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post X-files on 4/30/00
It's Arbor Day (Charlie Brown!) - a day I always thought should be an honorary holiday because there aren't any real holidays between Christmas and Memorial Day (or something). But it's Sunday, so even if it were an honorary holiday, I still wouldn't get an extra day off. I wish I'd known earlier that it was Arbor Day - I would have gone out and planted trees or something, gotten more sunburnt, whatever.

Anyway, I'm about halfway through The Diamond Age - did I mention that I read fast? Love this book... probably won't finish tonight since I really want to get some quality sleep. For all the trouble I've always had in falling asleep, I do love it. I relish my quality sleep time. Oh yes. And Mimi the overfriendly cat has of late been curling up with me near my side (in just that perfect position where I can scratch her belly and she can lay on the sheets in a position that makes it impossible for me to roll over at 4am). Pixel the not-so-friendly cat has taken to sleeping on the couch, as if she were holding a grudge for some reason. Hrm. Maybe I shouldn't have bought the Chef's Blend Friskies instead of the Poultry flavor.

Anyway. Sleep. Here I come.

a little later on 4/30/00
OK, I guess the ozone layer has been deteriorating overtime this year, because I was out on the deck for an hour, maybe two, and my arms, chest and face are bright pink. I never tan, I just burn. Guess I'll have to invest in something stronger than the SPF45 sunscreen I have, or just never go out. It's getting warm enough to go rollerblading again, which is great - just have to wait for my foot to feel better, it's been bothering me a lot today.

So this has been the day of not-doing what I had planned to. Slept late this morning, so I didn't get out to Dona's. We met up at 4.45 to see 12th Night, but Dona had a crisis and we ended up not going (which was alright, since they were charging a 2-drink minimum in addition to the $12 tickets, and I think that's ridiculous). But we stuck around until it was over, said hey to Jay (Gen had put her back out so she wasn't there), and now I'm home again. Thinking about sushi (but maybe not since my stomach is also bothering me), and going to curl up in bed with The Diamond Age, my favorite of Neal Stephenson's books.

My concept of the cabaret rehearsals has been thrown off - tomorrow is going to be about an hour of setting up the space etc, and Tuesday is the all-day load-in and focus/whatever. Which sucks, because I can't be there all day - I had hoped for a few hours tomorrow and a few more on Tuesday. I guess I can try to get out of work early on Tuesday to go uptown, but I'm a bit irked, esp since I'll have to leave early on Thursday to be up there by the 5pm press preview time.

Almost time for the X-files, which I haven't watched in about 2 years, but what else is there to do on Sunday night these days...and then I am going right to sleep with or without artificial... what's the opposite of a stimulant? With or without one of those, because tomorrow I have to be wide awake to finish the data schema and hash out a few functional ah, functions for work.

Well, I'm not at Dona's after all today. After a successful attempt to fall asleep last night, Jen and Missy got home around 12-ish and proceeded to stay up loudly on the deck, so I got woken up in the process. I ignored my age-old rule of not taking sleeping pills after 12, and popped one anyway, so I didn't wake up this morning until 11 or so. But luckily, it's another gorgeous day out, so I had breakfast outside while reading the latest issue of Maxim, which is the coolest magazine there is. I think I may head over to Battery Park and read in the sun.

God, I hope this means spring is finally here - even tho it's still breezy and whatnot, at least the sun is out. Can't wait until august so I can complain about how hot it is.

later on 4/29/00
OK, I'm lame. I didn't do anything at all tonight, yet I'm tired. Well, that's not quite true. I re-attached the shelves in the bathroom somewhat so they don't appear to be falling off the wall, I cleaned out my boxes of lighting stuff for Monday and sorted out my gel collection, I hung a shelf that's been sitting behind my desk for the past 9 months up, since it looks like we'll be staying here another year, and I had a lot of tchotchke (sp?) crap that I needed to clear off my bookshelves, I went through another shelf of books to put my name in (because I know that someday I'll be merging my book collection with someone else's (even tho I can't forsee it happening anytime soon, single woman that I am) and I don't want to have any arguments about what's mine etc, so for the past few months I've been labeling as I get the chance), and I went through some old photo albums to look for photos of Eve and I as we were growing up to possibly have copied and bound for her as a wedding present.

I mean, what do you get your best friend for a wedding present? I've known the woman for 23 (!) years now, what can possibly capture that? Found some great pics of me, Eve, her sister Kati and my brother Peter when we were about 5-6-7, some from the high school era, some from us in the city, and some from last year when we were shopping for bridesmaid dresses (which are beautiful and tasteful, thankyouverymuch). Anyway, Eve, I know you're out there reading this, what the hell do I do for you? And sign a friggin' pre-nup, while you're at it, speaking of labeling books.

So I guess it wasn't a wasted night. Missy and Jen went up to O'Lunney's on 46th (47th? Whereever China Peace used to be - our former favorite chinese restaurant, where they used to bring us the pornographic fortune cookies without even asking, because we were in there so much), but I'm really not eager to sit through 6 hours of Missy going off on her latest drama in her life. It's a bit tiring and it falls under the heading of "crap I'm too old to deal with," if there is such a thing.

So I'm eating triscuits (and trying to keep Mimi from sharing them) and thinking about cooking a late dinner, as opposed to the early dinner at Virgil's that me, Jen and Whitney had, because I am really hungry and haven't eaten since then. The inventory of the fridge looks something like: pasta, pasta, milk, bread, beer, pasta, peanut butter and jelly, popsicles, pasta and spaghetti sauce. Hrm. I do love that tortellini. I'm psyched that there appears to be something resembling a 24-hour grocery store opening up down the street from us. And it looks spacious and clean, unlike the shitty Associated store up the street. The rotten thing about living so far downtown (so far downtown that if you walked any more south, you'd hit water, pretty much) is that there's nothing here - the crappy store, no movie theatre (until they open the one in BPC which I keep hearing about, but even so, that's across the island), only one 24-hour deli which is overpriced etc. I mean, there's the seaport which is beautiful, but everything seems to shut down around 8 or earlier. I do miss living uptown. But hey, I can walk to work, and that just rocks my world.

And now, I think I will curl up in bed with Mimi and read for a while, while she tries to read with me. She loves to read what I'm reading. Or rather, sit on what I'm reading.

Oh my God. It's gorgeous out today. I'm just taking a few minutes to update, and then I'm going out again. I was so exhausted when I got home from work yesterday - I was supposed to go up to HERE to look at the space, but I fell asleep during Win Ben Stein's Money. Jen woke me up at 8.10, and I was so zoned that I just called the woman at the theatre and apologized for not being able to make it - I'm waiting for her to call back about rescheduling.

So I went right back to bed at 8.15, woke up this morning at 10 (ahhh, sleep. Ended up not having to get up early this morning, after finding out yesterday that the concert tickets I wanted went on sale in advance if you knew the sekrit password, so I bought them online yesterday), took a shower and spent 2 hours on the deck, in the sun, drinking OJ and playing Millenium-opoly (a cheap knock-off of Monopoly) outside with Jen and a friend of hers. Jen kicked both of our asses, but I got to indulge my capitalistic utility-owner dreams by taking all of the "railroads" (or "explorers", as this version called them) and both "utilities" (or "peace" and "love" in this case). But still, I lost big time. No monopolies for me. But did I mention that it was beautiful out? I was lounging in jeans and a bra (on the deck!), sunscreen on the tats, and my shoulders are now a lovely shade of pink which will nicely complement the red dress I'm wearing on Thursday when I go out with Mom. And Jen and I actually cleaned the deck today. Wiped down the patio furniture, and swept up all of the cigarette butts. Missy and I use the deck for our own personal ashtray (trying to flick the butts over the side of the building, but we always miss), so it was pretty skanky.

So yeah, beautiful day out, I'm in a much better mood. Sat outside for a bit reading some lighting stuff, then went uptown to meet our friend Whitney from Chapel Hill for an early dinner. She may be moving up here in June, pending job offer from a company that she's interviewing with, which would be totally cool.

Also realized that I have to lug 2 boxes of lighting stuff up to Show World on Monday for the load-in, and I can't possibly do it myself, so I may take it up to Jen's car tomorrow (which is parked in a lot on 42nd and 8th, right across the street) and leave it in the trunk until Monday after work. We're going out to visit Dona tomorrow on LI and then check out a performance of 12th night that our friend Genevieve is directing, and former roommate Jay is in.

How weird is it that all of the recommendations that Amazon makes for me are programming books? I used to do the materials purchasing for my staff at Xceed, so I guess they really do think I'm a big geek.

I can't believe Carol kissed Luka on ER last week. I wanted it to happen, but I sort of wanted Doug to come back. I hate when I'm over-concerned about TV. Speaking of, Whitney (from NC, see above) is an extra on Dawson's Creek for the finale - so watch for her on the May 24th episode. Wedding guest, 2nd row, on the aisle, wearing a navy blue dress. She gave away the finale info for us, so I'll just spoil it now for you and tell you that Dawson's parents are getting remarried. There, I feel superior now. Yes, Jen and I watch bad TV, but now we have an excuse to watch it ;-)

I get the feeling that a lot of the things I mention on the site can be grouped into several categories:

I think that's pretty funny. I'll try to stop.

Found a cute pic of me rigging stuff from The Naked Show last summer - and as I said then, OSHA be damned. I'll climb ladders barefoot if I want to ;-)

And now, I have to figure out what to do tonight - no plans so far, I'm sort of in veg out mood, and it's still beautiful out. Maybe just a quiet night of lounging on the deck with a good book, or some quality time with the DVD player, which I've been neglecting.

Wow, what I posted last night has no humor or endearing qualities in it. I'm surprised you all don't stop reading right now.

I'm moving to a multi-page format for ease of navigation - if I keep writing and writing, this page is going to take forever to load, and I'm sure to be in violation of x-number of HTML laws. So I'll archive the page every few months for your loading pleasure. Let me know if you hate it.

I need love. Tell me I'm a sexy bitch.

I am still exhausted today. It's a combination of headache, PMS and hangover, combined with not being able to sleep last night. I just feel like I can't concentrate on anything today. And the weather doesn't help - this is the kind of day that I want to spend in bed curled up with someone else, and it's making me start to regret my not-dating phase. But I keep telling myself that I'll enjoy it more if I take the time to find the right person to spend that time with. I'm just tired of the "dating" thing. I don't want to have to work at it.

I actually just want to sleep for a few days. Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to call for concert tickets (tho I wonder if the arts center sells lawn seats via Ticketmaster or if you have to buy them in person), and then I'm going right back to sleep. And Sunday I have no plans until 5, so I can sleep in, too. Tonight I have to go out to HERE at 8.30 to scope out one of their theatres, luckily that won't take too long, so I can make it an early night.

Ah, a man after my own heart:

Veteran theater critic John Simon exploded in fury during a performance of "The Music Man" - chewing out the parents of some boisterous kids who wouldn't shut up.

"Could you please try and control your brats?" the New York magazine reviewer screamed.

Let me pause for a moment to list the types of rude theatregoers that I have encountered: So I salute you, John Simon - I'd have done the same. I have done the same. Tho I admit that I am not entirely innocent of being a well-behaved theatregoer. I have been known to walk out of bad theatre at intermission, I whisper to my companions during performances, and James and I were inadvertantly late to Gypsy at the Papermill Playhouse (arriving as the overture was starting), because his car battery died and we had to get AAA to jump us in the city, and then missed the exit in NJ. But that wasn't on purpose, and it wasn't as rude as someone consciously doing the above things.

OK, this week is flying by. Can't believe it's Friday already. Here's a geek thought for today. I was using a demo of WSFTP at work because I'm too cheap to pay for it, and I had problems with connecting to interport (either because they suck or because, well, they suck). But I just snagged a new version of the demo because mine expired, and now I can connect to interport from work. Hence, longer updates instead of me just dashing stuff off at night.

Things that suck today:

Things that are good today:

much, much later on 4/27/00. In fact, early on 4/28/00
You know those days when you are totally physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted? This has been one of them - woke up too early, stayed up too late, and now I'm just drained. I think I could do with a few days of solid sleep, but I know that isn't anywhere in my future right now. And I am thinking all kind of deep thoughts that I don't have the words to put on paper (er, screen?), and I so want to. I want to write about everything that's in my head, but I know when I sit down here that I have to edit my thoughts before they hit the keyboard.

That's part of why I took the site down last year - I was tired of having to go back and edit and rethink what should be a free flowing train of thought. I was tired of having to censor myself online. One of the reasons I loved being online in the early 90's was that I didn't have to do that - I didn't have to think twice when I said something, I didn't care what people thought, I could be utterly myself and no one cared.

But in the past 7 (seven!) years of having this site up, I've had people that I know intimately reading this site, I've had people that read this site that I've come to know well, and I have people that I want to get to know who read this site. And that's become odder and odder to me as time goes by. And because of all of those people, this site has changed from becoming my true thoughts to an edited version. And that's not what I intended it to be. Of course, I don't know what I intended it to be, since the site started as a place for me to practice my HTML coding, but you know what I mean. I hope.

And I can't sleep. I'm tired, but I can't bring myself to lay down and turn the lights off. And I can't think of reading because I can't concentrate. And I'm not hungry, so I won't go eat something (there's the fact that I'd wake my roommates, too). I don't know. I was reading (where? I hate when I do that - think of something I read someplace and can't remember the source) that the current surefire way to fall asleep is to run through what you did that day, but it just wasn't that exciting. If anyone's got any better ideas for falling asleep when it's already 2am, send them my way.

And I just totally drew a blank, so I'll stop rambling now.

And you know what totally sucks? It usually takes me about 5 minute of my precious time to bang out something to write here. And I just looked up and saw that 20 minutes had gone by. Maybe it's the 3 bottles of cider on top of no dinner that made the time fly. Come to think of it, I've been bad about eating real meals this week - I usually grab breakfast at the deli on New Street in the morning on my way to work, but I've skipped lunch and dinner every night this week I think - I can't remember eating, but I know that I haven't passed out from hunger. That's really weird. Huh.

And now I'm starving.

And I'm going to stop writing because I do not want to look at this tomorrow and go "oh heck, what was I thinking, going out for a few drinks and then coming home and trying to update my site?" I am too funny.

Today was "Take Your Daughters To Work" day. Know what that means? Even longer tie-ups at the bathroom. I can't wait until we move to our own office instead of the incubator space we're in now. Funkytalk is nearly half women - 8 out of 20. We share an incubator space with about 15 other companies. And there is 1 (one) bathroom. One. There is always a line, and it's on the other side of the floor from where my office is. Can't wait to move, can't wait to move... But yeah, there are these adorable munchkins running around the office, and it reminds me of when I was about 8-9-10-11, coming into the city with my dad to sell Girl Scout cookies to the people in his office (yes, I was a girl scout for 9 years, what's it to ya?). I always sold the most cookies in my troop, which leads me to suspect that Dad threatened his coworkers with imminent death if they didn't buy, or there are many people out there with Thin Mint fetishes. My little cousin Sarah sells cookies now for her troop - I bought 15 boxes this year (Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, and the coconut/caramel ones that used to be called Samoas but I think they're called Caramel Delites now, what gives). Yum. We still have a box and a half of Thin Mints in the freezer, yum.

How cool. The museum that my friend Tim works at has an Enigma machine! A real one! We're going to see it while I'm there. It's just too cool. I'm starting to look for a place to stay while I'm in London - if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

Check that, there are screaming, shrieking munchkins running around the halls, being loud. They're really loud. But the coolest thing about Bring Your Daughter To Work day is that everyone gets to sneak popcorn from the conference room, where they've stashed the kiddies with a tv and some cartoons, and I got to snag some balloons (which I promptly stuck to the wall to demonstrate the powers of static electricity). With all this fun, you'd wonder how I get any work done! This morning was spent at our agency company's office, going over functional specs and database schemas. This afternoon was more of the same, with careful scrutinization/revision of the schema design - gotta make sure we cover all the bases. Also chatted on the phone with a former Xceed colleague who's thinking of leaving (I know she's thinking of leaving because I got her resume splashed across my screen from a recruiter this morning).

Gonna go up and hit the newly-reopened O'Lunney's pub with Jen and Missy tonight, and set the VCR for ER. Mmmm, cider. We got our apartment lease renewal form in the mail the other day. Since it isn't a rent-stabilized building, they want to hike the rent 16%. We're countering that offer with something a little lower, on principle. I don't particularly want to move (it's just a hassle, I've moved enough), and we all figure that one more year is a good timeframe. I'm still trying to save to buy a place (if prices ever take a downward spin), and being the woman of infinite patience that I am (ha!) I think I can stick it out. This is the first time I've had roomates ever, and it's been an interesting year. I think we may have to force Missy at gunpoint to ever do dishes or take out the trash, but that's pretty much the worst of our issues. We're never really home at the same time (thanks to work schedules and nighttime activities), none of us are seriously dating anyone, so there's no bringing-someone-over issues, and we all get along with or respect each other's families and friends, so overnight guests aren't a problem for now. And the hassle and expense of moving again would be a bigger pain than staying put, so it's partly inertia that's keeping me there.

later on 4/26/00
Oh yeah, we got water
Right here in New York City
With a capital W
And that rhymes... ok, forget it. But we have hot water again. Oh happy day. I am clean.

OK, so we still had no hot water this morning, and I am not at all happy about that, because I am totally covered in dust from last night. They'd better have it back on tonight or I'm schlepping down to my dad's at midnight to take a shower.

Apparently the actor understudying Judas in JCS took a spill off the stage yesterday during the performance. I'm glad I wasn't there because I would not have been happy (although he was alright). Falling off the stage is bad - I should know, I did it once during a hang/focus about 10 years ago. Ouch. That ranked right up there with working at the Park Performing Arts Center on the Passion Play a few years ago. The theatre is old, and the equipment is also old. In order to hang lights on the balcony pipes, you hang the sidearms (they're thinner horizontal pipes that attach to the vertical pipes via c-clamps, lights are then hung on the sidearms), and then you successively climb higher by standing on the c-clamps to get higher. Well, lucky for me that I bought a climbing harness and rope for that year's hang, because I was about 10 feet above the balcony (about 40 feet above the orchestra floor), balanced on a clamp, and the clamp itself broke in half and I went flying down until my harness caught me. Wearing it saved me from plumetting 40 feet to the cement floor of the orchestra, but it sure threw me off-guard.

Speaking of working in theatres where there's a risk of falling off of things, I'm glad to be done with M4M - I am so glad I don't have to run the show. Apart from not loving the show, it just isn't the same being in the Piano Store and not running FunBox2000. And with the theatre under new management, it's weird. And how cool was it to run into John Rew there? We both went to Montclair and lived in the same dorm, tho I think he was a year or two ahead of me. And now we're both working in computer/new media jobs (me in tech, him in marketing), and doing off-off-bway work in our spare time. How cool is that.

I'm almost finished with the Sarah Vowell book - one more story to go. I guess she does sound like me (same sense of irony, same use of parentheses in everyday speech), but since she writes for a living, she has more time to expand on her thoughts. If I had more free time, I would certainly ramble on to make my points, but since I don't, I have to be short and cranky. Or about 5'6" and cranky, whatever.

And I only got Ms. Vowell's title reference, Take the Cannoli, from watching You've Got Mail, not from the Godfather, since I've never seen the Godfather. Observant readers of this site will know that I don't have a track record of having seen anything culturally relevant. I did finally see Casablanca a few months ago, and maybe it's just me, but it didn't do too much for me.

I am totally hooked on playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire online. If they actually awarded cash prizes, I'd have taken home about $3million so far. Damn.

later on 4/25/00
Well, I guess I'm mainly back to my old self, feet-wise. I was climbing all over the place up and down the darn ladder tonight, even tho I was exhausted. Going to the Piano Store was fun - I ran into someone I went to college with (after 7 years!) and ran into my friend Don from Faux Real, who I hadn't seen since FunBox2000. Fun fun.

And I come home to find that we have no hot water til sometime in the morning. We had better have hot water when I wake up, since I am totally skanky and in need of shower.

I feel like I'm running around like a headless chicken today. Maybe it's the sugar high from yesterday coming crashing down, but I just feel like I'm ten steps behind on everything. I'm glad I never went for grad school or anything that involves defending a thesis. I presented my database schema for internal discussion today and had to defend all of my choices. I think I did a good job with it, and truthfully, I enjoy explaining why I made certain choices and incorporating everyone else's input, but I sure wouldn't want to have to that every day.

I was so tired this morning - I just did not want to get out of bed... totally forgot about ushering tonight, so I grabbed my black shirt on the way out the door and will change when I get up there. I also realized that I'm wearing my hat since it's a bad hair day, and will just hope that Missy's theatah patrons don't mind my nappy, unwashed hair. I know the lights at the Piano Store, where I'm rushing to after intermission, won't mind. Hopefully the hang and focus will go quickly, I'm really not in the mood to be there. Never thought I'd say that, but I really just want to go home and sleep.

Sugar high! Too much soda, too little time.

Speaking of too little time... I'm going to HERE on Friday to scope out the space that David Mills and I are working in for his show in June. Tonight is going to Anil's for this MSNBC thing, tomorrow is ushering for Missy and hanging lights for M4M, Wed is rehearsal for the cabaret, Thurs is the opening of M4M and a new ER, Fri is checking out HERE, and Saturday tickets go on sale for the Live and Counting Crows concert. Busy week!

We added two new shows at FunkyTalk today - check it out. Also had a great meeting with our agency company about the data model and functional spec for the next phase, and I think it went well. I love data modeling, did I say that? (and no, data modeling does not involve me parading around a runway wearing nothing but a varchar, thanks for asking)

The thing for MSNBC was pretty cool - Kenny was there and so were some other people who I had previously met at Anil's. The video guy, Tom, interviewed me for about 15 minutes about my pieces, shot a lot of film (tape?), and said he has to submit the finished piece to MSNBC in July and it should air sometime in August. So look for an hour-long special on tattoos in NYC, and maybe you'll see me! Tom from MSNBC said he had first heard of Anil from finding the website, so I took that opportunity to remind Anil how much more tattoo work that publicity would cost him ;-) We have a two-way system going - I threaten to turn his site into a porn site, and he threatens to tattoo swastikas on my back when I can't see. So we both get what we want out of fear.

Sold the Side Show tix, you snooze, you lose.

I hate when I'm checking my work mail from home, and people have sent me huge attachments. I also hate when I spill juice in the keyboard (from laughing so hard I drooled, I'm sure), and manage to screw up the keyboard mapping for the administrator account. Whoops. Had to recreate my login and privs and copy/re-install a bunch of stuff. And I hate when my cellfone rings and there's no one there.

But anyway, happy Easter. Tomorrow Easter candy goes on sale, so I am happy. Peeps for everyone!

Jen and I have two tix for Side Show in Arlington VA (right outside DC) for June 18th (a sunday, 2pm, $30 each) that we can't use because I'll be in Chicago. Email me if you want them.

It's weird, I was thinking that I could define parts of my life by the groups I hung out with. In college it was the theatre crowd (for the year I was there) and the honors students. When I moved to NY, it was the Mindvox crowd for a few years. Then the whole Rent line crowd. And now, I don't have a group. I have my friends who I've met and continued to hang out with from a mixture of those groups, but there isn't one defining thing that I identify with anymore. I don't know if that's good, bad or indifferent, but it's certainly a change. I'm also trying to figure out why I'm feeling older than people my age (25) these days. Maybe it's because I didn't finish college, but have been working fulltime since I was 19. Maybe it's because I've lived on my own in the city for the past 6 years. Maybe I just have had too much to worry about too quickly.

Going to run by Anil's tomorrow after work - MSNBC is doing a piece on his work and he wants me to come by to talk with them (either about the website or about how "normal" people do go in for tattoos). I rescheduled my next appointment with him, too, since I have a dress rehearsal for the cabaret show the night I was supposed to go. Anil's going to finish the work on my right arm (the vine).

I'm almost up and running in real shoes again. I wear them every few days, getting used to it again. I remember having this same surgery done on my other foot around Easter time 10 years ago - only because I remember making some religious crack about being able to walk again on Easter Sunday.

Read a book written about Judas as written in diary format from 1912. Looks like it was mostly written as an ego-driven fantasy of the actual author, but it was interesting anyway. Next up is a bunch of stories by Sarah Vowell, who I keep hearing is the more famous version of me. I don't know if I agree with that one, but I'm reading anyway.

Anyway. I'm booting up my mac for the first time in 6 months because I want to play with my QuickCam because I'm feeling cute these days and want to share with the world. Of course, right this minute I'm in my sweats with my face all greased up for sleep, but to me it's cute. I should just buy a cam for the PC, but again, this is me. Lazy. Why can't someone just follow me around with a camera and capture cute shots on film? Probably because I don't think I photograph well at all (and have some stunning shots to prove that with!). But there are some times when I catch my own reflection or a good picture and say, "Damn, I look good. Everyone should see this." And then I am usually struck down by my own hubris or I trip on the sidewalk or catch my heel in my skirt and stumble and the moment passes and I'm glad there were no cameras around. Perhaps when I am famous enough, there will be cameras. I just want to be famous enough to not have to deal with the inconveniences of everyday life - airplanes being late, people being snotty and crowding me, not having sushi every day ;-)

But I have no idea what I'd be famous for. Or who would pay me for that bit of fame. Maybe I just need to find someone who will think I'm the most famous, wonderful person in the world, and never let go of them. Maybe.

(insert passage of time here)

God, using my mac is so... slow. I took a few new pics scanned some zip disks for my theatre resume (lost to the world, apparently), swapped phone lines to dial in from the mac to upload photos, cleaned up a few files on the HD, switched the phone line back to the PC, dialled in here etc... It's just slow. I really need to spend some quality time with the mac, cleaning off the Zip disks and uploading their contents to the PC, and then finally let the mac die a slow and painless death.

later on 4/22/00
Technically it's after midnight, so happy Easter.

I just can't get excited about M4M for some reason. Huh. Went to rehearsal today, then went up to midtown to stop by Show World to see Aaron about the lighting setup etc. Came home, watched tv, read for a bit, kind of a blah evening. I'm more bummed than I should be that I haven't heard from Eddie from Xceed in 2 months, and he hasn't returned emails or calls. I'm bummed because he was the closest friend I had there, and we worked really well together - and promised that leaving the company wouldn't impact our friendship. Looks like someone's reneging on that, and I'm upset about it. Like I said, more than I should be.

Some cool stuff on the History Channel about Enigma machines, which I'm really into. I've done a lot of reading on cryptography in general and the Engima specifically and it's fascinating.

And I'm just generally sad today, for no reason. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the quiet apartment, who knows...

I'm tired. Came home early from work yesterday (it was an unofficial half-day), got my nails done, and fell asleep at 7. Woke up this morning at 11am, which means both Missy and I overslept for getting cheap theatre tix. Ah well. I have M4M rehearsal today from 1-6, and have to return my friend Tom's dimmer packs to get repaired so we can use them for the cabaret show. Tonight will be another quiet night at home, I guess.

Oh, I'm happy. Went up to Show World to scope out their lighting setup (non-existant), and stopped by the Ford Center to see if there were any understudies on at JCS. And lo! The ensemble member that I think is a babe was on as Judas. And behold! There was one (one!) cancellation for tonight's performance (6th row center). So I went. It was good (mostly). And I got out of the show at 10.30 and there was a message on my voicemail from Jen that she had walked by the theatre shortly before I did and noted the board and told me I should get my ass up there. But I already was. I love when we share a brain.

Of course, I was creeped out that today was Maundy Thursday, but heck, the show opened on Palm Sunday. It's just chilling, I had chills, it was cold.

Anyway. Things are kicking into gear at work. Got to do some data modeling today which I absolutely love. Must be from years of doing logic puzzles or something. But it's starting to get rolling and I feel a lot better about work these days. I had been wondering if I made the right move, but now I'm much more confident that I did.

Interport sucks. I know I've repeatedly said this, but for the past two days, all mail to interport addresses or aliases has been bouncing back to sender. So if you're trying to send me mail, write to me at my work address. Ugh. FTP access also seems to be down. And when I called their support line (1800 RING RCN), I was told that they could not help me and I'd have to call another number (1800 JAVA NET, whatever), who just confirmed that yes, their machine has bombed yesterday and was not fixed yet, and they had no ETA. This fucking sucks. I think it's time to stop being lazy and get a new ISP. Which sucks.

It's music day.

Soul Coughing broke up! They are (were) one of my favorite bands. I saw them 6 or 7 times in concert (and I HATE concerts, so that ought to tell you something right there), and the folks on mindvox (former bbs) used to create nation-wide plots to scare Doughty at concerts ("play it all for slowdog!", a line probably 5 people out there reading this will understand, if that many). OK, this is sad. I really dig their music.

But... in other music news, my other two favorite bands (Live and Counting Crows) are going on tour together this summer! What a weird day to find all this out - SC, CC and Live are the only bands I'd ever see in concert. They're playing at the Garden State Arts Center (sorry, the PNC Bank Arts Center) in August, so I think we'll try and get tickets.

later on 4/18/00

Jen, Dona and I saw the bway version of the Wild Party tonight, and I have no words to describe it but one: crap. I can't believe that that piece of crap is playing on bway while the MTC production off-bway closed. It was horrendous.

But the lighting was really nice.

Oh, the things I learn! essen Sie meine Scheisse or Iss mein Scheisse is what I was looking for, Figures, I'm cursing the world incorrectly ;-)

The Nasdaq seems to have recovered a wee bit, which means I'm not biting my nails so much. I should really just not look at my portfolio for another 20 years or so, but I can't help it. Xceed stock tanked, which gives me a bit of joy and vindication. I'm so so glad I sold when I did.

Ah, M4M - I watched the "stumble through" on Saturday to get an idea of the staging. It's different from the last show I did with 2texans (R&J) in that when we did R&J we did the entire text, and here it's cut down to an hour. I loved Romeo and Juliet - we did it outdoors in Tompkins Square Park last summer and it was a blast. The audience generally had a large percentage of bike messengers, drug addicts and alcoholics; there was one guy who came to nearly every performance with his bottle of whatever, and he'd usually have kids around him. He'd explain the plot of the show and make them pay attention to the play. Not your average theatregoer, I guess, but he was really into it. There was one night when a woman stumbled onto the stage right before the Romeo/Paris fight in act 5, and we had to stop the show for 5 minutes while we got her offstage (I say stage as if we actually had one). And there was one night where a guy about my age was obviously high on something and just standing in the middle of the audience area muttering. My job, apart from rumming the lighting, was to get him out of there, and I managed to do it and get him to his friends. That was fun.

I'm partway through the third Harry Potter book, and almost done with Hamlet on the Holodeck, too. Good stuff, all around.

later on 4/17/00
Does Essen mein Scheisse really mean eat my shit in German?

Alrighty - Amazon is shipping my copy of the Decalogue today - how cool. I must just say again how much I love my DVD player. I just need to find some free time to veg out in front of it more.

See how coherent I was last night? That's the last time I take a sleeping pill and then try to type. And I know, sleeping pills at 1am are kind of pointless, but I was in this somewhat bummed out mood when we got home last night (followed up the opening by going to a benefit performance that a friend of ours was in, and it seemed that all of the songs they did were of the melancholy sort, and it carried over), and if I didn't take a sleeping pill, I wouldn't have been able to sleep at all and then where would I be? Even more tired than I am now (which is pretty tired).

I updated the 101 facts page. But probably only slightly enough that you'd only notice if you're a constant reader of the site.

I need an ergonomic chair at work or something - one of the things I miss about the early m7/Xceed days was Massage Friday. What a great way to relax at work. Our office furniture here is just not the most comfortable. And when I'm home, I'm sitting on the edge of the bed to type (no room for chair). My spine probably resembles a slinky at this point.

So I ended up going with the girly red strappy heels yesterday (I wish we'd taken pictures, we looked h-o-t-t-t hot, as Jen's friend would say). And my feet were fine. We joked that we were both wearing the "shoes of death," esp when walking down the subway stairs. But we looked great. So today I'm wearing sneakers - my first full day on my feet in real shoes. So far so good, but I can tell I'm going lightly on my left foot so I don't stress it too much.

This is cool. You can send me Instant Messages through my page. Hee.

Tonight Jen, Missy and I are going to a cabaret show. And I need to work on my light plot for M4M, which will be loads of fun since we have 8 fresnels (lamps) and 6 circuits. It's going to majorly suck, let me tell you. I'm done with two of the Harry Potter books, one more to go :-) I'm really loving them - about a little boy who goes to wizard school. It's a nice change from the physics, cryptography, religion and literary criticism books I've been reading lately.

The opening was really good. I'm really tired. 'nuff said.

Except that I could use a few more days of sleep - had to get up really early yesterday to get uptown by 10, and was woken up this morning at 9 by the kids above us, who like to play what we call the running-screaming-jumping game. Apparently the rules involve running, screaming and jumping, and the earlier you do these things, the more points you score. You score double if you can get me to pound on the ceiling with my shoe, which means that you were doubly loud. I love children, but before they get to "that age," I guess. Ugh. Must sleep.

Ok, I'm really tired. And yet, I am compelled to type. I got up at an ungodly hour today for a Saturday, but I had to get uptown by 10. Then I went down to the Piano Store (under new management) on the LES for M4M (which I still have not read). I watched the rehearsal and am going to help out with what equipment they have (which isn't much), but I can't run the show. I'm such a pushover - I really didn't want to work on this at all, for the reasons below, but I really like the people involved. Sigh. I realized what I like more about the design part of what I do in the theatre is the creative problem solving part (which I like about my real job as well), and the actual running of the show - watching it change and evolve over time - it's always different. I think that's what I dig about seeing any show repeatedly, the changes and the impact of it being live every night.

Am I using too many parentheses tonight? I'm tired, forgive me.

After rehearsal, I came home, ate an early dinner, and ran back out again to Times Square to go to Show World. I felt so sleazy walking in, it was great. They still run the porn part downstairs (tho I didn't go in) and the theatre is upstairs. It's great! Mirrors all over, 2 bars in the space, glittery walls, video screens, and a ring of purple neon that runs around the ceiling - that was my favorite. We talked about renting some real equipment, and we'll use our wits for the rest, as usual.

And then I came home around 6.30pm, and promptly fell asleep. Woke up a bit ago (it's 11.15pm), and have that feeling that I won't be able to fall back asleep again. And I'm hungry, which means I should go break out the Triscuits and cheese.

I'm annoyed today that the guy at the camera store on Fulton obviously sold me bad batteries for my camera, as batteries tend to last a year, and these have been in there for about 2 months and are dead dead dead. I wanted to bring the camera to the opening tomorrow, and I don't know if the camera place will be open on a Sunday.

later on 4/14/00
Oh God. Copenhagen was amazing. Take some of my favorite topics - WW2, theoretical and quantum physics, and the different paths that a single event can take, and wow. All there. And a quote that I loved (and am about to mangle): "You can't apply mathematics to people. One plus one can add up to so many things." I loved this play. Loved.

Tomorrow: hair at 10, rehearsal at 1 (which will be cut short when I reiterate to the director that I can't do the show, seeing as I haven't read the play and had 2 weeks notice to light the thing in a space that I hate), seeing theatre space at 3 for the cabaret, and then possibly sleeping. I'm really tired right now, but I still have to hop in the shower and possibly watch yesterday's ER episode. Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow. And I have to eat something before I pass out.

Nothing really new today... trying to snag an appointment with my hairdresser for tomorrow if I can, to get my highlights done (you think I look this good naturally? Ha). Then I have to meet Jeremy Halpern, the director of the satanic cabaret we're doing, up at Show World to check out the space. I still can't believe we're doing a show at Show World, porn palace. Gotta break in my new red shoes, too, since Jen refuses to be seen with me if I wear my knee-high docs to the opening on Sunday ;-) I think they'd be swell, but, you know.

I love my Palm Pilot. Check out this software that lists restaurants, movies and stores in NYC. It's the coolest - gives you walking directions to where you want to go, movie showtimes etc. And it syncs to their website to update the listings when you sync your Pilot. I love it.

I'm seeing Copenhagen tonight - to keep in line with my eclectic tastes, it's about nuclear physics. Mmm. I got hooked on Richard Feynman by a friend at MIT in 1994 or 95, and then went through a period of reading a bunch of books on quantum physics. I just have odd taste, I guess. Can't wait to see the play.

Check this out, from PBOL:

Actress Diane Venora will play Lady Macbeth to Kelsey Grammer Scottish King in the upcoming Broadway production of Macbeth. The new production will play a pre-Broadway Boston run at the Colonial Theatre, May 17-28. The show will then move to Broadway, at an as-yet-unnamed theatre. (The Eugene O'Neill Theatre has been mentioned for the show.) No further casting has been announced.
I saw Diane Venora in (what else?) Hamlet at the Public this past winter. She was out sick for most of the run, but I saw her twice and her understudy twice. (I actually preferred the understudy, shh) She's also playing Gertrude in the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet, a movie guaranteed to send me screaming out of the theatre.

Feeling better today, back at work. I missed being here - sleeping all day is really unproductive. I got my Priceline tix for London in the mail. Can't wait... Tim and I are going to see Hamlet at the Globe Theatre, go on the big Ferris Wheel, and maybe catch some other shows. And spend some quality time in pubs. At least, I'm going to. Have to convince Tim that although he lives in London, he probably doesn't drink enough cider. I have to find a place to stay and think about what else I want to do.

I'm in the middle of reading Hamlet on the Holodeck, which not only has the word Hamlet in the title, but it's about narrative and storytelling in cyberspace. A word I hate, but it works. It's a cool book - former coworker Jackie recommended it (or rather, she had it sitting on her desk and I couldn't resist picking it up and reading the back cover). It's actually a fitting book to be reading while I work at FunkyTalk, since we're doing audience-driven content here. The book covers hypertext from the early days, Myst, D&D, and references Star Trek (which I've never watched, but I think I got the references), Brave New World, and assorted other sci-fi things that I know nothing of. I'm in the middle of reading it, and can't wait to get more into it.

Jen and I are going to the opening night of JCS - another chance to get dressed up and wear my combat boots. Or my new red strappy heels. We'll see if I'm feeling girly or ass-kicking on Sunday. It'll be fun. James and I went to the opening of Ragtime at the same theatre - the Ford Center - which is gorgeous, btw. The Selwyn Theatre (sorry, the American Airlines Theatre) is also being renovated on 43rd Street. Jen, Missy and I poked our heads in to see the work they're doing in restoring it. Beautiful. It was funny - Jen and I walked by and stopped, and a guy inside asked if we wanted to come in for a tour, so we stepped in. Two minutes later, someone else came over and asked us to leave. Ah well, I wasn't dressed for construction site visiting anyway.

I still feel cold-ish, but not as bad as yesterday. Today I slept. It was beautiful, and then we saw some theatre. Tomorrow I'll venture back to work provided I'm breathing. My friend Rodney is in the cast of Superstar (along with someone I know from RATM), and Rodney has been telling us about the changes they're making to the show. And it really is improving. And I'm glad. And we noticed the changes. It's funny, when I'm working on a show, I also want to go tell the world (or at least my friends) about changes and how it's coming together etc, and my shows are nowhere near bway caliber. Trust me on that one. So it's fun to see friends who are doing higher-visibility work being just as excited about it. I wish I could afford to do theatre work fulltime - maybe when my stock options make me rich...

I'm all excited - I wore real shoes for the 2nd time post-surgery today. With my heel wrapped in gauze, of course. But still, I was able to walk around all day and it didn't hurt, which is encouraging, and means it's getting better. I can't remember having this long of a healing time when I had the other foot done, but I guess this one was a lot worse, and I'm also ten years older.

Here's how sick I was yesterday. I almost fell asleep at the Philharmonic. But then again, it was Bach, and it was long.

OK, it's cold again, and I think I'm getting sick. Everyone I work with has been sick in the past week, and today I'm congested and have a sore throat and I'm really groggy. I hate being sick. But I'm going to stick it out at work as long as I can - tonight Mom and I are going to the Philharmonic tonight.

Later on 4/10/00
Dude! We got Cannibal! the Musical on DVD (to replace my old VHS copy). It so rocks. It's just the funniest thing ever. Instead of a normal director's commentary, Trey Parker and crew just decide to polish off a few bottles of Scotch while watching the film. I haven't laughed so hard since, well, the South Park movie. I also picked up my favorite version of La Boheme, directed by the same guy that did the modern R&J, which I did not see because I just do not get out much. But this version of La Boheme is updated to the 1950's, and it's amazingly sung. Love it.

OK, must go read porn and then go to bed.

James and I went to the closing of the MTC's The Wild Party last night, that was a lot of fun. We may go to the opening of the Public's The Wild Party this Thursday, which will be nowhere near as good as the MTC version, I'm sure.

I also hit the New York Historical Society yesterday afternoon with Dave to see a few Harold Lloyd and Charley Chase films, in the Silent Clowns series. And since neither of us had been there before, we wandered around their photo exhitits for an hour afterwards before I had to go meet James. And of course, seeing the lynching exhibit and photos of the '56 uprising in Hungary reminded me that I've done a lot of musicals in my past. They had a terrific exhibit of photos of the past 50 years that were disturbing in that they either showed chaos and the effects of war, or everyday life around the world (which were not always disturbing, but some of them were. I don't know how to explain that any more. Some were disturbing, and others were not. Yeah.)

I know I've mentioned that I hate this weather in the spring. I mean, I love spring, once we're there, but the weather leading up to it just sucks. Saturday was beautiful, about 70 - Missy and I went shopping and didn't need to wear coats, had the sunglasses out, were basking in the sun, you name it. Gorgeous. So we wake up yesterday to discover... snow. Snow. In April. Overnight, the temperature plumetted to 33 and there was white shit all over our deck (oh yeah, we have a deck). But the best thing was that I was forced to wear real shoes (I've been in sandals since the surgery because my heel (insert profanity here) hurts). So I bandaged up my heel with gauze and wore real shoes for the first time in 2 months. I'm glad it's warmer today because I couldn't do it two days in a row.

To Kill a Mockingbird, that was it. Thanks, dad.

I'm slowly getting the site back up, in bits and pieces.

Moon for the Misbegotten was really good. Long, but good. I've always liked Gabriel Byrne, and he and Cherry Jones were so good in this piece. Jones' character was as if you took Scout from (shit, I'm drawing a blank on the title, Atticus Finch, Boo Radley, Robert Duvall's movie debut), anyway, that was her character. And the director really brought out a lot of the humor in the work (or it was always there, I don't know, I've never read it or seen it before). I really enjoyed it.

Missy and I went shopping at the new H&M store, and it is stunningly inexpensive and full of good quality clothes. I picked up some tops and a dress. Then I grabbed some new jeans from Old Navy, and found a pair of red platform heels to match my red dress, which is waiting for a good occasion to be worn. Maybe I'll wear it when Mom and I go to the Philharmonic (to see Hakan, of course) on Tuesday.

I was thinking how old I feel in internet years. I've had this site in one form or another since 1993, I put up the Dorothy Parker pages in 1994, and registered my domains in 1995 or 1996. There, that's how old I'm getting - I can't remember when I registered and (Chris just reminded me that it was 1996. Danke.) I wrote my play in 1991. Erg.

Tomorrow is the Silent Clowns film thing with Dave and Adam, and then the closing perf of the Wild Party with James and Jennifer Kalman from RATM. That should be a lot of fun. Monday is dinner with an ex-Xceed-er, tues is the philharmonic with Mom, wed is rehearsal for the cabaret show, thurs is new ER/must-see-tv (at least I hope it's new!), fri is Copenhagen, sat is M4M rehearsal, sun is a meeting about this year's Chekhov festival. The following Monday is a dinner/show thing that Jen and I are doing, and I think Tues the 18th is my next day off. I think. Whew.

I'm feeling a lot more settled at work. There are some things to straighten out, such as defining the role that we will play in interacting with our outside development agency, and structuring the Q/A team etc, but I think those will be resolved soon. We may be moving to our own space in the same building in July. We're currently in an incubator/colocation space, which means we share a floor in an office building with several other companies, all of which share an office staff/fax/bathrooms etc, but we really need our own space. We're also sharing network access and the backbone with the rest of the companies, which means we can't build out our network in the way we want, and we don't have our own phone system etc, so those will be addressed once we move.

Later on 4/7/00, technically 4/8/00 but I haven't slept yet so it doesn't count
So we sat through JCS again - front and center. It was certainly more bearable this time, but I think that's because Tuesday was spent in a state of shock... The parts of the show that I liked the first time around were better, and the parts that were not so good were still not so good. I found a random ensemble boy to watch, so that was also enjoyable. I think it needs a lot of work, but at least I know I can sit through it. I just realized how snarky my review of seeing it earlier sounded. I was really in shock, but I must say that I enjoyed it much more tonight.

I put my QuickCam pix back up - remember the days when this was the best image technology money could buy? I also stuck up the pictures from the August 1998 trip to London out of nostalgia. I wish I had scanned in my pics from Paris this past November, but my scanner is in a box under my desk, because I have no room to put the scanner on the desk. It's also slow, and would require the use of my mac, which hasn't been turned on in many months. So just pretend that you were there in Paris with me.

I got the schedule info for Measure for Measure tonight - I won't have to run the show, but they could use my help with the lighting. It's at the Piano Store, which is where we did FunBox2000 last summer, so I know the space, but I also know that their equipment is shoddy and not always functional, and that they run several shows in the space at the same time, so someone would have to be there to do the focus before the show. And that can't be me, considering that I'll be running another show (the cabaret) during the run, and can't wear shoes to climb. Not that the lack of shoes would prevent me from climbing a ladder normally, but I can't run down from Times Square, where the cabaret is, to the LES, and back again. So I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do with M4M, but we'll see. I'm going to check out a rehearsal next weekend.

And I'm tired, so I am going to curl up with Mimi, the snoogliest cat in the world, who is sleeping on my pillow behind me, and get some rest.

The skating show rocked! I had a great time. The show was up in Albany, which is about 2.5 hours driving... so by the time we were coming over the GW Bridge back into the city, it was 1am and we were both really tired. And this morning we got up early to get JCS rush tickets (it was bad, but in a train wreck kind of bad, so naturally we're going again).

I really must stop ordering things from Amazon. I now have a stack of books waiting to be read. Maybe I just need some more free time - I also have to watch yesterday's ER, a video I borrowed from coworker Jenny, and a video of my friend David's one-man show from last year, so I can prepare for it this year. It looks like I'll be lighting Measure for Measure with 2texans/Faux Real, too, but I'm waiting to get the schedule. I really need to update my theatre resume - I haven't touched it since before last summer, and I've done about 8 shows since then.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my friend Dan, then going to see Moon for the Misbegotten. Sometime in there I need to watch ER and David's video. Sunday is a film retrospective on Buster Keaton, and then the closing perf of The Wild Party at MTC. Busy busy.

I decided to go to London for my birthday weekend in June. My friend Tim and I are going to see Hamlet at the Globe Theatre which will just rock, and try and catch some other bad theatre, too. If anyone has suggestions for other things going on over the weekend of June 29-July 2, let me know. Every time I go to London, I hang out with Tim. That's partly because we've been trading wits on RATM ( for the past 5 years, and he's one of the only people in London that I know. In fact, he's currently the only person there that I know.

What would Brian Boitano do? Alas we won't find out. Jen and I are off to see the Stars on Ice show tonight, which does not star Brian Boitano.

My schedule is getting busy - I'm trying to make dinner plans with a former coworker and I don't have a free night until the middle of the month, what with rehearsals, shows etc.

I went to see Anil yesterday. Saw the proofs for the 2001 calendar that'll feature his work (it goes on sale in July). My arm isn't in it (some copyright thing with the miniatures), but Kenny's is. Anil's going to do some more work on my right arm (the vine that he covered up) to finish it off - just blending the color a bit better etc in May - he's pretty booked up, too. He and I may talk about doing some web work together, since he's great with graphic design and I can code the hell out of it. He has a few projects lined up, so I just need to find some spare time.

I am still in shock over Jesus Christ Superstar. I really wanted to like it, really I did. And for the first five minutes, I was thinking, "OK, this isn't so bad, I get the concept." And it was all downhill from there. The idea of updating the show to the present would work, but it isn't executed well or consistantly at all. I don't understand the mob of people walking around in black trenchcoats, and the costume designer should be taken out and crucified immediately. The tampering with the score I can liken to Hamlet. You don't screw with something that already works. In this case, don't play with the tempos. Don't add these bumps on to the ends of songs. As for the casting, we're already on Judas #3, and Glenn Carter, who plays Jesus will probably last another week. They seem to have hired a bunch of actors who have never heard of a vocal coach. The staging was atrocious, and as I said, the concept just doesn't consistantly flow through the piece.

I think a few quotes from last night are in order (this is me, Jen, Dona and Missy who went).

And of course, the sound of 4 jaws hitting the floor at many moments during the show. I really did want to like it. The score is one of my favorites, and I had the pleasure of seeing the concert version at the Paramount theatre several years ago with Carl Anderson and Ted Neeley. But this... this... the horror... the horror...

So my friend Mike from college is now a cop. And I passed by this highly attractive young cop on 45th street, and he smiled at me, so I asked him if Mike was working, just to make some sort of conversation. But I didn't get his name, drat. So Mike said if I saw him again to get his name and he would scope him out for me :-)

Tonight is Jesus Christ Superstar. I love the music, but the comments I've read from people who've seen this production range from the really great to the horrendous. So... we'll see. Xceed stock is dropping, but so are all of the tech stocks. Glad my portfolio isn't all tech - can we say 'diversify'?

One of the coolest things about walking to work and passing by the NYSE every day, in addition to watching cute men in suits (!), is that companies set up tables to give away crap. So today, I picked up pink Energizer bunny ears. Really cute. I wish I had a webcam at work. Or something.

I have to catch up on seeing plays. I want to see Copenhagen, Moon for the Misbegotten (partly because it has Gabriel Byrne (yum) in it), Contact, and the other casting of True West. I know Contact isn't really a play, but it isn't really a musical either. Hrm.

So it's sort of melting into spring here. We set the clocks ahead on Sat night (and we have about 60 clocks in our apartment). And it's getting warm and cloudy out. Those are signs of spring, right? I love spring in the city. I also love fall, summer and winter, probably in that order. I just hate when the weather wavers back and forth and can't make up its mind - that's when I get sick and annoyed. But spring is great - it warms up, it drizzles, and I can go outside without bundling up. It's great. And now I'm working so close to Battery Park that I can go out and eat lunch outside when it's nice. Can't wait til I can wear shoes and then rollerblades.

I'm hungry. And I really like reading the things my friend Jesse writes.

Have I mentioned how much Interport sucks? I'm having consistant problems FTP'ing to the server, and on Friday my index file mysteriously disappeared. Ugh. Time to find a new server, methinks. It's just that I've been using them since 1994, and they used to be so good. And I'm really lazy about this kind of stuff, switching the domain hosting and all.

I finished reading Cryptonomicon last night - it so rocked. I didn't love Snow Crash so much, but really loved The Diamond Age, so it was nice to read another Stephenson book that was so good.

I bought a DVD player. Now, for most people, this would be a really simple thing. But no, not for me. So I went to J&R Music World (or Video World, they're the same thing), and bought the same DVD player that I had bought my dad for Christmas - a nice, inexpensive SONY. Get it home, try to hook it up, and discover that I can't - because my TV is 19 years old (1981, baby!). So I call Sony tech support, and they tell me that I need a new TV. I run back to J&R, and buy a stunning 27" Sony TV, get it home and up and running and hook up the VCR, cable and DVD player, all with 5 minutes to spare before I have to leave for Hamlet - whew! It's great tho, Missy and I spent most of our home time this weekend plopped on the couch watching newly-acquired DVD's. It's so nice to have a TV with real sound and a clear picture now. Now I have to figure out replacing the movies I actually watch on DVD and weeding out my VHS collection.

DVD's I bought:

So far, my favorite viewing moment was realizing that we could turn on the Closed Captioning in South Park - and watching the profanity spew across the screen. Juvenile? Sure, but a hell of a lot of fun. I pre-ordered the Decalogue from Amazon - I can't wait to get it on DVD. I have copies of each of the 10 segments that I bootlegged from Kim's Video about 6 years ago - they haven't been released on video or DVD until now. Kit got me interested in the films back in 1994, and I went to see them all at the Walter Reade theatre here. They're a set of ten hour-long films made for Polish Television by Kieslowski (director of Blue, White and Red), based loosely on the ten commandments. Amazing work.


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