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Ah, the end of April. That was quick.

I'm glad I don't have to be at work until noon. I couldn't fall asleep last night, just too wired for some reason, so I took a sleeping pill at midnight, and it didn't really work too well. But anyway, I'm up now, and getting ready to go to work.

I watched Billy Elliot last night, what a great movie. I hadn't seen it in the theatres, tho I wanted to (I have a bad habit of saying, "Oh, I have to see that" when I see previews - LOVE previews - but then never getting to the movies again). Anyway, Jamie Bell is adorable, and the whole movie was terrific. Made me want to grab the video of Swan Lake that I have - the Matthew Bourne one - and pop that in the VCR, but alas, the Sopranos was on, so that meant it was time to curl up in bed with a book, since I don't watch that show regularly.

I'm in the middle of reading A Beautiful Mind, a biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr, eccentric mathematician. They could have based the father in Proof on him - developed breakthroughs in game theory, then went mental for for a while, and then recovered and won the Nobel prize. Not only is it is a good read (and about a mathematician, yum), but the next Russell Crowe movie is based on the book. It's very good so far.

I totally think I forgot to get my change from the hot dog guy in the park yesterday. I bought a pretzel and a bottle of water, and it came to (ack) $2.45, so I gave him a ten, but I can't remember getting back any change. And it's possible that I was so zoned out (tired, hungry, sweaty, headphones on) that I forgot to get it. I'll have to check my wallet for signs of potential hotdog-guy change. Hrm. Hate when that happens.

And now, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!

I am SO the weakest link - I slept right through the morning... I know the alarm went off, and I remember turning it off (whoops), and then I went right back to bed. Probably a better way to spend Sunday morning anyway.

It is another gorgeous day, so I spent the day in Central Park, skating the Loop and listening to David Ippolito play on the hill. I was thinking as I listened that I should call James - since James told me about David in the first place, but figured he was trapped up in Irvington, so I didn't bother. And of course, when I get home, I get a voicemail from James saying that he was there, had seen me skate by, but I didn't get his call because the phone was buried in my bag and on vibrate. And I had my headphones on, anyway. Too funny. I called back, and he's still there, but I'm home so I'm not dashing up there. But it was a great afternoon. I am SO happy that I can skate - my foot didn't bother me at all, and even tho I was taking it easy (first weekend skating in nearly two years, after all), I made good time on the Loop and didn't pass out from exhaustion too many times. There are one or two hills that I can live without, but overall, I did alright. I want to get over to Blades to check out the new skates - there're some new ones that are more lightweight than the old ones I have, and I'm thinking about upgrading my skates this year.

And now I am all sweaty, must shower.

The Jason Robert Brown concert last night was great, and it was fun to see most of my good theatre-going friends all in one place. Must do that more often. Michael, Ari, Michelle and I did dinner at Around the Clock beforehand, and ate outside, since it was so nice. And the concert was really good - while I couldn't stand Parade onstage, I do really like the music, so it was nice to see it in a concert format, plus hear some of the songs from Songs for a New World done live, and some new ones, too. I had a really good time. I had the weird experience of saying hi to one of the singers in the concert, and having him say, "I know all about what you thought of [insert name of bad show here], I read all about it." That was a little freaky. What can you say to that?

Haven't heard from Josh in a few weeks. What's up with that.

Anyway, working tomorrow at the law firm, going in at noon ("I know you're not a morning person," said Steve on Friday). Must find more corporate casual clothes! I should clean out my closet, anyway. Today was nearly shorts weather, but I made the error of listening to James Galla re: the weather: "it's sunny but cold; wear long sleeves" - yeah, right. Beautiful warm weather out! Next time, I'll wear layers. Anyway, must clean out closet and find summer clothes. I know my sundresses are collecting dust somewhere. I wonder what the law firm thinks of visible tattoos. Don't think I want to find that out. I'm there tomorrow during the day, and we're going to work out an evening schedule for the next week or two - I start jury duty on Tuesday morning, and the work I'll be doing at the law firm needs to be done at night, anyway (system upgrades etc), so it works out perfectly. Of course, my theatre habit'll dwindle a little, but whatever, I'll be able to afford to see more shows once I finish this job. And hopefully I'll find a fulltime job soon, which will make me very happy (since I haven't won the lottery or married into money in the past two months, I figure I should get a job).

And I'm loving/hating that I write everything here, so when I go to tell a friend about my day, the usual response is, "I know."

Oh, it is so beautiful out. And I skated! My friend Will, who lives a few blocks away on Nassau Street, emailed to ask if I wanted to skate this weekend, so we went. They've opened up the promenade from Battery Park up through 59th Street, so we went from the World Financial Center (Chambers Street) up to the Intrepid (41st Street) - about six miles altogether) and my foot was fine. Feels great actually. I love skating, and I'm glad I can do it again. It's a great way to get exercise, especially when it's beautiful out. I'll have to start doing that loop more frequently.

Anyway, now that I've showered off all the sweat (ick) and covered my face in green goopy girly stuff, I can get ready to go out tonight - seeing the Jason Robert Brown concert at Cooper Union with a handful of friends.

The only bad thing about getting up for WORK (yay!) this morning is that the alarm clock interrupted a fascinating dream I was having about Jerome Pradon. It took place somewhere in a small village in England, and I remember my brother being there visiting, and he had a car. I was staying with my friends Jayne and Kris (no big surprise, they're my friends in England), but Jerome was in their cottage, too. And it was pouring rain, and we were having a potluck dinner, except that I didn't bring anything to eat because I was visiting and didn't have a kitchen. Anyway, then the dream got really episodic, and as I was trying to piece it together, the alarm clock went off. And I remembered that I had work today.


And work was great! I like working with Steve, and he has me doing some basic software stuff, teaching me about their network as we go, etc. And I realized, to my horror, that there are people (namely, lawyers, this is a law firm) that don't know how to do things like change the font in Word. I spent a half hour tweaking a document for one of the lawyers - and not even a legal document, an invite to his son's "Aufrus", which is some Jewish wedding thing but sounds dirtier than that, to me anyway. But apart from that, it was a productive and enjoyable day. I go back in on Monday to twiddle around some more, and then I'll work evenings for the next week or two.

And then I saw The Invention of Love - really good play! It's about A.E. Housman, and just really well done. Even though I dont know Latin, I liked it. The sets and lighting are also fabulous. I want to see it again when I'm less tired - being up all day and actually working didn't put me in the right frame of mind to sit through it, but I really did enjoy it. And it has Robert Sean Leonard in it, so what more do you need.

Yay! I picked up some under-the-table IT work from Steve today, that's very cool. I had a great time there (law firm, corporate casual, must raid closet), and I start tomorrow. PLUS, it's a job I'll be able to do in the evenings next week, which is good, as I start jury duty on Tuesday. Very cool.

Found out that they're doing a cattle call for contestants for The Weakest Link this weekend - I am so there. I'm going up early on Sunday with my friend Kim to try and get in - I will not be the weakest link ("Goodbye!").

later on 4/25/01
Oh my god, how much do I want to bring the drummer from Blast! home? Love. The show, for the fourth time, was terrific. And it was night - I took Alison, James Galla, Michael Dale, and Matthew (even though he hated it the first time) were all there. I'd say 3/5 of the group enjoyed it, which works for me. I completely loved it. Love. It just rocks. I bookended the show with trips to O'Lunney's - before the show to meet a blind date kind of person, nothing special there, and Alison, Matthew and I went after for a drink, since none of us really wanted to go home immediately, and I never get to see Alison, so it was good to hang out for a bit.

Two sort-of interviews tomorrow - one at Longbow, where I did some freelance work a few years ago - I keep in touch with Steve, who runs the company, and we get together to talk about work every now and then. And the other with my new friend Steve (another Steve) who may be able to toss me the software rollout work. That'll be cool.

And new ER tomorrow night!

Things are looking up! Had an interview this morning and I think it went well. The issue would be figuring out where I fit into the company. They may be creating a tech management role which would be similar to what I did at Xceed - things I loved doing - so that might be a possibility. We'll see... and through a chance encounter with someone online, I may have picked up some freelance work doing software rollouts. Not that I'm an IT person, but heck, work is work, and it'll be nice to be out doing something. Going to meet with him tomorrow about it.

And Michael Cumpsty is on the cover of Time Out this week! Yum!

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day. It's gorgeous out again, so I did my outside errands, and now I'm doing laundry (and relaxing on the deck while it spins). And that's all that's new today.

Ahh, now this is the kind of Spring-like weather I was talking about! Yesterday was 80 and beautiful, and this week is supposed to be as beautiful all week. Good time to dust off the deck and spend some time outside. It is sandals weather. It is sunblock weather. It is sunglasses weather. Love it.

So I enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday by going to see A Class Act for the second time, and I really enjoyed it just as much. It really is a good show, it's a shame it's been overshadowed by the other terrific shows that're running now.

Today is another exciting day of job hunting. I actually have one good lead - a company that I interviewed with last year, before going to FunkyTalk, had made me an offer which I turned down. And now they're hiring again, so I dropped an email to the people that I interviewed with, and just heard back from their HR woman about setting up an interview. So that's encouraging. I've also got to run up to the Village Ventures office to pick up my check (whenever FedEx arrives, they haven't brought it as of 11am), and over to Viacom to drop off a video with my friend Gil, and then over to O'Flaherty's at 7pm to meet up with Irene and catch up on life, jobs, travel and cider.

And Mimi is trying to drive my crazy by chewing on everything in my room as I type. The cellfone charger, My Palm Pilot, my boots, my pen, the floor... you name it, she's chewed on it.

So the physics play (Louis Slotin's Sonata) was really good, I liked it a lot. The theatre was on 52nd Street and 11th Avenue, however, which is a HIKE crosstown. As we were walking back to the subway, I kept thinking, "man, we're only on 10th Ave? We're only on 9th Ave?" - it was a hike. But yah, I really enjoyed it.

And today was Bat Boy and 42nd Street again - I could listen to Michael Cumpsty talk all night. At Bat Boy, they give out copies of the Weekly World News which we are now reading aloud - who knew that the president of Russia was a vampire? Both shows were really enjoyable, and I'm loving that I'm seeing more cheap theatre than ever now that I'm unemployed. I had lunch with Jesse at Republic before Bat Boy, and then dinner with the girls (and Keith) at the Edison before 42nd Street - a cheap food day all around, too.

It is obviously not going to remain sunny and Spring-like out. Bleh.

Drew from Village Ventures called to say that they inadvertantly sent my check to the office here instead of to my apartment, so I'll have to go by on Monday and pick it up. Grr.

Yeah baby, I rollerbladed today! It was only down to Dad's and back (to pick up the tape of last night's ER), but still... I rollerbladed! I am healed! Or heel-ed! This makes me very happy. And it's going to be 70 degrees out tomorrow and that makes me happy, too! And seeing Blast! last night made me happy, too! Er, three! Yes! Anyway.

The job hunt goes slowly, but I'm making progress - sent my resume to a company that extended me an offer last year, and they said they might be interested in talking again, which is good, and I followed up some of the tips Steve gave me yesterday, so we shall see...

I hope the weather stays nice - it should be Spring-like soon.

And in good finance news, my stock portfolio is finally taking a slight upswing (whew), and Village Ventures is overnighting my bonus check today, so I'll have it tomorrow. And I found my Citibank ATM/debit card, which I thought I had misplaced. With the weather changing so much, I had left it in the pocket of my leather jacket - good thing I had pounds to spare for my London trip, as I left the card home while I was gone!

Nope, nothing new today, either. Had a meeting with a guy who had interviewed at Village Ventures, and is now working with a bunch of math geeks. Yum. He gave me some good leads for job hunting, which I'll start looking up tomorrow. And then I had lunch with my friend Brian from Xceed, who's just the cutest thing (as in handsome, funny, a babe, and not-single). Went to a great sandwich cafe in Soho - mmm.

Still waiting for my Village Ventures severance/bonus check to arrive - they said it was mailed out last week, but it hasn't shown up yet. I'm checking with HR today to find out where it is... if they sent it certified, it's probably sitting at the post office, since the mailman is really bad about putting the little slips in our mailbox when we get a certified letter. Hate that.

I have almost learned the Montgomery family tree from As the World Turns, thanks to Jen. Unemployment hasn't begun to bore me yet.

Blast! again tonight with Mom. Last night we saw The Producers again, tomorrow is some show about some physicist that my friend Michael is taking me to, and Saturday is Bat Boy with Jesse and then 42nd Street with Jen.

So let's try to elaborate. This was my first real "blah" London trip - it just felt... gray. Not in the "sky is gray" sense, although that was there, too. Maybe it was because the trip didn't have too much of a sense of purpose, and while I usually love wandering the streets of London, this time, I didn't.

So I got there on Friday morning, checked into my hotel - considerably swankier than where we usually stay, and I had a 60% discount through, so that was really nice. Went out, saw Bridget Jones's Diary at the movies - really cute film. And then I was bleary-eyed, so I took a nap from 3-6, until I had to go and meet Tim for The Beautiful Game. I love that show, and we had really good seats this time, in the dress circle instead of upstairs in the heavens. Love that show.

Anyway, went to sleep right after the show (dunno why I was so tired), and then I woke up again at about 4.30am. And that happened every night I was there, I just woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall asleep again. So I got about 5 hours of sleep, and then tossed and turned, and I decided that I didn't want to get up on Saturday if I was going to be exhausted, so I slept in until about 3pm (hence the thinking I'm sick thing). On Saturday, I went to meet my friend Eli (from Belgium) at the Aldwych stage door. While we were chatting, Philip Quast came out, so we chatted for a few minutes. He had done the matinee, but wasn't going to do the evening show (or Monday's show) because he was sick. He apologized profusely to me for not being on that night (when I was seeing the show), and said that if I came back to London, to come look him up backstage by way of apology. How cool. The Secret Garden - where we did sit in the heavens - was really good. They had changed a lot of things from the NY production, and it really worked. I really enjoyed it.

So after the show, I stopped off for a pint of cider, and then went to sleep.

And woke up again at 4am. And couldn't get back to bed.

Sunday, I had to get up. I met my friend Jayne's husband, Kris, at the Aldwych, and we drove to their house in the East End for Easter dinner (mmm, turkey). They've got three adorable boys (tho I'm sure the 19-year old wouldn't want me saying "adorable" but he was), and I had a really good time staying there for the day. Kris dropped me back off in Covent Garden at 6, so I could meet up with Peter and Jim. I had left a note with the hotel that they could give Peter a key to my room, so they could drop their bags off (they had just flown back from Amsterdam Sunday morning), so they had done that already. We grabbed a few pints (3 or 4), and then they crashed on the floor of my hotel room. I had called housekeeping the day before for extra blankets, claiming that I was incredibly cold.

And again, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to bed. Ugh.

Pete and Jim left on Monday morning to go back to Seattle, and I went back to sleep for a few hours, to the sound of the Cartoon Network, which they had put on the TV. I think I woke up around noon, thinking, "Why am I listening to the Powerpuff Girls?" So anyway, I went back to bed, got up a little later, showered, and went out to get theatre tickets for that night. I wandered around the streets, trying to find something that caught my eye, but I was in such a glum mood that I decided to stick with the gothic, and saw The Secret Garden again, even without Philip Quast. Front row dress circle this time, which was much nicer. Still liked the show just as much.

And then I fell asleep, got up yesterday morning, flew home, and went to the Blast! opening, where I had a really good time.

And now today I'm returning all of the voicemails that recruiters left for me over the weekend - I love how they all call when I'm not there. Set up one interview for tomorrow - they won me over with the bit about how the entire company is run and staffed by mathematicians and physicists. Oh my! I promised to wear my leather pants and heels to be assured of a job - geeks like girls ;-)

Home again! Since I can never sit still for long, I went to the opening of Blast! tonight, and it was super, again. My plane touched down at 3.30pm, I caught the bus, couldn't get a cab, so I took the subway home, threw my bag down, changed into my red opening night dress, and ran back up to the theatre. Great seats, saw James (and lots of people I recognized but didn't know), and now I'm home again, ready for sleep.

London was good, but I think I'm coming down with a bug or something - I slept all day on Saturday and again on Monday - either that, or I'm finally getting old enough to be hit by massive jet lag. Anyway, saw two shows, met up with brother Peter and his roommate Jim on their way back through London, and had Easter dinner with my friend Jayne and her family - that was a blast. They're all great, and it's nice to have other friends in London besides Tim. Not that Tim isn't company enough!

But right now, I'm really tired.

I have to stop drinking caffeine at night - I've had the hardest time falling asleep all week. I should bring my sleeping pills for the flight tonight, or I'll have a rough time of it tomorrow, I usually sleep on the overnight flights I take, I can curl into a ball in the seat and doze, at least. Maybe I'll luck out and they'll move me to Upper Class again.

So it's a rainy, gray morning here in New York - perfect London weather.

Found the bus schedule online. If my flight is at 8pm, I should aim for the 5.10pm bus. I hate going to Newark.

I don't think the kids upstairs go to school. They're always home (and I know this, because I am also always home). I just went over to ask them to please stop playing the running-screaming-jumping game, and the kid apologized. One of them, I can't tell them apart, there's gotta be like 12 kids up there. But he knew he was out of hand, as he immediately apologized when he saw me. I must look something fierce in my bathrobe and slippers. Heh.

Ahh, now they're quiet.

A little Rusted Root, a little Gladiator, and rounding out the British Isles collection - The Proclaimers, James, Roger Gillen, and the cast recording of The Beautiful Game - my trip music is all set to go. Got discman, got extra batteries, got headphones, got book for the plane, yeah, I'm ready. Now I just have a few hours to kill before I need to be at the bus. All that remains to be done is eat lunch, find the lock to my luggage, and look up the address of my hotel. I have to write down everything on post-it notes, because I just know that if I write it in my Palm, it'll crash the minute I get out of the apartment.

My friend Jesse is having a minute of fame, although he's claiming that he never used the word "race" in this interview. Jesse's a terrific writer - and does theatre lighting, too. Check out his site while I'm away for the weekend, it'll give you something fun to read.

Just to pass the time, I checked out my referral logs for the site - to see what people are typing into search engines. I'm amazed that they then find my site. Anyway, here are some of my favorite recent search queries that return "" as a result, I hope you'll find them as amusing as I do:

OK anyway, it goes on and on like that for pages... I love that kind of stuff. And most of the search words have appeared at one time or another (except for "ass rumming," whatever that is - I don't think that's ever been here). Heh. I find it really funny to look at what people search for on the internet, don't you? And to think, every one of those people has visited "" - and more! And that's just this week!

And on that note, I'm off to London. Back Tuesday.

later on 4/11/01
OK, that show totally rocked. Makes me miss color guard something fierce, tho I don't really miss the 12-hour days of band camp. A few weeks ago I dug out the tapes of our band competing at ACC's (Atlantic Coast Championships), and it was fun just watching all the rehearsal footage. I ran into Bernie Kluger, who played tuba, on the subway here a few months ago, I think I mentioned that. Anyway, Blast! was terrific. The snare drummer reminds me of Eddie Hartman from Xceed, in a very good way. And I talked to the lead trumpet player for a bit on the way out of the theatre, who remembered me from the press rehearsal ("You were in the front row, right? You asked some great questions."). Very cool.

Anyway, it's rainy out now - really is spring. April showers bring May Flowers and Mayflowers bring pilgrims and all that.

So I'm all packed for London, just have to pick up some blank tapes for the shows I'm seeing, and try and find the Newark bus schedule so I can get to the airport. I hate flying out of Newark, but it was cheap, and on Virgin Atlantic (who I love), so I took it. It just takes forever to get to Newark, no matter how you go. As friend James (not James Marino, but another James) quipped, it takes longer to cross the Hudson River than it does to cross the Atlantic Ocean. But I'll wake up on Friday in London, which I love, so I should stop complaining.

I asked my book agent for copies of the rejection letters my proposal generated - some of them were really funny - and to the tune that while I'm a good writer for online stuff, it probably won't translate well to print. Ah well. I'll just keep typing my heart out here.

The job hunt goes abysimally (sp) slowly. I have to keep track of the jobs I apply for etc. for the unemployment folks (got my second check today!), and it's appalling how many resumes I've sent out and how many recruiters I've spoken to. One woke me up at 9.30am by calling this morning, which is slightly encouraging, but it wasn't to say anything good. Just that he noted that I had rejoined a mailing list (the WWWAC) and would be looking out for me. I went back to bed after that, not too cheery of a morning. Anyway, spoke to a woman that Anil recommended, and she gave me the name of another recruiter. And I did a quick phone interview yesterday (for a job I'm not exactly qualified for, as they want a serious project manager and I am not that serious), and one today (but for a company based in Philadelphia), but again, nothing came of either. So I shall go to London, see some shows, and come back to start my third month of joblessness. I'm not bored yet.

Oh, and no more physical therapy! All done! I can walk!

I got called for jury duty, starting May 1st. Have to find out what the unemployment people say about that, since I won't be "ready and able to work, press one" that week. Hrm. Missy has it the week before me, it would have been cool if we got to go together. I loved jury duty when I served a few years ago - I had a really great time. Can't wait to do it again. Seriously. Must find appropriate John Grisham book to bring along with me for lunchtime reading.

Well, my quickie review of Tom Sawyer would be: "save your money."

I thought the show was bland and unimpressive. The music was, for the most part, not up to the task of conveying the story, and overall, I just didn't like it. I also didn't like being surrounded by kids up in the mezz, who were loud, figet-y, and climbing all over the seats in the theatre. Where are ushers when you need them? Anyway, Jen, Keith, Trisha and I have comps to see Blast! tonight, and I can't wait. I love everything I've seen about the show so far (including the video and the press rehearsal), so I'm really excited to see it.

It's 2pm, and the kids upstairs are dropping bowling balls on my ceiling again.

Nope, nothing new today so far.

Oh, it is beautiful out today! So I'm spending the day doing laundry and then going out to do some errands. I need to mail a few packages and also stop at the Verizon Wireless store to change my cellfone plan. I thought Village Ventures had switched me to a nationwide plan, but from seeing my last bill (the drive-around-the-west-and-use-my-cellfone bill), I see that that isn't true! So I'm going to see if they have less expensive plans than what I'm using now.

But yes, sunny and warm - I have the deck door all the way open to air out the apartment.

Great news! Kati Marshall - Eve's sister and my other best friend - got engaged! After almost seven years dating Bill, they finally got engaged! It's about time! They haven't set a date yet, since Bill has to finish grad school, but it'll be sometime in the next 2 or 3 years. Eve and I will be the bridesmaids, very cool. I'm very excited for them, that's great news.

And Josh WILL be in DC this summer, that's excellent news, too! Now if only I could find a job, things would be perfect.

To recap yesterday, Game Day was a blast (I did better at the VH1 Popup Video game than I thought I would, because I know squat about music), Skull in Connemara was really enjoyably, and Cannibal! was cheesy with high school production values, and I'd rather have just watched the DVD of the movie again.

But on to my rant of the morning. So I loved Copenhagen, the play. Really loved it - saw it four times. And what I loved about it, other than that it was about physicists, whom I love reading about, was that it made the characters real. People who you had just read about on a page or in a book, it brought them to life - showed their faults and their strengths, and the play really made me interested in the characters. So after seeing it, I picked up a few books about Heisenberg - Heisenberg's War, Uncertainty, etc. And one of the books I picked up was Hitler's Uranium Club by Jeremy Bernstein. I'm in the middle of it now.

At the end of World War II, ten German physicists (including Heisenberg), were captured by the British and detained at Farm Hall, an estate in England. They were held for six months, and during that time, all of their conversations were recorded and translated by the British, who had wired the house. Anyway, the transcripts weren't released until 1992, and then they were published for the public. So anyway, I like the book overall - David Cassidy, who wrote Uncertainty gives a great prologue, and Bernstein explains the German atomic project in great detail. And during the text of the transcripts, he adds notes to make the reading easier - noting where the physics was right or wrong, or where assumptions made by the scientists were right or wrong, etc. But the thing that annoys me is this: I know (from reading, and from seeing Copenhagen), that Heisenberg was a great theoretical physicist, tho not the greatest mathematician. So yes, while he understood the difference between a reactor and a bomb, etc, his math was often wrong, and that was one of the reasons the Germans didn't build a bomb (whether they were trying to or not, notwithstanding). But in Bernstein's notes, every time he corrects an equation, he has this attitude of "Oh, look, Heisenberg was wrong AGAIN, etc." And that annoyed me. Kind of like when I was reading God at Ground Zero by Curt Sewell - the book about creationism vs. evolution, and the author continually made comments like "the SO-CALLED evolutionary theory and its propaganda, etc" - that just annoyed me.

Anyway, I'm off to show Anil some computer tricks.

Yay, Sex and the City, season two, coming out on DVD in May!

Our friend Anthony is going to be in the next Russell Crowe movie. That settles it, I'm asking a favor. Today is also Russell Crowe's birthday.

Bat Boy was even funnier this time around - and the people behind us were seeing it for their second time, too. Too funny. Tonight I'm seeing A Skull in Connemara at 7.30pm, and then Cannibal! The Musical (based on the Trey Parker movie, which we've been laughing over for 4 or 5 years now) at 10.30pm - good theatre night. But before that, we're getting together with Trish, Ngoc et al for "Game Day," where we shall be girly and amusing and taunt each other with knowledge of trivia questions etc. It's our somewhat-monthly get-together, and it's all happening today!

No rollerblading today - it's raining.

Don't tell the unemployment office, but I took some time off from job hunting to go to the movies today - saw Someone Like You, which was a good deal of fun. I want to trade in my roommates for someone like Hugh Jackman (who we loved in the Oklahoma video, mrowr). I also talked to two of my recruiters today, one of whom has an encouraging lead, so we'll see where that goes. Anyway, cute movie, tacked-on ending that wasn't in the book (very funny book, btw), but it had a shirtless Hugh Jackman, what more could you ask for on a rainy Friday?

I did it! I ran on the treadmill and sprinted at physical therapy today! I have one more appointment for next week, and that'll be it. Rob, my therapst, was excited that I'll be out of there soon - I know, I'm a pain in the ass ;-) Anyway, the goal for the week is to get out and rollerblade, and he said if I can do that, I'll be all finished with therapy. Very exciting to have recovered so much. It's a good thing the weather is beautiful so I can attempt skating again - it's been about a year and a half since I last did it, as I couldn't go out at all last year.

Seeing Brian D'Arcy James in The Good Thief tonight. That'll be fun, it transferred to another theatre after a brief run, so I'm excited to go. And today came the news that Craig Bierko is leaving The Music Man on May 6th, so Mom and I are going to try and get tickets for that performance.

I'm having some serious issues with AOL's Instant Messenger today - is anyone else? It was crashing when I launched it, and then my buddy list/prefs seemed to disappear. So I re-installed, and re-loaded my buddy list, but it keeps telling me it's not available, and I can't make any changes. Is it just me?

Two show day! I met my friend Gil to drop off my cover letter at Viacom - he'll pass my resume on to HR, and then went to meet Matthew for A Class Act. I really enjoyed it. I've always liked Lonny Price (he was in Dirty Dancing!), and the show was really well constructed. I was impressed at how they fit the pre-existing songs into a steady storyline.

Ran by the Marriot to use the bathroom, and ran into my friend John Rew from college again! He and I ran into each other downtown at The Piano Store theatre a few months ago, and this was funny. He and his mom were there, to also use the bathroom (and as soon as I answered her "what are you doing here?" question, John poked her and said, "See what I told you? This is where we pee.") It's so true, they have the nicest bathrooms in midtown.

On the way to meet my friend Michael for dinner, I ran into Michael Cumpsty on the street - that made me happy :-) And he was really good in 42nd Street tonight. The show is cutesy - a whole show of "charm song" as they'd say in A Class Act - and no thought required. I did it in high school (lighting) ten years ago, and so I was really happy about it being revived. The show is visually stunning, and the dancing is of course terrific. Lots of applause all around. And Michael Cumpsty! What could go wrong! They do need to fatten up their chorus a little tho - I've never seen so many ribs hanging out. Unless, as Michael pointed out, they're trying to stay in character as "starving artists". But it was a really enjoyable day all around.

Physical therapy tomorrow - my therapist thinks I'll only need to come in for another week or two - I just want to be able to run on the treadmill before I stop going.

Oh, will the excitement never end? Slept til noon, watched As the World Turns, and now I'm finishing up the fourth of the Outlander series books. Earthlink is giving me some dialin trouble, so I'm switching back to RCN's dialup for today. Ah well. I'm heading up to Viacom tomorrow to drop off my cover letter with my friend Gil, and then catching a matinee with Matthew, who is also unemployed. And then off to the first preview of 42nd Street, which I can't wait to see. Love that show.

The kids upstairs seem to have added a parrot to their menagerie. It squawks. Loudly.

I really can't wait to move in July.

later on 4/1/01
Well, Seussical was incredibly disappointing, as expected. No shocker there. Met up with David from Fynsworth Alley for dinner at the Hotel Edison (cheap, fast, not good food), two quick interviews for the site, and the show. And it was really bad, in a sad kind of way. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

James told me that the ER thing was a hoax. Drat! Happy April Fool's Day, I guess! Heh.

Tomorrow is another day of job hunting, physical therapy, and lunch with Sally Chou. Yay!

What a way to start off April - with the kids upstairs dropping things on their floor/my ceiling. And no matter how many times I bang on the ceiling to shut them up, they always start making noise again five minutes later.

Anyway, I went to update the site this morning, and realized that it was April! Happy April! I wish it would warm up and feel like spring already - it's been cold and gray for the past few days, with intermittent rain. Ugh.

Dad and I went to NJ yesterday, to bring back some furniture from my grandmother's house. Rented a van from Budget - now, I have never had a problem with Budget before, they usually zip me in and out and I have my car in five minutes. But it took the incredibly rude and slow staff here a half hour to get my paperwork done yesterday - I was not amused. I do love driving the big van, however, if the shocks were better, it would have been a perfect driving vehicle. Came home last night and nearly fell asleep on the couch, I was so tired. But I managed to stay up and get some reading done (with my limited free time, I'm just not reading enough), and watched the tape of last week's ER. And then watched Bono and U2 on Saturday Night Live - sexy man.

Mom and I saw Judgement at Nuremburg on Friday, and with the exception of the lovely Michael Hayden, the production really didn't do it for me. Don't know what it was, but I didn't love it. I ran into Guy Haines (recording artist for Fynsworth Alley) outside the box office at The Producers, when Mom and I were waiting to buy tix for April. Pretty cool. I'm meeting another Fynsworth Alley person tonight for dinner, a show, and some interviews for the site. Gotta bring the video camera for the interviews.

Speaking of the video camera, Jen and I went to the Blast! press rehearsal on Friday morning, and they allowed cameras, so I taped the numbers that they performed. What a good looking cast. Mrowr. I so can't wait to see this show in its entirety - the PBS production was super, and so were the numbers they did for us on Friday. I talked to the lead guard guy for a minute afterwards, and told him that while I had done color guard in high school, it was nothing like this! Can't wait!

Called unemployment today to file for last week. I am kind of enjoying this break from work - I'm used to working crazy hours and getting burnt out, so this is a nice change for a bit. I'm sure it'll get boring soon, but for now, I have no desire to be on a set schedule again.

How amazing is this? The writers who do the summaries and reviews on the pages - a site I read religiously - have been hired to work for the show, in preparation for the upcoming writer's strike. That is so cool. Seriously.


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