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Kenny and I rented The Insider last night - Russell Crowe in a completely unrecognizable format. But still, oddly, yummy. And we watched Oz, which was just graphically violent, yet interesting.

Irked that my orthopedist is in Germany until the 13th. And I'm on vacation until the 17th. So I can't get an appointment until we're back from vacation, on the 19th. Ugh.

James and I were going to catch JCS tonight, since it's closing on Sunday, but he's swamped at work. Maybe I'll go anyway. I ran by the theatre this morning to get tix, and it looked like people had camped out overnight for rush tickets. That's crazy. So I kept walking, and it's a good thing that I didn't get them, since James can't go now. Maybe I'll go by myself. Hrm. See how tired I am after work.

I'm really sucking at DopeWars today. Bleh. Just can't get my hands on cheap coke soon enough. But apart from that, it's been productive so far today - waiting to hear back from our potential vendor and software company about a kickoff meeting we're planning for next week (while I'm gone, wah), and organizing some partnership contacts for the woman handling partnership stuff up in MA, which meant a leisurely trip through my Rolodex.

Proof that you can find anything you want to on the web.

Oh my God. They tore down my high school. It no longer looks like the picture on that site, in fact, Mom says it resembles a pile of rubble. Wow.

Oh, no, I'm wrong. Wrong high school. They tore down the old one by our house, not the one I went to. What a relief - I was afraid that the "Catherine Skidmore Celebrity Walking Tour" was going to be missing a stop.

Oh God. Go see The Laramie Project. It was one of the most touching things I've seen in a while - mixed with humor. The text comes from a series of 200 interviews that the theatre group did with the people of Laramie, interspersed with sections of their own journals during the process - great look at how they shaped all of that text into a play. I won't say that it's a fun night of theatre, but it was educational and interesting. They don't accuse, condemn or martyr anyone, just present the straight texts - every actor on the stage was riveting, go go go. Unfortunately, you have to go go go soon, as they're closing on Saturday. And this guy, really good.

I am wearing (gasp) a suit today. I had to meet with Paul, my financial guy from Merrill Lynch. The first time we met, I went up to their office in jeans. Bad move - everyone there in suits. So today - suit. I look snazzy. I've got my seamed stockings on, too, I look very very snazzy.

So I walked through B&N before meeting James yesterday, and checked out where my book will go on the shelves. In the paperback non-fiction, it comes between The Code Book by Simon Singh, which I loved, and The Sokol Hoax by the editors of Lingua Franca, which looked really interesting, but I have a lot of "really interesting" at home to get through first. So I think that's a good fit for my book. I'm terrified to open books in the store now, because there are so many writers who are actually talented, and every time I read a few pages of something that could possibly be similar to what I want to do, I get scared. Weird, I know. So I left behind the bookstore, and went to have dinner with James at Republic, which is very similar to Wagamama's in London - but more crowded. Same shared tables, good food, and little wireless ordering devices that the waiters carry around. We were kind of rushed tho, as there was a line, and managed to shove our dinner down our throats in 10 minutes and run to the theatre. Impressive, Young Skywalker.

In browsing online personal ads for kicks (,, I've noticed an appalling lack of men who post their pictures. Is it because they know they aren't attractive (there are more unattractive men out there than I thought, luckily, I haven't met them)? Or is it because they don't know how to upload a picture (there are a lot of stupid people out there, too, unfortunately, I have met some of them)? Now there's a digital divide for you.

Saw cute boy in suit at Merrill Lynch this morning. He said hi. Sigh.

So David and I went out for Korean food yesterday, which was... interesting. They bring you raw stuff, and you cook it on this little barbeque thing built into the table. I don't really cook all that much, so I made David do it, to make sure it was actually cooked all the way through. They also brought little appetizer dishes out with the meat, tofu, mushrooms, some leafy stuff, which I made David eat first because I don't do hot or spicy. I am a very un-adventurous eater. After dinner, we went up to O'Lunney's for a pint, and that was fun. It was good to go out and hang out with him.

And this morning, I got an email from my friend Josh, who moved to Utah a few years ago (God knows why...) - he had changed email providers somewhere along the line and we fell out of touch. Josh is/was a dancer, and a prime example of dancers having nice butts ;-) He used to live in SF, and I visited a few times back in '94 or '95... beautiful city. I miss talking to him, so I was really happy to see the note this morning from him. It's a good day so far. Waiting to hear back from a friend about seeing (erg) Cats tonight, as there are very few chances to catch it before I go on vacation, and it closes while I'm gone. Haven't seen it in over 10 years - never thought I'd be able to say that about a show.

Check that - James always comes up with last minute things, so he asked me to go to the Laramie Project with him tonight. So no Cats, but maybe I'll do that on Thursday. I've wanted to see Laramie for a while now, so this is good - it's also closing this weekend.

I have the apartment to myself this weekend, which'll be nice. Kenny asked if I wanted to go with him and Anil, and Anil's wife down to Cape May, but I have Saturday plans and Sunday theatre tickets, so I can't do it. Getting my hair cut on Sat afternoon, highlights and all. Yay.

We had a meeting at a vendor this morning - and happily, their office was right around the corner from my apartment. Killer view of the Brooklyn Bridge, too. It was nice to be able to sleep in a little longer and not rush to get out the door. And not be stuffed into the 4/5 train with a million other people who want to get to work. I like getting to work early - gives me a chance to catch up on email etc before diving into real work. Last night at dinner, David was impressed that our entire office comes across as very low-key and non-stressful. And it's true - we manage our workloads very effectively, so no one's burning out, and no one is too overworked. I like that - coming from an agency-type background, you don't get that very often. So this is a really nice change. Have I mentioned that I really like my job? I really do.

Is THIS why my kitties are so sleepy everytime I see them?

Oh my - it's crazy raining out. The kind of rain I hate to drive in, it's coming down in big, fast drops, pounding against the roof of our office. Beautiful to look at from inside. This is the kind of weather where I want to stay in bed all day and sleep. And as coworker Nick says, "What's up with weathermen? How could they not see this?" Anyway, I'm glad I left my umbrella at work last week, because now I have it here. Going out for dinner after work with David Frost (not the interviewer, but my friend David from the old Mercury Seven days), although his idea of after work is 8pm and mine is 6. We'll work that out.

It's only a little scary that I have the keypad shortcut to my doctor's voicemail memorized. Still waiting for him to call back about my heel thing. But his voicemail says he's back in the office today so that's good.

We have decided to build an ark out of office furniture. It will save us from the rain.

One of my favorite rainy day things to do is look at apartments on the Corcoran site - to see the things I'll never afford. I'm happy that Corcoran and some of the other big real estate companies in NYC are merging their data sources to create one big apartment site - that will be even better for me to drool over.

Hee, I got a voodoo curse today. I especially like the warning text on their site:

Receiving a voodoo curse from may be upsetting or offensive to some people. Curses are not suitable for recipients under the age of 18.

Think carefully before sending your curse. Some people cannot take a joke. Make sure you respect this.

So Missy has asked that I not mention her name here, which I think has more to do with the fact that people she considers her friends read the site, rather than any of the content here. Well, just as life would be easier at times having one or zero roommates (usually zero), writing on this site will be easier pretending she doesn't exist. Or rather, pretending she has no name, because there will always be someone with questionable motives living in my apartment. Whatever.

I am irked that my lawyer gave me the excuse of having a big client project due tomorrow as the reason he hadn't looked over the literary agent contract. I mean, even if that's the case, I don't want to hear that another project is more important than mine. Frustrating. That's something I would never say to a client (no matter how true). There are much politer ways of putting it. And I would really like to have his thoughts before I sign and return the contract. And I can't write the book without an agent (well, I could, but what's the point, really). And without the book, there's no point in staring at the non-fiction shelves in Barnes and Noble, looking for the perfect spot - somewhere between the best selling biography of Sebastian Bach and a history of banjo repair. Isn't that all they stock in non-fiction?

Hrm, no one seems to know when the new ER season starts, but it looks like October 12th or so. That's good - that's one less thing we have to ask Trisha to tape for us while we're in Ireland.

So, not only was my arm on MSNBC (I can never type that without looking at the keyboard, weird) the other night (finally saw it all), my friend Peter was on it tonight - although perhaps I shouldn't call him a friend, as the piece was about his stalking of a girl with a webcam ;-) And she wasn't even pretty. Oh, Peter... what hath thou done? Hee. But then again, Peter did organize the skydiving trip, so that's a plus. But I never got the webcam thing - what's the point? I happen to be sitting here, slathered in face cream, really tired. I can't even go out to the deli without lipstick on, you think I want a camera in my face 24/7? No thanks.

Oooh, back to work tomorrow. What a relaxing weekend. The only downside was Jesse telling me my writing was inconsistant. Which it is, but who wants to hear that? No signed copy of my book for him. I walked around Barnes and Noble, pondering where my book will go. And getting depressed that there are so many people doing non-fiction, internet-related, true-life stories out there, so there goes my niche, getting filled up before I even get there. That's got to be related to the fact that I am always 2 years behind the times, whether it's fashion, movies or this stupid boy band thing.

Jen had friends from home over last night, so we spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning. Considering that I actually make an effort to clean (except the bathroom), I'm annoyed at her comments such as, "What a surprise! A clean apartment!" If comments like that are to be made, they should be addressed towards Missy, who has no qualms about leaving garbage overflowing for weeks on end, and wouldn't know how to change a lightbulb if the world were plunged into darkness. If only there were a magic cat-hair remover, as everything in this apartment seems to be covered by a thin veneer of cat hair.

I realized that Kenny and I are doomed to a tragic end, as he is allergic to cats, and is actually (gasp) a dog lover. It can never be. But that didn't stop me from going over there last night to sleep. And literally, at that - I was tired from all the fresh air, and fell asleep about as soon as I got there - didn't even wash my face, I was that tired. Could be the Aleve I'm taking, as it can cause drowsiness. Speaking of taking Aleve, I should hear from my doctor tomorrow about what we're doing about my heel. Fingers crossed.

Saw Aida with Mom today, and I'm glad she liked it as much as I did. Great lighting. Here was our conversation before the show:

Mom: So we're seeing The Best Man on the 23rd? Matinee?
Me: Yup.
Mom: Gosh, I wonder what to do that night.
Me: Oh, I don't know. See Music Man maybe?
Mom: Ooh, what a good idea, want to come?
Me: OK, OK, twist my arm. (pause) Ow!

So we got tickets for that night, w00. Jen, Dona etc. and I are volunteering at the flea market on the next day - hopefully we won't have to be there too early in the morning.

It's frightening that my list of things to pack for Ireland includes more electronics stuff than actual clothes. Which reminds me, must buy power converter thing this week, and camcorder tapes. And shoot off the rest of the roll of film that's in my camera. I have no idea what's on there, but it's up to about picture 23.

OK, Mimi the overly-affectionate cat is trying to type for me, so I'm taking that as a hint to brush my teeth and fall into bed.

later on 8/25/00
Ooh, I could get used to that Friday-off thing - wish we observed regular summer hours like a lot of companies. So I went uptown to the Met, and wandered around Ancient Egypt for a while. Checked out the roof garden, too, which in addition to really bad sculpture, has killer views of the park. The Met is like all of my favorite museums rolled into one - the tapestries from the Cluny, the greek and roman areas from the British Museum, the paintings from the Louvre, and the furniture from Versailles. Yum.

Then I headed into the park for a while, and wished that I was a woman of leisure, so I could spend all day sunbathing. Absolutely beautiful day out - blue skies, fluffy clouds, not too humid at all. Oh, I could have every day like this... went down to meet Keith and Trisha for Bring It On - cheerleading movie which was way more entertaining than expected. Between that and the Music Man, I'm really missing the days of Color Guard in HS, competitions and football games. It was a blast.

Went to the diner for food after, and then to the Sound of Music singalong. Or so we thought - we met the rest of the gang at the Ziegfield, where the box office woman had no idea what was going on. There were 4 or 5 other ppl there to see it, and no one had any info - so we called the group that had sponsored our free tix, and they said, "Yes, of course it's happening tonight!" But no, nothing happened, so we just came back to our apartment and watched videos for a few hours... all in all, a good day. Feels like a weekend, and yet it's only Friday!

Finally - a night where I didn't go out. Last night I chilled on the couch with the TV, and just relaxed. Nice and quiet.

Sorry, Mom, you are officially on crack. Mom's seeing the Music Man yet again tonight - almost as bad as we are sometimes. In the quest to meet Justin Timberlake, I signed up with, a company that handles audience members for live television events. Unfortunately, we're going to miss the MTV Music Awards on the 7th, but I'd much rather be on a plane to London.

It feels as if the city has shut down today. I realize it's Friday, and August, but really. The subway was empty, my office seems empty. The streets (with the exception of the really loud and annoying driver honking his car horn right outside my window) are quiet. Did I somehow sleep through Friday, and it's really the weekend? That can't be right... Well, whatever the cause, it's quiet. Except for that horn. Kenny asked if I wanted to take a few days off to go to the Hamptons (where I've never been and have not much desire to go, as I don't like the ocean, and I don't like snotty people), but with the amount of work we're doing for the intranet at work, and my upcoming Ireland trip, there's just no way I can do it.

So I'm thinking about ideas for my book. My book - I just like saying that. I figure we've got the poverty-stricken NJ years, the affluent society/debutante era, the rise to stardom and the addiction to cocaine ("Dejected, she turned to drugs."), and the inevitable collapse into seclusion. Well, that's a bit embellished. More like the MindVox era, the Hotel Catherine era, the Heather Decker thing, the number-crunching of my sex life, the "why am I writing about my life on the web again?" part, the wacky things that have happened since I started writing this, and how MUDding changed my life. I hope we don't sell to Putnam publishers, as I'd have to explain the existance of the Dorothy Parker poems again. If anyone has any ideas for what I should write about, let me know.

I am happy because my stock portfolio is up just a smidgen. And I completely spaced this morning - I was supposed to go up to Merrill Lynch to meet with my advisor this morning, and it just flew out of my mind - I realized it a minute ago. I hope he doesn't take revenge and put all of my money into tech stocks or something. Will reschedule for next week.

Jesse wrote a nifty blurb about computers and the impact they're having on the current generation of students. When I went to college, dorms weren't wired, I did my research out of books in the library (I have a design doc I created, which has pages of costume sketches copied out of books on an actual photocopier), email was a mystery, and the web didn't exist. Now, students are already versed in the online arena, the web is second nature, and a fast net.connection is a given. I'm shuddering at the thought of the next 20 years. My goal in life for a while was to move to a big, wooden house in VT and open a used bookstore, but the way things are going, I'd have to open an e-commerce site. And I just don't want to do that. Hopefully, we'll have a technological regression or worldwide crash that will knock us all back to 1900, and we can start again. I don't like the idea of depending on technology.

And yet I work with it. I am a walking paradox, I know.

And as the surviving members of our office staff have noted, it's really quiet, we don't have much work to take care of, and it's really nice out. So we're leaving early. Gotta go find plans.

Mmmm, Music Man. Mom, Jen and I met up at 5 at the theatre, and Paul (the fiddle player, who also appears onstage - I was forced to mention that :-) took us backstage and gave us the best tour ever. We got to admire the Wells Fargo wagon, hanging in the wings, the band uniforms which are flown in for the curtain call quick change, the lack of wing space, the pit, the electrics cabinets, the stage manager's desk etc. Paul very graciously answered all of our questions and told us how a lot of the things work backstage. It was very very cool

We weren't able to get our Best Man tickets yesterday, as they needed to have the discount code printed out (reading it to them off my Pilot wasn't good enough), so Jen's going to try tomorrow night when we go up for the Sound of Music singalong. THAT should be a blast. Heh.

My friend David had to reschedule our dinner thing for tonight, so perhaps I will get to sleep early for a change. I'm a wee bit tired.

Today is a day of waiting... waiting for my lawyer to read over and let me know what he thinks of the literary agent contracts, waiting for Dr. Stein to call back, waiting for my foot to uncramp after wearing new boots yesterday, waiting for ... well, that's about it, nevermind.

Let me start the morning by saying that the smell of McDonald's breakfast, mixed with the scent of the bleach they use to clean the place in the morning is almost enough to put me off having my Egg McMuffin. Almost.

So wow... Live and Counting Crows - my two favorite bands. Together. It was an amazing show. I love seeing things at the Arts Center (I still call it the Garden State Arts Center, even tho PNC Bank took it over many moons ago) - especially from lawn seats, where we were. They have big television screens over the stage, so even the poor people can see, and the lawn isn't unruly or too loud or crowded. Well, it was crowded last night because the show was sold out, but there's always enough room to spread out a blanket. I stood during the songs I liked, so I could see the screens unobstructed, and maybe catch a glimpse of the band way down there. It was great.

We left the city around 6 or so, made it to the turnpike and immediately hit traffic. It cleared up tho and we made it down to the Arts Center by 7.30 (the start time). Of course, getting through the parking lots and finding a place and walking up to the ampitheatre took some time, and we (along with most of the lawn sitters) missed the opening act. Which was no big loss - so we staked our turf during the first changeover. Live played first, and they did a mix of old and new - not the best performance I've seen them do, but it was good to hear the things I liked. Ed's brother, Adam = spiky reddish hair = very cute. I called Mom from the second changeover to ask if we could stop home around midnight (I grew up 5 miles from the Arts Center), and then we waited (and waited, and waited) for Counting Crows. Their set was much better than Live's - I knew all of the songs and Adam Duritz has a beautiful, albeit unique, voice. "We haven't written many happy love songs, I tend to sing about disasters." They were great - and did A Long December and Murder of One as encores, both of which I love.

We had a surprisingly easy time getting out of the parking lot and up to Mom's. Picked up some videos and the Harry Potter books, which I had lent her, and a box of cookies for the car ride home. Stopped at 7-11 near the parkway entrance, where Missy and I practiced our delinquency as we smoked a quick cigarette before hopping in the car. Drove back, hit mild traffic (in Elizabeth, the smelliest part of the trip, of course), and I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillows.

It was a really good night - and tonight is Music Man, so it'll be another good night. Today is the first day in 7 months that I'm trying to wear real shoes all day. I bought swanky leather boots on Saturday, and I'm wearing them. Of course, I have a backup pair of sandals in my bag in case my heel starts acting up, but it's been OK for the hour I've been up so far.

Xceed stock down to 6 1/4. Let me say again how happy I am that I sold at 42, before this death spiral.

It's weird how I tend to wake up every morning around 6.30, no matter where I'm sleeping, and then fall back asleep until a few minutes before my alarm goes off. Very weird. Which reminds me, gotta buy batteries for the new travel alarm clock I bought for Ireland. And must find power adaptor thing so we can plug in appliances overseas. While most people would bring a hair dryer or something, the only pluggable device we're travelling with is the recharger for the camcorder batteries.

OK, it's August. Why is it FREEZING outside?

And what is up with the trend of putting CORN in egg drop soup? I do not like corn in my soup. Is this some culinary trend? Am I doomed to never eat egg drop soup again? Ugh!

To celebrate your Tuesday, here's some scary dinnerware. So we watched part of the Anil MSNBC thing last night - it was more about NYC tattooing in general, and the Inkline contingent was represented by 5 seconds of Anil, a quote from Kenny, and a quote from Amy. Not terribly impressive. We only had the last half on tape tho, so who knows what the first half had. I was not impressed.

Well, the tickets didn't go on sale until 9am, so I got an extra hour of sleep this morning. And we got Elton John tickets! has the gall to tack on another $11.00 in service charges per ticket, which they had better use to upgrade their servers, as things were mighty overloaded this morning. But I kept reloading, and Jen and I both kept redialling on our cellfones, and we got through at 9.15 online. 6 tickets, up in section 334, not too bad. I saw Elton from the opposite side of MSG about 6 years ago, on the "Made in England" tour, with my AP coworker John and his friends - the world's biggest Elton John fans. They tipped me off that Rocket Man is a great time to go get a beer, as the song gets longer every time he performs it.

Can't wait - that's the weekend after Eve's wedding. Getting 'NSync tickets should be a snap. Speaking of 'NSync, Coworker David went to a Yankees game, and there was Lance. He was booed. Poor ChunkyButt.

I love Mr. Big. Tickets for The Best Man, starring Chris Noth, go on sale today. We have a discount code, so we're going to go up to the box office on Wednesday and pick up tickets. 52nd Street really is going to be Hunk Alley soon.

I received the official contract from the Dystel Literary Agency on Saturday, and faxed it to my lawyer to read over today. Hopefully there's nothing in there that signs away my firstborn - it didn't look like there was anything out of the ordinary to me, but I wanted to have my lawyer read it with his special lawyer vision, in case I missed something. Once I return it, they'll send me over a proposal form and sample proposal to follow, so I can start putting something together. And then 40 drafts later... we've decided that since I am going to write non-fiction, and am dating Kenny, that I am Carrie from SaTC. I only hope that my fashion sense is better than hers. I do not walk around in boy's underwear and boas. Not me.

Oh! The MSNBC piece on Anil was on last night, and I missed it. Anil taped it tho, so I'll borrow a copy from him.

There are no survivors on the russian sub. Dirk Pitt could have saved them.

So I ended up being too tired to stay out last night, and came home around 1am - slept til noon today, which was really nice. And then I did nothing but veg out on the couch, a little food shopping, a quick trip down to Dad's to pick up some leftover wine, watched a little Music Man, and finished Fermat's Enigma. I can think of worse ways to spend a Sunday.

Things on my to-do list for tomorrow (excluding work, of course):

This was such a nice, relaxing weekend. Usually, my weekends are more hectic than the weeks, but this one was slow. Lots of shopping, lots of doing nothing. Which is nice, because this week is going to be zany, too. Tuesday we're driving to NJ after work for the Live/Counting Crows concert. Wednesday is Music Man with Mom and Jen. Jen's best friend and her husband are coming in on Saturday and staying overnight, and Mom is coming in on Sunday - we're seeing Aida, not from the pit.

Let me just say that I love shopping. Jen, Trisha and I went to the Woodbury Commons outlet center. Now, I've been to outlet malls before, but this was HUGE. Loved it! We walked all over the place and I bought way too much stuff, but it was all cool, much-needed stuff. They had a Tahari outlet store, so I bought a fantastic dark green suit. Had to try on a few before I found one that fit (4! Petite! Can you believe it!). Also picked up a great black skirt and jacket from French Connection, and a super pair of knee-high black zip-up leather boots, which are sassier than my lace-up docs. My heel has been feeling a bit better lately, maybe it's the Aleve, so I'm going to try and wear the boots out tonight.

Also picked up a fuzzy blanket (pink), some xmas stuff, and some t-shirts. And I bought the matching larger suitcase to my wheel-y bag, by Kipling. And, to make it perfect, the older one fits inside the new, bigger one perfectly, so I can double-pack for Ireland - all the better to shop and bring home more stuff with. It was a perfect shopping day and the weather was sunny and warm, mmm. Beautiful.

Tonight we're going out drinking, so don't expect a coherent entry for a while. I think tomorrow we may go museum-hopping or just sleep all day if the hangover monsters get us.

So I really don't understand the 'NSync fascination. I really don't. I never was into boy bands - I think I missed the New Kids on the Block thing by a few years, and my idea of good music has usually revolved around Mozart. So why I have this crazy thing for Justin Timberlake escapes me. But we must go to the concert. If anyone out there has any connections that will get me good seats or backstage, you simply must let me know. Now.

later on 8/18/00
Sighting of the night: I walked past Michael Cumpsty (of Copenhagen) on the subway stairs. I loved that show. I think it has something to do with my fascination with mathematicians and physicists. I could never be a math or physics person (well, I could, but I'm not interested in doing it), but I find stories about the people who DO do it interesting - I'm re-reading Fermat's Enigma right now - and coworker David is also reading it, we're sharing a brain. But great, great book.

Had a great work brainstorming session today - that's one of the things about my job that I love. We'll all just sit in a room and cover topics and ideas. We covered 400 sheets of big paper and a whiteboard, so that means it was a success. Well, quantity vs. quality and all that - I think we're making a lot of progress on the project we're scoping. It's nice to actually see results come from something we do. It's also really nice to be able to stretch my brain around new ways of working. I have much more experience managing people than projects, so being the team lead/point person on this project is great for me, I'm having a lot of fun. And having fun at work is a big plus.

Tomorrow we are off to a girly day of shopping at the outlet stores!

So the Fringe Festival has to be the most disorganized theatre festival I've worked on. Had our tech this morning, the venue director, some 19 year old kid from North Carolina, was late. The theatre looks like it was bombed out, it's a mess, and the lighting system is practically non-existant. I had to pare down the show cues because the equipment just isn't up to snuff. It made me miss HERE. But it seemed to be alright, and David was happy with the results - I just don't like not doing my best with it. David's show opens tonight but I'm not sure I can be there for it - I do want to catch it during the run, and there are some other Fringe shows as well that I want to see, but I feel like I'm running around like crazy.

I love my vibrating cellfone.

I am very excited - sent my ramblings off to some literary agent types, and I actually heard back that there's interest! Must think about what to do with large advance, and practice autograph. Well, first I should think about reading the paperwork they're going to send over, and think about how I'd structure a non-fiction account of my life. I'd say that I need to start doing more interesting things to write about, but everything I do is already interesting! How could it possibly be any better? I was thinking about how to structure it - I could write chapters on how using the net has improved/screwed up my daily life - everything from the Heather Decker thing, to job hunting, to dating, to vacation planning etc. Hrm. Needs thought.

I probably wouldn't be so tired in the mornings if I went to bed at a normal hour, but I just can't do that.

Missy and I went out last night and had a great time - it was nice to hang out together as we hadn't done that in a while. Tonight I have absolutely no plans at all and that makes me very happy. I think I will veg out with the TV and get some sleep. I have to re-read the script from David Mills' show from when we did it at HERE so I can be ready for tech in the morning.

Perhaps I will watch The Cider House Rules DVD, which came from Amazon yesterday. I love Amazon. I love the Cider House Rules, too - one of my favorite books.

Foot update: heard back from Dr. Stein, since the bone scan showed no sign of infection, he wants to talk to Dr. Sands, the orthopedist again and figure out the next step. Unfortunately, Dr. Sands is on vacation until Monday, so it'll have to wait a few days. In the meantime, he suggested Aleve. I don't think that's going to help. All I want is to be able to wear shoes and walk without limping. Ugh.

River City's got to have a boy's band. 'NSync concert tickets go on sale while Jen and I are in Dublin, so we must depend on the kindness of strangers (well, they're our friends, but they're strange) to buy up a block, as I refuse to spend a perfectly good vacation day sitting on Right.

OK, it's 8.20am and way too early for anyone (that is, me) to be up. But I'm supposed to do this interview at 9, so I figured I'd come in a bit earlier and do email and stuff beforehand. The camera guy was supposed to call and confirm but he hasn't, so he had better be here at 9, or I'll be annoyed. This is the week of getting up early. Yesterday I had the doctor at 8.30, today the interview at 9, tomorrow a vendor pitch at 9, and Friday is tech for David's show at 9.30. I think I shall sleep all day on Saturday.

Kenny and I saw Bless the Child, which wasn't the worst movie ever, but it was pretty bad. Really cheesy. And the Times review was right - Kim Basinger speaks as if self-medicated for the entire movie. Came home after, as I was feeling a bit woozy ("I bring you peace and love") and wanted to just chill. So I did some editing stuff on the laptop and then we watched Heavenly Creatures, which is a great movie, but really whacked. Didn't fall asleep til almost 2, so I'm really tired today.

The TV interview was much fun. I love the way you have to answer questions, as the offscreen newscaster isn't there. So you have to respond as if the question wasn't asked - if he asks, "How's the weather?" you have to reply, "The weather is great." If he asks, "What advice would you give to so-and-so?" you have to reply, "The advice that I would give to so-and-so is..." It was a lot of fun. The company that did the piece does content pieces for news stations on request. This story was requested by some station who's affiliated with ABC here in NY, so they may show the bit sometime after Sept 1st on the ch7 news. If anyone sees me (it'll be a piece about Munchausen Syndrome over the Internet), please tape it and send it my way, as god knows I'm never home to watch the news.

So... bone scan showed no signs of infection, which conflicts with what the MRI showed. Waiting for Dr. Stein to call me back about a followup.

Let me tell you, a 19ga needle in my arm and a BIGASS syringe are not my favorite companions in the morning. No, it isn't my smack habit, it's my indium scan prep. Bleh. Gotta go back at 2.30 to be injected with radioactive stuff. Luckily, since that's just white blood cells, it's a lot smaller of an amount than they took out. My arm hurts.

OK, so our apartment is in boyband hell. Missy is in lust for JC, of 'NSync, and I think Justin is a cutie. Jen bought me the Justin Timberlake marionette for my birthday, so we were posing it last night. I think the average age in the apartment has plumetted to 13. But we do not care. Oh no, we do not care. We watched the HBO concert tape last night and polished off a bottle of wine while watching a compilation tape of interviews that Jen "just happened" to have. And then we sat through some mind-numbing Democratic Convention stuff, while waiting for the Music Man to appear, but lo, none of the stations we were monitoring (CBS, ABC, PBS and CNN) showed it. Learned this morning that C-SPAN had it, but I have no idea what channel C-SPAN is.

Dona gave me DopeWars for the Palm. She wants me to hack the source code to have it ask, "Got any C, man?" but I haven't found the perfect spot to do it in yet. She also got me addicted to Othello for the Palm, which is just a lot of fun.

Trisha told me I should write a book. Anyone know any NY-based literary agents who want to coddle me? I don't bite. Well, OK, I bite but only when provoked. Or asked nicely. I know I know people who have written books, but of course, I can't recall any of their email addresses. So if JC Herz is out there reading this, or Carla Sinclair, drop me a line. Now. I command thee.

David and I finally got our tech time for the Fringe - Friday morning. Ugh. I am not pleased with the level of organization. I am also not pleased that one of the other productions called to tell me the piano was out of tune and broken. That also does not make me happy, as there's nothing I can do about it. Must mark up the script before the tech so I can hand it off to the board op, whoever he/she/it turns out to be.

Got a request from a TV company in Florida who's doing a piece on the Heather Decker thing - they want to interview me (phone and television) about my involvement. Dr. Feldman, who's doing a lot of work with Munchausen by Internet, gave them my name. That's exciting, going to talk to the woman at the TV company at 4 today, after my doc's appt and an interview I have to conduct here. As Jen said, let's hope they don't provide news to Jerry Springer.

I am all radioactive now - went back to the doc to get my white blood cell cocktail injected. The actual syringe they used was covered in lead, how cool. Anyway, much smaller needle this time, 25ga, and it didn't hurt at all. Now both of my arms are sore and I'm a bit woozy, but otherwies, all is well. Can't wait to see if I glow in the dark. Going back tomorrow at 11.30 for the bone scan.

Set up the face-to-face interview for the Heather story thing. Gotta find a copy of the email log, I know I have it at home, but I hadn't planned on going home after work... guess I'll side trip downtown before going to Kenny's. Also must find nice clothes to wear. Terribly exciting.

Jeez. Russian sub drama. This is a case for Dirk Pitt! He could save them. NUMA could raise that sub!

Mmm, while I was not impressed with last night's Sex and the City, I am always impressed with Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big.

Hey, we're in the news again at work. Nifty. There was also a mention of StreetMail, Bo's other company, in Business 2.0 this week. We are so swanky, oh yes we are.

I hate how I can't get through one vacation without thinking of the next.

Sunday already, this weekend flew by. So Friday night we went to a housewarming party, about as far north as you can go and still be in Manhattan. Way too far for me, I don't know how they do it. I like knowing that I can hop in a cab and be home in 10 minutes, or sit on a subway platform at 2am and feel safe. I wouldn't live that far north. And getting up there was a hassle, too, as it was raining and Jen didn't want to drive in the rain, so we had to lug all of the stuff we bought at IKEA from her trunk to a cab, and then sit in traffic for almost an hour to get up there. Ugh. But the party was fun.

Yesterday was CT to see Summer of '42 - we had seen a few workshops and it was nice to finally see a fully staged production. We almost didn't make it - traffic was hell and we got there with 10 minutes to spare before the show started. The person who took our 4th ticket was incredibly annoying, and would not shut up, and I had a pms-induced headache for the ride. Luckily there was no traffic at all coming home, so we were back by 9.

Spent the day trading voicemails with Kenny, and I ended up staying over there last night, which would be a pretty good indicator that we're back together. Making plans to go out Tuesday night after my first round of the next set of foot doctor things. Fun fun.

Today was a slow day... Jen, Missy and I went to see The Tao of Steve, which was hilarious. I highly recommend it. Afterwards, Missy and I did some shopping in Soho (since we were at the Angelika already) - and I picked up some snazzy Origins Ginger Salt Scrub. They used it when I did the day spa thingie at the Origins Day Spa and it is incredibly addictive and yummy. Gets skin all smoothed out and silky and good-smelling. Yum. Sex and the City not so good tonight. Not enough Mr. Big for me.

RCN just likes screwing with my account, that must be what it is. Now my domain aliasing is screwed up, and no one over there will give an answer as to WHY any of this happened. Or apologize for my being inconvenienced. It's too frustrating to think about.

Went to my PCP, Dr. Stein (whom I love) today to have some blood drawn. Gave him my MRI results form, tho the scans are at home ("Just hold on to them."), and told him I was frustrated that I couldn't get in touch with the ID doc about the Indium scan I'm supposed to have done on my heel. So he said I could have it done at Horizon Medical (his office). Waiting for them to call back about an appointment so I can do that ("They might have to give you a shot and then wait a few days and then do the scan, so you'll be radioactive a few days - don't try and get pregnant." "I wasn't even thinking about it, thanks.")

So I feel a little better medically from talking to Dr. Stein, and that sort of balances out how annoyed I am from yelling at RCN on the phone yesterday.

OK, got the indium scan scheduled for Tuesday/Thursday next week. Go in on Tues to draw more blood and get this injection, and then the actual scan on Thurs. I have no idea what to do with my MRI scans - Dr. Stein said to hold on to them for now. Perhaps I shall have them mounted in a light box and hung on the wall or something. "My Heel" - An Art Project.

Finally! Got the domain aliasing straightened out. Erg.

Had a great meeting this morning with a potential development partner, we loved them. Can't wait to see their proposal next week. Things are really coming together on this project at work (codenamed Project Narthex, as in the reed used by Prometheus to bring fire to the people), I think we have a really solid team together.

Going up to a party tonight that's so far north in Manhattan (213th street?) that it's been nicknamed Canada. And tomorrow we're off to CT to see Summer of '42 - the musical. We do see a lot of shows, don't we.

I loooooove my new StarTac phone. It is the cutest thing, and it vibrates. Oh, and it works, and is really snazzy. And it vibrates.

IKEA just rocks my world. We bought lots of goodies, and only had one casualty (pretty glass vase VS. subway turnstile, film at 11). Met up with Dona for dinner before going shopping, and just had a great night overall. Michelle and I were planning to see the Ethan Hamlet again tonight, but I can't find it listed anywhere. Hope it comes out on DVD soon (it's on my BUY ME list, up there with Gladiator and Cider House - which comes out next week, yay).

So anyway, we all loved this software vendor that came in yesterday to demo to us - the guy who wrote the software actually did the demo, and he was able to talk tech, functionality, licensing, implementation and design. It was wonderful. Trying to get them back in here next week when the CEO and some of the fund managers are in, so they can talk about functionality - as none of us in the services group really have a financial background, we skipped a lot of that and dealt with implementation/customization etc.

Got a new cellfone! It's sweet! It's little! Verizon, while on strike, was still able to help me switch over the number to the new phone. Ooh. Now I have to re-program it. Unfortunately, due to the strike, the lunchtime concert in Bryant Park that I was going to go to was cancelled - went over and there were lots of striking employees holding this huge rally. So I am back at work, eating a takeout Cosi sandwich and reading how to program my voicemail.

I'm still trying to set up an appt with the infectious disease doctor - he must be incredibly busy as they've been unable to set up an appointment all week. I'm a bit frustrated that they can't even set up an appointment. So I called the orthopedist's office to see if they can recommend another ID doctor. Erg.

RCN fucking sucks. Today's drama - they aliased to my directory, and left aliased to my interport dir. And they did this without notifying me, or moving my files over, so if you looked at earlier, you saw a blank rcn-provided index page because my directory was empty. My entire directory seems to be web-accessible (rather than having an aliased subdir for web files, so I can store other dirs and private files on the server without them being accessible over the web). I am currently on hold AGAIN and am glad that I warmed up my lungs so I can vent. Oh, and my usual support person already left for the day, so I get to yell at someone new.

Another day, another reason to be pissed off at interport/RCN. Supposedly they were going to reset my password yesterday at 2pm, never happened. I called them last night and they said they'd do it at the 4am dump. Never happened. And this morning, still no luck.

And OK, I did not need the Bierko pinky-on-testicle story on Conan last night, but Jen and I were falling off the couch laughing. Missy was listening from her bed and as soon as Craig said, "I felt something like a pinky..." she shot up and listened. I borrowed a back-pain pill from Missy, the walking pharmacy, last night, because my lower back has been killing me lately, and boy, those really do knock you out. Mildly spacy.

We're going to IKEA after work, to pick up housewarming gifts for a party. I should probably leave my credit cards home - that place is dangerous. I've encountered a catch-22 regarding our couch. I've had this couch for about 4 years, it's green, it's mushy and comfy, and it flops out into a sofa-matress so we can have guests on it. It's kind of ratty, since Pixel and Mimi love to use it as a scratching post. It would be really nice to have a new couch, and IKEA has some lovely ones. However, I'm not declawing the cats, and buying a new couch would mean we'd be getting a new scratching post, and no one would be happy. The other issue is that it isn't solely my apartment, so we'd be splitting the cost of a couch 3 ways, and I can think of one roommate who would find an excuse not to pay for it. Then there's the issue of who takes the couch when we move out. So I think we're living with the old couch for a while longer, which is fine because I love it. Unless someone out there has a sofa-bed/loveseat they want to part with, that isn't falling apart.

Why I love the Onion, part 2: Visiting Gore calls Pennsylvania a "hellhole". "Added Gore, 'And what's the big deal with the cheesesteak sandwiches? They taste like shit. I wouldn't feed them to the dogs they're probably made out of.'" Love them.

Had a great call with a development shop this morning - going over there on Friday to discuss our ideas and plans, and see how it goes. And in a half hour, a software vendor is coming by to pitch us. Things are looking up at work. And let me just state that I love Xando/Cosi sandwiches. Mmm.

I can finally get my email/ftp etc from RCN, but I am still very unhappy with them.

later on 8/8/00
Well, I'm irked. We didn't get into the Conan taping - they cut off the standby list right ahead of us - we were numbers 21 and 22, and they stopped at 20. Grr. So that gave me some free time - I went by the AP and hung out with DJ and the stocks crew for a while, it was nice to see everyone again. Loved working there, but it just wasn't the most creative place. Then I went over to Times Square to drop some stuff off and met up with Trisha (who brought us 'NSync teenybopper magazines so I can drool on Justin), and we went downtown to meet Dona and Jen for Dona's friend's cabaret. Loud. Really loud. Stayed for an hour or so and then came home to veg on the couch with some pizza. And the realization that Conan isn't on until 12.30, and I'm sure to be asleep by then. VCR.

My MRI scans are lovely, I want them framed. Have to call the infectious doctor (hee) back tomorrow to make an appointment. I got a kick out of Mom telling me that IV antibiotics can require me to have a tube in my arm for 6 weeks, with daily injections. Shades of Heather Decker (coma baby), but on a realistic medical note.

I am majorly pissed off at interport/RCN. They STILL have not migrated my account, and I can't get into the part of it. And my email is all being forwarded there because they do not think things through very well. It's rather aggrivating. So I can be reached at my work email - until they clear things up. Jesus. It seems like I'm constantly on the phone with them these days, and they keep promising fixes, and it never happens. I was going to send their support folks something nice to thank them, but there's really nothing to thank them for right now. Called support tonight again, they said someone should call TOMORROW (another day of no email), and it's really pissing me off. With my luck, they'll migrate my web files to the server (they're still on interport's), and I still won't be able to log in and get to them. And this site will die a slow, non-undated death.

Today's Schiesse list:

Well, the best part of the morning so far is that I got to bring my MRI films home with me.

Because I have to bring them to another doctor - the infectious disease doctor. They can't tell what's wrong, but it looks like some kind of bone marrow infection related to the previous surgery. So I have to see this other doc, do some tests, and get his recommendation on whether to do an IV antibiotics treatment or do another surgery, or both. With my luck, both. But man, August must be vacation month for doctors - my orthopedist is out from the 11th-20th, and the infectious disease doc he wanted me to see is out until the 21st, and then at some conference until Sept 11th (when I'm on vacation), so I'm going to see the doctor who's covering for him. Waiting to get another referral from my regular doctor, Dr. Stein, and waiting to make an appt with the infectious disease doctor. I'm also trying to plan everything around vacation and Eve's wedding, which means if we have to do surgery, I can't do it until after Oct 14th.

But the MRI films look swanky. I'm going to try and scan them in later, so you can all see the white part that looks like an infection. Nummy.

Here we go - a definition of Osteomyelitis, what they couldn't rule out on the MRI.

And RCN? Still screwy, so I have no email today. If I could wear boots, I'd go kick their ass.

Jen and I got up ass-early and got standby tix for Conan, so look for us tonight. We have early numbers, so we should get in with no problem. After that, I have to drop off some videos and then we're going downtown to hear Dona's friend Sharon sing at some club. Hopefully that won't go too late, because I'm really tired already. Long morning.

Changed our Dublin car rental to automatic, whew. I can drive stick, but it's not something I want to play with while we're driving on the left. We're also trying to figure out what to do with our last day in London - we want to do the London Eye ferris wheel, which I missed last time, so we need to book tickets in advance. And since it's right across from Westminster Abbey, we'll try and get in there in the morning... we fly to come home at 8.30 at night, so we have pretty much the whole day free. Perhaps lots of Lush shopping will take place.

How to tell if you're a Star Wars chick. I'm partial to: "Whenever your SO tells you 'I love you', you reply, in a Solo-like tone 'I know'."

Ooh, hearing things like "the Gladiator DVD will tentatively out in November" makes me really happy. Gratuitous mention of Russell Crowe being a babe.

Coworker Jen got married on Saturday, another person who went to Yale. Why does everyone I know have a Yale education? What's up with that? (OK, not everyone, but a highly disproportionate number of the people I know, hrm.)

Things at work are picking up, which is nice. Being busy puts me in a much better frame of mind for working. Doing lots of planning work for the intranet, research, calls, you name it. Busy busy busy.

Does anyone know what time the Conan O'Brien show is taped at? We're pondering going up in the morning to get standby tickets, but I'm hoping we don't have to be at the actual taping at some ungodly middle-of-the-afternoon hour, as there is that thing called work that we have to do.

Things I love:

Well, RCN is supposed to have migrated my account today - in fact, they half-migrated it. My interport email is now forwarding to my new account, but I can't access the account. Access denied. So I'm stuck without email, and I'm really annoyed.

later on 8/6/00
Weirdness abounds. Too many people are giving too much advice.

Excellent Sex and the City tonight - Carrie and Big, back in the sack together. Bad, yet so good. You can feel the chemistry leaking out of the TV. Or maybe that's just the new air conditioner. Which is lovely. And which had better lower our electric bill, which came to a whopping $310 last month. Jen tracked down the super who said that he ordered the new AC when we asked about it a few months ago, but as it takes several months to get new ones, he didn't want to tell us, and gave us a 20 year old replacement (mostly nonfunctional) until now. And we are overjoyed with the new one.

Back to work tomorrow... but I'm not in the mood for it.

Well, although RCN swore they would migrate my account on the 1st, it still hasn't happened. I am not amused.

So right, the weekend of random occurances. Went to Trisha's cabaret on Friday, and as we're waiting for our friends at dinner, Craig Bierko walks past. No one has a camera. I run into a girl I worked with on the Passion Play with at the club. I run to JCS and catch the second act, and it was good.

Yesterday was a long day (tho longer for Jen who got up at 5(!) to get Aida rush tickets for us). I got up at 8 to transfer my camcorder tapes onto VHS so I could reuse them. Fell back asleep until Jen came home around 10.30, and she was wired and couldn't sleep. And Missy was up, too, and Leslie was trying to sleep on the couch. Dave came by to pick up the lights (and I felt bad for not letting him into the apartment, but it looked like something out of a bad slumber party movie).

The Aida matinee rocked, what more can I say.

Went to grab a ticket to the night show of JCS, and then up to 51st to meet Jen at China Fun ("It just isn't as much fun without Will."). As I was waiting, this little old man came over, said he had permission from his wife to come ask me about my tattoos. Then his grandson came over and told me he had seen the Sunday in the Park tattoo in a commercial. They went away, and I read the takeout menu until Jen showed up. Or until I heard my name behind me, and there was Paul (Woody? I can't call a grown man "Woody", it doesn't work for me) from the Music Man orchestra, grabbing food, too. Firmed up plans to meet up after the show that Mom, Jen and I are seeing on the 23rd, and he's going to give us the backstage tour, very cool. Can't wait. Jen showed up, and we chowed down on peach chicken, which was really good. Ate too many crispy noodle things and couldn't finish, and neither of us wanted to carry around the leftovers.

Since it was only 6.15, we went to Old Navy to shop (I was in dire need of clean t-shirts, they had them, yay). Then walked around the Cellar at Macy's for a bit, looking at all of the stuff we would buy if we had more room in the apartment ("We need this clear pink plastic microwave!" "Oooh, the wall of water fountain!"), can you tell we were tired? Jen was about to fall asleep in the spatula department, so she went home, and I went up to JCS. Very good show, everyone sounded terrific. Came home right afterwards to continue dubbing tapes for friends, and fell asleep around 1.30. Whew.

Today is a slow day... relatively. Going to meet Jen, Missy and Dona up in midtown at 5, and nothing to do until then. I wonder why I'm always tired on Mondays...

later on 8/4/00
OK, so today felt like summer. And of course, I left my clip sunglasses that match the frames I'm wearing at home today, and I simply can't be unfashionable and wear the silver ones with the copper frames. Ah, woe is me. Whatever.

Trisha's cabaret rocked, all of the singers were very good indeed. I thanked Trisha for being the only one who sang happy songs.

My mom, the woman who introduced me to the joys of being on crack at an early age (kidding, Mom, but I do think you're on crack sometimes) sent me some yummy pictures to scan in (at work, as my scanner at home is in a box under the desk and will probably sit there until the next time I move, at which time it will sit in a box under the desk in another apartment), and a book about musicals which looks really interesting. I'll dig into that once I finish the science stuff I'm reading.

Very happy about work today. I'm heading up the intranet development crew, and we got our first set of priorities set today (me, ala Fight Club: "Shall I make that my primary action item, sir?"). It's going to be a huge project (not only in terms of internal communication, but working with our funds and their portfolio companies to tie them to us strategically), so we're really doing a lot of prep work for the site. Finished our basic RFP today and sent it out, and we're trying to nail down as much specific functionality as we can beforehand, to help out whatever development shop we go with. Can't wait. Annoyed that I've been playing phone tag with the woman from the software company whose product we want to integrate. I want them to come in and do a demo for us, and we've been going back and forth via voice mail for 2 days now, probably won't get an answer til late Monday, and I need to know if they can come in on Thursday afternoon, when our North Adams delegation is down.

Discovered typo in my biz cards - the address is listed as 233 e 31, not 223 e 31. Whoops, gotta reprint.

I got Eve's wedding invitation in the mail today. Sent back the little reply card, tho I think she knows I'll be there. We have to figure out getting my dress to me so I can get it altered (it's too long and of course too big in the chest). I think my dry cleaners does tailoring, but since they can't manage to wash my clothes right (or deliver them on time, evidenced by the "we'll drop off on thursday" and still no sign of clean laundry), I'm not sure I want to trust them with it.

Ah, Friday. Busy weekend planned... going to videotape (new camera! woo!) Jen's friend's cabaret show tonight for her, that'll be fun Tomorrow, Dave and Adam are picking up the lights they're going to borrow for R&J at 11 or 12, and then possibly catching a matinee, and definitely an evening show. Then another show on Sunday. Whew. Got a discount code for the show that Mr. Big, aka Chris Noth, is in, so we have to figure out a day to go see that.

Went to visit another venture company this morning who we might do some partnership stuff with. Checked out their deal-flow tracking software that they developed, nice, but not as robust as I'd like for integrating into our (non-existant at the moment) intranet. OK, must eat lunch before I pass out.

later on 8/3/00
Well, all those years of piano lessons and learning to read sheet music paid off, because I got to sit in the sub chair at Aida tonight with my friend Jim. Very cool - I don't give enough credit to the musicians and orchestrators (not the right kind of credit, anyway). It was a blast sitting down there, wearing headphones, and following along in the score. My friend Chris, who I hadn't seen since I ran into him in LA last year (playing on the Footloose tour, which was there when I was out there on business) was subbing in on guitar tonight, so it was a surprise to see him backstage! Anyway, I really had a great time, and can't wait to do it again. (Jim: "You got it? OK, you're playing tomorrow.") The underground of the Palace Theatre is like this huge maze, very easy to get lost and lots of staircases that aren't the right ones to go up. The pit is hot and crowded, and a ball of energy. I got a contact high from just sitting next to Jim, tapping along and following what I could in the score - of course, what Jim plays isn't what's written on the page for most of it, and he felt the need to show off since I was there. Favorite note scribbled throughout the score: "Play ala Elton". I had such a fun time - big thank you to Jim and Bob ("This is Catherine, she's watching tonight." "So, when're you subbing in?").

Gotta dig up my lights from Romeo to lend to Dave and Adam, who're doing, appropriately enough, Romeo and Juliet, outdoors, in the park in Brooklyn. Nice to be original. I want to make it down and see their show, but you know I get lost once I leave the island.

Bleah, raining. And my umbrella is home. Why can't it feel like a normal summer? I caught a new 6 train again this morning, I can't wait until they're rolled into service all over the city. Had a good talk about the new trains vs. the old ones with the woman next to me. Well, as much as we could talk for the 2 stops we were there for. And I was asked for directions by a cute guy in a suit this morning, and it wasn't until I was down the subway stairs that I realized I think I pointed him in the wrong way. Oh well.

And now, of course, I have "Rolling Stock" from Starlight Express stuck in my head.

There's an article in the Times' Circuits section about sites reverting to simple designs. I think this site, mine, has the simplest design I've run across in a while - text. Just pure text. I miss the old days of text-driven sites. For me, the internet is about finding information quickly and easily. No need to be bogged down in heavy graphics and animations and java and crap. Yes, there's certainly a use for systems integration for businesses etc, but frankly, I find the storage and navigation of information more important. Anyway.

Took the camcorder up to Bryant Park - it was not the best concert I've heard. But boy, is my new camcorder sweeeeet.

Gym gym gym. Buff buff buff. Yes, I do find time during the day to actually work. Today I worked at putting my new business cards in my wallet. Yes, after 6 weeks, we have business cards. I finally threw away my Xceed ones.

Have I mentioned that I love the Babelfish translation site? I went to look up how you really say Jesus Christ Superstar in French, because I don't think it's "etoile super, jesus christ", as coworker David just said ;-) And then for kicks, I translated this site into French. Good practice.

I started to read Strange Brains and Genius - this great book about eccentric scientists. Of course, the first whole section is about Tesla. Go figure. It's all part of my interest in scientists, without really having to know the science part. Sort of like Copenhagen or something, but not really, since I understand that one.

It must be the day for cute guys stopping me on the street. Not that I mind. First there was the guy this morning who needed directions. Then, as I was walking to the gym, I noticed someone behind me, and turned around at the light and there was this clown. No, really, he was dressed as a clown, sans wig. So he said, "That's a nice tattoo you have there." And I replied, "Thanks, that's a great outfit you've got on." And we chatted for a few minutes while crossing the street, and I went to the gym. If I were smart, I'd have gotten his number or given him one of my new business cards or something. Huh.

later on 8/2/00
So I went to Circuit City and bought a camcorder tonight, it's sweet. Digital 400x zoom, flip-out LCD screen, VHS-C. It's really cool. Now I don't have to borrow dad's for vacations etc. I'm going to try it out in the real world tomorrow at a concert in Bryant Park at lunchtime. Nifty.

And we came home from work to discover that the super had re-lit our pilot light on the stove (I turned on the oven yesterday to discover no heat, and lots of gas smells), and put in a brand-new air conditioner in the living room! It's new! It works! It's quiet! Three qualities that the old one did not possess. It's really nice.

MRI = fun! It was actually relaxing and I almost dozed off. But the room they do them in is freezing, so after packing my foot into the brace to hold it steady, the nurse covered me in blankets, which didn't help to keep me from dozing. Highlights of the MRI:

So I go to see my doctor again on Tuesday for a followup. With my luck he'll look at the MRI and say, "How have you been able to walk all this time?" Sigh. All I want to do is wear my shoes comfortably again, and be able to walk without pain. I realized that I have a pair of docs in my closet that I haven't worn yet - and I bought them last November.

Ack, so this bus veered off the road and into a building on 34th street last night. It's a bus route I take, near the intersection I'd get off at, and at the time I could have been on it if I had been heading crosstown after work. Glad I went downtown last night instead. I went out after work to grab a drink with some former Xceed coworkers, and at 7.15 decided I wanted to see JCS, so I went back up to midtown and saw it. Same old, same old.

OK, on the 'NSync trail, I bring you the link to Behind The Music That Sucks. I'm crying here. "Hi! Welcome to Walmart!"

Toys-R-Us is going to open a 101,000 sq foot store in the middle of Times Square. Jesus Christ. It's just one step closer to enclosing Times Square in glass and charging admission at 6th Ave. The last time the area needs is MORE tourists, with whiny kids who want toys. There's already a perfectly good Toys-R-Us on 34th, and another on 16th. Man.

More skydiving pix.

Ooooooooh. Russell Crowe has a band. But as Jen said, so does Keanu Reeves, so that doesn't mean anything. Sorry, but Russell Crowe looks sexy when covered in dead animals. Keanu just looks dumb. In anything. I think Russell Crowe and his band need to come to New York. Now. I'm sorry, but just look at this beefcake and tell me he is not a babe. Just try.

Other fact about Russell Crowe: "Russell did about 415 performances of The Rocky Horror Show from 1986 to 1988. He played Dr. Frank N. Furter, among other roles. He's said his favorite screen villain is Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter in the film version of the play, 'although I was pretty good in high heels myself.' "

Sure doesn't feel like August. Is it the global warming? El Nino? La Nina? My lack of diacritical marks on the keyboard combined with the lack of energy required to look up how to write the ~ over the 'n'? Whatever it is, I don't like what it's doing to the weather. Bring back the sun and humidity! Where are the sweltering days of yesteryear? What are snowdens? When was 'yore'?

Oh! Big thank you to Dona who pointed out the Henry and June website, which has seamed stockings in stock. Nifty!

Ooohhhh. Coworker Nick showed me free weight stuff at the gym. I will be buff. If I can ever move my arms again. Being buff is good, since I won the free trip to St. Maarten from eBrainX yesterday, thanks to everyone who went and entered because I told them to. But thanks to Jen who ninja-marketed my link all over the place at Xceed, so it's really thanks to Xceed that I am going on vacation. Sometime next year, when it's cold in New York, Jen and I will be soaking up rays and looking buff in our swimsuits and snorkels. It'll probably get to be December and we won't have taken the trip, or we'll read the fine print and discover that we can only go during July or something, but hey, I won, and it's nice to think about.

For some reason, RCN didn't migrate my account yesterday, as promised. WTF? Can they do anything right? And to top things off, they're going to start charging me - my account has been comped for six years, and due to this "migration," they are no longer comping accounts. Whatever.

Huh, I was reading in some article yesterday about why living in New York is always so stressful, and one of the reasons is that you can't measure your success. Because there will always be someone who makes more than you, who is higher than you, who is worth more somehow. So how do you know when you've truly made it? But living in a smaller community, you can be happier. Well, you know what? I'm actually really happy. And successful by my measures. For now.

It must be because I am nearly blond. And blondes have more fun. Or something.


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