'm feeling upset and frustrated (over two different and unrelated things), and tired even though it's the middle of the afternoon. I logged on to check my email and grab the cheap plane tix, and Pixel leaped onto the bed with me, and curled up in a ball next to my chest. It's very comforting, but her purring is making me sleepy. And I have to go out tonight to meet a friend for dinner or drinks or something, and then I may swing by Jess Brinn's birthday get-together after that, but right now all I want to do is sleep all afternoon and not worry about the things I'm worried about.

I am so not in the mood to go out at all tonight anymore. Kind of that emotionally nauseated feeling where I don't want to deal with people. Hate that.

But what will help - I think - is retail therapy. I'm going to see if Old Navy has that sassy jacket in my size still on my way up to meet my date.

What have they done to 42nd Street? I mean, I know it's been renovated and all, but it's now like walking into some Disney-fied ghetto on weekend nights! Steve and I went to see The Others, and to be honest, let me just recommend that if you want to see a movie and really enjoy it, DO NOT go to the AMC on a Friday night. Jeez. Between the cellfones and the crying baby and the heckling crowd, it was a wonder I found time to be scared at the movie at all. And it did get to me at a few points, all shivery and you know, scary.

We all had dinner at Dallas (the BBQ place, not the state) before the movie, and the drink of the day was the strawberry-peach pina colada. That was delicious. Since I can't get up to VT to see Floyd Collins this week (I checked out car rentals, ugh), I may go down to Louisville when Dona's there in September and see it. A place I've never been is always a plus, and I'd get to meet the rest of the Marino clan (no relation to James) and meet Shannon's new daughter (who is a doll). Have to see if the dates jive and if we can get tickets for the show etc. That's tomorrow's job.

James called me this morning at 9.30am and asked if I wanted to work at Scholastic for two (or more) days, doing a shitload of typing for him. So I rescheduled my agency testing stuff and went up to Soho instead. And while I love typing, and I do it well, after six and a half hours, my hands were killing me. Carpel tunnel, here I come. I needed that pina colada. It's all copying blocks of text from books to files, which could not be less stressful. And today I learned about suffragists and World War I as I typed. Heh. More of that on Monday.

And that was my day in a (backwards) nutshell.

later on 8/16/01
Upon rereading the latest entry, I see that I obviously make no sense when I'm tired. And I am tired - I got up (relatively) early to hang out with a friend of mine before going up to the planetarium, and I have to get up (relatively) early again tomorrow to go up and take another set of mind-numbing word processing tests, can you tell I'm thrilled? And I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the weekend still. Tomorrow is agency, calling Dr. Stein to check about blood test results (sugar and cholesterol), and then dinner with friends and then movies with Steve and maybe David and whoever else. But Saturday and Sunday are wide open so far - except Sunday night, which is the season finale (half-season?) of the dead people show on HBO, so I know where I'll be.

I should finish the chapter I'm reading (or rather, the book - Mom sent me this very funny book she found about roadtripping, and it's a quick read - I'm almost done) and go to bed. I don't want to get in the habit I was in last summer where I'd be up until 3am every night. Although this time around, I don't have to be coherent for a job in the mornings. Here's how tired I am - I answered the emails that I should have just let sit until tomorrow, and I left a handful unanswered in my inbox. I never leave email unanswered - that's just not me. OK, brain... tired... must... sleep. Pixel is sitting on my right arm, which is a sign.

Well, I WAS in a cheery mood until I was chastised in email. When I get ticked off at people, I tell them. This is a relatively new thing - as Missy and Jen and anyone who knows me can attest, since I usually don't tell anyone what's on my mind. And I'm not very good at it yet - needs practice, or something. Anyway. And I need to know when I'm the one who's pissing people off, too, because otherwise I just keep on doing what I'm doing. Communication, it's important. Anyway, my point being, when I'm upset, I try to tell people why. Perhaps email isn't the best way to do that, but if it's the only medium I have... anyway, whatever. I'm in the middle of a big back-and-forth email thing, which is resolving nothing, but is giving me a headache. Friendship should not be so stressful. People should reply to my emails in a timely manner. "Assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me." Nobody's perfect, and the world would be a much less interesting place if we all were. To generalize, people - in general, you know - aren't happy with complacency, but don't like a challenge either. I happen to like challenges (look at the guys I date, jeez), acquiesence (in addition to being a possible typo) gets to be too... I don't know. I think I'm on a tangent that I can't finish. Coming back to my original thought, I need to figure out the balance between "wait and see" and telling people how I feel. There's got to be some political fine line-walking to be done, but I am just not that political. I don't like mind games. I would love to believe that honesty is the best policy. OK, on to the rest of my day.

I went uptown to the Museum of Natural History to hang out with my friend Patrick. I do admit to having an ulterior motive - Patrick has Seasons 3 and 4 of Sex and the City on tape, and I had asked if I could borrow them to copy. He used to work at the planetarium at the Hudson River Museum up in Yonkers (which is somewhere north of Manhattan), and I went up there to get the grand tour once - that was pretty cool. I got to see how the big star projector thingie works and what the back of the dome looks like. Very cool. So he's been doing some educational stuff at the Hayden, for school groups etc. It's the science geek equivalent of playing Carnegie Hall. So I got the science geek tour of the Hall of the Universe, or whatever the room below the big globe is, and I'll have to go back when he's leading a show there to clap and whistle and hoot and holler. I love science geeky stuff.

Talked to one of my recruiters today, too, who has a position that I am mostly qualified for - so she's going to send my resume over to the company. Fingers crossed, but not too much.

OK, I have a headache.

Jen has company coming in for the weekend, I really want to leave the city but have nowhere to go. If I had a car, I would drive up to VT - the Weston Playhouse is doing Floyd Collins this week, and I love the show. And love Weston. But alas, no car, no drive.

later on 8/15/01
Tonight, the commercials on TV are all about me. First, there was the commercial. Every time I see it, I have to yell out, "I built that site!" Because I did, back at Arcus in 1997. And then, there was the Levi's commercial, where I had to yell out, "That's the actor I slept with!" Because it was. The actor - we'll call him "Jeff," because that's his name - who doesn't answer emails. People annoy me sometimes, they really do.

As fine looking (and all of 28!) as my dentist is, the Novocaine shot still hurt. And now my lip and cheek and left ear are all numb - weird about the ear, but when I was putting my headphones back in, it was numb! And I have a nice small filling in my tooth.

I walked up to Old Navy after that, where I was nearly enticed into buying a brown leather jacket, which I am in love with. But I have a black leather jacket already, which, while not in the greatest of shape, is only a few years old and fits nicely. But the brown one still calls to me... I may have to spend my refund check on it. Picked up some new skirt hangers at Bed, Bath and Beyond, too, while I was there.

And now I'm going to play with my lower lip until the Novocaine wears off, and try not to drool on the laptop.

My arm hurts! And my stomach is achy! At least one of those is because of the tetanus booster shot. Ow. I don't want to do anything today except stay in bed and read. Of course, I can't stay in bed all day, but I did spend the morning sitting on the couch and reading, while the cats frolicked on the deck. We've had the AC running for pretty much the last week, and the apartment needed to be aired out. Happily, today isn't too bad humidity-wise. I also went out to get some air myself, and go to the post office, the grocery store and the watch store at the Seaport - my watch battery died. My arm is really achy - the nurse wasn't kidding when she said it would be sore for a day or two. I can't really carry anything, which made going to the store a lot of fun, let me tell you.

Drumming builds biceps - yum.

OK, I have no desire to stay at a sanitary Holiday Inn-esque place when I go to Seattle in April for Pete and Corrie's wedding. So if anyone out there knows of any nice B&B type places, let me know. Danke. And yes, I know, it isn't until next April.

Coming in January, a triumphant Will Chase return to Broadway... I can't say exactly where, but let's just say that he'll be naked. Oh, I've said too much. Oh, my!

Huh, on a tangent, I am constantly amazed by the level of idiocy which some men reach. I mean, it's a constant thing - the idiocy. And the amazement, I guess. You'd think that I'd get used to it, but nooo... I am also amazed at my lack of patience sometimes. Those aren't necessarily related. And I am loving this chick's site - she's near Seattle and offered me a place to crash. She sounds like me, which is, of course, a wonderful thing. And while reading old entries in her site, I realize that I've read her site before, and probably linked to it sometime in the past - what a small, small world I live in.

Yay! I met Clive Cussler! Went to Border's after my doctor's appointment, and I got there early, expecting there to be a line. So I bought two copies of the book - for me and my brother - and lo and behold, not only was there no line, but Cussler was there early, too, so I was the first to meet him and have him sign the books ("To Peter, a great adventurer" and "To Catherine, we'll always have Monte Carlo") - how cool! He's one of my favorite writers, so that was a thrill. I read online somewhere that he's actually allowing a studio to option several of his books for film - after the disastrous Raise the Titanic, he said that they would never do another Dirk Pitt movie, and I'm so glad to hear he's changed his mind!

So because Peter Shankman cut open his hand in that stupid Seal training course (and also put out his back, I think he's an idiot), I was inspired to bring in my immunization record to Dr. Stein today. And had my tetanus booster - it had been ten years since I've had any shots, now I'm up to date and my arm is sore.

It turned into medical day - my (new) dentist called and said, "We know that your appointment isn't for another 7 or 8 months (so it seems) but we had a cancellation for this afternoon, can you come in?" So I went in - my new dentist is cute. And too young to be a dentist! He admired my tattoo and found a cavity. So I get to go back on Wednesday to get drilled and filled and billed.

Oh and my tax refund check came! How on earth will I ever spend $300? Hrm.

A big order of books I ordered from Amazon also came - the Studs Terkel books that I've been itching to read, ever since I read Working. I guess I know how I'm spending that tax refund check after all.

OK, off to rest my arm and read Valhalla Rising. And remember Monte Carlo!

I went up to the Neil Simon Theatre, but the box office guy told me that Lost and Found is only open Mon-Fri, so I'll have to check about the umbrella tomorrow.

Nyack is incredibly... quaint. We drove up yesterday afternoon (while flirting with the guy in the car next to us - PA plates, dark hair, red car, Scooby Doo sticker in the rear window - for part of the drive up the Henry Hudson) to see Chess. Since we got there an hour before the show, and you can walk around all of downtown Nyack in about five minutes, we killed the rest of the time by hanging out in the Irish bar on Main Street, drinking cider. Jen got carded for wearing her hair in cutesy ponytails, and so I got carded for good measure, too. Jen was right - the bartender did laugh when he saw just how legal we were. The concert was alright - about half of the cast was mis-cast, and the other half was very good. We ran into James, Matthew and Seth there - so 2/3 of the staff! Very fun. We gave Matthew a ride back to the city, and I think we scared him by singing loudly all the way back.

Today was a day of doing absolutely nothing. Missy and I watched Journey: Behind the Music, that's how exciting the day was. And of course, the Sunday night HBO lineup. It was just a day of sitting on the couch with the TV. Sometime between shows, I finally picked up The Gospel of Judas and finished it - I had started to read it, but then put it down and couldn't get back into the idea of reading it. It definitely looked better on the shelf than it was in actuality - can't say that I was overwhelmed with it. Now that I'm done, I can get back into the Adams biography.

Tomorrow I'm off to Dr. Stein in the morning (love Dr. Stein - he was/is my friend Peter's family physician, and I've been seeing him on and off for almost as long as I've known Peter, about six years - this is bass player Peter and not PR guy Peter or brother Peter) and then I'm off to the Clive Cussler book signing over at Border's - can't wait. Dad went to a signing that he did a few years ago, and got me a signed copy of whatever book was new at the time, so this'll be my second signed Dirk Pitt book!

Why is the dating thing so hard? I'm kind of seeing a friend who already has a girlfriend (and yes, I know her, too, and she's very cool, so no comments from the peanut gallery), and was seeing someone who couldn't be bothered to return my emails, Missy has her eye on a smack addict whose name she doesn't know, Marge is passing her number to guys she meets in Cosi and Au Bon Pain, Dona's getting personal ad responses from guys who want to wash her hair, and Jesse is meeting chicks on the line for The Seagull. The dating scene is severely screwed up around here - there must be something in the water. Didn't things used to be much simpler?

Robert Sean Leonard should stick to doing dramatic work, where he really shines. Musical theatre is not his forte (much as word processing is not mine). I was incredibly disappointed in his performance. Although since I didn't have high expectations, can I really say that I was disappointed?

Steve and I went to Dallas (the BBQ place, not the city) for dinner before the show, and let me just say that their fruity pina coladas make me happy. That was exactly what I needed to beat the heat and my foul mood. Ahh.

I stuck around after the show to wait for my friend Paul, who plays the violin/fiddle in the pit there, and we took the subway downtown together. I realized about halfway home that I had left my umbrella under the seat in the theatre - going to check tonight on my way to Jen's car and see if they have a lost and found or something. The rain has happily cooled things off by about 40 degrees (it feels like it, anyway), and the humidity seems to have let up, too. Whew.

This blurb thrills me:

In the fall, NYSF will produce a new revival of Shakespeare's Othello, with Keith David in the title role and most likely Liev Schreiber as Iago.
Mmm. Liev.

The humidity has been making my heel ache - not much fun. I have to do a lot of stretching and try not to walk around so much in this weather. There isn't too much more I can do for it, since the orthopedist said it might up be up to a year before it's all back to normal - it'll be a year in November since this surgery. I just add it to the list of body parts that tell me when it's going to rain. I'm going to need someone to carry me around on rainy days when I'm 80. Hrm.

I'm waiting for the weathermen to start telling us that this weather will never go away. That every year it's only going to get worse. That humans have ruined the environment, and the ozone layer is rapidly deteriorating faster than ever. Soon we won't have any snow. The ice caps will melt through natural process, not through some evil mastermind who even Dirk Pitt can't defeat.

It's still hot. And it might cool off on Sunday - not soon enough. It's raining outside now, but all that does is make the air even more humid. Ugh.

I spent three hours this morning taking Word, Excel and Powepoint tests at another placement agency. No matter how much I explain to them that word processing and "charts and graphs" is not my background, they still smile that condescending little smile and say, "well, you can always retake the tests if you want." Erg! I am, however, retaking this set of tests, as they gave me the highest/advanced level of tests, and it's all using functions that I have never seen before. Even when nervous, I still pull of a high-70's WPM in all of the typing tests, tho. But they don't seem to be placing people who can type a mile a minute anywhere. I should offer to take dictation for starving writers or something. Except that that probably doesn't pay, either. Funny thing tho, I did do a freelance job a few years ago for an author who was writing a psychology book - typing up the manuscript from his handwritten changes. I really loved that - crash course in human psychology and a nice check at the end. Hrm. Wonder where I'd go to get more work like that?

Anyhow, I'm going to not-think about work, and go see Music Man with Steve tonight - Robert Sean Leonard is in it, and I've seen him in a half-dozen shows that I've liked him in (and one that I didn't), hopefully he'll be good in this, too. Didn't know he could sing or dance, my fingers are crossed. Tomorrow is (finally) sleeping late - I've been doing these placement agency meetings in the morning for the most part, and I'm just tired. So tomorrow is sleep and then off to Nyack with Jen to see the Chess concert. I am so happy that Norm Lewis is stepping into one of the roles - and we love Norm. He's so good in everything (even in Sweeney Todd, where "his skin was pale and his eye was odd").

My friend Susan is moving to NY in a few weeks - super! Soon we will have the entire staff in the city.

later on 8/9/01
It's still hot.

I did everything I said I was going to do (and more!) - went to the museum, read my book in the Temple of Dendur, took the bus downtown and crosstown, had an italian ice from the guy outside the pizza place, met up with Jerry (I know I keep saying I need another gay male theatregoing friend like I need a hole in the head, but he just cracks me up), had dinner, saw a very funny one-man show about working at, and sweated all the way home!

And the Urinetown CD DID come today after all! So I've been playing that all day.

Ngoc is putting out feelers to see if she can snag us a couple of tickets to see Russell Crowe's band play at Irving Plaza later this month. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

And I'm off to sleep - I have another meeting with another placement firm at 9am tomorrow. Joy of joys! Rapture of raptures!

The problem with having a wishlist at Amazon is that I put everything I want on it, forgetting that I tend to run out and buy things the day they come out. So I put Urinetown on the list - the cast recording - and a while ago, some lovely anonymous person bought it for me. And it was released yesterday - and I WANT IT. But I'm at the mercy of Amazon and the USPS, as I am not going to go out and buy a second copy when there is already one on the way to me.

I enjoyed The Play About the Baby, although I'm still not sure I know what it was about. Marian Seldes is phenomenal, so is Brian Murray - they work really well together. Definitely a thought-provoking piece. Before the show, I was hanging around in Barnes and Noble (air conditioning... mmm) and ran into Michael there - who was also going to see the play, and he was waiting for his friend Amy (who reads, and did long before she met Michael or me). If I were a guy (or a lesbian), I'd have a big crush on her, she's a doll. Very funny chick. So we all walked over to the theatre to pick up our tickets, and I met Jerry there. He and I grabbed dinner (well, sandwiches) at a place whose name I forget on University, where they had sandwiches and magazines, and just had a blast. I like Jerry - he's also among the unemployed, and using the time to write. Very funny. And then it was off to the play, and then a quick run through the (air conditioned!) Food Emporium in Union Square, and then home (air conditioned!) and bed. Whew.

Today's another scorcher, too. It's supposed to cool off on Saturday, I think. I hope!

I met up with Dona and Keith in Bryant Park for the Broadway series concert thing. Today was Rocky Horror, Stomp and Blast! - drumming builds biceps, remember that. It was swelteringly hot tho... I think I'm going to take my book up to the museum and read in the air conditioning before I have to meet Jerry for a Fringe show later on...

Happy birthday swerdloff!

It's still too darn hot. Even with the air conditioning on inside, it's hot. And outside is just unbearable - I had a meeting with another job agency, and had to walk six blocks from the train to get there and nearly melted into the pavement. And on top of it being hot, they were outlining some of the salaries for jobs they place and it's just depressing. I have no desire to take a 60% pay cut, no matter how tight the market it. I have bills to pay, you know. I'm also incredibly overqualified for all of the positions that are hiring, and I don't deal well with boredom at work.

I am reading job boards and online personals at the same time. In a strange way, it's very much the same thing.

It's so hot. I have to take a bunch of packages to the post office, but I just don't want to move. I'm going to see The Play About the Baby tonight with my friend Jerry, and all I can say is that the theatre had better be air conditioned.

I wonder if there's anywhere within driving distance where it's cooler than it is here.

At the law firm today, Dorothy was telling me that there are companies that have to send their former employees to etiquette lessons! Because they have no manners! I find that appalling. But then, I've read the Miss Manners book from cover to cover - and I know who's supposed to go through a revolving door first, and that you never congratulate a bride, and that you don't put your feet on the desk at work, and which fork to use! It's just so weird to me that there are people my age who don't have common sense or manners. Especially at work!

Speaking of folks, this article made me pee laughing.

So I had two interview-type events today. And let me say this - it's 97 degrees out and really humid, and I wore my green Tahari (outlet store!) suit, which looks very snazzy, and also covers up all of the tattoos, just in case. So the first one was with a recruiting firm that does IT staffing for the legal biz. Not too bad - he was impressed with my tech skills, and said that the hinderance would be my lack of experience in the legal industry. I'm trying to rectify that now, and explained that I would have no problem going in at a lower level to gain experience and prove myself. So that went well. And then I went to an agency that places legal support folk - more on the legal secretary level - and signed up with them, took their typing test (I type 76 words per minute, worship me) and Word 7.0 test (missed one of the mail merge questions), and reformatted my resume as they suggested. After hearing the salaries that legal secretaries tend to make, I'm not so sure I want to do it, but if I could find temp work for a while, that would be alright. Tomorrow I have another meeting with an agency-type company for legal non-secretarial support (IT, help desk kind of stuff), not sure if they do fulltime or temp placement tho. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. And I have to call a friend of Steve's who runs yet another placement agency tomorrow as well!

I bought Chocolat on DVD today. It's still my goal to be Juliette Binoche when I grow up. I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Off to watch!

I also picked up the John Adams biography, and started reading it today. I really like it so far - but I can't get "Sit Down, John" from 1776 out of my head!

Man, I just could not fall asleep last night at all. I was tossing and turning until about 4am and then I must've fallen asleep, because I woke up at 10am to find Mimi licking my arm. Now she's sitting on the desk, trying to chew on my Palm Pilot cradle while I type. She's adorable, but sometimes she gets on my nerves.

I'm spending my free time today emailing out resumes to legal temp agencies - grabbed the Help Wanted section of the Times and away I go! I sent out about 15 resumes, and already have two interviews set up for tomorrow. Must dig out suit. I also need to get to the post office and to J&R today as well.

Amazing lineup on HBO last night - Sex and the City hit close to home, and Six Feet Under gets better and better every week. Next week is the season finale for both tho - it seems too soon! Hmm.

As girly sounding as it is... Jen brought home this amazing chrome colored nail polish (it really does look like silver chrome!) from somewhere, and we are all sporting it now. Since I have the two interviews tomorrow, I had to take off the purple I've been wearing, and now my nails are silver. And I found this amazing pink/chrome at the drugstore, too. It's summer, we're showing off our nails. We are so girly. Unfortunately, it's also 97 degrees out and really, really humid, so we're sweating like pigs, and that's not so girly. What can I say... summer in the city. Glad we have the air conditioners cranking. And glad the city has a ton of air conditioned movie theatres - Steve and I are going to the movies tonight, no idea what we're seeing yet.

Missy and I are doing nothing today and it is lovely. It's 4pm and all we've done is go out for doughnuts (in our pajamas, which we are still wearing) and the Times, and watch SNL reruns on TV. It's lovely.

So the only moderately exciting news today is that our neighbor's house in NJ had a fire and is partially burned down. About 15 years ago, the house on the other side of us burned down, too - I remember that it was around Christmas, and the firemen had to spray our house and lawn as well, and the water froze around the blades of grass. And my friend Michelle down the block thought that it was our house because it was hard to see exactly which house it was from a distance.

Mom - fireproof the house or keep the cat away from candles or something.

later on 8/3/01
OK, I really enjoyed the movie. And to make up for going to see something G-rated, I snuck into the 9.15 Moulin Rouge after it. And I wasn't the only single adult in the audience at The Princess Diaries - a guy by himself (cute, too) was two seats over from me, and didn't appear to be picking up children afterwards!

But I love movie previews - anyone who's been to a movie with me can testify that I get all giddy for them. Tonight we had:

And a bunch of forgettable others. But yes, good movie night! And when did 42nd Street turn back into some urban Friday night hangout? It was packed when I got out at 11.15pm!

And I know that I am not the only person to take a book everywhere with her - I always have one in my bag, to read on the subway, or while waiting for movies to start - but I am probably the only person to carry a second, backup book in case she finishes the first one while out on the town. I picked up a book called Younger Than That Now from the Strand yesterday, and finished it while out (and I really enjoyed it - I've always done a lot of thinking about what's the point where a young person becomes a grownup, and while this book didn't answer that question for me, it was interesting to read about a friendship and how it evolved over the course of nearly 30 years). I also picked up the John Adams biography there, too, but no, that isn't the book that I took as a backup - it's a little hefty to cram in my purse (which is made of this material we call "straw," and not too sturdy for the amount of stuff I carry in it).

Oh and I helped these three tourist girls (from Iowa or something) with directions on the subway ride home, and they remarked that "wow, I told you there really are cool people in New York!" Real New Yorkers help tourists with directions. We do not help other New Yorkers. Also in the subway car with me was the token swaying drunk at the end of the car, and a guy selling hand-drawn comic books ("This one is about chess pieces on a chessboard, and the things they do there. And this one is a travelogue about Thailand, with writing on this side of the page and pictures over here") for a dollar. Neither of them got any money from me (although I should have shared the wealth, as I got into the movies on a discounted movie pass and stayed for a second one, too).

OK, so the not-working thing is starting to get to me. Not that I really want to go back to work, but I just want to do something outside of the apartment. But I'm working on video stuff, so I can't really leave for more than a few hours. However, tonight is movie night, so I'll actually be venturing out - believe it or not, I want to see the new Julie Andrews movie (The Princess Diaries), as cheesy as it sounds, but that's what I'm in the mood for.

Tomorrow, friend Bill is in town, so we're meeting up for lunch at Virgil's - we've never met, it should be a hoot. Bill's motto is "better living through showtunes" - how can I not love the boy? Hee. And I'm going to see Lobby Hero tomorrow as well, I've heard good things about it from friends who've gone. So I guess it IS a get-out-of-the-apartment weekend after all, sort of. I plan to veg in front of the TV tomorrow eve and Sunday as well - when the dilemna of SATC/dead people show vs. The Producers making-of-the-recording thing is on. Might have to bring a blank tape to Dad's (where there is a plethora of VCR's) and tape them both. I suppose I could always wait until Wednesday night to watch the HBO lineup, but we are in a household where we MUST WATCH IMMEDIATELY or we feel very leftout of the proverbial water cooler chat (aka a mailing list that Jen and I are on for our friends to discuss life, the universe and the dead person of the week).

Because we are cheesy music fans (well, sort of), we are waiting with bated breath for to list the Video Music Awards - last year, Jen and I were in London, overly concerned that we did not get to go, and Trish and Ngoc did. So this year, we're all going to try and go. After all, how often to I get to wear my leather pants?

I had an urge to call Kenny the other day, but resisted. Dona congratulated me for not-calling. But sometimes, I really do miss him.

It's so hot out. And it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so humid out, too. I went uptown this morning to my girly doctor, who I just love. She's amazing. Besides all the poking and prodding, I just like talking to her - she's very calming. I explained that I went off the Pill because I thought it might be part of what was contributing to my overall anxiety and moodiness of the past year, and she was cool with that. So I'm healthy overall, that rocks, and have not gained or lost a single pound in something like five years. Next week I have a physical with my regular doctor, and next month - the dentist. I called the guy that James recommended, they take Met Life, and the first free slot he had for an appointment was in the middle of September! Jeez!

Which reminds me, I need to write a check to COBRA today.

Anyway, after the doctor, it was perfect timing to come down to Bryant Park for the "Broadway in Bryant Park" concert at noon. I met up with Michelle and Keith and Dona, and two of Dona's students (she's a trainer at unnamed financial firm), and they were taking a field trip. And man is it hot out there.

After that (boy, it's been a busy day so far), I went over to Dona's office with her for a few minutes, and then down to Bed Bath and Beyond, where I FINALLY spent some of the gift certificate Dad gave me for Christmas (which was meant to be spent when I moved out of this apartment, but we see how fast that's happening). So I picked up new trash can for my room and new towels - the old ones were ratty. The new ones are red red red. Well, "cinnabar" they call it, but they are red and they are new and they are not ratty and fading and thinning and falling apart. Love 'em.

Boys are fun because they're easy. Made plans to get together with David Frost (yay) sometime in the near future, and that thrills me. And tentative plans to get dinner with Dave Gochfeld (I just like the name David, I always have) next week, it's been a while since we've just hung out. And in the beyond-the-realm-of-hanging-out scheme of things, Jon and I are tossing around the idea of going to Rome next spring. But that'll depend on money, job, amount of Italian I can learn by then, ability to travel well together (so far, Jen is the only person I know that travels the same way I do!) and whether or not Jen, Missy and I hit London for whatever play Jude Law is doing in March.

I have a problem with a book I got from Amazon - about 80 pages into it, it reprints an earlier section of pages, and overwrites, as it were, the missing pages. So the book goes pages 1-80, then page 59-70, and then pages 90-whatever... so it's missing a chunk in the middle - how strange! I dropped Amazon a note to ask them how I can return it for a replacement since it was a gift.

Ow, hangover. So I was really pissed yesterday afternoon, as Jen and I argued about the rent increase in the apartment (this being the first month that we have to pay the higher rent, and we disagreed over what we had verbally agreed to each pay), so I was really not in a good mood. I went up and met Steve and David after their movie, and we went to Dallas BBQ for drinks and dinner. I had a fabulously huge Texas-sized raspberry pina colada, and half of Steve's second one, there was no way I could have had more than that. Nice buzz.

I came home, did some email checking etc, and then Missy got home - and since I hadn't seen her since she started the new job (she was exhausted on Monday night so she fell asleep around 8pm), we decided to split a bottle of wine on the deck and catch up on job, love, life and whether we should open a second bottle of wine. So we did.

So we were halfway into bottle two and Jen got home from the Madonna concert... we kept drinking. And I have to admit that I was so stressed yesterday (from just everything coming together at once) that I smoked. And yes, I feel terrible about it today.

We straightened out the rent increase thing - it's not worth arguing over in the long run. So that's all settled and compromised.

And I am so hungover. We came in from the deck around 11pm and as soon as I laid my head down on the pillow I knew there was no way I could fall asleep. So I got up, drank lots of water, emptied my stomach of its contents, drank more water - lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually I fell asleep and didn't move until this (late) morning. Ow. What a way to start August!

I moved Valhalla Rising off of my wishlist, because I saw in Time Out that Clive Cussler is going to do a book signing downtown at the Border's near our apartment on the 13th, so I'll go to that and pick up the book there.


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